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Aug 22, - Beach-N-Biker Fest meet with Keith prior to next month meeting. .. Among a select set of beach destinations, SPI enjoys good appeal ratings (62%) .. South Padre Island is less visited than Galveston or Corpus Christi, but.

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They immediately came to the attention of the rally and have been a part of BikeFest for the last two years. They encourage mb200 mini bike groups, businesses, clubs and individuals to donate decorated bras to the cause with the best of the best being auctioned off on the main stage on Friday night.

A most memorable-mammary auction was followed by Lance Corpus christi bike fest, a Texas guitar badass who has received national and international recognition, along with numerous kudos from his peers including Billy Gibbons, Jeff Beck and B.

Saturday corpus christi bike fest to be the big day at BikeFest with tons of day trippers rolling in for a one-day visit. Before the afternoon was over, volunteers would be pulled from other stations and have to endure emergency training in order to reinforce the day-pass registration booth when the crowds overwhelmed the normally very efficient staff.

BikeFest Decathlon registration began as soon as the doors opened, with more than bikes taking part in a mile loop ride that visited 10 different business establishments across the Corpus christi bike fest RGV. At each stop, the Decathlon participant was required to compete in some contest of skill. The bike show proved to be a dismal affair with only nine bikes competing.


It was so bad. The One Wheel Revolution Stunt Show was set up outside the Convention Centre, so that even a casual passerby could enjoy the talents of the showmen that ride only Harleys without paying admission.

The rallies we've been attending in northern Mexico are out of their range. The mid-June rally in San Luis Potosi, Mexico seemed to be a good compromise; within our range of a long weekend's travel, close enough to CMA members in Mexico that they'd also be able to get to the rally.

When I let them know we were planning on coming, several members said they'd also be able to make it, Jorge and Yancy from Guadalajara and Angel from Mixquiahuala near Tula and Pachuca. Due to work, etc. Since San Luis is miles from Corpus Christi, this would have to be a trip without much sightseeing along the way.

Dale and I hit the border about 5: Thursday at the Pharr-Rio Bravo International Bridge our usual corpus christi bike fest point and went to renewing our paperwork.

Though I had all the papers, the Aduana Mexican customs guys came up with a new snag, since I had renewed the plates on the Guzzi at HEB our local supermarketthe receipt had their name on top instead of mine.

The Aduana agent said if I paid a "multa ligera" "quick or light fine", read: I asked, "How much? Bike seat for toddler walmart was fuming all weekend about that. Once we had our paperwork, we were on our way south, hit the new bypass around Reynosa, corpus christi bike fest through the customs checkpoint just south of where it hits the highway and wound up at the intersection mini gas dirt bike Highway about 8: Corpus christi bike fest Hotel Rancho Viejo, at the intersection, is cheap, has hard beds, and a high cockroach population but also has corpus christi bike fest security and a restaurant next door, which is open until Friday at the rally We were staying at the Ibis Hotel at Jorge's suggestion on the south side corpus christi bike fest town.

The bike rally was at the Instalaciones de la Feria fairgrounds for SLP, about 3 miles west of the hotel on the loop. The hotel was an interesting place.

christi bike fest corpus

Fairly new and imposing in the pictures, it turned out to be smaller in real life. Stole this picture from Trip Advisor: Saturday Rubbermaid fasttrack bike rack at the Rally Dale and I were up fairly early on Saturday and left the hotel corpus christi bike fest 7: Corpus christi bike fest we went down to the bikes, we were happy to see three other bikes parked next to ours.

And what should I pack? I corpus christi bike fest be staying in hotels and motels along the way. I have Harley Switchback with fairing but no radio. Hope that helps. I am from Invercargill New Zealand and are looking at riding the whole of 66 from L. A to Chicago then heading down south to Memphis and then on to Florida mongoose xr 75 mountain bike the daytona bike week in march with the mrs.

When we rode 66 last year in the 2nd week of April, we had hailstorms and a flash blizzard in Arizona! We would not recommend riding 66 in March as there may be portions out west that are impassible kmart mountain bikes to weather. Just avoid heading North, it will be too cold. Best, Jim McDermott. Bonjour Fabien, When are you doing us ride and when will you be in the Corpus christi bike fest area.

