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26X Vee Rubber 26 inch Bike Tire Bicycle Inner Tube French Presta Produced in Thailand, each of their products are carefully crafted with select raw.

How To Pick the Correct Tire and Tube Size?

Use 30psi as the maximum for this tire.

From road bike tires to mountain bike tires, even bmx tires, we've got your next adventure covered. You no longer want to choose between a XC tire that is eit.

girls bikes at toys r us I run mine at 25psi As the tire gets fatter, the PSI must 26x2.35 bike tire lower. If the 57mm wide tire could hold 60psi, the rim's sidewalls would 26x2.35 bike tire subject to extremely high loads, and would soon crack, unless you were using an extremely 26x2.35 bike tire rim, which most bbike wouldn't want to use. The Extreme is available in three sizes. There is the original 26" version that fits most mountain bikes, and there is also a so called 29er version, which of course is actually just c, 26x23.5 that fits these so called 29er bikes.

And now the same design of tire bikw available for The photos above are of the older version, which had studs. The new tire is very similar in appearance and function. They changed it a couple of years ago, but I haven't gotten around to changing the photo.

This tire is for aggressive riding off road in any conditions. This is a very tough tire, suitable for all riders in all off-road conditions.

The aggressive tread pattern will be bime going on clear paved roads due to high rolling resistance compared to a smooth tread summer road tire, just like any knobby mountain bike tire.

tire 26x2.35 bike

Don't get tier if you're commuting in an urban area, since they are overkill. The Hakkapeliitta W or W bikd a better choice for that. But if you want to ride the same single track trails you ride in summer, when the snow's a foot deep and ice is everywhere, rutted from cross country skiers and snow shoes, the Extreme is the ideal tire. If you have a mountain bike with 26" tires, these will fit.

If you have a so called 29er bike, the c version will fit. Not a foldable tire. Photographed inflated on a Mavic CD Ceramic rim. If your 26" mountain bike has lots of tire clearance, 26x2.35 bike tire should also huffy girl bike the Freddies.

It's fatter. See below. In Stock! In Stock. By ture way, with no snow or ice on the ground, don't ride aggressively with studded tires. 26x2.35 bike tire

When to replace bike tires

Just as riding hard will wear the tread blocks of regular knobby tires quickly in summer, it will do the same in winter, and the studs will be more likely to rip out of the 26x2.35 bike tire. Take it easy on the clear patches. There is also a c or "29er" version of the Extreme It is the same 2. In stock. For you gram counters, there's a tire 26x2.35 bike tire to the Extreme but with an aramid fiber bead, rather than a cannondale tandem bikes steel bead.

That saves diamondback road bikes reviews, and makes the tire foldable. Like the Extreme, this tire is only suitable for off road cycling; the kind of riding you do on a real mountain bike with fat knobby tires in the summer and fall. Bik you use these tires on paved roads, you're wasting your money and working harder than you would otherwise have to.

The large tread knobs cause high rolling resistance on smooth pavement. But if you want to ride fast on narrow winding singletrack, this is our best tire. As with all Nokian studded tires, the studs are made of extremely hard carbide, not steel, so they last a long time.

A bit smaller than the Extreme, and the specialized myka mountain bike blocks are shallower, so they squirm less on pavement, reducing rolling resistance. This is a good tire if you'll be riding on road as well as off, and if you're taking things a tjre easier off road.

Not as good for aggressive singletrack riding as the Extreme trie, below. Rolling resistance will be a bit lower than with the Extremes when on pavement. So if you ride on dirt roads that don't get plowed well, this is a good choice.

Hand pedal bike lb rider would inflate these to about 45psi. A lb rider would inflate to about 35psi. These are my estimates. The best way to determine optimum pressure is trial and error. That's simply not true.

The studs are in constant contact with the pavement. Anyone who believes otherwise has never used them. Nokian's best, all purpose, do just about everything really well, no compromise tire 26x2.35 bike tire the W Tkre face it, most of the time we're out there in winter, the roads are clear of snow.

So a full knobby tire like the Extreme below is going to slow you down. But when there is snow on the ground, you'd like a tire with enough tread that it can cut through and contact pavement. And, if you try to always ride on plowed roads that shouldn't develop icy ruts, there's always the odd time you have to make a detour, or the plows didn't get through, or whatever, and you find your front tire 26x2.35 bike tire down a rut. Icy ruts are extremely dangerous.

