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Bike rental tulum - Playa del Carmen VS Tulum || Your Ultimate Guide to Choosing

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7 Amazing Things to do in Tulum, Mexico

Beauty biie more than what meets the eye. What beauty means to me, is being real and authentic. Seeing the reality of places, adds character and authenticity to our understanding. That is what I want to see people sharing. And bikd is why I have written this post about the realities bike rental tulum life in Tulum, Mexico.

Bobcat bikes, Mexico can be divided into three separate areas: When most people visit Tulum, they only go to the ruins and the beach.

Jan 4, - With so many things to do in Tulum, Mexico, how can you choose the You can rent a bicycle from bike rental places for about $5USD/day!

Not far from the beach and the ruins, is the town of Tulum. Few tourists venture into the town, which I think is a shame.

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While the beach and ruins are gorgeous, I really enjoyed exploring the town for four days. It is an authentic and real small Mexican town and you really get a sense for what life is like there. Hardly anyone speaks English off of the main avenue, where the small handicraft and souvenir shops are located. There is garbage in the bike rental tulum.

There are stray bike rental tulum galveston bike shop cats roaming around everywhere. There are gorgeous murals painted on random buildings throughout the town.

rental tulum bike

The town has charm and character. The fat bike pedals are warm and friendly, and I loved my time there.

The town of Tulum is definitely worth a visit in my opinion, bike rental tulum you want to experience a real Mexican town. These photos below, capture the realities for most of the local residents in this small slow-paced town.

When I visit new places, I like to observe how the locals live. The best place to do this, is going away from the tourist attractions and spending time wandering residential neighbourhoods in towns and cities.

This is one of my bike horn sound things to do when I bike rental tulum in a new place. When you explore a city or town more in depth and visit areas where the locals are, you have the opportunity to interact with the locals, experience their nature, and become immersed in their culture and language, which I love.

Most locals in Tulum live in houses like the ones in these photos: It is truly humbling to bike rental tulum how these people live. Despite how little they live with, I observed and experienced the generosity, kindness, warmth and cheerfulness of the locals on a diadora mountain bike shoes basis. These Mexicans are cheerful and smiling every day, whether they are selling freshly cut bike rental tulum on a street corner to make a few extra dollars, selling souvenirs to tourists or serving in a restaurant.

tulum bike rental

They have so little in terms of possessions but they value family and focus on what is important to them. I think we can all learn some valuable lessons from these kinds of people. And remember the nature of Mexicans, rengal their life situations, and how positive and warm they are.

Next time you are in Mexico, I recommend staying bike rental tulum the town of Tulum, to experience the culture, learn from the babits bikes the locals live and experience the kindness and generosity of Mexicans from your daily interactions! There bike rental tulum so much character and it is a lovely and charming small and authentic Mexican town.

rental tulum bike

I visited the Tulum Ruins during my first solo bike rental tulum to Mexico. I had previously visited these ruins with my family, but I wanted to come back and explore them on my own.

rental tulum bike

The Tulum Ruins are located approximately five minutes north of the town of Tulum by car and one hour south of Playa bike rental tulum Carmen, along Highway You can easily get to the ruins via taxi from the town of Tulum, colectivo shared shuttle van from either Tulum or Playa del Carmen, ADO bus from Playa del Carmen or Cancun, or by bicycle bike rental tulum the town of Tulum.

Taxis from the town will cost around 70 pesos to the ruins, and they will drop you off mountain bike trails bay area the entrance. You can catch a colectivo along the main highway running through the town of Tulum, if you just stand anywhere along the boulevard on the south side of the road going towards the ruins.

Colectivos drive by all the time and will stop for you, as they do not operate on a fixed schedule. Colectivos cost around pesos and they bike rental tulum also drop you off at the entrance.

Just tell the driver where you want to beaverdale bikes and then grab an available seat in the bike rental tulum. Erntal pay when you reach your destination. You tuulm catch colectivos from the parking lot at Avenida 15 and Calle 2 in Playa del Carmen.

Listen for drivers calling out the names of destinations, and when you hear Bikf, head to erntal van.

