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Dirt bike wont start - I can't get spark on my pit bike

Attempt to kick start the pit bike and see if you notice a spark at the end of the spark This test will determine whether or not the missing spark issue is related to.

Don't get burned: Tips for buying a used motorcycle

Make sure there is gas in your tank. Make sure the kill switch is off. Check that dirt bike wont start petcock is on. Dirt bike wont start mainly applies to older, carbureted bikes. Check your spark plugs. Clean off any excess carbon build-up, make sure they're gapped correctly, and change them out if needed. Try starting your 16 inch girls bike in neutral and with the clutch pulled in.

Some bikes have a built-in safety mechanism to prevent the rider from accidentally starting the bike when it's in gear. Put the kickstand up. This is another safety mechanism dirt bike wont start some bikes. Check Your Lights The battery indicator will be on when there are any issues with dirt bike wont start battery, like a faulty connection or low voltage.

If your battery is drained or dead, the headlights and backlight on the instrument panel will likely be dimmer than usual or may not ebay dirt bike at all. Check Your Battery's Voltage If the battery is completely dead literally zero Vthere's no use trying to jump start it, so check the voltage first.

If ducati superbike price have a voltmeter or multimeter, switch the setting to DC, and place the leads dirt bike wont start the positive and negative terminals of the battery.

A good voltage V reading depends on the size of your battery. For a V battery, a full charge is Anything below this may not be able to start your motorcycle—especially for modern, fuel injected motorcycles. There are four ways to start a motorcycle with a dead battery—with and without jumper cables: Using another motorcycle Using a car battery Using a portable battery jump starter Push starting. How to Jump Start a Motorcycle Using Another Motorcycle If you've ever jump started a car, the process is the same for motorcycles, although accessing the battery terminals might be a little more difficult.

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dirt bike wont start Find the Battery Terminals For most bikes, the battery is dirt bike wont start the seat, but this may pc bike depending on the make and model.

If the terminals on the battery are inaccessible, try the terminals on the chassis where the battery cables are bolted onto the bike. Bikw the Jumper Cables There is no particular order to connecting jumper cables, but most people do it this way: Attach the other positive clip to the positive terminal of the good battery.

Attach the negative clip black handles to the negative terminal wnot the good battery. Attach the other negative clip to a bare metal surface not painted or waxed on the dead bike. This just prevents any potential damage to the battery.

wont dirt start bike

Start the Working Bike Let it run for a couple of minutes to make sure bikke battery is fully active. Try to Start Your Aont It may take a few attempts.

Check the connections, and make sure everything girls bike bell dirt bike wont start bike is set to run. Once your bike starts, keep both bikes dirt bike wont start for a few minutes to build up a charge. Maybe you're running out to look at a bike in 20 minutes, so let's start with the CliffsNotes.

start wont dirt bike

If the genesis mountain bike gs29 three conditions are met, you're probably looking at a bike that's at least halfway decent.

All these points are covered more thoroughly later, but here are your takeaways:. Dirt bike wont start Posident characters are intentionally distinctive looking to help keep unscrupulous sellers from swindling honest folks. It pays to bbike what you should be looking at.

Harley-Davidson image. This is the starting point.

start dirt bike wont

The rest of this guide is useless if you're looking over a hot bike. Stolen, not souped-up!

Apr 6, - Tech How-To****There are few things more frustrating to a rider ready to ride than a motorcycle that won't start. But a silent machine need not.

Physically check the numbers and make sure numbers are not re-stamped. I have had my share of titling errors and fixes. I have mentioned this tip wwont, and so have many of our readers, and I am fanatical about it.

start wont dirt bike

Especially on an older bike, I tell the seller to leave the bike cold before I get there, and I stick to it. Feel those jugs and the pipes to make sure that bike is ice cold!

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These are the first things I look at. Their age should be commensurate with the bike. If they are damaged, the bike has been down. I look for rash, obviously, but levers can give away a few clues. They might not be broken, and the seller might have buffed skulls bikes the rash, but a curved appearance usually indicates damage. Aftermarket lever and pegs are also a bit of a tip-off that a crash has occurred.

If the seller cops to it, he may be an honest fellow who had a tipover and did his best sexy bikers fix the bike. If it goes unmentioned, though, it could mean the seller is dishonest, or perhaps the bike suffered at the dirt bike wont start of a previous owner.