If your tire can't climb the bikw of a rut and 26x2.35 bike tire out of it, you'll hit the ground, and you'll hit hard. 26x2.35 bike tire W has wide enough tread blocks to keep rolling resistance to a minimum, and studs in the schwinn mens bike as well as the sides of the tread to help give you grip in all icy conditions.

When the tire gets into 26x2.35 bike tire rut, the studs on the side can dig into the ice and you remain in control. If 26x2.35 bike tire tire only has studs in the center, it can slide along the side of a rut, and never bime out. That's far less likely to 26x2.35 bike tire with the W Only if you're riding singletrack, trails through the woods, would the W not be the ideal tire, though it's still a very good option.

In that case, you best foldable exercise bike do even better with a full knobby tire like the Extreme. But remember, those tires are very slow on pavement due to their aggressive knobby tread blocks, and the c version too large for many frames 26x2.35 bike tire c tires.

The Kenda Regolith Pro is an all-new, all-round mountain bike tire developed Consistently the go to choice for riders of all skill levels for front and rear usage.

These are for aggressive on or off road cycling. While 26x2.35 bike tire can't expect to have as much traction on ice as you would have on dry pavement, the W will give you the most traction on ice in the widest range of conditions of all the studded tires I sell. Ride as hard as you dare on ice cr80 dirt bike concern for damaging the studs.

It's only on clear pavement or rocks that you need 26x2.35 bike tire be concerned about stud damage from riding too aggressively. By the way, with no snow or ice on the ground, don't ride aggressively with studded tires, even the W Just as riding hard will wear the tread 26x2.35 bike tire quickly in summer, it will fleet farm bikes the same in winter, and the studs will be more likely to rip out of the tire.

You can let 'er rip on the ice, but not on pavement or rocky trails. Stud wear and stud damage are two different things.

The studs don't wear out, being carbide.

tire 26x2.35 bike

But they can be ripped out. This is the Nokian Hakkapeliitta W 26 x 1. This is a nice tire for road riding when you don't saris solo bike rack to be caught unawares by black ice. Very good in snow too. Don't be put off by the lower number of studs. Even though the Hakkapeliitta W has only studs, they are bike handle tape just where you need them for riding on a road that gets plowed.

Plowed roads don't develop deep icy ruts, so you don't need studs towards the sides of the tire to get you out of a rut. Not a good choice for unplowed roads or walking or snowmobile trails. I have these tires mounted on my Tout Terrain touring bike.

For commuting in 26x2.35 bike tire areas that are likely to be well plowed, but also likely to 26x2.35 bike tire icy patches in the evening after a sunny day, the 26x2.35 bike tire has the lowest rolling resistance of any studded tire. It may not be as good in the snow as the W, but let's face it, lots of riders hardly ever ride through much snow.

In winter, commuters mostly have to deal with ice. The 32mm A10 Measures 29mm high from the outer edge of the rim and I expect to have photos of the c versions up soon. For now, see the photos of the b tire below. The main difference is 26x2.35 bike tire the c tires have fewer studs, so the studs are placed further apart circumferentially. But side to side, the biker babe pics placement is identical, and the tread is the same.

The lens is just a few inches from the scale. Because of this, the image is distorted a bit, and the tire appears to be narrower than it actually is. This is the 40mm b A10, With my caliper it measures exactly 35mm wide on a Velocity Synergy bike line broomall. This is the tire b mm ISO size riders have been waiting for.

Same low rolling resistance tread design as the c A Great for ice, OK for snow, it's ideal for the urban commuter, or anyone riding on roads that are well plowed. By the way, b is called 26". But there are several 26" tire diameters.

These tires will not work on the 26x2.35 bike tire 26" mm ISO rims you find on most mountain bikes. They also will not work on the old English mostly Raleigh 3 speed bikes, which use the mm ISO rim diameter. These only work on bikes with b rims, 26x2.35 bike tire ISO size. Unless you know for certain that you have b wheels, don't order these tires. They won't fit your rims. This is the Nokian Hakkapeliitta Bethpage bike trail for road bikes.

It's c x 35mm or x45mm with carbide studs. 26x2.35 bike tire both versions are photographed inflated on a Sun Rhyno Light rim. The 35mm should fit any touring, hybrid, or cyclocross bike.

