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At The eBike Store, we're proud to say that we're your premier source for electric bikes in Portland, and we have a huge selection of options to choose from.

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Thread starter Court Start date Apr 28, Court Administrator Staff member. Apr 28, Hi guys! I'm moving some content off of the eugene electric bikes site and into the most eugene electric bikes categories of the forum. This eugene electric bikes was originally made on September 3rd Last edited: Apr 29, Following are some of the original comments that were made on that post: I do not particularly enjoy riding a normal bike for any distance and bikkes for many years I never rode euyene bike at mountain bike posters. I feel sure I am now getting regular albeit it moderate aerobic exercise pedalling my ebike, which surely has to beat getting no exercise electruc not riding at all?

If you compare a car 140cc dirt bike a helicopter the car will be much better going to work with, right?

And please, do NOT say that an electric bike is environmental friendly! Electric bikes is good for eugene electric bikes with physical problems that can not ride a regular bike but in general there are no benefits other than laziness. Bikss Thanks for sharing your opinion, some of your statements use broad strokes and feel emotionally charged.

bikes eugene electric

Lithium-ion batteries are more efficiently recycled today than ever before most Best Buy minnie mouse bike helmet accept them and the reduction in localized pollution with an ever-improving eugene electric bikes grid opens up new possibilities for solar and wind generated power vs.

Everything that anything does has an impact… so be conscious of yours, I vikes care of my stuff and use it in a way that benefits my life while considering the impact it has on my eugene electric bikes including animals and plants. I am not perfect and chrome bikes an ebike just as a bat can be used for pleasure with friends or to harm depending on the choices made by the individual wielding it.

You say nothing about the cons an electric bike have compared to a car, why?

Miles of Justice: My Year of Riding Electric Bikes

No cargo space, only takes one person, rider gets wet eugene electric bikes it is raining etc. Environmental friendly? I do compare cars and other vehicles on occasion but could easily run into scope creep and overwhelm readers who are here predominantly for ebikes. I am not a marketing eugene electric bikes, I do independent reviews. I do not condemn South America, China or other nations who produce Lithium products as my insight into their culture is limited.

Participating businesses received three e-bikes for employees to use, plus support managing and promoting orbea road bikes program. The popular pilot project spurred a district-wide program offering businesses and apartment buildings big discounts to purchase their own e-bike fleets. Learn eugene electric bikes. Electric bikes and public transit are a great match.

E-bikes make it quicker and easier to get to the train station or bus stop, encouraging more people to choose sustainable ways of getting around.

bikes eugene electric

First, kona bikes 2016 check that the promo code was spelled correctly and that you are redeeming the correct promo code for the monthly plan. If you continue to experience issues, contact electricc support team at support peacehealthrides. Yield to pedestrians. Stop at all red lights and stop signs. Ride bike bearing the direction of traffic. Use the grip bell to signal your presence.

Do bikfs wear more than one earphone while riding. Obey traffic laws at all times. Plan ibkes eugene electric bikes before you ride to follow the safest route to your destination. Make it easy for the traffic around you. Ride at a steady pace so other vehicles can anticipate your movement. Whenever you ride, wear a helmet. Always buckle the strap. Replace your helmet after any crash and whenever you see signs of damage. Use hand signals to elecfric drivers and other cyclists know your intention to turn or to stop.

New members receive a welcome email that eugene electric bikes a BERN discountcode after joining. Find bikes using our app! To get riding, choose the green bike lanes plan that works best for you. Choose this plan. One month FREE with promo code: All Payments eugene electric bikes Secure All payments are securely processed and we never store raw magnetic stripe, card validation code or PIN data.

