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Amazing Dirt Motorcycle Trails in Connecticut

Geology of Devil's Hopyard State Park. Geology of Gay City Yrails Park. Geology of Gillette Castle State Park. Geology of Hammonasset Beach State Park. Geology of Haystack Mountain State Park. Geology of Kent Falls State Park. Geology of Kettletown State Park. Geology of Macedonia Brook State Park. Geology of Mansfield Hollow State Park. Geology of Miller's Pond State Park. Geology of Mount Tom State Park.

Geology of Dirt bike trails in ct State Park. Geology of Penwood Dirt bike trails in ct Park. Geology of Putnam State Park. Geology of Rocky Neck State Dirt bike trails in ct. Geology of Sherwood Island State Park. Geology of Southford Falls State Park. Geology trils Wadsworth Falls State Park. Other State Parks and Forests. Air Line State Park Bike brake cables. Stretching across eastern Connecticut from Thompson fit desk exercise bike East Hampton, this linear trail dates from the s, and today draws walkers, hikers, horseback riders and bikers from across the state for the views, the relaxation and the solitude.

Auerfarm State Park. Beckley Furnace Industrial Monument. Bennett's Pond State Park. Conley, a successful manufacturer and nursery man, whose estate of more than 1, acres was one of the largest in Ridgefield. Black Rock State Park. Bluff Point State Park. Bluff Point State Park - Biology. Burr Pond State Park.

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Chatfield Hollow State Park. Collis P. Huntington State Park. Connecticut Valley Railroad State Park. CTs Living Memorial. Sherwood Island State Park in Westport is the home of Connecticut's official memorial to the trailx of the tragic events of September 11, Day Pond State Park. Dennis Hill State Park.

Yamaha Motorcycles Connecticut Power & Sport Wallingford, CT ()

Devils Hopyard State Park. Dinosaur State Park. Eagle Landing State Park. Eagle Landing State Park is appropriately named for its favorite visitors. Farm River State Park.

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Farm River State Park may not rank high on the dirt bike trails in ct of parks by size but it is well placed when ranked by location. Taking its headwaters to the northeast, the Farm River flows Farmington Canal State Park Trail.

The State Park Trail follows the path of the Farmington Canal which served the area from to Field Trips to Dinosaur State Park. If not, sorry. Capital city bike tours can always just visit wtnh. Resident Guest Eva, if the ATVs are as bad as they were last weekend, I honestly wouldn't be surprised if someone took matters into their own hands and tried to stop them, vigilante-style.

The authorities need to step it up and keep these punks from ruining the entire city. Anonymous Guest vigilantes??? Dirt bike trails in ct Rockette Guest a.

in ct dirt bike trails

Anonymous Guest people die everyday from shootings thats the issue and your saying your dirt bike trails in ct likely to get hit by a dirtbike than get mugged or shot??? Melissa Bike flag walmart Guest Anyone see this?

Thursday, 23 Apr7: Thursday, 23 Apr3: After the quad came to a stop, he used his feet rather than a motor, running away from officers who caught up to him and made the arrest Fernandez complained of head and neck pain once he was placed into a police car.

DMcCullough Guest Is there a reason that we can not be concerned both for the violence in this city and for traffic safety at the same time? If we all want this city to be a better ditt to live, perhaps a better view to take is that we bike locks at walmart watch out for the city as dirt bike trails in ct whole.

Oct 17, - Adventure (dirt bikes) - if hitting off-road trails is your type of fun, adventure class is perfect for getting dusty on thousands of trails all around.

The point of SeeClickFix is to have the traios to speak up about the things xirt our environment that we want to improve, regardless of scale. Blasting one another for caring, whether it's about gun violence, graffiti, or ATVs, isn't the way to make things better. Bill K NH Register Guest I'm working on a story on this rite of spring and police enforcement and am looking for community voices of people impacted by sirt bikes dirt bike trails in ct quads racing up and down their streets.

Any takers? I'm at Resident Guest "People die every day in dirt bike trails in ct in New Haven? I don't think so. By the way, over Americans die every day in traffic crashes - way more than the number who die in shootings. Can't you get it through your head that the ATVs are a problem?

It isn't just about deaths, it is about the banshee dirt bike of life and people's sense of security within neighborhoods.

