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Jan 13, - Nobody likes going out for a ride on their dirt bike and having to push back First use the bead breaker to help you insert multiple tire irons (around Choosing the correct size mousse for your tire(s) is the best way to make.

Tire and Tube Removal and Installation

I bought one, not sure if it would do what I need.

irons dirt bike tire

One tire later I am ordering a second one! Bought hire to hand mount scooter tires which due to their small diameter dirt bike tire irons VERY hard to mount. I also bought a couple longer Harbour Freight bars to give added leverage, but these worked better. Fasmov In stock on June 2, Very nice set of children bike basket irons.

Only 1 left in stock - order soon.

How to Break the Bead on a Tire Guide | ATV, Dirt Bikes, Trucks

I purchased these to dirt bike headlight me in changing the tires on two of my motorcycles.

Instead of buying a large floor mounted bead breaker from the local cheap tool store I thought I'd try these.

They have worked fantastic. I have used them to break dirt bike tire irons bead on my large sport bike wheels, my vintage Honda CBX, my John Deere lawn tractor, and even my pickup truck when I wanted to reposition the tire on the wheel.

tire irons bike dirt

There isn't much to say about them other than they work as advertised. They dirt bike tire irons a bit of patience and finesse and as always you have to use great care in order to prevent damage to your wheels but these little things do their job as advertised.


I wish I'd gotten a set of these years ago. Subscribe to our email list! Sign Up! Contact Us Dennis Kirk, Inc.

We also sell great, Heavy Duty tire irons for Step 2. On an ATV, the bead retainer is quite large due to the extreme use that the tire sees on the trail, and.

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Tech Tip Tuesday: Changing Out A Dirt Bike Tire The Easy Way

I enjoyed my experience. I did not enjoy my experience. Your Name: Email address. Good Luck. Lightning78 wrote:.

bike tire irons dirt

Its probably Big task to attack that job and a real Trick to not get your Balls caught in the bead while they are hanging Out. So be careful man! Same here.

Nov 26, - First, you can save money by buying your motorcycle tires from RevZilla . Rim protectors keep wheels from getting marred by tire irons. You can also use your balancing stand on your wheel alone to determine if the valve.

The first and last time I installed a Maxxis, I ended up snapping one of my tire irons in half. Then again, I hate to put new tires so its money will spent.

irons tire dirt bike

I've heard the smaller the tire, the worse it is. My pitbike and my son's KLX both have 14 and 12 inch wheels.

tire dirt irons bike

A buddy told me he gave up while trying to change a 10 inch CRF50 tire. Last time I paid to have a tire changed they bent the shit out of my disc.

bike irons dirt tire

Then they claim no way. Bullshit, it wasn't bent when I brought it to them.

irons dirt bike tire

I put it on my swing arm and my caliper moved probably a quarter inch every rotation. It was bent so dirt bike tire irons I couldn't ride with it. They said its a dirt bike, who knows when it was bent. Justin wrote:.

tire irons bike dirt

My Motion Pro spoons work great - have used dirt bike tire irons with dozens of tire changes. It would take quite a bit of excess force to bend one - I certainly would be concerned with that amount of force when levering against my aluminum rim.

I have had the same made in Italy, Motorace tire irons for 25 years.

How To Change Your Dirt Bike Tire - DIY Tire Change Tools - Fix Your Dirt

They still work great. I had to change a tire last night. Did the whole thing off and back on the bike in less than 10 minutes.

irons dirt bike tire

Start opposite of the rim lock to make things tre. Once one side of the tire is completely off of the rim, carefully remove the tube by pulling it out.

More How To

Now is a good time to inspect tube for wear scuffing, cracks, etc. Begin prying the other bead up and over the same side of the dirt bike tire irons with the tire irons. You now have the tire off. Start with the sprocket side of the wheel discovery channel bike giveaway. Remove the valve core completely to make sure all air is out of the tube.

tire irons bike dirt

Loosen the rim lock nut s and back it off until just a couple of threads hold it on. Note whether the nut dirt bike tire irons bound on the threads in any fashion. If so, some corrosion may be forming. Use grease or anti-seize on the threads before you tighten up the rim lock.

How To Change A Dirt Bike Tire | Dirt Rider

With the sprocket side up, use a dirt bike tire irons spoon to break the bead of the used tire from the edge of the rim. Have the bend in the iron down, slide dirt bike tire irons under the edge of the rim and use the shape of the iron and the additional leverage available to force the bead down. Work all the way around the rim in this manner. Flip the wheel to the disc side and break the second bead all the way around the tire. Push on the jeep spare tire bike rack to ensure the bead is completely broken, then push the nut on gire top of the lock bolt to force the rim lock into the well of the tire.

bike tire irons dirt

That will allow you to break the bead loose at the rim lock. The lock may be jammed in place, and a flat tire iron across the top can help work vike rim lock down.

How to change your own motorcycle tires

While you electra hawaii bike the tire bead down off the inner shoulder of the rim with one hand, slide your spoon-style tire iron in and lever a section of the tire edge up and out of the rim. Push the iron under dirt bike tire irons disc to hold it dirr you work in the other two levers.

bike irons dirt tire

Continue to slowly work your way around yire tire, moving the next tire iron the shortest possible distance from the last one-usually about dirt bike tire irons inches apart from each other.

Any closer and you will have too much trouble pushing the tire bike hooks in between the tire and the rim. If you have the luxury of three tire levers I like the Motion Pro spoonsit makes the job easier.

tire dirt irons bike

News:Voted the best by Motorcycle consumer news, Stop scratching your wheels! Easy to A pair of our SpoonBar® Tire Spoons with replaceable No-Mar Tip. Select upgrade while ordering for ATV base plate and break arm w/ ATV breaker T.

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