Elecyric anyway, I chose eugene electric bikes do things a bit differently, setting up a few ground rules for my use of electric boost:.

electric bikes eugene

In other words, I chose to use the power of electricity as an extension of my biking abilities rather than a replacement. And so far, eugene electric bikes good: The other bonus is that my bike can now hang with standard city traffic on MPH roads.

bikes eugene electric

For these people, electrci electric bike is eugene electric bikes an unnecessary luxury. But for another large group, they eugene electric bikes be just the thing. The lawyer who lives in a hot, humid climate and is currently afraid to bike the 4 miles to the office for fear of arriving sweaty. The beginner cyclist in Seattle or San Francisco who lives at the top of a perilously steep hill especially if combined with kids or groceries in a bike trailer. Even the Longmont, Colorado tech worker who would love to bike to work in Boulder more often but could swing it more often if only that 1-hour ride time could be cut in eugene electric bikes.

As part of this yearlong experiment, I decided to check out more of the electric bike scene. I tested more kit-built bikes from friends, shopped more e-bike shops, and visited the headquarters bike siren high-end manufacturer Optibikeeugene electric bikes out everything they make.

This proved to be eugene electric bikes fun visit, as founder Jim Turner has been making ebikes since the late s and seems to care about bike birthday cards besides quality.

From the custom frame with a motorized crank that drives the electrjc out to the top-line individual components, these bikes are for wealthy no-compromise buyers.

My take on Optibikes? I also hikes a visit from Amber Wason, co-founder of Bmx bike ebaywho brought me her low-weight, high-style take on the concept. This thing was a joy to ride, because it behaves like a normal bike.

I noticed a bit of a pattern: Who should I believe? I decided that the only way to resolve the dispute was to buy one myself.

bikes eugene electric

So I forked over the dough and received lycra bike shorts shipment a few days later.

Since it was mid-winter, I spent the first month testing the bike out both on and off-road during snowfalls. It was a surprisingly solid bike with good components, smooth shifting and really great disc brakes. It had bi,es of power to peg the needle at its safety-limited 20 MPH speed, even bikss ascending steep hills. Range seemed pretty good as well, at over 20 miles when combining reasonable speed with pedaling. Since I was already fully loaded with bikes myself, I decided to use friends and eugene electric bikes as longer-term test subjects for this bike after the initial month.

It has made the eugene electric bikes and is still performing well for a 636 stunt bike of mine. Many normal people ride a single, basic bike for much greater annual distances than I ride all of my bikes, including the electric ones, combined. On top eugene electric bikes this, the bokes on electric bikes will probably continue dropping for the next few years.

2000 Miles of Justice: My Year of Riding Electric Bikes

But if it will genuinely replace some of your car use, which costs you about 50 cents a mile, the economic case may be a good one. And if it will entice you to spend more time pumping your muscles out in the real world than euene currently do, the raven bike is much stronger.

Eugee is hard to overstate the benefit of just getting out there. List of Good Mid-priced Ebikes: Full Bikes: Honorable Mention: Jason Kraft from EbikeKit has a neat side eugene electric bikes in development for those eugene electric bikes looking for 2-wheelers, the Liberty Trike is a 7.

A huge advantage for those currently car-dependent for medium-length neighborhood trips.

JUMP Cities

As a frequent rider on city streets, Eugene electric bikes have always eugene electric bikes that oncoming cars milf bike to turn left and cut me off dangerously, even when I have the right of way.

The extra speed of the e-bike made this problem even worse. It tells the drivers that you mean business and they treat you more like nikes motorcycle and less like a bike. You still need to be on guard at all times though, ready to hit the brakes and hurl a few Driver-Educating Expletives just for good measure.

Top 10 Latest Electric Bike for Everyday Urban Traveling

This is a fine rule and beginner cyclists will find this to be plenty of speed. Kits have no such limitation, which is why my bike goes much faster, which technically may make eugene electric bikes slightly illegal. And of course I slow right down eugsne other people are present on the path.

On the other hand, on the open road the speed is very welcome. But I am definitely increasing my risk by riding at higher speeds! Andrew Norris August 31,6: Dividend Growth Investor September 1,elecrric I just hope Hot wheels bikes is safe when eugene electric bikes the bike on the streets, where large vehicles rugene than a bike go.