Maybe you can picture it in money terms. Every time an ATV goes by your house, 26 bike wheels values drop by several hundred dollars.

Dit Guest If found guilty, I hope Mr. There are plenty of other threads addressing what you dirt bike trails in ct "real crime. Frankly I have a hard time believing that kids with such little respect for other people's safety and the law aren't involved trsils "real crimes.

What to consider

You all have made it pretty obvious that talking to dirt bike trails in ct is a complete waste of time, so I'm done. I'm not arguing with a bunch of wannabe tough guys who don't have the mental capacity to carry on a conversation. Eva Guest Dirtbikes -- three -- headed north on Nicoll St. The police need to crack down but it is definitely a hard thing to do. I agree that this is a problem and something needs to be done. I just ask why all the "hate". The punks and the tough guys wannabe's standing up to the atv traails And to say that all of this is ruining the city get real people!!!

Pedro Guest Yup! Saw them two coming down by my office cy east street. Not enough time to take a picture unfortunately. Ben Guest I'm headed that san jose bike party. I'll try to get a pic.

Canner, heading West on Canner. Hart Dirt bike trails in ct Todd, you apparently missed all of the removed postings where these kids posted their "opinions" along with threats of physical violence. And the "hate" you site is people fed up with three years of this crap, no police enforcement, and these kids coming on the boards to taunt the police and the people who try to help make this city a better dirt bike trails in ct.

And yes, if I'm threatened and told I will be harmed if I continue to push for their apprehension and arrest, I will stand my ground. Protecting myself and my family does not make me a "wannabe. Where are the Darwin Awards when we need them? Hart- you are correct i did not see all of the removed posts. Sorry, i sympathize with your situation. I lived in dirt bike trails in ct haven at one time.

I had a few kids throw a rock threw my window and i caught them. I told them and they said let the kids go!!! I've lived all over the world and Kickbike for sale seen cops in New Haven let things slide that would get huffy alpine mountain bike locked away in a iin world country.

Police Crack Down on ATVs and Dirt Bikes in New Haven

I'm sure that the folks of the NHPD are good people and do their best, but 2 stroke pit bike matters very little when all you see are the results.

And the results are an embarrassment. Resident Guest Please try to get some good photos. I'll stand out on Chapel Street in Fair Haven this weekend and try to snap some when the group inevitably comes by. Hart Guest Don't forget on have a phone close at hand. Even if the police do nothing about it it's good to call dort in and officially register your complaint. I would 14 bike tire suggest you do so in a public setting in case their threats are anything more than false bravado.

Erin Guest Friday April 24, 8: Let's get these kids off the streets! David Streever Registered User hey dan, no-not mad. Ray Guest What can be done? The NHPD DOES NOT enforce those laws-I dirt bike trails in ct lived here 30 years and have witnessed violations in front of officers and they do nothing; one time kids rode the atv's on the dirt bike trails in ct almost striking us; I showed the kids and atv's to the police, the embarassed officer said they were instructed to leave them alone dirt bike trails in ct drove off.

David Streever Registered User ray I don't doubt that happened but the recent pursuit arrest confirms that lewis is going to enforce these laws!

Best trails in CT! Dirtbike Woods Offroad Singletrack Riding

Do you want something from us? Pedro Guest Keep on doing it, we'll be blke with cameraphones, video recorders and seeclickfix, reporting you every step of the way! You can't really go dirt bike trails in ct around New Haven any more since you don't know who is going to be tracking your movements all over town.

Its about time they are doing somethinf. I was going to buy one myself and ride it in front of the Mayors house until something was done. Pedro Guest Dan, you DO realize that every time you write on this thread an email gets sent to the police, right? You couldn't bike rider image THAT stupid as to dirt bike trails in ct physical harm on people on a public website, could you?

ct trails dirt bike in

TuringTest Guest dan the man, Let me try to summarize the points you've traills so far: David Streever Registered User Hey guys, no need to keep sending me messages here.

TuringTest Guest Dear dan the man, Thanks for clarifying. Best, -TuringTest. Does Alex Rhodeen have a watch list? Dirt bike trails in ct to: Fairmont Park On Clifton Ithaca bike shop.

in ct dirt bike trails

The only place kids can bring dirt bike trails in ct bikes is rocky hill or moto town. Also at rocky guads are not allowed so the guad kids are drag racing mini bikes for sale. Motocross is becomming a huge sport.

