I Need A Library Job

I Need a Library Job:  New York City

Government librarian Naomi House started I Need a Library Job (INALJ) in 2010 when she sought assistance from her Rutgers classmates on finding library job websites.  Since then, INALJ grew from a daily email to a curated web resource with jobs from all over the world.  Over 624,000 web surfers came to INALJ in 2012, and 800 librarians have found their jobs with the assistance of INALJ.  Naomi's work led her to be named a 2013 Library Journal Mover and Shaker.  

As part of a team of 150 volunteers, I update the list of resources for jobs in New York City - covering the five boroughs and Long Island.  We post jobs on a daily basis in an easy to read format for job seekers and employers, and provide an extensive list of libraries for users to consider in their job search.  Previously, I served as editor of the New York State page, which covered the rest of the state.  

Editors also write articles on job searching and professional networking - past topics include thinking "outside the box" in your job search, dealing with the "do you have any questions?" question in the interview, changing career paths within the field after library school, and the one library course you wish you could have taken in school.  Topics I'll be exploring in future posts include how a partner's job search can affect your career, low cost resources for education, and how to know when it is time for a job change (even when you are employed). 

Of all my volunteer work, this is the most valuable and dearest to my heart.  I graduated during the latest recession, and watched classmates who graduated the year before me (2009) struggle to find jobs and job resources.  INALJ makes what is a frustrating and stressful process easier to manage.