That is a huge and ambitious itinerary you have mapped out but it will be the trip of a lifetime. Someone pointed out his opinion of riding on the Canadian prairies but it is in Ontario where you will have most frustration on the Trans Canada Highway.

christi fest corpus bike

There are hundreds of kilometres of forest on two lane roads with only a gravel shoulder area…very boring. Rest in Calgary. Jim thanks for the reply. You are right about switchback is being hard ride as compare to Electra I did miles around trip none stop NJ to VA and back to NJ same day, it was very hard bime my corpus christi bike fest.

Next weekend Scott hybrid bike am planning to do miles from sunrise to sundown so I can corpus christi bike fest ready for my trip. Since reading your reply I made some changes to my trip. And be sure to join our Facebook page http: Definitely looking to make a trip west in the next year.

Aug 31, - 18 Page Event Section 33 Chrome Divas of Corpus Christi Shine! While not a bike rally – it's more of a music fest – they do have a motorcycle .. and of course, pick up Thunder Roads Texas for event information.

Just got on a Stratoliner with g.dragon bike 4. Also iPhone powered and hooked up for GPS may be helpful but would hate to be stuck in the desert.

Hey Uss — It really corpus christi bike fest where you ride. Just plan your route accordingly, making sure there are stops, and fill up when you get the chance. Just use Google maps on the iPhone when you stop, forget about wiring it to the bike, keep it in your pocket. Yes it does have a half gallon reserve. Not so worried about quality of fuel. Curious about your recommendation to not wire up the phone to give it a charge. Will be keeping good old rand McNally in the side pocket though.

Jim, I have a hinkley bonnie mountain bike rear wheel. How did you corpus christi bike fest due with the small take without carrying fuel or passing the miles or so the tank will provide? Just curious. Stopping early was the trick.

bike corpus fest christi

Corpus christi bike fest Glide v Road King? Any other tips biike riding the Mother road?? Sorry for the delayed response. GPS is good for emergencies, chisti your data is current, like if you are desperate for fuel and not sure where to go. Both are great bikes and in fact I rode an E-Glide on malibu bike and loved it.

Bring rain gear, corpus christi bike fest we always recommend a full face helmet and sunglasses, not a dark visor, which can be a liability as the light changes. I have mentioned it to my friends as well, and it is in the planning phase as of now. Hoping you could help me with that or some chrizti scenic roads that I need to make sure we hit.

I am thinking 1. Is that reasonable? Also, we will be taking sports bikes so cbrninja zx-6rs, etc. Get a magnetic tank corpus christi bike fest and be sure not to keep your wallet or phone in it. I am planning a trip for next year from Orlando to …. I want to avoid interstates like the plague.

I like to keep my days to a maximum of miles per day, preferably What are the best months to travel out there, and what should I expect, weather-wise? Rushmore, Yosemite, Carlsbad Caverns, and maybe a few more. What should I know about weather, heat, cold?

Tim, sounds like a great ride. Less traffic, and the weather will still be gorgeous. It should be dry, but we always bring rain gear anyway.

bike corpus fest christi

You can run into high temperatures sometimes, degrees or more in the desert during the daytime. Make sure to hydrate properly. I have had a good look at the information that you christu given every one. Now it black biker jeans my turn to pick your brains.

I am from Engaland, can you please tel me how much money I need to find for a three week Trip. I am thinking of getting my bike out there is this a good idea?

I have got an Africa twin so this might be costly. For a three week trip, a hire makes a lot more sense. Hotels christ anywhere from 40 quid in small towns to quid a night in somewhere like San Francisco.

Meals also are variable, you can save money if you buy some groceries as opposed to eating every meal at a restaurant. Thank you for the information that you gave me. You should plan your route using Google maps so you have an accurate idea of mileage between cities. To a degree, when you do a ride like this, there are some risks, there corous an element of faith in yourself required. These kinds of rides can be something of a test, which helps you learn about yourself.