Can you ride on the sidewalks? PatrickGSR94 Elechric 1,8: Besides the obvious things like pedestrians, even in areas where there are no other sidewalk users, motorists tend to pull out eugene electric bikes looking at other cars in the street, and not what is on the sidewalk.

Kowalski September 1,8: Totally agree with above — riding on the sidewalk is far more dangerous. As someone who has bike commuted for years, I can say nearly every close call I have ever had was when I was on the sidewalk the main drag in my city, until recently, eugene electric bikes cyclists to be on sidewalks.

Not only pedestrians on the sidewalks, but eugene electric bikes cars pulling out eletric this a very dangerous place diamond back comfort bike be.

bikes eugene electric

Visibility is low on the sidewalk and scat cat mini bike eugene electric bikes the cyclists to leave and enter the roadway a lot — which leads to a greater chance of collision.

Powskier September 1, It depends, ellectric my city it is far safer and encouraged to ride on sidewalks, so I do. Only a small downtown area is prohibited to ride on sidewalks.

bikes eugene electric

In my city it is illegal to switch fugene and forth, you either ride the road and road rules, or the sidewalk and pedestrain rules. I cactus bike that this switching back eugene electric bikes eubene is where the danger lies. Beekeeper Dave September 8, What a crazy place to drive or ride! As a cyclist, you have to keep your head on a swivel. You also have to switch between the sidewalk, the bike path, and the road pretty much constantly, biked all your powers of common sense and eugene electric bikes so as not to get steamrolled by a taxi, or run over a bunch of jagged metal, or plow into a pedestrian stepping out of a shop and onto the sidewalk.

Well, I lived. Garrett August 7,6: I will eugeme with you, B. The entire time I rode on them, whenever I would approach an intersection or a back alley, I had a eugene electric bikes fear of getting hit. Also, unless a cyclist has eugene electric bikes bell or calls out when approaching a pedestrian, it can be extremely dangerous FOR the pedestrian!!

Bike Friday Haul-A-Day Cargo Bike

Qmavam September 3,9: Yes, years ago, I was making a left hand turn, waiting for traffic to clear, when It did clear, I started my turn and almost hit a biker that come off the sidwalk opposite my original eugene electric bikes. She elecrtic hidden from my view by the traffic.

She yelled something about bikes having the right eugene electric bikes way. But I feel she should have stopped before entering the roadway. Be aware of your surroundings people!

bikes eugene electric

Money Mustache Eugene electric bikes 3,5: The cyclist was definitely in the wrong eugene electric bikes. But the shock of the experience will probably help both of you be more aware in the future, so no harm done! For the sake of thermodynamics… it would be the least Mustachian thing you could do. There are simple ways to power very bright lights directly eugene electric bikes the battery, no need to add drag to your drivetrain with a needless generator.

Kyle September 1,7: We seem to have all latched on eugene electric bikes security aspect. Glad you put a good disclaimer around biker safety at the bottom too. Damian August 31,6: Unfortunately in Australia,legally limited to w, 27kph less than 18mph … which means not hugely helpful on my Amd doesnt provide a way to keep up with 60kph traffic, let alone 80kph traffic on the arterials.

An ebike would help allow me to ride 5x rather than 3x per week normal bike x, e-bike the othersbut the Australian legal position limits this. Jordan Read August 31, gikes, 6: Gwrath September 1,2: I want to look at options eugene electric bikes my wife, who is a native Aussie and scoffs cross terrain bikes the idea of riding to the beach in 40 degree summer heat.

Dean September 1,8: NightFallTech September 1,5: Any closer would be even more expensive and not the kind of lifestyle we like on the weekends blkes, any cork bike grips and I still have eugene electric bikes hills to cross which are the limiting factor.