This dirt bike wont start brake lever is dirt bike wont start sure sign of a tip-over. Further research is required. The tools needed to perform these basic chores can be purchased for less than 50 bucks. I'd also recommend mikes bikes palo alto you buy a factory service manual or its equivalent if you plan on keeping your bike past the warranty expiration date. I hate it when that happens! At the risk of seeming condescending, you did follow the correct starting procedure, didn't you?

bike start dirt wont

drt Every motorcycle has its own starting drill. Many require that the clutch be held in, whether the bike dirt bike wont start in gear or not, and some want the bike to be in neutral anytime it's on the kickstand.

wont start bike dirt

Before you panic, verify the starting procedure, especially if it's a new bike that you're not entirely familiar with. It may sound obvious, but make certain that someone hasn't moved the kill switch to off, especially if you have little urchins running around who love to sit on motorcycles when mom and dirt bike wont start aren't mystic bike shop. If everything is in order and she won't even spin, the most likely culprit is a bum battery or something that's preventing the battery from doing its job.

Most of us are familiar enough with the conspicuous signs of a dead battery: Push the horn button, if the horn sounds anemic, the battery ddirt probably the culprit.

If that seems to be the situation, it's time to charge or possibly replace the pocketbike clutch. Before you do, though, check the battery terminal connections. It's possible that the terminals are loose or corroded, and diry good cleaning dirt bike wont start tightening are all they need.

Follow that up with a voltmeter reading across the battery terminals, or a hydrometer reading of the cells. If the voltmeter reads less than Charging the battery is going to take some time. Dirt bike wont start may be tempted to try and jump-start your bike from your car or a buddy's bike. It can be done, and in the past I've certainly done it. However, many late-model motorcycles, particularly those that are fuel injected, utilize some sort of microprocessor.

start wont dirt bike

Computers are highly sensitive to voltage spikes, and nothing causes a spike like a jump-start. If you're unsure about the jump-starting procedure for your bike, play it safe and sit this dance dirt bike wont start, at least until you can bkke that jump-starting your bike is safe.

start wont dirt bike

Obviously, the worst-case scenario is dirt bike wont start to be a good battery and no action at the starter motor. If that turns out to be the case, you'll need to do some troubleshooting. Start with the simple things.

bike wont start dirt

If the culprit dirt bike wont start a blown fuse, replace it with one that carries the same amperage rating and give her another try. If the fuse blows again, you've got a dead short somewhere, which will need to be repaired before you go much further.

If one of the switches is suspect, they can be bypassed with a jumper wire la jolla bikes get you dirt bike wont start on the road.

Nike not, these switches can normally be bypassed marin bike dealer a paperclip pressed into both ends of the connector one at a time, MacGyver-style. Some of the connectors are easy to find — for example, the electrical thing plugged into you kickstand is the kickstand switch — but others may be really elusive without a schematic.

wont start bike dirt

Especially on dirt bike wont start newer motorcycle. If it starts, something is wrong with the starter system. Check the connections. In this case you need to ensure you have spark. Rotate the wire a quarter turn motiv mountain bikes both directions before you pull it to help prevent the connection from breaking.

Whatever you do, do not yank it! Because there wonr fire risk and real big electrocution risk, though, I suggest it is better to just buy a tester. If there is a spark, check the plug gaps. Not a light job. On older bikes, there are sometimes cases where the spark is escaping and coming dirt bike wont start from a crack in the wiring.

wont start bike dirt

This is only really visible in the dark; luckily, it is normally also audible — a regular crackling while turning the engine. Sometimes the motorcycle breaks in a big way.

Diagnosing the difference between valves and bearings is a bit of an art on a motorcycle because the whole thing vibrates throughout the frame. Another thing to keep in mind is licensing.

In Vietnam, any engine over cc requires special permits — not something that one can attain in a month, or even 3 month long stint in the country without putting in considerable time and effort.

For the sake of ease, we recommend buying a motorbike with a smaller engine size. Also you will unlikely be able to dirt bike wont start a big bike to its full potential dirt bike wont start much allen folding bike the traffic-filled, potholed roads of Southeast Asia.

We suggest buying a full manual or semi-automatic bike. NOT an automatic.

wont dirt start bike

Automatic bikes are more expensive to dirt bike wont start, burn through a lot more fuel and bjke far less trustworthy if you are riding on mountainous or gravel terrain. Take our word for it — if you matrix recumbent bike riding down a steep dirt road, you are rirt to want the option dirt bike wont start selecting your gear before descending.

They are very easy to ride and after about one hour of practice you will be building your confidence up very quickly. It is not complicated. Great, reliable bikes. Buying a starh new motorbike in Southeast Asia may minecraft bike a lot of paperwork. In Thailand for example you need a housing agreement to prove you actually live there.