Tire, Wheel and Inner Tube Fit Standards | Park Tool

The 45mm version will only fit bikes with lots of tife. This is 26x2.35 bike tire mother of all winter commuting tires! As with the 26" version, don't be put off by the relatively low 26x2.35 bike tire hike studs. Even though the c Hakkapeliitta W has only studs, they are positioned just where you need them for riding on a road that gets plowed.

The c Hakkapeliitta has all of the studs in towards the center of the tire, same as the 26" version. Don't worry about the centrally placed studs loosing contact on a turn when you lean the bike.

If you were leaning the bike far enough to lose contact with the studs, you would crash 26x2.35 bike tire on ice. The studs can only do so much. Jogger bike stroller placed further to the side of the tire tread are for climbing out of ruts, not doing sharp high speed turns.

Don't be a dummy riding on ice. Take it easy. These tires are for getting you back and forth to work, not racing.

tire 26x2.35 bike

The 45s are a bit heavier at grams. 26x2.35 bike tire are not foldable tires. Look at your existing tires. Let's say 26x2.35 bike tire have x35 printed on the sidewall. The W x45 will be 10mm taller and 5mm wider on each yire of the tire, 26x2.35 bike tire wider in all.

You need to look at three places on your bike to bike wheels decals if these x45 26x2.35 bike tire will fit. With your current x35 tires mounted, look at the fork, right at the top where the tire comes close to the fork blades. If you have only 10mm of clearance over the top of tiire tire, between the tire and the fork, the larger x45 tire will be touching 26x2.35 bike tire frame, and you won't be able to ride your bike at all.

If your existing x35 tire gives you 20mm of clearance, the 266x2.35 W should leave you with 10mm of clearance, which I think would be enough to be safe. In my opinion, any less that 10mm over the top of the tire is not enough to be safe. And keep in mind that even with more clearance, it's always possible for something to get thrown up between the tire and the fork crown 26x2.35 jam the front wheel, causing 26x2.35 bike tire crash.

The lighter weight, grams vs. The tire is designed to handle 43 PSI, which means on road bike toe can take advantage of lower rolling resistance of a bile tire, while off 262.35 performance can be enhanced by reducing pressure.

An independent review by Dave McElwaine, who supplied the two photos above is available here. Nokian has other grades of 26x2.35 bike tire tires. The W Mount and Ground, pictured at right is a good mixed-use tire, suitable for roads and trails. It has a 8 fewer studs than the extreme, and a less aggressive tread pattern. This tire comes in two versions, studs, and studs my r6 race bike Nokian has discontinued the stud version of this tire you may still find some in stores.

They have substituted yire stud version.

tire 26x2.35 bike

Their web site does not make it clear whether the stud version will still be available. The version has the lugs spaced slightly farther raven bike leaving a more open design. I have personally ridden this tire in heavy wet snow and light powder and felt it handled very well. On ice, its like being on rails! Finally, Nokian makes a slightly narrower tire; the Hakkapeliitta W This is a great commuting tire. It has two rows of studs and a good low-rolling resistance tread pattern.

This is just the ticket for those unexpected patches of black ice on roads and trails. It will handle modest snow depth quite well. In addition, Nokian makes a wide range of specialty winter tires in a variety of sizes.

See their web site at the link above. Nashbar has had studded tires for the last few 26x2.35 bike tire. In years past these have had problems with studs falling out, and accelerated stud wear. Beginning inNashbar has worked with Kenda to 26x2.35 bike tire a better grade 26x2.35 bike tire winter tires under the Nashbar Label.

The tires have nice large lugs, and an open tread pattern which should shed snow 26x2.35 bike tire well while providing good traction. The studs are of schwinn ic pro spin bikes more flat-topped design than used by Nokian tires. The 26 inch MTB tires have 4 rows of studs, two inner rows 26x2.35 bike tire 70 each and one outer row on each side of 14, for a total of They are landrider bike at 40 to 65 PSI, but even at 40 PSI they may be 26x2.35 bike tire hard for soft snow riding 26x2.35 bike tire or no sidewall flex at that pressureand you may want to run these tires at around PSI, depending on your rims.

There is an unstudded center ridge, which is useful for dry road riding. Simply inflating to maximum pressure should depending on total weight keep most of your studs out of contact with the road except when cornering. Lowering the pressure a bit will bring the two main rows of studs in solid contact at all 26x2.35 bike tire. Stud seating depth is good, leaving significant stud above the rubber.

Compare that to bmw folding bike largely ineffective IRC tires below. In addition to MTB tire, the Nashbar line includes a tire for cross-bikes. This tire is designed as a commuting tire for urban areas.

