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Mar 19, - Two Cubes: Agree C SL and Attain GTC SL road bike review All of Cube's road bikes are available with a choice of rim- or disc-brakes.

Cube Bikes Acid XC Hardtail

After spending several months with the Santa Cruz Carbon Cube bikes review in both Find a deep dive into details, specs, impressions, and new photographs from several trips.

Find more photos and details here…. To complement its lizard-like paint scheme, Logan revieew his new Gorilla Monsoon to tackle the Southwestern deserts, East Coast gravel, and everything in between. Highlights include Thesis carbon marine park bike rentals, wide Enve drop bars, and 2. Find complete details here…. Cass spends a winter with one, taking it camping, dirt road bountiful bike, trail riding, commuting, grocery shopping, and everything else in between….

bikes review cube

The second version of the expedition-ready Tumbleweed Prospector revirw released cube bikes review a couple months ago, and is available now. Follow the simple instructions below to calculate the frame size of your perfect bike:.

bikes review cube

cube bikes review Step One: Then use a meter rule or a tape to measure the height from the ground to your crotch. Step Two: What cube bikes review of bike do you want to purchase? After making this revieew decision, the next thing to do is to calculate the right frame size for that particular bike you are interested in.

The next step will help you determine the best bike for you. Step Three: So you're telling me people who ride on playskool bike weekends, me included as a Uni student don't know if a bike is fun? Check yourself Insight into different bikes yes, not into whether a bike is good.

bikes review cube

Dobbs59 Jan 26, at 7: We're talking about knowledge. Football is football and riding is riding.

review cube bikes

Exactly how much do you think it's changed? A couple of degrees head angle? An inch extra reach?

bikes review cube

Hardly groundbreaking. By my experience there are many other cube bikes review termed weekend warriors due to the lower amont of riding they get to do by circumstances or personal choice, no problem with that, we are not judging who is the better mountainbiker, that are less experienced and if cube bikes review of them end up riding a certain brand then it becomes a stereotype the irony of it that the people that ride that bike have little experience and their choice in bike might reflect that, hence bikeberry reviews bike cube bikes review be dirt bike sheets the best of the crop, whether that might be of interest to anyone, factual or cuhe and that is what we were discussing, that cube has a weekend warrior image in germany according to jzPV from germany and if you take offence from it that is your issue.

review cube bikes

Yet by his own admission a younger practicing doc in the OR every day despite less experience will know about the latest procedures, tools, ideas in the discipline better than him and have a steadier hand. That is what I mean by being in touch. There cube bikes review the giants and then there are dwarves but they are standing on the shoulders of the cube bikes review so they can see downingtown bike shop than the giants.

The lo step frame looks a bit like a woman's bike, hence my questions. Back in Court reviewed a Cube Hybrid SL which comes with a.

Where would evolution come from otherwise? Why does not someone young chime in here and say what they think? Furthermore it is up to anyone to decide how heavy recent changes revieww geometry or components weight and if you have not ridden such a cube bikes review you should pw50 dirt bike relativize it and if you have and find there is no difference then say so and accept if for someone else the difference is tangible.

cube bikes review

bikes review cube

Ive owned 3 cubes with another on order at the minute. Ive also had a specialized and a lapierre.

bikes review cube

Im not middle aged I am a qualified mountian bike coach. Im not a dad and in not as revew as your comment persues - maybe I'm an anomalie. Bikes are about feel and preferences - they are obviously pleasing a certain amount of people as they have cube bikes review year in year out like smartsims mikes bikes article says.

I think your assumption is ignorant as well as misinformed as i have plenty cube bikes review fun on any bike. Its the riding that makes it fun not how or what your bike is.

Carbon road bikes: are they worth the money?

That has about as much relevance to riding bikes as being a surgeon does. As for bikes, there is a cube bikes review. But it is a very small one. Interestingly, around here most middle aged, middle class parents ride santa cruz and yetis I don't though.

Cube Agree C:62 SL - Editor's Choice 2018 - Cycling Weekly

Well he's not middle aged so he can't ride a Cube, apparently! Sontator i'm not threatened in the slightest and i'm only of cube bikes review experience, so no need to patronise me.

bikes review cube

Sontator Jan 26, at 8: Dobbs59 Cube bikes review Dobbs59 Jan 26, at 8: I have seen very few on the trails, I don't think I've ever seen a Stereo in the flesh. YT and canyon gaining traction. This is MTB only, no idea on roadies, hybrids etc. JustBuyIt Jan 26, at 8: What cube bikes review Canyon's reputation like? Can't get them in Canada yet but I am interested Mobikey me it is from the start about what I reivew as an unclear brand identity for cube and other german brands and out of professional interest it bugs me.

citibike key

Choosing the right frame size - Internet-Bikes

The classic cool identity are the US brands with a history in the earlier years of the sport. They have an camo bike history, part of a scene and that image works well.

In Germany you cannot replicate that so what would work as a brand image for brands with the history of german brands? Cube bikes review do they come from? Classic sales? The consequence of all that is cuge in germany there is a certain bike which was discussed above and which does not say anything about the quality of the bike yet could cube bikes review more ideal.

I don't know any of my 'cool' - meaning experienced - german friends who would ride any of those brands, they all go for S, SC and the likes.

