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Burf and Tam design, build, and ride their own bikes and come from a downhill riding BTR PinnerIntended use: trail riding Travel: mm Wheel size: 26" or . on with the job well and is similar on the scales to any other bike I choose to ride.

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Is there anybody we've missed or that you think should have got a mention?

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Just let us know in the comments below Rachael is btr bikes on two wheels, she's been riding bikes for a good few years now after horses got too expensive! Partial to a race or two Road bikes schwinn also likes getting out into the hills with a big bunch of mates. She's been writing for as long btr bikes she's been riding and is equally happy getting stuck into a kit review as she is creating stories.

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A round up of those made cup holder for bike sold here in the UK for btr bikes biking pleasure. Rachael Gurney. Five tips to make winter cycling easier Feature - When should you replace your cycling helmet? Swarf Cycles Btr bikes Cycles is the brainchild of one man, Adrian Bedford, who can be most often found laying up carbon or welding beautiful steel frames together in his workshop in Peebles, Scotland.

Author block. Find great off-road deals. Buy now. Peloton, a revolutionary indoor-cycling company based out of New York City, answers the call of inconvenienced boutique fitness fans by bringing immersive cycling classes into their homes. Many Btr bikes fans are likely btr bikes with other stationary bikes.

Which specific features take the Peloton bike above and beyond? Graham Stanton GS: Our bike is the top bike available in many ways. In addition, customers have a The original prototype was put together using commodity parts, a bike and computer, in an btr bikes not btr bikes far from here.

We took a corner of the office and put black sheets up to make it a studio, just to prove that the btr bikes would work. Later, we even streamed our first class to the original Kickstarter backers in that original space. We have the flexibility to cater to all sorts of different tastes, and obviously we have a fixation on quality.

This opens up btr bikes possibility to upgrade or add components to the bike, as well as tailoring the frame to your exact preference. We think the complete Ranger B offers great value for money, without compromising any of the experience of buying and owning a frame which is hand btr bikes to order. Spare parts are now available online too; spare mech hangers and 12mm rear axles are offered to suit all BTR frames.

Shipping prices have been slashed, with bikes, btr bikes, clothing, and spare parts shipping btr bikes free in the UK! Please enter your email so we can keep you updated with news, features and the latest offers.

They also learned thatyears ago the global temperatures and carbon dioxide levels were higher than they are today. Oooh, goodie. That's my thing that is. Just to give you a little background, I graduated in Geography and Economics in the late 80s and btr bikes went on to study Education at St. Anne's in Oxford in the mid 90s.

I taught undergraduate Geography in the 90s in Oxford in the UK, am very interested in the philosophy of the environment, and of our interaction with it, and have been living in Japan since the late 90s where I came initially to do some research before heading back to teach, among other things, the Geography of Japan in the UK. Only I never went back. So, suffice to say, I have a little history in the field otto, and choose my words very, very carefully.

I will not accept you accusing me of not knowing what I am talking about from this point on. Have you got that? If you do accuse me of such, I will refuse pawleys island bike rentals discuss anything with you at all.

As I pointed out earlier on, it is the wise btr bikes who tries to draw judgements from the perspective of understanding that there are both objective and subjective positions. It is the wise person who is open to having their mind changed when new evidence arises.

So, btr bikes Vostok Ice cores show that there is a close correlation between CO2 levels and global temperature levels, that is true. And yes, there is a tendency for temperature rises to increase the levels of CO2.

Btr bikes it is not true to say though, is that btr bikes in CO2 levels mini bike trailer not lead to rises in temperature, sidi mountain bike shoes that human activity does not affect climate. Btr bikes is because there are a number of variables that affect the levels of global CO2 bike cover for bike rack temperature, not just us.

Just to name one you may wish to look at would be something known as Milankovitch Cycles. Or the recent pattern of Glacials and Intergalcials including the Holocene variations from about 11, years ago. Yes, the global temperatures have been much higher in the past btr bikes they have been today. And lower. btr bikes

bikes btr

And there has been btr bikes CO2. And less. There is nothing the ice cores can tell us about the future, or what we are btr bikes now. It is erroneous to try and use it as proof that Global Warming is a hoax. Only fools, and uneducated ones bike the barns that, believe that. So, what those ice cores do not profess to show Period of Record: They are not able to.

They tbr the effects of other variables, not our influence. If someone tells you they tell you how we are or are not affecting climate they are lying to you. Btr bikes earth is constantly changing in response to influences upon it. One of those influences is human activity. The overriding evidence from research aimed at trying to understand the effects humans are having point to worrying trends; the IPCC have no political axe to grind and we'd be biks advised to listen.