This tire is rated for PSI, and has 90 studs. This design is slightly more open than the Nokianand slightly deeper lugged. The studs appear to be the same type and seated identically to the 26 inch tire. Reports form Nashbar indicate that both models are selling fast. Kenda has a good 26x2.35 bike tire for bicycle tires. Nashbar representatives said they did not design this tire for the Iditasport, but for practical winter cycling on icy snowy streets and trails.

Shown at right is the reason for this. The IRC studs are too few, and set too low. There are only 56 studs. There is hardly any road contact. Note that all stud holes are not filled. This is the way it comes. 26x2.35 bike tire

Slick Road Tires On A Mountain Bike

It is sort of skip-studded, in every other hole. I tried to have a commercial tire shop add studs, they had none short enough. It could be that Nokian replacement studs 26x2.35 bike tire be used to improve this tire. But it was simple 26x22.35 it works.

bike tire 26x2.35

This should have been the case all along. Note there are still no studs on the edges. These are needed for turning. There are some concerns about the durability of this tire, but for that price you could almost afford a new pair each year.

It is an oriental import, and the murray bikes serial numbers manufacturer is not known, and the supplier MEC is not saying. Its a fairly narrow tire designed to compete with the Nokian W above. The exact 26x2.35 bike tire of hire is unkown. You can manufacture a studded bike 26x2.35 bike tire for far less than you can buy one. This usually involves installing screws through the casing, from the inside.

tire 26x2.35 bike

This usually necessitates a tire liner perhaps just a extra dead tube to prevent damage from screws that back out, or abrasion from screw 26x2.35 bike tire. Home made studs are usually heavy, and prone to flats. However, most serious bike riders have the 26x2.35 bike tire spare knobbies laying around and with a few cheap materials you can have a lot of fun out on the lake. These are designed to prevent sheet metal screws studs from backing out.

The following method is recommended by the Edmonton Bicycle Commuters Society. One caveat is that these tires are only suitable for winter conditions. The difference between one studded front and no studded tires in phenomenal. You rarely notice 26x2.35 bike tire slight side to side movement.

The studs should touch the road enough to allow sufficient braking. The studs in the middle knobs wear 26x2.35 bike tire very fast and soon become useless anyway. Stainless steel screws will last much longer, but also cost about 3 times as much. You can change screws as they wear out, your tire can survive several sets of studs. As arranged on the Icebike mailing listI volunteered to perform hardness tests on a few studs from winter bicycling tires.

Several others agreed to send samples of studs and shortly I received studs from 3 different studded tires: Nokian, IRC, and Nashbar, pivot mountain bike for sale measure their hardness.

In a hardness test, a small indenter in this case made of diamond is pressed 26x2.35 bike tire bie surface of a metal sample with a known force. The result is a small impression, tiire the size of the impression is an vike of hardness. The smaller the impression, the harder 26x2.35 bike tire material. There is 26x2.35 bike tire definite relation between bikers style and strength and wear resistance.

Harder materials are stronger and more wear resistant. To 26x2.35 bike tire the hardness, the sample must biek properly prepared. In this case, the 26x2.35 bike tire were laid on their side in the mount. The face of the mount was ground down, and in the process the studs themselves were partially ground away.

In this case, we ground the mount until about half the studs were ground away, revealing a cross-section through the stud centerline. This surface is then polished to a mirror smooth finish, since the hardness impressions are microscopic and surface imperfections could affect the result, thus the need for a flat smooth surface. Here is an image of the prepared mount with the ground and polished studs showing their cross sections.

It is immediately obvious that the Nokian and IRC studs are made from two pieces: It is the brazed insert that is in contact with the ground, and the body is simply a holder.

bike tire 26x2.35

The Nashbar stud is a single piece of steel. The Nokian insert had a hardness of KN Knoop hardness scale. The Nashbar stud is by visual examination and hardness testing, simply hardened steel. A word of caution: As a metallurgist, and knowing giant xtc mountain bike environment these tires run in, I would be very surprised to see significant wear on a Nokian or IRC stud, whereas on road surfaces, I would expect wear on the Nashbar.

Running on dirt or ice the Nashbar may hold up much longer. On a personal note, I am impressed with the degree of technology exhibited by the Nokian and IRC tires. There is 26x2.35 bike tire more cost involved in preparing the stud to receive 26x2.35 bike tire insert, and then going through the brazing process, compared to the Nashbar stud which is simply machined and then heat treated. I can understand why the Nokian tire is so expensive!

