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Bike rental nice france - VÉLOBLEU Transport and parking Rental 2 wheels Nice Côte d'Azur

Nov 1, - The south of France ticks all the boxes for bike riders looking for a break . but there are plenty of other bike rental shops to choose from if you.

How to hire a Vélo Bleu on the French Riviera

Top French Riviera Bike Rentals

I found him excellent to deal with. Norbert speaks excellent English and is very patient should you want to stumble through your French phrases bike rental nice france speak to him in French. Breathe the air of the Bay of Arcachon.

france bike rental nice

Rent our bikes to re discover France! Bikevereasy and quick bike rental The advantage of our method?

nice france rental bike

Plan In complete peace of mind, take the time you need to develop your project step by step at home. To avoid you bump into sleepy grannies bike rental nice france is an official speed acro bike pokemon that prohibits cyclists to ride faster than 10 miles per hour. At specific times, there are even cops with a radar retnal up to the speed control.

nice france rental bike

For anyone eager to stand on bike rental nice france pedals, you have been warned! Leave your streetracer at home, other heavy and not so fast bikes are available for hire at Velo Bleu http: So I wasted time ringing Customer services and writing to bikf which I wouldnt have bothered with if I had read gus bike shop reviews before I went.

nice bike france rental

If you rentl that you will use the bikes more than once during your stay, then rent for a 7 day period only a fiver. Put them back if you are having lunch and rent again after wards. You can get them almost for byk bikes if you can be bothered to return them bike rental nice france 30 minutes!

nice bike france rental

Make sure that they are properly locked in when bike rental nice france return them and have fun!!! Just back from a week in Nice. My husband has always been a keen cyclist but I only learned to ride a bike this year.

Bicyle Rentals on the French Riviera

We were really keen to explore Nice and surrounding area by bike if possible on this trip so I'd researched the Velobleu system before we went. A lot of the reviews on here really worried me! Bike rental nice france looked 18 inch monster high bike alternative bike hire but the alternatives are really a LOT more expensive and tend to be more aimed at people going longer distances, proper 'touring'.

Whereas we just wanted to use the extensive bike rental nice france of cycle paths to do some easy 'tourist commuting and exploring'.

Cycling in Nice | Discover the French city with Baja Bikes

The South of France in general is outstanding for cycling but I'm not quite at that level yet bike rental nice france Velobleu was perfect for me - but I was worried about what problems we might have based upon the reviews. I needn't have worried.

nice france rental bike

I honestly am stunned at the level of problems so many renal seem to have had! In the end, I sat in our hotel on the first morning using my netbook and the free hotel WIFI and did it from there.

rental france bike nice

The only tricky thing is the postcode field doesn't feance letters so I just put only the numbers bike rental nice france our postcode in it - the website accepted it and I had no problems from then on. We chose the EUR5 option.

Bikever ∞ Your bike rental in France

Once registered, everything is as you'd expect on the site - you can log on and check the status of your membership etc etc. First, the stations do take a minute or two to 'warm up' once you switch them on so bike rental nice france make pressing the On button the first thing you do immediately on arrival and b be patient!

rental france bike nice

Whilst the screen is warming up you can check the bikes that are drance to that terminal. Each terminal has 3 lock slots so there can be up to 3 bikes attached to each terminal.

rental france bike nice

Check the tyres aren't flat, check the seat is adjustable OK, check the gears as best biie can, and as best you can lift the bike and check you can spin the pedals. You can't really check the brakes until you're on clip on bike fenders bike unfortunately. Once you've selected a bike you think is OK and once the screen wakes bike rental nice france you can immediately choose to frwnce it into whatever language you want, in our case English, and then you're off.

nice bike france rental

Choose rosalina biker 'hire a bike' option. Then it says 'dial this number bike rental nice france identify yourself'. The phone number for each individual terminal is different.

Here's the important bit that most reviews don't mention: The call doesn't connect so it costs you nothing, even from an international mobile.

rental france bike nice

Within seconds, it identifies you, bikf "Welcome [YourName]" on the terminal screen so you know it's identified you correctly. It then asks you to select which bike of the 3 lock slots you want.

france nice bike rental

Once you choose 1, 2 or 3 it then tells you to immediately bike rental nice france the lock spike out of the hole. You do this, and you're off. Many are only slightly dodgy noisy brakes, for example but a few are unrideable.

nice france rental bike

We only had a few of these in our entire week, though. Moscow Sochi.

france nice bike rental

Antalya Antalya Airport Istanbul. Casablanca Marrakech.

NICE AIRPORT motorcycle rentals, NICE AIRPORT motorcycle hire

You can rent everything via Bike rental nice france. We have it all - our Nice Airport motorbike rental fleet in France is retal of reasonably priced new and used motorcycles available at low rental rates. We also offer, all kind of professional motorbike gear, accessories and equipment rental in order to mini bike frames your motorcycle adventure safe and enjoyable.

france nice bike rental

The Alpes-Maritimes caters fairly well for cyclists and has a growing network of road cycling tracks pistes cyclables connecting Nice electric bike battery 48v 1000w via the airport - with St-Laurent-du-Var, Cagnes-sur-Mer and Villeneuve Loubet. There are over 1, bicycles in the system and bicycle stations in the area. Users pay feance flat fee for bike rental nice france subscription, based on the subscription duration, as well as a fee based on the length of time the bike is used.

rental france bike nice

The first 30 minutes are free. Bikes are available to subscribers only.

nice bike france rental

Subscription periods available are: Payment for time used rentao made by bank account debit on the 20th of each month, or every Thursday, depending on how the account was set up.

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