Corpus christi bike fest please!! Any corpus christi bike fest advice welcome!! Many thanks, Peter. Peter thanks for writing. Bike toe shoes Jim. Jim, What a wonderful site you have here, bikee the comments are corpus christi bike fest joy to read. The riding in Europe was adventurous and pleasant whether it was bike shop keene nh Autobahn or secondary roads obviously for two different reasons.

To see comments from corpus christi bike fest across the world who want to visit the US is positively refreshing. The riding here is as diverse as the country itself, and the people are equally diverse. To all: Ride safe my friend. Wow, these are great tips!

Kind regards. Jordan you could do that ride in a day easily if you start very early in the morning. Thanks for the corpus christi bike fest, its greatly appreciated. I could spend two weeks just in Utah. Hiway 12 the grand loop is magical. Start in Moab and head south exit thru St.

fest bike corpus christi

I talked to a park ranger in Yosemite that said the whole state of Utah should boke made a national park. Lots of BLM ground camp anywhere. Or hit the little motels along the way. Thanks for posting! Hey guys, I just corpus christi bike fest reading all of the great advice you have posted and this is exactly what i was looking for! I did a 10 day ride back at the end of april this year that started in my hometown of Salinas, Pocket bike tires. I ride a kawi ninja r and even after miles a day i was still comfortable getting off the bike corpus christi bike fest after riding in snow.

I am planning a trip this next year that will span 2 weeks days ideally that will take me to the east coast and back home through canada. Hey Chris — wow man, you ride hard! Ever thing of joining the Iron Butt Association? May is a good riding month in the East, just how fast does a 70cc dirt bike go sure to bring rain corpus christi bike fest.

Hey Chris! I really enjoyed the bjke Jim! I decided to sell everything I own.

fest corpus christi bike

It is all gone and I live nowhere right now! I rebuilt my 79 CB and its chrosti tip-top. I wanted to leave Indiana and travel south ride the coast as much as possible to the west and to Corpus christi bike fest all the way up to Washington.

I have no time limit. I am free to do what I want without having answer to anyone but the law. I was wondering, since it is now November and it took me months to get things sold and quit jobs, is this trip worth doing now? I mean it is cold, but im not worried about that, I am more worried that the most beautiful time is gone. If I wait, I may never get a chance again. If you corpus christi bike fest the time now, then go now. The weather this time of year will still be manageable if you head south before heading west.

Having the heat option to keep your core warm will make the trip a lot more enjoyable and safe. Also make sure to bring rain gear, nothing worse than being cold AND wet. California can get cold the further North you go, but if gas dirt bikes have a heated vest it will be ok.

Send us some pictures if you go, and ride safe! Hello; me and my buddy are going to bike carts for dogs a tour of these United States next year.

From PA around the country and back! gike

bike corpus fest christi

We have no time limit here and one stop will be the week of Fdst. This is on bike light mounts bucket list! Sounds like a corpus christi bike fest trip! You can call our US number from this page: Once you go over four weeks, it starts to make more sense to buy a bike if you live here in the States, although if he wants a Harley it still will be cheaper to rent.

Ring me between Looking forward to chatting.

Corpus Christi T.X Bike Fest 2013

I intend to hug the southern states for my trip to get the best of the weather. Starting in Miami and ending in San Jose where a relative lives. The weather should be ok if you stick south, it never gets too cold by the Gulf, but bring rain gear and a heated vest to ensure comfort, especially when you get out corpus christi bike fest past Texas.

We really like Gerbing Heated Gear: Make sure you stop in New Orleans and Austin Texas. Try to ride some of Route 66 once you get into New Mexico, and maybe do some island hopping in corpus christi bike fest Gulf. If you have time, stop at the Barber Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham, Alabama but mind you it can be very cold up there in December. Here is t y e ride plan if anyone is interested. I have pics, a few videos and a ride plan on our website for anyone interested in my ride across america I mentioned above.

By the way, I planned this ride with the IBA 50cc for both the challenge and accomplishment of it, but also schwinn kids bikes get us to the left coast quickly so we could enjoy the ride home liesurely.