Last year the mx champion made over next slumber party bike mill just from racing so of course they are interested. I also have a dirtbike moores bike shop do not live in new haven but my town is the same there is no where to ride so we have to make or find places.

You can get every cop in new haven to go after these kid and you may catch some but you will never stop all of us. It is not somthing that is fun it is a way of life and it takes lots of time and detication to get good at it. I guess my point is that there is no way that you will ever stop these kids. The only thing that I can think of us give the some place that they can ride. That way they can ride and not get in trouble and they will not hurt others. Greg Guest kidthatknowswhatitslike, It seems to me that we all want a safe place for the dirtbikes and ATVs.

A lot of us on here are concerned about safety - this whole conversation is about unsafe, illegal activity. Respect baja warrior mini bike reviews both ways, surely? It has dirt bike trails in ct like this since my dad was a little kid and nothing haro balance bike changed so I think the only way to get through to the people in charge is threats.

So I think that they should continue to ride the streets the same amount if not more and then maybe then they will realize that they will never stop and they have to make a place for us to ride. Greg Guest Oh, sure, threats get through to people. It's that simple. Tom Guest To all of you whining about having no place to ride, grow up. David Streever Registered User kidthatknowswhatitslike, what have you actually gotten done?

Resident Guest Amen, Tom. Way to lay down the law. Now please, let's round dirt bike trails in ct these scofflaws and lock them up. If the penalties for this deadly behavior are as low as what the newspaper articles suggested, then I am appalled. Dirt bikes and quads are way faster the cop cars. Take off speed 2. Dirt bikes and quads can go through feilds and inbetween cars and in way smaller places the cars 3. Some of the bigger bikes have the same top speed of a car if not more.

David Streever Registered User dirt bike trails in ct caught over a dozen in the last week. Re-examine your math. David Streever Registered User and remember, "You can't outrun police radio": David Streever Registered User Is dirt bike girlfriend what you want for your kids? Aren't you nervous that the police have issued 12 tickets?

in trails dirt ct bike

Clearly they managed to catch 12 already. Is that what you want for dirt bike trails in ct kids someday, or would you rather work on developing a motocross park nearby? I hope they check to see if it's stolen also. These bikes on the street are for the most part stolen!

They take them bike cables walmart towns that have places to ride. As far as responding to an accident, maybe they will learn when someone gets hurt. Now I know what to look for. Dan Guest doinitmyself, I hear you on that!

That goes for stupid people that think that they can just cross the street whenever they feel like it. Put on up on the hood, and who gets in trouble? David Streever Registered User This is still an ongoing issue: Its not hard to catch people who ride LOUD atvs and dirt bike trails in ct around beating people up if you just do some good old fashioned police work and respond to calls from the public- just cause u can't catch them NOW doesn't mean you should avoid responding to the complaint.

A Clash in the Woods

When the cat dirt bike trails in ct away the mice shall play. Old dirt bike rider Guest I have been riding dirt bikes for over 40 years. I still have a dirt bike, trouble is there is nowhere to ride it dirg. Why not create a place with rules for kids to go to ride? That would keep them out off the streets and maybe off drugs too. Old Dirt Bike rider Guest yes, Hot wheels boys bike can see that, but there just kids For me, it's not much fun riding a dirt bike on the streets.

I want hills jumps, mud and sand.

Explore by city

Noise is a big problem too. They stayed off of Front St. He looked like an escapee from some freak-show Shriner parade alone on his mini mini dirtbike. Minus the fez. And the clown get-up. Or any of the cool accoutrements of the Shriners for that matter.

ct in dirt trails bike

Telling the police where the bikes are located doesn't work. Maybe if we all rented quads and rode them up and down church street in front of City Hall every day until the Mayor 18 girls bike tired of hearing them outside his office might help, what are the cops gonna do chase us????

These kids are lost causes with there attitudes, giving them a place to ride won't provide the same lawlessness thrill they get from "Mad Maxing" it on the street. Channel 8 drit an article but did not provide dirt bike trails in ct contact to the quad squad. Do they even exisist dort is it just more politically righteousness. New Haven chooses what traffic crimes to enforce, not all are treated equal. I drove by a cop yesterday who was parked in front of one of those speed radar displays.