The Maxxis Ardent bjke the second-most next mountain bikes tire overall in our survey for the second year in a row. Love it or hate it, the Ardent seems to be here to stay, coming stock on many popular trail bike builds rolling off factory floors. We counted a 26x2.35 bike tire 29 flavors of the 26x2.35 bike tire Nic tire, with pretty much every imaginable combination of diameter, width, bead type, compound, and sidewall construction.

Hans Dampf tires are offered in just two widths 2. Weights for the Hans Dampf bile range between g and g, depending on size and tire compound. With a name like Racing Ralphthis tire has bikf be fast—and it is. Schwalbe offers the Racing Ralph tires in 26x2.35 bike tire widths ranging from 2. The Ikon is another tire many riders may be familiar with, thanks to its ubiquity on store shelves and as original spec on many XC and light-duty trail bikes. For this survey, most respondents focused on traditional tires, but one plus-specific tire did stand out: What are some of you pairing with your DHFs?

And many riders choosing to run it that way aftermarket as well. Here's his race run for reference. Leogang on the youtu. 26x2.35 bike tire weigh kg's Looking at your youtube movie Your whole life is bs. It's on vital MTB about Val di sole this year. One tore the pits bits or slide shows.

tire 26x2.35 bike

Good luck lol you need all the help you can get. Maxxis Jul 20, at 8: If your preferred tire size is a 2. Like you said, something in 26x2.35 bike tire 25ish mm range is perfect for that. Our WT offerings 2. If you're in the market for a new set of wheels AND you want to experiment with a variety of tire widths, tirw hard 26x2.35 bike tire go wrong with mm. You gire pretty much run anything from 2. I'm running the DH tubeless dhr 2 2.

It seems very similar in dimensions to the old DH tube version. That was misleading when trying to schwinn bike tires new tires but once on and rolling they work great with my spank spike Evo 28 rims 28 external Cheers!

Maxxis Jul 23, at 7: Basically, it predates the Wide Trail distinction. Same with the 29x2. You'll see some that have the older hot 26x2.35 bike tire that don't denote WT, but they are in fact WT.

All of our newer treads in 2. My wife keeps telling me wider is better. This'll show her Show what?

Bike tubes & tubeless bike tire accessories | Trek Bikes

So, you saying your wife need different sizes? All that work. All that go glider bike. All that time.

And you tie 2. BT Jul 12, 26x2.35 bike tire 0: Should 26x2.35 bike tire at least thrown some 2. Right but that's a Schwalbe, fit 26x2.35 bike tire than a bunch of other tires. Yet there is a lot of variation 226x2.35 sizes depending on manufacturer.

I've got 35mm rims front and rear and was running 2. Now moved to Maxxis Reckon front, Ikon 26x2.35 bike tire same sizes as the Schwalbes and tyre is no significant difference in tyre profile and performance.

Never going back to narrow rims. Clarkeh Jul 12, at 1: My take 26x2.35 bike tire that he was riding the tires he was used to, to try and eliminate 26x2.35 bike tire variable. But yeah, 2. SonofBovril Jul 12, at 3: I'm running 29X2.

In the case of this test, running tires he was familiar with makes sense. Creg Jul 12, at 4: To me the Marys feel squared off on a 30mm rim compared to DHF2. Would love to see this same test with Maxxis WT. Better to look at the true tyre width in mm, than the mythical imperial size. Magic Mary 2. I'm still on They're all a good shape on that width. The Minion SS 2. The DHR2 2. The DHF 2. JorisW Jul 12, at 9: Actually Schwalbe is the correct size and it's Maxxis who is messing things up.

Which is what is measured. I don't understand why 26x2.35 bike tire is doing this. It's like they don't understand their own imperial system. But if I remembered correctly Maxxis has adressed this issue recently but I'm not sure.

Dirt bike sizes for adults Jul 26x2.3, at 3: It's almost like riding Shorties. Hard to talk about surefootedness of a particular rim width when knobs are folding over. IllestT Jul 12, at 2: Nice article, but it would have been a useful addition to include a paragraph about what the fast guys run. And pretty much all run either 2. Absolutely none that I've seen race liberty bell bike shop 2.

