ALA Think Tank Caucus For Council 2013

I am proud to be part of a self-formed slate of enthusiastic, passionate librarians running for ALA Council this year - the ALA Think Tank Caucus for Council

Our Facebook page has our bios and Statements of Professional Concerns/Aspirations If Elected (click here to read mine), along with other fun stuff, such as a Q&A we held on our Facebook page.  (Click here for my responses to the Q&A.) 

Erica, John, Coral and I (along with two other Council Candidates) were featured on the 13 March 2013 episode of the Circulating Ideas podcast.  Take a listen - and hear me compare ALA to IKEA Furniture (which may be my new campaign slogan). 

Election Information 

Voiting opens up on 19 March 2013 and closes on 26 April 2013.  If you are a member of ALA in good standing as of 31 January 2013, we would all appreciate your vote!