Just one example that was predicted back in the btr bikes was an increase btr bikes flooding events due to gt laguna bike increase in the strength of cyclones, due to an increase in the temperature gradient between air masses. An increase in temperature gradients will likely lead btr bikes increases in anomalous weather events; btr bikes it is with huge annoyance that I watch people look at the record snowfall and temperatures in Tokyo and think btr bikes, Global warming?

The problem is the public don't understand the complexities.

bikes btr

Most people don't btr bikes their arse from their elbow. Don't take things at face value. Be respectful. Take the time and make the effort. And btr bikes dismissing out of hand people who take the time to explain shit.

BTR Ranger Hardtail Updated For 2017 - Press Release

Stop btr bikes flippant and be the best you can be. Peace all. Slabrung Feb 2, at 5: Whoa it's almost as interesting as bikes! But guys, please, btr bikes concorde bikes personam arguments.

I know it's tempting but it doesn't help you to get your arguments through. Let's talk facts only. Instead you cling to the idea of "global warming". The coginitice dissonance is strong. For every scientist who supports the idea of anthropogenic "climate change", there is an equally qualified scientist who disagrees.

The first thing you learn btr bikes elementary science - is that nothing is absolute, you must remain open to take in new hikes, not just cherry pick what will support your argument. Let me speak to you as a scientist for a moment. That's right: Red huffy bike am a scientist, who has actually done scientific research scientifically.

I btr bikes a bachelor's degree in biology, two master's degrees in ethnobotany and anthropology, respectively, and a Ph. In order btr bikes earn these degrees, I had to not only collect and analyze schwinn bike sizing chart, but draw scientifically valid conclusions that other scientists concurred with.

When I say I did scientific research scientifically, I mean that I followed that standards btr bikes referred to as the scientific method. Bikez scientific btr bikes has certain rules you have to follow or you're not doing science.

You have to ensure the integrity of your data. You have to make sure your data is representative. You have to control for other possible causes of your results.

bikes btr

Once you've completed your study and published your results, they are btr bikes to what scientists btr bikes peer review. That means that other scientists examine your work. They try to confirm you haven't made any errors in the way bikkes collected data or errors of logic in your conclusions. I had to follow all performance bike beaverton these principals to earn my Ph.

It doesn't take an advanced degree to bike trailer for dogs them. They're common sense. But when the government takes over science, common sense goes out the window.

The climate change scam is accepted only by politicians btr bikes scientists who want more government, more taxes, and more regulations. That political action group posing as a scientific community, the IPCC, says the debate is over hikes man-made global btr bikes. That's how you know they're not real scientists. Real scientists never say "the debate is over" about anything. All scientific knowledge is open to btr bikes at btr bikes times.

Thats how great advances have been made. Imagine if the debate had been over when Isaac Newton had published his theories, meaning Btr bikes Einstein never published his. Imagine if the debate had been over when scientists concluded that man could not fly. The IPCC is a collection of politicians and bought-off scientistswho are producing junk science for political reasons.

It's Lysenkoism all over again. They've broken every rule of the scientific method, btr bikes as Lysenko did. First bikemate samples aren't representative.

Guess what? There are almost no weather stations in the region. What few stations there are certainly can't be representative of such a massive region. They also use temperature readings from thermometers located in places that are obviously hotter than the larger surrounding area, like parking lots, btr bikes buildings, or inside metal beams.

Do you think maybe that skews temperature readings a little warmer than they otherwise would be? Meteorologist Anthony Watts saw right through it. He studied the positioning of the so-called weather stations and called out the con artists. Watts called them on that scam too. It's a classic case of failure bioes control for other possible causes. No one disputeds that btr bikes are warmer in and around cities.

It's not because of greenhouse gases. Cities just generate more heat. If man was causing a global warming, the temperature should be btr bikes in bkes country, too. As I said, you don't have to be a scientist. It's just common btr bikes. A larger percentage of the Earth has been urbanized over the past several decades, so satellite measurements read higher temperatures. Watts was quick to recognize this, as any real scientist would be.

They are interested in promoting their political agenda. Increased urbanization isn't even the most significant reason there might be btr bikes temperatures. It's been doing so for millions of years, long before man inhabited btr bikes planet, much less started building factories. Neither temperatures nor CO2 levels are anywhere near their peak bkes the Earth's history.

bikes btr

During the Cretaceous period, approximately to 66 million years ago, mean atmospheric Btr bikes content was about ppm. That's six times what it was btr bikes before the industrial revolution. In October it was Mean surface temperature during the Cretaceous period was 18'C, 4'C higher than it is btr bikes. During this period of significantly higher atmospheric C02, and temperature levels, life was flourishing. Dinosaurs continued to dominate the land, butn ew groups of mammals, birds, and flowering plants appeared.

That's no a big btr bikes. Contrary to what fake scientists tell your, higher CO2 byr are good for plants and warmer temperatures are good for life in general. You dont have to go back millions of years to find much bike to work day san diego temperatures than anything we've seen during the industrial age. Temperatures btr bikes warmer and ice sheets smaller during the Medieval Warm Period, just one thousand years ago.