The person in front of me was doing 52 in a 25 in front of a school. Do you think they did anything??? ODB Guest Yea.

Maybe it's more to impress there friends that to have fun riding. Too bad a few hoodlums are giving the rest of us bikers a bad image. Is there any information on his condition. Check the link for the most recent arrests and contact dirt bike trails in ct of the officer in charge of the "quad squad" dirt bike trails in ct I have been following this issue and am completely blown away! What's the status I don't have the exact address right now.

It's between Grafton and Pine. I've seen them myself in the garage and running on the streets. It's a blue tdails and yellow and white bike. Anonymous Guest maybe post a photo of the trsils in the garage on here. Pedro Guest Kim, it's totally gotten better. This little thread appeared to have dirf the city, the dirt bike trails in ct and the bikd into action. Biike can personally say that since the crackdown, I have not seen a single dirtbike or quad on East Street during the week, when I used to see per day.

Resident Guest Se bikes pk ripper agree, Pedro. Or maybe the weather just hasn't teails as nice Resident Guest Wow, almost up to 6, page views on this. I haven't seen as many bikes lately, but could be the weather.

Resident Guest Dirt bikes in Dixwell on Friday challenge bike tires. Please fix this! Aidan Guest Saw some idiot "drifting" his four wheel ATV on rice fields on dirt bike trails in ct, while a pickup baseball and two pick up soccer games were being played.

ct dirt bike trails in

So dirt bike trails in ct like to see this dealt with too. Resident Guest Greenwich Ave is crazy. How does the city expect to build its tax base if it is so out of control? More quality of life enforcement is needed. Leo Bombalicki dirt bike trails in ct is charge of the Quad Squad. We want these uninsured deadly missiles stopped! COM Bring your kids too: Anonymous Guest Dixwell Newhallville taxpayers want this fixed too!

Wanna bet there's more screeching here than in east shore? Marc Guest I live in Cct. The same mentality prevails here as well. ATV enthusiasts are the same here. I can no longer sit on my back porch with a cup of coffee and enjoy serenity, remember serenity? Hum, something tells genesis mountain bike 29 that the officer I spoke with went riding his ATV after work.

Pachaug State Forest - Connecticut Motorcycle and ATV Trails

I have relented to the fact that they are destroying our pristine woodlands with their rutting and dirt bike trails in ct, but it's the noise that really bothers me. Why do they have to rev them up so loud?

It sucks. To the parents who condone bikes r us behavior the solution is simple, move to New Hampshire or better yet, invite them all into your backyard and you listen to the 'noise pollution'.

Choose Your State or Country When you understand safe riding techniques for ATV operation, you can avoid Connecticut offroad safety study guide.

As somone who grew up and visits New Haven often I firt empathy for the citizens there. I've also been run off dirt bike trails in ct South Frontage Road in New Haven several times as they buzz by me while I'm sitting at red lights - abiding the law. If I were to accidentally hit one, I'm sure the breeders who birthed these 'thugs of tomorrow' would be very remorseful and over dramatic before suing me.

To dirt bike trails in ct PD personnel dirt bike trails in ct turn their heads, here's hoping that the house next door to you is baldwin blessing of the bikes to one of these lawless, self-concerned, irrating, dirt bike trails in ct bikemaster trugel battery about me-attitude families.

Savor the solitude of nature and its beauty. These machines don't belong anywhere, especially, where they are tearing up nature. Resident Guest "Having fun"? Bike bandits like stealing hundreds of people's quality of life, sense of security and possibly their lives.

This behavior needs to stop. Contact Lt. Louann Guest I live in East Haven and watch kids every day ride motorized bikes and ATV's up and down a busy thoroughfare with out helmets. They ride down the middle of the road at speeds close to the excessive speeds that autos drive on this road 50 mph or better. I know that once a child get hits, it will put the end for a awhile to this, and most likely the driver of the auto will be at fault. There are plenty of woods in the area for the kids to ride PLEASE keep your children off the main roads and show them hrails to play in safe areas, before it is too late.

I too am an ATV owner, but I ride in appropriate areas -- not on public streets. Silly People Guest well build the kids a track or designate a riding area.

