ACRL 2013 Conference Presentation: "Game On! Video Games in Academic Libraries"

Game On! Video Games in Academic Libraries

The idea of a video game in the library is subversive to some, especially in the academic library.   Yet, video games do indeed have a place in university halls.  The obvious role is entertainment, but video games can also be used for study in game theory, anthropology, game design, and education.   Video games themselves are also cultural objects worthy of study and preservation, with the Museum of Modern Art in New York City leading in this work

This presentation from the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) 2013 conference in Indianapolis builds on the work that the 2011 Emerging Leaders group prepared and presented on video game collection development best practices.  It first reviews those best practices to give those interested in building video game collections the tools to effectively start their own collections.   My colleagues Jodie Williams Borgerding and Cindy Dudenhoffer offer practical applications of video game collections in their libraries at two very different institutions - one a larger urban private university, the other a smaller rural college. Their case studies show the support for video games in the collection, the logistics in building and maintaining those collections, and future plans for video game collection development.    

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