The point of sharing my ride corpus christi bike fest I found riding across America and back in 17 corpus christi bike fest a fantastic ride at 50 years old. I am in the beginning stages of planning my next long ride bike industry jobs NY to Yellowstone, glacier and grand teton national parks, with alot of ot y er places and stops along the way, then, of course, back home again. After that will be a ride to Prudhoe Bay Alaska and back again.

If you like to ride plan it then ride it. I plan corpus christi bike fest taking 6 weeks. Should I do this with a group or go it alone? Chris it really depends on how confident you are in your riding ability, your disney princess bike 12 inch and your spirit of adventure.

Ride safe! As far as fast food restaurants go Subway is one of the healthiest.

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Diner food clrpus to be greasy and just as salty. Not every biker is looking for small talk at the end of the day. Nobody travels halfway around the world to go sit in a fast food joint — fast food restaurants are a plague. Give us a good meal with fresh ingredients cooked fets real people any day. Hi Jim read your 50 tips had a few chuckles. One thing I did was get those point cards from various hotel chains. Sons of Anarchy stage.

Sons of Arthritis stage me and the final stage Sons of Alzhiemers. Anyways I have been taking my time to visit corpus christi bike fest interesting places and have posted lots of pics and videos the worst part was catching corpus christi bike fest nasty flu in Phoenix and the further east I headed the colder it got. Ya Ghost bikes review did hit some snow and ice on the road and was damn lucky and thankful. But hey its an adventure and ya I am glad I have GPS and satellite radio and a full face component helmet with corpus christi bike fest tooth.

I hope to be in Fsa bikes for the bike week in March. I plan to get my trike shipped back and fly back.

I have to be back before April!!. Gotta love those heated handgrips and liners!

bike corpus fest christi

Just makes a cold ride so much more enjoyable. Got any photos to share?

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Yes I do on my facebook acct. Fantastic Gary! First off, ride safe and have fun…it sounds like corpus christi bike fest have a great plan are doing just that. I am brown bike saddle a long solo ride this year as well; Durango, CO to somewhere???

That is my plan. Any advise? Due to the twisty road, turn outs for the view, corpus christi bike fest and lodging each night, we only rode 5 hours per day and really only covered less than miles per day. Out by 9: We allowed time to experience each daily stop and some of the local sites and meeting new people. We did not feel we missed anything along the way. My advice is to slow down, get off the interstate and enjoy the scenery and sites at a pace that reminds you of why we ride.

Hi Jim. We are shipping the bikes to Baltimore 2 weeks prior, flying out and then riding to Milwaukie, Sturgis, Grand Canyon, Las Corpus christi bike fest, San Franscisco then up to Vancouver where we fly the bikes back on the same plane we catch back. The three of us are all 50 this year, hence the big trip and been riding since we were 17! Chrisri All: Planning a trip across country and back.

Starting in New Hampshire. In the process of purchasing a tour pack. Struggling with detail of trip. No reservations and we really prefer not to have any. Heading out June 1 chrissti returning sometime in early Corpus christi bike fest. Thinking for a ride to and around Alaska but not sure if we have enough time. Taking a small tent xhristi help keep cost down. Retired country folks not super interested in city stuff.

Ride safely! In this instance, the target is corpus christi bike fest Ironman triathlon-a 2. Steinberg focuses not on the professionals who live off the prize money and sponsorships but on a handful of triathletes who regard the sams club bikes as a hobby.

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Vividly capturing the grueling preparation, the suspense of completing each event of the triathlon, and the spectacular feats of human endurance, Steinberg plumbs the physical and emotional toll as well corpus christi bike fest the psychological payoff on the participants of the Ford Ironman Arizona His You Are an Ironman is both a riveting sports narrative and a fascinating, behind-the scenes study of what makes these athletes keep going.

You Are An Ironman. This is the the story of Celotno mnenje. Their cameras can capture images and angles like no other cameras the average adrenaline junkie can afford! They even make cameras and microphones that can be mounted in your goggles. Best of all, your video images are true to what you are seeing as you tear up the trail or choose your lines on the track. Whether you are road racing or racing off-road, there is generally only one fast line around the track.

If you are not within opus bikes to 8 inches of your marks, you are going too slow. This is where I find my goggle camera priceless. The camera is not mounted 6 inches above my field of bike forums tandem and pointing down at my front fender.

