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The lucky recipient will get to choose the size and their custom color from code and instructions, and one of our aluminum self-adhesive headbadges.

In Memoriam: The Proper Head Badge

Make it cool and unique. Not just the VO logo and it will be great. Personally in my opinion the current head tube decals detracts from the VO hesd a bit.

bike head badges custom

Although bike burnout most recent is a little better. But the frames are still pretty great. Hit or miss. I tend to like custom bike head badges profile head badges, the Rivendell ones stick out too much for me.

badges custom bike head

The Mondia headbadge has always been custpm favorite. Always loved head badges. Used to be the cool thing in the 50's and 60's in country towns in Australia.


Occasionally see a hand made bike or two here with head badges, they really stand out. If you are interested in head badges check on Flickr, one guy has close to photos of these items "bicycle head badges". It's a pretty meaningful strike against them design-wise in the custom bike head badges of your bikes.

Head Badges brand your bike. From a marketing and business standpoint it differentiates your brand from biker babe pics. I have a Gios Road Bike that has a really nice head badge as well as a Fuji that has one also.

Rivendell has a beautiful head badge on their bicycles. custom bike head badges

badges custom bike head

Trashy, I do not think so. They stand out and are not apt to peel off like decals are. I came across this head badge from Ahearne Cycles. I think head badges are great!

badges custom bike head

I would love to see a really nice classic custom bike head badges badge, they are really beautiful. But more bik, I've been riding on an old Atala, and I am in love with the Italian style paint.

I was working on a Bianchi just yesterday, and it's headtube was simply gorgeous. On the other hand, I agree with Matthew, that the French designs are appalling. I covered up the Lion fuji mountain bike reviews my Peugeot with a Streetlight Manifesto sticker http: I think that if you do go for the badge, which I would love to see, you have to go over the top, and err on the side of too extravagant. Though the current decal would look damn sexy as a badge.

Could you custom bike head badges a compromise. Make a nice quality metal head badge stainless or pewter and offer it as an accessory.

Frame Options

Bikd the head badge decal is applied after the clear coat, the consumer can choose decal, head custom bike head badges, or nothing at all. I personally remove all the head most expensive bmx bikes that are stick-on type but very much enjoy my bicycles that have bolt-on head badges.

Offering a head badge that bolts on with a guide to drill holes would be my preference. Two timely heda this one included: Lovely Bicycle! Her designs have added a touch of bling to custom bike head badges by Rock Lobster, Philosophy, Oddity, Moots and many others.

badges head custom bike

custom bike head badges Green has worked as a jeweler for 22 years. She started making badges bime years ago, when a friend wanted one for a custom Moots he was ordering from Speedgoat Cycles. Her Moots badge quickly captured attention and her new business was born. Since that first head badge, Green estimates that she has made well over 1, custom bike head badges badges for cycling enthusiasts around the world.

Each Jen Green head badge has its own story inspired by the clients who baxges them.

Headbadge Emblem Cusdtom made | Rui & Aguri Fine Jewelry

Regardless, she loves the process of making each one. In terms of overall tensile strength, here is the order from strongest to weakest of common bike tubing steels We currently use Tange Prestige heat-treated CrMo: High silicone bike lights steel cheap dept.

Is all double-butted CrMo tubing the same? Frankly that is just another case of folks custom bike head badges take a little bit of knowledge and then overgeneralize. It is the same deal custom bike head badges tubing.

badges custom bike head

A double-butted tube is a tube that is thicker on the two ends than in the middle. The tube is thus stronger custo, the custom bike head badges and there is more material in weld areas, which is desirable for a strong weld. Are forks included or optional? Forks are available, but optional on most models. What tire sizes fit your frames? This is a loaded question since makers vary on their sizing… a 26c Panaracer custom bike head badges run noticeably narrower than a 26c Michelin.

We offer a general max.

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How much does it cost to ship frame if I buy from your online shop? We cannot quote shipping as it varies from location to location, even frame size will affect shipping, because the box size is different.

Mar 13, - Tim O'Donnell is Irish to the core, from his name to his nom de torch (Shamrock Cycles), his website (, and especially his  Missing: Choose.

We use UPS. Our zip code is if you want to play with the shipping calculator.

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Can you help me find my size if I give you my specs? Contact Supplier. Hand made customize bicycle head tube badge.

badges custom bike head

Customize Bicycle Head Tube Badge. Manufacturer metal die struck custom bicycle head badge.

Tumbleweed’s New Head Badge and Waterproof Frame Bag

Excellent quality custom bike head badges competitive price Fast sample supply and fast delivery. Personalized and Customized Bicycle Head Badge. Custom biike engraved metal arched bicycle head badge. Bike cable end comes with application instruction and features introduction. But they look amazing. Custom head badge manufacturers normally keep stock of both the bolts and taps.

badges custom bike head

Erik Noren from Peacock Groove permanently brazes on his head badges. Bjorn Christianson.

So you've been thinking about a custom Winter, and you have poked around the cast pewter head tube badge and a choice of down tube and logo colors.

The Winter Bicycles head badge is classy AF. Simple and effective, the Breadwinner head badge. A buffalo headbadge on the front of a Black Sheep bicycle.

News:Yeti OLD School Head Badge Whether youre restoring a vintage Yeti frame or just bringing some retro style to your new trail bike the Yeti Old School Head.

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