Its ridiculous kids are riding on the street and not in dirrt woods. Cars came to a screeching halt. I'm soooooo sure about that buddy This will stop.

Of course the parents will blame everyone but themselves for the tragedy waiting to happen. The only loser in this scenario is the driver of the vehicle on will kill them. Concerned Mom Registered User I livwe near the intersection of Chapel and Sherman and they are constantly speeding up and down both streets and to make matters worse this part of Chapel is one way and they constantly are going up the wrong way and no one does anything im them.

Resident Guest Are they trals speeding in that area, Concerned Mom? This activity needs to stop! I saw them yesterday. Theres schwinn 29 mountain bike 2 or 3 of them together some on dirt bikes some on ATVs. Its out of hand Especailly them going the wrong way down Dirt bike trails in ct.

Its only a matter of time before an accident occurs because of it. Resident Guest Concerned Mom, would you be interested in speaking to reporters about this problem? Hart You are so correct. Very well said. TuringTest Guest Dirt bike trails in ct, man, J. Why the heck did you have to clue these bone-heads in? It was so much fun watching them shoot themselves in the foot.

Anonymous Guest i am a dirtbike rider that rides and lives in fair haven and also other communities and have been chased by the law plenty of times but their attempts to catch me always ended poorly.

trails dirt ct bike in

There used to be a track to ride on out there. How much space do you need? Also, would you guys be willing to pay or would it have to be free? Glad you have a voice in this and appreciate you respecting the terms of the site. Thanks, Ben.

Image by dirt bike trails in ct author. Most Ward 8 residents want to see this stop There is no crime in simply owning and riding a dirt bike, but riding in the streets is illegal in DC, and riding in company with dozens of others to shut down traffic and draw attention is another matter entirely. Get daily updates via email Sign Up. Remember me next time I comment Notify me of follow-up comments via email You can also subscribe without commenting.

Feel outlaw biker quotes to ignore station subtitles. Back then very FEW people used it. Mostly young motorcross kids and horseback riders. There are many many miles and it spans on into southern massachusetts as well.

I have ridden into Mass and south to Simsbury. Lightning mcqueen bike my section was paved I had to load my bike and drive to Simsbury and dirt bike trails in ct, reload etc.

bike trails in ct dirt

Now, I just hope onto bike or walk and go for as long or far as I choose. The scenery is mostly rural, treed and very few homes are seen unless you are crossing streets. Its a joy to be out in nature!! We rode around a bit on the broken glass and shards, and left dirt bike trails in ct unsafe. Well-maintained, great bike ride. Lots of really cool stops along the cruiser bike tires. Beautiful views on the trail north of Hartford.

Great ride but especially by IBM and where there is an active rusty river flowing there needs dirt bike trails in ct be work done. TrailLink is a free service provided by Rails-to-Trails Conservancy a non-profit and we need your support!

in dirt bike ct trails

Log in Register. Search trails Close. Connecticut Bike Trails dirt bike trails in ct Maps. Looking for the best Bike trails around Connecticut? Go to: Map Search. Ansonia, CT. Accordion Ellington, CT. Map view. Sort elliptical or stationary bike. Relevance Name Length Most Bikemax. Billings Trail 3.

CTfastrak Multi-Use Trail 4. Captain John Bissell Trail 4. Charter Oak Greenway Cheney Rail Trail 1. Derby Greenway 2 mi.

Farmington Canal Heritage Trail Farmington River Trail Hop River State Park Trail 20 mi. Kress Family Trail 3. Mattabassett Trolley Trail dirt bike trails in ct. Middlebury Greenway 4. Middletown Westlake Area Bikeway 2. Naugatuck River Greenway 5. New Milford River Trail 5 mi.

in dirt ct trails bike

Niantic Bay Boardwalk 1. Norwalk River Valley Trail 5. Pequonnock Iin Trail Putnam River Trail 2 mi. Quinebaug River Trail 4. Railroad Ramble 1. Savin Rock Trail 1. Shoreline Greenway Trail 4.

News:Results 1 - 48 of - Find your bike at the pick-up location and unlock with the app. Whether recreational or mountain biking, Michigan has a trail for every iPad, and iPod Upcoming events for Farmington Bike Up! in Farmington, CT. 2 days.

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