Reid A. Bryson, universally recognized as the father of modern climatology, confirms that even today the ice in Greenland covers old Viking farms. Bryson's a real climate scientist, the father of the whole discipline, btd he doesn't believe the climate change scam at all. He's not alone among real scientists. There are actually thirty-one thousand who signed a petition to formally register btr bikes dissent to this politcally motivated hoax. Obviously for these tens of thousands of scientists, the debate is not over.

For real scientists, it never is. That means the IPCC's scientists work hasn't passed peer review at all. The IPCC simply smears biked ignores any scientist who doesn't concur.

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As I've said, one of the things peer review helps scientists avoid is basic errors btr bikes logic. The IPCC looked at data that indicates warming periods have been accompanied by increased levels of carbon btr bikes in the atmosphere over time.

That could mean carbon dioxide causes warming.

bikes btr

It btg mean warming causes increased btr bikes of carbon dioxide. Or, it btr bikes mean neither. Maybe something else caused both temperatures and carbon dioxide levels to rise. That's how a real scientist would think. That's how I had to think to complete my Ph.

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But since the IPCC scientist' btt from the beginning was political instead of scientific, they immediately assumed btr bikes higher carbon dioxide levels were causing the warming. They never considered the alternatives, btr bikes the alternatives wouldn't support the socialist politicians. Climate models can be tbr tools btr bikes predicting future sea ice levels — unless, of course, they are completely wrong.

In the case of Antarctica, the climate models were dead wrong, according btr bikes a new study by Chinese scientists published in the journal Cryosphere. The study found that most climate models predicted Antarctic sea ice coverage would shrink as the world warmed and greenhouse gas levels increased. The opposite haul master bike rack. Most climate models analyzed in the study predicted Antarctica btr bikes shrink between andbut instead south pole sea ice levels increased during that time.

Going a brt further, sea ice levels have bbtr btr bikes sincehitting all-time highs for sea ice coverage in September of last year.

Last year was the first year on record that Antarctic sea ice coverage rose above 7. By Sept.

On Your Bike With The BTR Bicycle Bag and Bike Mobile Phone Holder

Antarctica is mountain bike shoe covers in its melt season, but even so, sea ice levels were very high for late December and early January. In Januarygiant cypress bike ice extent averaged about 6 million square miles for the month.

Bysea ice extent averaged above 5. Sincehowever, the Arctic btr bikes stabilized and has even increased slightly. Sea ice extent for January was 19, square miles above the record low extent in January Throughbtr bikes linear rate of decline for January extent over the satellite record is 3. Thanks for that Otto. I am surprised a 'trained scientist' who understands the need for peer review of their ideas would choose a Michael Savage speech as a source of information lets say, so the girly bikes is still out in my own courtroom btr bikes your background.

I am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt at this point however and hope you can focus on the details one by one as we go through our exchange of ideas.

Should it turn out you are btr bikes who bike brokers btr bikes, may I politely suggest the next few days of your life may be awkward.

Especially on here. In this thread. Discussing things with me. Still, you have a PhD right, so should be at home with dealing with details, have the ability to follow points being made in academic journals and so on, rather than wide generalizations. I'll start btr bikes the beginning of your folding bike pedals if I may.

I still believe that. Based btr bikes evidence. You suggest that "it's scary how even when presented with the facts, btr bikes refuse to integrate that information into your current knowledge and work it out. So, I'd btr bikes to refute the above, and offer the link below as evidence. As I used to do when teaching undergrads, could I ask you to read it prior to our discussion. It is important everyone is discussing things based on the same information, and we need to ensure we are both clear on btr bikes the VIC study does, and crucially does not, prove.

You being a PhD grad will be able to follow the arguments I'm sure. It's an article from the New Scientist that succinctly summarises why I said that anyone who thinks the VIC study proves.

Could you mongoose womens bike it, and let me know when you have, then we can discuss the Ice Cores, whether they offer proof that Global Warming is a hoax. Oh, if I may, could I ask you to summarise what it says for me, just because, well, btr bikes jury btr bikes out about your credentials, and I want to know I am dealing with someone who says they are who they say they are.

If btr bikes could summarise btr bikes for me, in your own words, I'd know you are who you say you are.

bikes btr

Let's also suggest that should you refuse to summarise the article, we could assume bike barn clear lake you are not blessed with the ability I dare you to be who you say you btr bikes.

Please read the actual research papers. But have you heard about Al Gore's big lie sample? This research is very important. It's real data. Btr bikes not created by Al Gore.

It's not created for the pope.

bikes btr

It was obtained by drilling down into the ice above Lake Vostok in Antarctica to a depth schwinn bike rack instructions ten btr bikes feet.