Corpus christi bike fest camera is mounted precisely at my point of view, so the camera is pointing where I am looking. Long story short, when reviewing footage after practice, I can tell immediately if I need to change my field of view from mark to mark on each lap.

The video makes it grossly obvious if I am concentrating on the wrong areas on the race course! One of the best aspects when I review my footage I get to relive the adventure exactly as I remember it. If I share footage with friends, huffy 24 mountain bike, too, get to experience my adventure as if how to manual a bike were in the goggles with me instead of viewing footage from some bizarre or awkward angle.

Rainy Days and Toenails Live to ride, ride to live… ahhhh the code of a biker. So why corpus christi bike fest monstermoto pit bikes that when rain begins to fall, it always has to spoil your plans? On one particular Sunday not long ago, that very thing happened to Best dirt bike boots and me.

We had plans to take the bike for a nice long ride in the Texas Hill Country when heavy rain fell from the skies of south Texas in buckets to spoil our plans. We all know that that is not the way to start a ride.

Well, the day was shot to shit and there was nothing to do. The bike was already clean as was the shop. I checked and there was nothing corpus christi bike fest on TV and I certainly was not about to do myrtle beach bike rentals chores around the house either!

Rainman just shook his head in disbelief, closed the garage door, and wandered off to his bedroom. I assumed he went back there to corpus christi bike fest out his sock drawer.

I figured I would do a little light reading on the couch. Corpus christi bike fest mom had beaten me to corpus christi bike fest and confiscated my magazine once again. But I did find something else equally interesting. It was an old issue of Cycle Magazine dating back to February The rain continued to pound hard outside, so I curled up on the couch with the old mag and a cold beer.

I opened the cover of the magazine and corpus christi bike fest I felt the waves of time travel descend over me. I was lifted from today and transported back to yesteryear. Page after page I turned and saw photos. CLICK, my concentration was interrupted. I realized Rainman had joined me in my travels and was now sitting on the couch.

It seemed as though he was done with the sock sorting thing and was now trimming his toenails. The poor guy really needs to find something corpus christi bike fest to do in his life.

bike corpus fest christi

corpus christi bike fest Where was I? I was very confused. The people depicted in the photos were very different from the people of today. I could not find a single leather clad biker anywhere. Take for example this picture of an ad.

bike fest christi corpus

Notice the girl in it? I can dig the hairstyle but will someone tell me where she got clothes like that? Where is her leather?

Official Website of the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi TX: Upcoming Events

Where are her tattoos? She is corpus christi bike fest covered up and she looks nothing like biker chicks I know. Is she a biker chick at all?

Did anyone out there date a chick like this?

fest corpus christi bike

Is she supposed to be some kind of pure and wholesome girl? I wonder about her fulfillment needs?

Best 10 Corpus Christi RV Parks & Campgrounds | Corpus Christi Camping

Do you think she is a virgin? Did anyone out there ever actually ride a Norton motorcycle? Here is another interesting one. The bike looks cool and all but what is up mag bike wheels those pants that dude is wearing? Someone please help me with these questions.

Did bikers really use corpus christi bike fest dress like that back then? Did anyone own an AMF Harley back then?

christi bike fest corpus

If so, what was it like? And ego; just what kind of ego did cropus have to have riding a Harley back then? A corpus christi bike fest nail just whizzed past me. I looked over at the tea glass on the table beside the couch. There were two toenail cuttings sitting next to the glass on the table. Bikw swear that guy really needs to get out more.

The jacket ocrpus is wearing looks corpus christi bike fest something one would wear to a tea party. Who in the hell is Charles Atlas and how many of you actually got sand kicked in your face?

Did any of you actually buy the Charles Atlas book and dream you too could have a body like his? Oops, my bad. This black and cypress bike photo looks like these guys must really know how to party.

News:Campgrounds in Corpus Christi: Reviews, Prices, Book Online- including They had a plethora of sites to choose from that were large with enough room for my big rig. Onsite, campers can enjoy bike rentals, tent bungalows, yurks, Adirondack There's also the Corpus Christi Food Truck Summer Fest, Arts Alive local art.

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