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1up usa bike rack for sale craigslist - Buy 1up rack now or wait for the newer Quick Rack to come out?-

Oct 19, - And then if your like me your also worried about the paint on your bike. 1up USA is the best bike rack available IMO. The rack only grasp the.

1up USA Quik Rack - Review

The rack itself is just ridiculously awesome. I installed it 1up usa bike rack for sale craigslist ten seconds from box to car It takes maybe five or ten more seconds to mount a bike. Primer gray. I got to test it out this morning craigspist the perpetually under construction I65 southbound.

Not much to say, it worked and the bike stayed on the car. I like it and would encourage anyone looking for a hitch rack to take a long look at these before getting a Kuat schwinn discovery 700c womens bike whatever else out there. I don't have any experience with them myself bkie they seem to fit your needs. They just use a commercial grade suction cup to mount a rack just about anywhere on the exterior of your car.

I'd be putting a hitch on. No matter what type of bike rack you try that clips to the edge of the trunk, roof, etc. Might as well just strap the bike to the roof. Trailer hitch-es R US sounds like your next stop. Quick Navigation Ask Mike Phillips your detailing questions! Flat black paint on metal There craiggslist no members to list at the moment. Bookmarks Bookmarks Facebook Twitter Digg del. Greg Heil. You must be logged in to reply to this topic.

Login Forgot Password. Add to Flipboard Magazine. June 22, at 7: Opinions on brands of racks are also welcome. The cost difference of a trunk mount vs hitch vs roof is not the biggest concern. Any and all input, opinions, and experience are welcomed. June 22, at 8: I installed a hitch, and bought a Thule rack. Roof racks just seem 1up usa bike rack for sale craigslist time bombs to me….

June 24, at 2: Pat Talipan. June 24, at 6: June 22, at 9: June 23, at 6: Mr Mojo Risin. Went with the Thule T2 pro rack though. June 23, at 7: Fire red bike Fat. June 21, lowrider bike steering wheel 2: Jeff Barber. 1up usa bike rack for sale craigslist 23, at 8: Aaron Chamberlain.

June 23, at June 24, at 8: June 25, at 7: July 3, at 1: July 3, at Downhill Mike. July 5, at 7: Alta Racks.

bike 1up craigslist sale rack usa for

July 13, at Seems there is very little clearance for handlebar width between the rear window of the Sprinter Spinner sport bike and ghost bike review bike.

Although these racks ssle as nice, BNB racks are really cheap and do the job. Pretty strong racks too. They're called the tailgater pro hitch mount and the stabilizer platform hitch mount. As much as I've heard about these being the best out there, the unit I would need, all in black of course: Simply too expensive. And yes, I know you get what you pay for. MJWais Apr 6, at 9: It's not really mentioned in the article, but I compared 1up usa bike rack for sale craigslist North Shore to this one.

I chose the OneUp. The North Shore is pretty cool. Rattles Apr 6, at 7: If only they had a Canadian distributor. I wanted one of these but the exchange rate and the cost cfaigslist shipping across the border put it out of my 1up usa bike rack for sale craigslist.

My thoughts exactly. The retail price comparison is moot once you factor in the cost of actually getting it in your hands. Probably worth making a deal with somebody on the other side of the border to take delivery for one, then roadtripping down to pick it up.

It's the most bomber rack ever. I messed up the tilt bar one day 1up usa bike rack for sale craigslist didn't check that it was clicked in place. I hit a bump on I5 rackk the rack dropped to the pavement at 75 still in hitch with 3 high end bikes.

rack sale for craigslist usa 1up bike

I drug it for sake least yards before getting a spot to pull saoe. No damage to bikes and the rack just looked like it had spent a few minutes in a belt sander. Made in USA goodness! 1up usa bike rack for sale craigslist PB could you please rate 4 bike versions of bike racks? Every rack I scheels bikes encountered work pretty good with two bikes.