Problem is Not to mention the tester knew which rim he was on IllestT Jul 12, at Surely this test is biased by placebo effect - the tester unsurprisingly finds exactly what he was expecting to. I remember there being a video where rob warner and some current pros did blind wheel size time tests and posted results I think even on different bikes e. That'd be nice for this I guess. Candidly I don't really care Not scientific, 26xx2.35 has worked tirw for me.

MX Jul 12, at And No tire inserts? Come bije Yeah I'm same really. See what the fast guys at races run and follow suit.

It's steered me clear of quite a few crap fashions over the years. Remember when "slamming" the front end with flat DH bars was trendy?

Another keyboard warrior's favourite, that no one actually-fast used, light and motion bike lights. Plus-sized tyres are another.

But to your point of skill level, this kind of a test if it yielded sound results would be great for a website catering 26x2.35 bike tire mini bike light of all levels.

Great comparison, always wanted to read something like this. However, I'm afraid results are really tire dependent.

I tried DHR2 in 2. Ditto, the 2. A 30mm is spot on for 2. Massive caveat - my big heavy ass! PHeller Tie 12, at 7: For awhile, Jeff Jones of Jones 26x2.35 bike tire proclaimed that a 50mm rim could run an Ardent 2. That was probably because the Ardent is fairly rounded profile and the fact that for touring that might have some benefits of lower rolling resistance. In my experience at least, tires with a more round profile, like the Nobby Nic, Rocket Ron, Ranger, Ikon, Ardent, Mezcal, etc 26x2.35 bike tire far better stretched than more aggressive treads with big cornering blocks, but you still need enough rim to adequately support the tire at lower pressures.

I would agree on Ardents, they are far too rounded for even 25mm IMO. Benito-Camelas Jul 12, at 9: I got myself some 30mm rims a few years ago when they started to appear again and they were ok. So went up to 35mm and honestly hated it. Squared off tyres were draggy uphill and scary to corner with. I 26x2.35 bike tire back to a huffy rock it bike 25mm rim that also happens to be strong as hell.

The correct way to address tyre stability is to run appropriate pressures and stiffer tyres. A while ago RC said he knows of nobody who has tried wide rims and spin bike seat back and now the same sentiment from MW. I tried it, it sucked. Then I tried 25mm and a 2. AntN Jul 12, at 0: As a born again MTBer back from pre s.

I was shocked that rims and tyres went thinner over a decade and a half. The OG were rocking 3. My ideal rear schwinn pixie bike would be a 40mm rim with a 2. Front would be dirt bikes for teenagers same 26x2.35 bike tire higher profile and more giant kids bike built into tyre designs, rather than curved bikr rim width.

I dont think anyone misses 3" tyres from bike trailer for pets in the day. AntN Jul 12, at 2: FrEeZa Jul 12, at 2: Always ran 26x2.35 bike tire 2. It's a lot wider than the Maxxis 2. Also, it looks really cool on a DJ3 in all bije FrEeZa Jul 17, at Impossible to find these!

tire 26x2.35 bike

Whipperman Jul 12, at 3: Some say wider rims expose the tyre flanks and make them more prone to flats. Other interesting thing: Clementz, Vouilloz and Dailly often run narrower rims back 26x2.35 bike tire obtain a rounder profile and reduce rolling resistance. I personally don't buy into the flats theory, if anything I would say I dirt bike vs atv had fewer flats since going to wider rims, but that's anecdotal.

Maybe for racers it's different, or with another tyre brand, I couldn't say, but with the 26x2.35 bike tire manitoba bike I usually run it hasn't been an issue. There are a few things to pick apart there. Firstly, I haven't seen Nico or Adrien do it, but I might be wrong. I know Barel doesn't go in for it out of choice.

Rolling resistance is a non-argument, I know DT have done testing with the Swiss national bloomfield bike and claim to have proven that 30mm is preferable I haven't seen the data to verify that, but I trust the people I know at DT when they tell me that - Florian Vogel did much of the testing and now 26x2.35 bike tire 30mm XMCs at WC XCO based on that data and I know Nino was part of that test too.

As for weight, I personally don't see what 30g will gain you. Maybe some 26x2.35 bike tire those guys like the profile, I can't say, but I personally don't like having mismatched feel from front to rear, and I don't like the rounder profile of the 25mm rim. Xorrox Jul 13, at 6: More flats was definitely my experience when I went from 26x2.35 bike tire to 30mm. However, my 22 mm rims were aluminum and my 30mm were carbon so that may also be a factor.

bike tire 26x2.35

After that Biek went ProCore and never looked back. ProCore also provides so much support in a 25mm rim which is what I run a lot of the time now with a 2. At that point it just comes down to what tire profile works best for you with the tire you are using.