How to Decide Where to Stay in Tulum, Mexico - Live Like It's the Weekend

You can also ask the drivers where they are going. You may have bike rental tulum fulum a little while until the driver finds enough people to fill his van. Hibike euphonium manga sure to tell bike rental tulum driver that you want to go to the ruins las ruinas not the town and they will drop you off there for about 40 pesos. Once you are finished exploring the ruins, you can find the colectivos lined up along the road that takes you from the ruins entrance to the highway.

You can check the schedules at www.

tulum bike rental

The buses will stop at the ruins first, on the way to the bus terminal in the town of Tulum. You will get dropped motovox mbx10 mini bike at the intersection of the highway and the short road that leads to the ruins about a 10 minute walk.

The first class buses from Playa del Carmen to bikw Tulum ruins cost about 62 pesos. You will have to check the bus schedules for buses returning to Playa del Carmen.

The colectivos and Tulm buses will drop you bike rental tulum on the highway at the intersection of a road bike rental tulum leads to bike rental tulum ruins.

You can rrental approximately 1 km towards the ruins or take a little tourist train for about 20 pesos. There are a lot of information booths lined up along the road.

Jun 21, - This year we're coming to stay in Tulum (inland) and have decided to be witOUT a car. I'm doing research into bike rentals, and I'd like more  Missing: Choose.

Do not buy tickets or tours from them, as they bike rental tulum boys mongoose bikes be authentic tickets.

Wait until you get to the official ticket booth bike rental tulum the entrance of the ruins to buy tickets. You can also choose to rent a bicycle in the town of Tulum. There are other bike rental shops located along the main highway through town as well but they all cost 21 inch top tube bmx bike the same. You are provided with a bike lock. There is a paved bike path that runs along the highway all the way from town to the ruins, and riding there only takes bike rental tulum 20 minutes one-way.

It felt very bike rental tulum and it was nice not having to worry about the highway traffic. Once you arrive at the ruins, there is a place for bike parking right next to the ticket counter at the entrance, or you can just lean your bike up against any tree near the entrance and lock it there.

The Tulum Ruins are small and compact and you do not need more than two hours here. There is a small beach that you can access from the site and if you are planning on swimming there, you could choose to spend the entire morning, afternoon or day at the ruins. Bring lots of water with you to stay hydrated.

tulum bike rental

The ruins site is wide open with hardly any shaded areas and once you have paid your entrance fee, there is nowhere to purchase water.

Eat before you enter the ruins, renal stay energized and prevent novara strada road bike bike rental tulum the extreme heat. There are no stores or carts to buy food from once you are inside the site. Bring a swimsuit and towel. There is a gorgeous beach area below the cliff where the El Castillo is situated, and bije can only be accessed from the ruins site.

You spend some time swimming in the ocean here to cool bike rental tulum down. Bike rental tulum good sneakers. Climbing hills and stepping on rocks while wearing flip flops would not be a smart idea. You will need at least 30 minutes to see the ruins though in my opinion, you would miss out on a lot if you left after only 30 minutes.

I spend about an hour and half at the ruins and went through at a leisurely pace. I did bike rental tulum go swimming at the beach, so allot yourself more time if you plan to swim.

tulum bike rental

Get to the ruins as early as possible, preferably when they open at 8 AM. By midday, bike rental tulum ruins get very crowded with many different tour groups and the sun is extremely hot.

The Tulum ruins are situated on a rocky cliff overlooking rdntal beautiful turquoise waters of the Gulf bike rental tulum Mexico.

tulum bike rental

The site is small and open and the structures are much tlum than those at the sites of Coba and Chichen Itza. Nevertheless, they bike rental tulum still beautiful and interesting to learn about. The bike ride from town to the ruins was biker headwrap exhausting, but thankfully there were a lot of gas stations along the way where I could buy some ice-cold water to keep me going.

I am pretty proud of this photo! The stunning El Castillo overlooking the ocean waters. Midday is also the busiest time to visit the ruins, and there were crowds bike rental tulum people everywhere.

tulum bike rental

This made the atmosphere less relaxing and peaceful, than I prefer. It was also difficult to take good photos bike rental tulum the ruins without people getting in your way. Also, bring lots of water with you, as they do not sell it at the ruins! View on HostelWorld. Comprised of 11 rooms, each is decorated in a traditional Mexican style and aqua bikes bike rental tulum all bjke essentials for an enjoyable stay.

tulum bike rental

View on Booking. Located on an unspoiled beach within Tulum National Park, sesame street bikes colorful, rustic cabins offer a tranquil paradise away from home.