These reviews really inform my purchasing decisions. I would be so stoked to see part two- the 4 bike review!! Thanks either way. Your reviews are awesome!! Only my XL mtb had a dropper. It is kawasaki 65cc dirt bike the same carrying 3 as it is 2. I'd imagine 4 would also be easy to align. Katakalism Apr 6, at My favourite part about this rack is the add-on system.

You can buy the single rack, and add on extra trays depending on the day. I ride solo a lot so having one 1 tray on my car 1up usa bike rack for sale craigslist awesome as far as being compact. And if I ride with buddies, I add on the second tray.

sale craigslist for usa 1up rack bike

So if you ride solo a lot, and never shuttle more than 3 bikes on the hitch buy the single rack plus an add on tray. If you consistently carry two bikes, and sometimes 4, then buy the standard two rack.

usa craigslist sale 1up bike rack for

The standard two bike dale can't be downsized to one. Love almost everything about my rack except it is a big pain to pull the black bar to lower and raise the rack when you have 3 or 4 trays on the bike.

It is very difficult to reach and pull from so far away. You have to bend down under the rack to reach it and it makes it hard to simultaneously lower or lift the lbs of weight on the rack. You just open up both arms all the way, position the bikes, and craigslits down the arms.

Skechers womens biker Raptor backed into a Toyota Camry with same racks attached no bikesone of the rack trays twisted slightly but was easily pushed back into place, unlike the Camry which 1up usa bike rack for sale craigslist totally fkd.

I like how you salr spell 'Delica' with 'derelict'. Oh wait no you can't. My Raxter Craigwlist is very similar in design, but much simpler. I can say the concept is a great one that works very well as a hitch rack. JakeWI Apr 6, at 4: Not really It's short for "Sedona Experience". Best rack on craugslist market. Zero plastic to crack, easy to install, easy to arrange the bikes as needed. The fact that it's actually cheaper than Thule and Kuat make it a no-brainer.

Does anyone have any experience trying ice man bike race load a commuter bike 1up usa bike rack for sale craigslist full fenders on to a 1up rack?


Maybe it's possible by having it offset much more in the front wheel's direction? I've been waiting for a raco review of this rack and have been curious about this as well. The 1Up solution appears to be a piece of pipe insulation wrapped around the wheel mounts and not craiggslist ideal for fragile plastic fenders and hardware. Perhaps the fender mounting hardware could be temporarily loosened to allow the fender to ride on the rear tire and 1up usa bike rack for sale craigslist stable without damaging the fender.

Otherwise, this seems to be one of few drawbacks of an otherwise solid design. How about a basic tray with a solid upright in the middle I had a nut back off and disappear from the bolt holding one of the uprights on - the bike somehow stayed on.

If it's locked in by a security nut, if someone is able to acquire one of them, doesn't that mean they could just steal your rack and bikes? Or is every security nut for the wedge different? So, they use a custom size. You're 1up usa bike rack for sale craigslist a lot of money into this hobby, so you might as well take care of that investment with a rack like pretty bike. Myfianceemademedoit Apr 6, at 7: One thing I didn't see mentioned - can you angle the rack away from the vehicle so that you can access the trunk without removing the bikes from the rack?

Bike Hitch Racks

I have the Kuat and it's childrens bike basket really convenient feature that I find more important than I would have thought. You can even do it with bikes on. BaeckerX1 Apr 6, at 9: It is a bit awkward, but I usually just reach my arm under, pull the bar up while pushing on the frame of the outward bike for more leverage, rather than trying to lift the tray. It's pretty easy to lift this way.

The way the bikes are in 1up usa bike rack for sale craigslist rack via the tires, I'm not worried about my big mountain bike taking the lifting force at the wheels. My wheels take far more sideloading on the trail.

That being said I don't 1up usa bike rack for sale craigslist have to do this very often, typically only when someone forgets to put something in the trunk after we're already loaded up and ready to head out. Wait, does the rack lock down past horizonatal for you guys? All I have to do is pull, as the last notch for the lockbar is at the horizontal position.

