Student Service

Pratt-SILS is a small community but strong in commitment to professionalism, leadership and service.  It is an environment where leadership thrives, and I was part of that leadership through my service to the School of Information and Library Science Student Association (SILSSA).

President, 2009 - 2010

As SILSSA President, I was part of a dynamic group of student leaders committed to our diverse member base. As de facto student body representatives, my colleagues and I promoted advocacy, collaboration and community, keeping in mind the various circumstances (employment, educational and otherwise) of our peers. 

Projects and initiatives we introduced during my presidential year include the following: 

  • Registration Roundtable:  This two part workshop featured a tutorial of the online registration system and testimonials from senior SILS students on courses and instructors. I participated in the testimonial portion of the program.
  • Partnership with ALA:   We were also honored to host ALA President Camila Alire for a lecture and open forum on February 9, 2010, and I had the pleasure of introducing Dr. Alire to the SILS community.
  • Office Hours:  Officers had open time each week, either in person or online, when students can come to chat about classes, life at Pratt-SILS, or librarianship in general.  To the best of our knowledge, we are the only graduate student organization with regular office hours.

Treasurer, 2008 - 2009

As Treasurer, I had a lesser role (but no less important) in the organization.  I helped plan events and run meetings with my fellow officers, prepare budgets and financial reports, and work with Student Activities to ensure all bills were paid on time.  I was also a judge for the first essay contest to send students to the ALA Annual Meeting. 

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