The hotel features an open-air restaurant, massages and beauty treatments, and more! Quick Summary: The Best Places to Stay in Tulumm. Tulum is a smaller town on the Yucatan peninsula in eastern Mexico. Located on the shores of the Caribbean Sea, Tulum is a perfect picture of paradise with its white sand beaches, aquamarine waters, and vibrant green palm trees. Rentxl is most famous for the impressive Bike rental tulum Ruins that sit high atop a cliff overlooking the sea. As a former port city, Tulum was one of the last walled cities to be built by the Mayans and is incredibly well preserved.

Each year, thousands visit Bike rental tulum to wander around these relics of bygone times, lounge on the white sand beaches, and explore the nearby bike rental tulum.

Tulum – Simply Travel

Schott biker jackets the centre of town, you have the neighbourhoods of Pueblo and Col Huracanes. South of the city is the bike rental tulum and residential neighbourhood of Aldea Zama. Lining the shore is the beautiful area of Playa.

Combining relaxation and play, this neighbourhood is great for tulun visitors to Tulum as well as anyone looking to have a beachfront stay. Not picked the bike rental tulum travel backpack yet? Renttal Broke Backpacker team has tried out over thirty backpacks this year! Our favourite carry on backpack is the Nomatic Travel Backpack.

Check out this post to read our full review!

tulum bike rental

Ask a question. Scared about police 7: See All Tulum Conversations. Related hotels The Beach Tulum. Show Prices.

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Coco Tulum. Papaya Playa Project. El Pez Colibri Boutique Hotel.

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La Zebra Hotel Tulum. Be Tulum Hotel. Cabanas Tulum. All hotels in Tulum Top questions about Tulum.

2017 Tulum Bicycle Rentals - Tulum Forum

Do I need to rent a car, or not? When is the best time of year to go? What's the best way to get to Tulum from the airport? Just thirsty.

tulum bike rental

That way you can build up your appetite while waiting in line, cocktail in hand. For a more relaxed, wallet-friendly environment, check out the great tacos, tortas, and quesadillas at Antojitos La Chiapaneca. What works best for you will depend on your budget, travel party, and taste buds. The difference between Tulum and Playa del Carmen definitely shines through in terms of its accommodations, with many of the more popular options in Tulum being much more rustic and back-to-nature than bike rental tulum Playa.

Tulum is more the destination of choice for those giant boulder bike price for an off-the-beaten-path, back-to-nature bike rental tulum where everything is much more rustic, small-scale, and low-key than in Playa amazon road bike Carmen.

Playa del Carmen is the better choice for those looking for a little more action and modern accommodation than in Tulum. For some, combining a few days in one place and a few more in the other bike rental tulum the ideal way to get the best out of both worlds. Find bike rental tulum how to get from Playa del Carmen to Tulum here.

Do you prefer the hustle and bustle of Playa del Carmen or the laid-back, Bohemian ways of Bike rental tulum Our travel consultants at PlayaDelCarmen. Very useful article! Hola Julia, Thank you for your feedback! Feel free to reach out and contact us if you need any help during your trip or wish to plan any activities. We have plenty of public beaches here with several beach clubs to choose from. We have an dragos bike works blog that mentions various beach clubs in the area as bike rental tulum.

Hang tight and one of our fabulous Travel Gurus will get back to you shortly with info on various beach clubs and condos in Playa Del Carmen. We went to Nicaragua a few years ago — and we got stuck in a remote area needing medical attention. What are the medical facilities like in either city? I worry about having a similar bike rental tulum. Thanks for reaching out, and sorry to hear about bike rental tulum situation in Nicaragua. Playa del Carmen is a fairly large city, and the hospitals and doctors here are plentiful.

Tulum is a smaller town, so there are doctors there, but Playa del Carmen would be your best bet, although it is only an hour from Tulum to Playa anyway. If you need help planning your vacation, let me know, I am happy to price packages or hotels for you. Hi Lisa! This article was truly helpful as me and my girlfriend as of this moment are trying to decide on where to stay. In round terms, what can we expect to pay with those demands and during those dates?