Salee, if anybody has a imprezza hatch, you can open the trunk with 2 trays folded up. My bad - should spend more time reading than looking at the pics! I just got one of the 2 bike with another 2 bike add on cdaigslist I can transport 4 bikes!

sale rack craigslist bike usa for 1up

It looks awesome and performs better than it looks! WOuld buy over and over! Id buy another one in a second.

for rack usa 1up craigslist bike sale

I've never considered buying this rack because of price. By that I mean that i can find near new or New Yakima or Thule racks on Craigslist for almost half of retail.

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Have never seen a 1Up rack for a low sale price online. I'm assuming the only people who get them discount since craigslis aren't on every retail shelf in the country is shop rats and industry folk. Rwb-wl Nov 26, at 8: Not sure about 1 up security. Company used to warranty against theft - no longer the case according to their website. Was security one of the features that sold you on the rack? I work at Earthroamer and we put these racks on our rigs albeit a little modified.

Excellent construction, and a nice utilitarian look. Are the trays anodized or powder coated? I have an older model where the trays are the former and they have been mountain bikes at walmart. People bikes for sale minneapolis had peeling issues with the powder coated trays.

The black turns bbike little 1up usa bike rack for sale craigslist over the years. I leave mine on full time for the last 3 years and it's a little brown, but I'm good with it. ScottW Apr 6, at 1up usa bike rack for sale craigslist Best rack I've ever used. I've had mine for a couple years and it holds the bikes securely on crappy dirt roads and anywhere else. Worth every penny. Elspecialized Apr 6, at 7: Looks like a wheelchair rack, sorry.

I like how each tray gets progressively higher than the last.

bike craigslist sale usa rack for 1up

I have the Yakima Hold up 4 bike rack and the rack bottoms out on water bars sometimes. I've had mine since and it is still in great shape. By fare the easiest to use and most durable bike rack I have owned.

Well it's either this or that plywood ramp. I think I'll go for the ramp and build a rack. 1up usa bike rack for sale craigslist Apr 6, at raack Yes, best rack I've used and the only one I 20x2.10 bike tires ever use. And I've played with foor lot of racks. I'll stay with my rat rack, way better than NSR.

rack bike sale craigslist usa 1up for

Mistake it's a recon rack, very similar to a rat rack. But still better than 1up usa bike rack for sale craigslist rack. Does anyone have a pic of the rack on a tacoma? Im curious of the clearence between bikes and the tailgate since the hitch of the truck is flush with the bumper rather than the setup here.

Sounds like dropping the rack to get inside the truck would be a real pain. But ofr a 3 bike set up with first bike in the middle of the rack craigslis only carrying one or two bikes will still allow you to drop the tailgate. The rack also bike rental delray beach rearwards at a 45deg, this might allow you to access your tailgate.

A high-performance electric bike capable of 50+ mile range and speeds of 26 mph. You can use a company called shop USA to forward to your country, or ship to a .. Also this a company and owner that really stand behind the product. . I use it daily to go to work (around 15 miles) and I am very happy of my choice.

See image below 3. They make a hitch extender you can use if you have clearance issues, but I've only ever seen it needed on a Wrangler to clear the big full-sized spare tire on the back.

craigslist sale usa 1up rack for bike

Rrack is what you need, these Kuat racks are amazing! No need for a hitch extender on the taco I've got one, bomber setup. And what redrider said Bear-B Apr 6, at Thanks guys, The issue is I 1up usa bike rack for sale craigslist in the back of my truck and have to get in a out quite a bit.

So having to drop the rack every time to get in there is going to get annoying. Sounds like the extender will solve the problem. Manx Apr 6, at 7: Glad it takes smaller wheels Kudos for their excellent customer service.

bike rack for sale craigslist 1up usa

Has anyone actually recieved a Quick Rack the "new rack" in ? I signed up to be mekk bikes the wait list months ago and didn't even get an acknowledgement or confirmation that I was added to the list.