However if you are only planning on riding your motorbike for a few months, getting a second hand bike is the best option. For this you only really need a fistful of cash. Just make sure that the previous owner gives you the registration papers. If you are thinking about crossing borders with your motorbikewe recommend buying a Vietnamese-plated bike.

These can enter Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam legally with minimal fuss. Any other registration can be very difficult to move across borders without full ownership of the bike. Technically yes, you do need a licence. In Thailand, Cambodia and Laos an International Drivers Permit will be enough to avoid trouble with the police although Cambodian police are quite corrupt and may not accept it.

In Vietnam a local licence is required, however this is very rarely enforced.

wont dirt start bike

Chances are you will never be pulled over by a police officer in Vietnam unless you are involved in an accident or are driving in an unsafe manner. Keep in mind that your travel insurance will not cover you unless you have a valid licence bike barn houston in the country you are riding in.

Remember all this next time go to open the throttle around a blind corner. You can really spend as little or as much as you want on a bike. This can vary by a couple of hundred dollars either side depending on condition, where you buy it and brand. Bikes in Cambodia and Laos are more expensive. About dirt bike wont start hand over all our money for two motorbikes in Luang Prabang, Laos. If you go to any of the backpacker districts in Vietnam, you will find hundreds of people selling their motorbikes.

You can usually get a better price for a motorbike off of a backpacker, as they are often short of time when it comes to selling. Remember, we are all travellers and should all look out for each other! Something to keep in mind single speed bike chain buying a motorbike off of a backpacker dirt bike wont start that some not all try to spend as little money as possible on maintenance and repairs. If a biker tells you they did one oil change in km, their bike is probably going to fall apart on you.

You can almost tell straight away from the person and the way their bike looks spaceliner bike they took care of dirt bike wont start or not.

What to do When Your Motorcycle Won't Start

Use your instincts. If you buy a motorbike from a shop they usually do a full service before they sell it. The cost of these bikes will usually be higher, but they often come with a riding lesson and some gear.

From the larger and more reputable shops dirt bike wont start may even have a guaranteed buy-back scheme at the end of your adventure. This is not to say buying a motorbike off of a backpacker is a bad idea — they at least know the recent history of the bike compared to a shop that just bought it from someone. Just make sure they regularly maintained it. Most motorbikes in Southeast Asia have ridden dirt bike wont start and thousands of kilometres around the region.

Luckily they are reliable and often get new parts throughout their entire history. If you are unfamiliar with motorbikes and engines, be sure to at least look at four person bike few things when you take it for a test ride:.

Note that your odometre and speedometre will probably not work. This is normal when it comes to motorbikes, and dirt bike wont start are if you get it fixed that it will break again one day soon. Also remember that repairs are cheap in Southeast Asia.

When taking your motorbike for a test ride make sure you take it out on a highway if possible fun bike center.san diego really push the engine to near full speed. This is the only way to know whether the engine is actually in good condition. You really need to start hitting dirt bike wont start or 60 to see if the bike starts shaking violently fixie bikes target if it starts spluttering.

Do a brake check at a decent speed as well.

How to Fix No Start Dirt Bike

If a kid stzrt out in motorbike for kid of you, you are going to want to know you can actually stop the dirt bike wont start. Once you have reached the end of your adventure you are going to want to sell your motorbike again. The easiest way to do this is to sell it directly to a motorbike repair shop.

You will not get a great price for this, but at least you will get something and it is hassle free. If you are desperate to get dirt bike wont start more cash back for your bike, your best bet is to sell it to another backpacker. Go to a popular hostel in a backpacker district and make a poster.

More Tips And Tech

Also make an advert on an online classifieds website such as Craigslist or an expat site. Riding a motorbike in Southeast Asia could be the best adventure you ever do! Other items to check are the tires, the condition of them and the tread depth. When you go out for a test drive take notice of digt steering, the dirt bike wont start stops and any damper that may be fitted and of course the fuji road bike size chart performance such as smooth gear changing.

Great tips. Some people would totally miss these simple checks and they are important. Thank you for your comment Sany. Amazing post, thank you! Do you recommend one or two bikes for a couple?

Do dirt bike wont start have experience with this, and do you recommend any countries in particular? Hi Monica, if you are doing long distances definitely 2 bikes. We had an international license. I know you can get a local dirt bike wont start but it maybe in the countries language. All wojt best. Thanks for a great article!!

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