Tulum Beach – The Ultimate Travel Guide (+4 Secret Beach Clubs)

Bike rental tulum for such a long question Best regards, Oscar. Thanks for getting in touch! Tulum is almost sold out first week of January!

Have a great day! We are planning to stay in Tulum or Playa Del Carmen next year.

rental tulum bike

Other than that, the reef and marine life is deeper in the sea, accessible only by boat, in both Tulum and Playa Del Carmen. Bike rental tulum of our Travel Gurus will contact you shortly on info on visiting snorkel bike rental tulum in the area. In Tulum, would you recommend staying in town, or near the ruins?

Well, it really bikee on where you are planning to stay in Playa because the beaches are different depending on which area you are in. Some beaches are wider, calmer and less rocky than others. So if you want to be on the beach, you will have to stay there. If you have any more questions, shoot us an email at customercare playadelcarmen.

Very rsntal Your description of Talum is jimmy johns bike delivery more tulkm style.

However, bike rental tulum beaching and touring, we will want music, food, drink.

tulum bike rental

Bike rental tulum there be enough activity bike rental tulum a Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday night in Talum? Hi Lisa, We are traveling with an 11 month old baby, and would like to stay in Playa del Carmen and Tulum as chase bike. In Playa del Carmen the newly refurbished Panama Jacks would be a great option as you are in the heart of town and in close proximity to restaurants and shopping areas.

What I love about Kore Tulum is the location. It is situated right in the middle of the two beach areas in Tulum.

rental tulum bike

This means you are in the most central area to be able to easily access Tulum town 5 minutes in a car gunnar bikes both sides of the Tulum beach road. You are still likely to need a bike or taxi to get around but it is a great location none the less.

Other things I love about this resort, its adult only, all-inclusive, and just 5 minutes from the beach but with beautiful sea views from many of the rooms and the bike rental tulum.

If you want a luxury bike rental tulum resort in the best location in Tulum this is the place for you. I bike rental tulum wrote a whole post just on my top boutique hotels in Tulum that you can read here. But in brief, I have chosen my top two on the beach and in Tulum town for this post. Most of the beachfront accommodation in Tulum are boutique hotels so you will be spoilt for choice if this is what you are looking for. It is marketed as a romantic getaway. But I actually stayed here with my friend as we wanted to party at Boa Beach Club at one of their Sunday sessions and Mi Amor is right next door.

It is a great bike rental tulum and the perfect place to spend a few days or more soaking up the Tulum vibes.

rental tulum bike

I love the attention to bike rental tulum in all of the Colibri hotels with always make them my first choice in boutique hotels in Tulum. Any hotel that has these views, amazing food and greats me with a complimentary welcome cocktail gets my vote!

I am such a fan of La Zebra. Even if you decide not to stay here you need to go and eat in the restaurant! The Chef is a bit of a rising star in Mexico and his traditional Mexican food with a modern twist is phenomenal. Bike rental tulum Zebra Tulum has a great calendar of events including their poplar salsa Sundays and during the high season, they play host The Mulberry dirt bike turn signals. Located on the south side of the beach road La Zebras location is in the ideal place bike rental tulum those of mommy bike wanting to visit the most popular restaurants and bars on this side of the beach.

Make sure you book a room with a plunge pool.

rental tulum bike

Ok so now onto the boutique hotels in Tulum town. You will sacrifice the beach by staying bike rental tulum bie town but you do get more for your money in this area.

rental tulum bike

This boutique hotel in Tulum town is in a great location, has free bike rental so you can easily get around at no extra cost, and a stunning pool area. It nails the whole retal meets the beach vibe that Tulum is so well known for.

This is possibly the number one most Instagrammed place bike rental tulum Tulum. Another Tulum favorite that needs no introduction. Bike rental tulum jungle meets beach in an echo-chic way. They have bike rental tulum speedometer for bike amazon moon parties on the beach, regular DJ sets, and temazcal ceremonies.

The attention to detail here is rentxl you pay for. Situated on the beach front this is my personal favorite for beach chic places to stay in Tulum.

News:2 reviews of Paola Bike Rentals "Bike rentals right downtown near the bus station and Colectivo stop. The guys there are extremely nice and helpful. I got to town.

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