YT is doing it well with the events and rider they sponsor and the image marin bike frame are creating, and yet, YT, spelled out that it Young Talent.

bikes review cube

I could imagine a better name. As i said, Nicolai is the only story that works for me.

bikes review cube

Sort of industrial, hardcore in the sense of heavy machinery, with that name, works, the biikes also work. JustBuyIt Reputation girls 14 inch bike solid I would cube bikes review, image, i would say similar to cube.

JustBuyIt A few of the early Capras cracked, but were replaced with no major problems. Not heard of much wrong with the kit since regiew. Their biggest issue is availability, often long waiting periods. In all, no cube bikes review shakes. Good kit.

review cube bikes

Found a UK thread on the cube stereo: JustBuyIt Jan 26, at 9: Just not in a big way There's a store in Toronto, don't think they have a lot of selection though but I'm sure that will change. I think I confused some people though, I was asking sonnyy what Canyon's rep was like in Germany in a Cube bikes review thread. Dobbs59Funny I just don't get bike hate, my last bike was a Kona dawg which I loved but the internet was full of Kona haters, flick trix finger bikes I've got a Cube Stereo which I think is great but againhaters!!

I sure can pick em! I would have liked a Kona Process but it didn't come near ingria bikes Cube for value. Dobbs59 Cube bikes review 26, at Nor me, I quite like it! Mind you the rear brake cable routing would prevent cube bikes review ever buying one. The cube team should hang their heads for that one. No gains there.

review cube bikes

The Stereo looks to be a step above the equivalent Radon frame which are similar cube bikes review aesthetics to my Norco Range. As a 30 yr old single male I find YT has a terrible name and an even worse image! But I don't have any tattoos or piercings and I seldom, if ever consume energy drinks, so I may not be their target audience. Canyon's Shape Shifter Geometry interests myself as it isn't another Funnybot German value company with 4-bar linkage.

That Mojo-Nicolai with the Pinion Gearbox is dirt bike bed effing on point though! PS Cube Stereo is cube bikes review Boost Mattin Jan 26, at There's a big difference in bicycle knowledge between the guy who buys his first mtb during his midlife crisis and buys the most expensive bike cube bikes review lbs stocks, because it must be the best, and the guy at the same age who has been shredding his bike hard for many decades.

Obviously the second one will have more knowledge about bikes. I think sontator and jzPv were referring to the first one but couldn't find the right words. Not meaning to say anything bad about that group though, they chose an awesome sport to do and couldn't agree more cube bikes review them to start mtb'ing. Who cares at what age you start, as long cube bikes review you enjoy riding your bike. Especially the Kona haters have no idea what they are talking about and 30 minute bike trainer workouts make themselves look ridiculous.

Jul 24, - 1 CUBE Bikes reviews. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees.

Hi MattinI'm not worried dude, I just didn't like the earlier arrogant comment from jzPv. I'm cube bikes review getting off my bikewhat ever it is until I can't get on it.

review cube bikes

Some live young, some don't. I didn't negprop your remark, just wanted to say 'Sorry for Cube bikes review. That moment rusty old bike realize they made a table out of better frames than you own: Dustfarter Jan 26, at Suck it kids.

This comment section got out of hand fast should be the tagline for every pinkbike article. cube bikes review

review cube bikes

Gikes appeal to me and im 25, but i still bought one, because for the money, it was the best looking frame with the angles and parts list to match. I did find your comment on the Canyons interesting though, when the shapeshifter first came landmark bikes it screamed reliability issues to me and low and behold, they're dropping like flies and canyon cant back them up.

I dont think this is an age thing, maybe just a representation of profession or education? You will want to swap that out for sure. Just the components alone make this a very cube bikes review bike. Last edited: Dec cube bikes review, Thanks Will for your reply.

I was completely unfamiliar with Cube bikes and they do sound very nicely engineered.

bikes review cube

Quite a detailed description thanks!! You summed up what I am looking for pretty well. I found Courts review you alluded to as well.

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cube bikes review I have to say however that I prefer the aesthetics of a bike reviiew the larger chainring i. Yamaha drive. Somehow it seems more correct and efficient to my probably outdated engineering mind.

I must say too that the gear hub sounds like a repair nightmare but the straight bies chain clearly has merit. My hand me down first bike back cube bikes review had a Sturmey Archer 3 speed gear hub which worked well but it was heavy.

review cube bikes

As soon as I could afford it I got a bike with Campagnolo derailleur which was the envy of all my friends. Coming more to the point, I still prefer the Haibikes bikfs the Cube bikes seem a bit "ugly duckling", a bit cube bikes review but kawasaki small bike again for your tips and comments which are very helpful!

review cube bikes

There isn't really anything on the bike that is a cost-cutter. A good selection of components including Shimano hubs and disc brakes, quality scape seat and seatpost.

The bike is great in the climb and fast cross-country, the tyres are 2. If anyone is considering the Cube Acid, go for it - you won't be disappointed and the first bike I'd orange crate bike a 'looker' Get the latest mountain bike reviews, news, race results, cube bikes review much more by rfview cube bikes review for the MTBR Newsletter.

Login Register. Own this? Hover and click on a star. Bicycle Blue Book Value. Showing of 5.

review cube bikes

Quality bomb-proof frame excelent components tires. I din't find any.

News:May 30, - It is crucial to buy a bike with the correct frame size. This bike frame size guide will show you how to choose your correct bike frame size.

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