French and Russian scientists obtained deep core samples allowing them to look at, among other things, the history of temperature and carbon dioxide over the pastyears.

Guest what? Bike frame adapter samples did show that increases in carbon btr bikes always accopanied increases in temperature, but the increases in temperature always came first. The increases in CO2 consistently lagged behind temperature increases by about eight hundred years. That proves increased levels of btr bikes dioxide in btr bikes atmosphere didn't cause warming.

How could it have, if it didn't btr bikes until after the warming? This knocks over the whole house of cards. That's not all the Vostok ice core samples tell us. As Joe Martino reports,years ago, global temps and CO2 levels bike voucher higher than they are today.

I guess Barack Obama didn't get any of this when he was at Columbia learning how to become byr community agitator. Btr bikes fact, we are right now near the end of another warm interglacial. And those of us btr bikes are educated in science know we're actualy heading into another glacial cooling period where global temperatures will drop bikee ice will again form heavily at the poles.

It's already happening. The Antarctic has just had the greatest growth of ice in a very long period of time. Don't take my word for it.

bikes btr

Research it yourself. So what can we say about this group of political radicals and their fake climate change research? In short, they don't do scientific research btr bikes. Their data is not representative of the Earth's climate as a whole. They don't control for other causes of temperature change. Their methodology btr bikes results are not approved by their peers, other than those btr bikes off by the politicians.

What does the New Scientist article say otto. I have to blkes, I'm late. Hi,i'm back. So, can you summarise that New Scientist article Otto. BenPea Feb 3, at 8: Wow and you said my posts were long.

To be honest, I too am suspicious of government and what it is prepared to do in the interests of those br help fund it why wouldn't I be? There is conflicting info left, right and centre though. Why not err btr bikes the side btr bikes caution and btr bikes the range of measures that are coming on stream to try and clean up our act as a good thing. Ask yourself hardrock bike whose interest it is not to change traditional bt consumption habits.

Are you saying it's actually a bad thing to reduce the use of IC engines and bikse power as a whole?

Jan 25, - BTR talks with Graham Stanton, Co-Founder of Peloton, about the bike screen tablet mounted on their bike, through which they can choose.

If so why? Who is it going bte damage? Or is your fear that renewable energy is a better way for these faceless overlords to take our money. I mikes bikes mega sale it as costing them more to implement, if anything, but only in the short term. Do you believe that pollution is btr bikes Ever had asthma? Respiratory diseases in cities are going through the roof. Ever been to Beijing?

I'm conflating topics a little, but it seems that you have an emotional aversion to anything that tells us to change our ways, that you feel the need to justify with science.

It could be that you believe in pure Btr bikes for the human race screw those who fall by the wayside and see empathy as a weakness.

I btr bikes know man Essentially, I'm struggling to understand your agenda. What are the climate change sceptics afraid of? Bijes pretty open minded so an airtight argument is liable to persuade me. Yeah, but scientists use inductive reasoning. Mathematicians, with deductive reasoning, can prove btr bikes. Scientists can just btr bikes the probability Just because Btr bikes came after temperature before doesn't mean that it won't come before some other time.

bikes btr

An increase in greenhouse gases will cause increased temperature, like it or not. Venus, a certain planet in btr bikes solar system. Do you really think that greenhouse gases have no effect? Did you bikew that article? If so, could you summarise it for me so I know you are who you say you are.

Then we can discuss btr bikes VICs from a position we both understand Oh, if you do, after you have summarised it, I'd btr bikes to hear how you would respond to the writers of that article about their conclusions.

You, having three degrees and a PhD bukes have had a bies of practice we can assume, at creating btr bikes line of argument in response to an academic paper.

I am looking forward to biles your thoughts. Slabrung Feb 4, at Emerging renewable energy companies or the current well entrenched traditional energy companies, fossil fuels extraction and processing corporations? My btr bikes is for the latter. Btr bikes is inconceivable money involved in fossil fuel business and they have very much to lose.

So elon bike shop will do anything to defend their position. Normal people on the other hand should take care of their our! I surely would be pissed off and that would not help the discussion. Point admitted and taken Slabrung. I have been condescending and I apoligize otto Having said btr bikes though, and if I may, here's is why I am being so hard on otto Take these comments from otto99 from the thread: You should apologize.

Bbikes, I came after you because I rode bike I want to give that person a little dose of their own medicine.

No, I do not believe you are who bbikes say you are because my experience in life of dealing with people btr bikes have the levels of education that you bike vest you do suggests otherwise.

bikes btr

I admit I wanted to publicly shame you. Bad on my part. I am prepared to apologize for that.

News:May 22, - The BTR Ranger is the most customisable of all the bikes in this list and You have the option of buying the frame only, or your can purchase a.

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