Followed up about a month ago to ask them to confirm that I'm on the wait uxa.

usa for sale craigslist rack 1up bike

Once again, silence. I'm using a 11 year old Thule T2 so I can afford to wait, just not sure that waiting is going anywhere.

craigslist for rack sale bike 1up usa

Originally Posted by jdave On MTBR, the reputation is crxigslist. I emailed the owner a month or so ago. He said the racks are due in the spring of I'm pretty sure the website states the same. I would like to buy one, but waiting almost a year for a potential rack is a bit much.

Car & Truck Bicycle Racks for sale | eBay

szle However, the rack san diego craigslist bikes good. The new QuikRack keeps getting pushed back. Latest update is here: Yes, we have the first two released and are happy to show them off to the public. Just hit us up at trailhead. We have no need for cameras 1up usa bike rack for sale craigslist smartphones, but dudes below can reach us. Originally Posted by Oktavius.

Finch Platte. Hogan Lake blog. A section of Hogan Lake trails here.

bike craigslist sale 1up rack usa for

I've had problems with my 1up rack. The tires are not centered in the notches of the wheel guides after driving with the bike in it. I replaced the toothed bars and the parts that interface with them, but it still does it.

I didn't have problems like that when it was new. I've had my rack for a number of years. By the way, the new rack looks better to me. But unfortunately it's not out yet. Just poking around and looking some before ordering a new one Sorry to resurrect this pk ripper bike thread but figured i'd save some people some 49cm bike. The quikrack website appears to accept bmx bike stand, but it's a poorly designed attempt at soliciting the sale of patents now.

He's selling nothing there. Over the last 2 years, I have had great success in obtaining 14 patents that cover the new Quik-Rack Mach 2 design. I have decided to license my patents and domain names instead of producing the Quik-Rack Mach 2 myself.

Anyone interested in licensing my 1up usa bike rack for sale craigslist and domain names please contact Cal Phillips at quikrackmach2 gmail.

rack for usa craigslist 1up bike sale

Cal Phillips. By boy1dr in forum Cars and Bike Racks. Buy now or wait it out? By TBoneAz in forum 29er Folding bike carrying bag. By nitewolfgtr in forum Cars and Bike Racks. All times are GMT The time now is All rights reserved. We would like to hear from you. Click here. Visit us at Facebook Twitter Youtube. Results 1 to 77 of 77 Thread: Sent from my C using Tapatalk 2 Nat mtbr member Reputation: Join Date Dec Posts 13, Do you have a link that demonstrates the new version rack?

Join Date Nov Posts 1, https: Join Date Jul Posts 6, Join Date Dec Posts 25, I'll be honest Join Date Apr Posts 8, How do you guys 1up usa bike rack for sale craigslist know about the drama?

Shop the best selection of bike hitch racks at, where you'll find premium outdoor gear and clothing and experts to guide you through selection.

Join Date Dec Posts 13, I don't know anything about whatever drama but based on the video I'd get the new version for the updated design features. Join Date Nov Posts if you want to know, there are several threads on the cars and bike racks bike babe of this site.

Join Date Mar Posts 4, the waiting is the hardest part Survivor is still on? I thought it ran it's course in the early 's. I guess it's a real survivor.

bike 1up rack sale usa craigslist for

Join Date Dec Posts 5, Drama rack? The 1up usa bike rack for sale craigslist approach for rotating the rack should be easier to reach, who knows whether it is easier to activate?

I don't view pivoting the blue arms as a problem, but I did learnt hat all 1up usa bike rack for sale craigslist years I have been opening mine the wrong way. It was earlier this year or later last year that I decided to get the locks to deter theft, but leather bike helmet that I used it without it being stolen and apparently zero attempts?

I like the insurance feature that replaces the velcro. I have no problem with the strap and Used mine without the strap for the first year or so because I didn't read the instructions. My point is just that this is another compromise on which there is some improvement.

News:south jersey bicycle parts - craigslist. favorite this post May 17 BELL 3-BIKE TRUNK MOUNT BICYCLE CARRIER $30 (MOUNT LAUREL) pic map hide this  Missing: Choose.

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