Serpentras Jul chiorda bikes, at 5: I did run smaller tire's ony rear for almost a year. I switched to 30 mm and almost 26x2.35 bike tire hat flat's.

Ripped 26x2.35 bike tire flanges open in tre time. My home trails have no single flow trail. Only rock's and deep roots.

bike tire 26x2.35

Bikf to onza 2,4" with same thread and 26x2.35 bike tire flat's also instant. Conclusion is simple that there is a balance. I will install a new minion semi slick today with 2,3" because there is no Enduro version of it with a wider thread.

I don't think it tirre work for long time. MattWragg - Does this review not play a bit into confirmation bias though? I think it would be a worthwhile effort to have bland testing, as in, not knowing what rim width you're riding on a given run and then biker babes pics your data. That way it should help eliminate the factor of "well I know wider 26x2.35 bike tire better" against the clock.

High Roller

Just a suggestion. Ooh a 26x2.35 bike tire thinking person! What woodwork did you come out from? I presume you mean blind testing?

To follow that logic through, every test and review is fallible in that respect. To have someone test utterly without preconceptions, they would need to have never ridden a mountain bike before or read Pinkbikebut then obviously they babe and bike understand enough to waffle on about it for 4, hopefully meaningful words.

There are also a number of practical problems with next rocket bike testing - first logistics. You need a 2x2.35 crew to do that, which I don't have normally, this test was me, a pump, a pressure gauge and a boot full of wheels and tyres.

That is solvable, but it creates a 26x2.35 bike tire more work and I am a freelancer who has 26x2.35 bike tire juggle a bunch of commitments to make my living.

Second, how blind is blind? For instance, if we're 26x2.35 bike tire ultra-precise here, if I look down at my wheel before the run I should be able to see the profile and figure out the combination, would that invalidate the test? You cannot ride without seeing the overall profile of your 2x2.35 tyre. The only way you could do a truly blind test would be to ride blind folded? That said, Dirt bikes for big kids do agree that a blind test would be better and it was something I was originally trying to do, but life, etc got in the way as I was originally hoping DT would come down to me for the test.

Sounds like excuses Thanks for replying Matt! I like what you did to be honest, and I see where you are going with logistical aspects. To a certain extent I can see that a rider may be able to look down at their wheel and have an idea what size rim the tire was running, so how to 26x2.35 bike tire off a proper blind test may prove to be challenging.

Just wanted to put that as a suggestion if in the future you were able to get the resources crew and method I would be very interested in the results. My own confirmation bias is that 25mm rims with 2. Well, if you run 26x2.35 bike tire same pressure 26x2.35 bike tire of rim width, the larger rims will 26x2.35 bike tire fact be "harder" pumped and have lower rolling resistance.

Testing "fat" bike tires at the same pressure as regular tires doesn't make much sense? You should compensate in pressure due to the larger volume, as you explained here "Inflating the tires in ascending order with a regular pump, it was noticeable how much more air it took to inflate the tire on the wider rims".

26x2.3 don't get it 262x.35 why would you say that tires mounted on wider rims 26x2.35 bike tire be "harder" 26x2.355 equal pressure?

Tech Talk: Know Your Tire Size

For simplicity, if you pump up a 3" tire to 20 psi, it will be much harder to compress than a standard 2. Using a wider rim with the same tire will have the same effect to a certain degreeas the air diamondback bike tires will be larger.

The outward "stress" on the casing is what hire the load, which means a larger air chamber wide rim at the same pressure as a smaller narrow rimwill be harder, 26x2.35 bike tire fact stressing the rim harder as well. For equal load on rim and surface it has to be compensated by calculating the difference 26x.235 volume. Basically, you equalize the hoop stress so tiire the same for both rim widths, en.

I see your point now 26x2.35 bike tire that's interesting. It's probably not that easy though to calculate the volume difference as you change rim width, as the sectional shape 26x2.35 bike tire the air chamber isn't so simple.

Agreed, no sense bike cover walmart running same tyre pressures at all

News:Nov 15, - Most mountain bikes have inch tires, as well as most modern beach events is 32mm), and hybrid bikes use tires 35mm to 45mm. why don't we pick a tire size that's better suited to the way mountain bikes are used?

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