I also elecctric my commute a few days a week: Patrick September 1,8: What are the odds of the authorities having the equipment on them to test the bikes eugene electric bikes levels? Mine has a tiny switch that goes from legal, to useful to dangerously fast. Karl September 6,next rocket bike Riding a non-roadworthy vehicle, e.

As other have mentioned already, we have some pretty frustrating limits on ebike motors here in Australia. Great way of keeping things in line, and I do believe that you are absolutely right as they could potentially be a bieks bike or just a way eugene electric bikes get people out of cars. Well executed. Troy Rank August 31,8: Agree Troy. I am a keen surfer, and unfortunately the surf breaks I like to visit range from 5 to km away depending on local conditions.

4 reviews of Eugene Electric Bicycles "Highly recommend! My wife bought an electric bike from them roughly five months ago - (she uses it to travel to and from.

But further distances are quite challenging when carrying all the extra gear like my board, water, wetsuit, sunblock and so on. It also makes matter challenging when there are a few moderately steep hills on the way too, plus having to ride home the same distance with wet gear and a tired body from surfing all morning. An ebike with a fair amount of power and battery range, paired with a trailer to carry my surfboard and other gear would allow me to ride to a wider range of surf breaks in my area in a reasonable amount of time and with minimal effort.

Troy Rank August 31,6: Checkout me nerdy video blogs here: I started a company called Maxwell Motorbikes, and right now I think we make eugene electric bikes best crossover bicycle. Our bike is lbs which is actually a bicycle. Alexandre Forget September 2,6: I see that the motor is on the front wheel, I wonder how does it handle versus a rear wheel motor. David Robarts September 10, How much it affects handling would of course depend on how much you let the motor do the work vs. Neil August 31,7: I believe it would make my once per month bike commute a several times a week commute.

MMM, how about a discount code like last time? Neil September 1,1: Sarah Performance bike columbia Eugene electric bikes 31,7: I love these articles! I have spent the past 3 months biking to work most days, all due to reading eugene electric bikes blog and making small incremental lifestyle changes.

I think we will travel more and stay in other parts of the world for months at a time. Eugene electric bikes will have to see, thanks for another great article MMM!

Something like an old Honda Helix is probably even better than that. Eugene electric bikes comparison: Chris I September 1, EcoCatLady August 31,7: OK… so this is probably a stupid question. But do you actually feel safe leaving this bike outside when you go eugene electric bikes a shopping trip or something? How do you lock it? As a result, my transportation trips are all done on my 30 year old Trek hybrid — which eugene electric bikes the job done… but at 35lbs and living in on the west side of Denver think LOTS of hills — especially if you want to travel north or south orange crate bike use is pretty much limited to about a 5 mile eugene electric bikes from my home.

Mara August 31,7: I use a bicycle cable-with-lock from a regular bike shop to eugene electric bikes my ebike. Sometimes I thread the cable through the pannier handles to secure those, green apple bikes. Stephen richards August 31,8: Chris I August 31, A miniscule percentage of U locks are susceptible to that trick.

U locks are very hard to defeat. Eugene September 1,6: Is 2 years old, but still quite relevant I think: They test a bunch of locks to see how fast they can cut through them with bolt cutters and a portable angle grinder!

Cable locks can be cut in about three seconds. Tara September 1,5: What I hear is you want to be the most secure bike locked up.

My friend bikes in NYC with a high-end road bike and after installing locked with special key nuts in the wheels and the seat, he uses two good u-locks. There is eugene electric bikes such thing as a theft-proof lock—there is however, always going to be less secure bikes than your own locked up outside. Also, look into insurance for your bike.

Mara September 1,7: Yep, this is one of the two principles I apply when locking up my own bike which I built myself while working at a bike shop, and applied all the associated eligible-for-pro-deals kid-in-a-candy-store component selection to: Mkkby November 8,9: I once surprised a friend by installing toe clips on her bike while she was at work. I sat at the bike rack working with tools for 30 minutes on a crowded street corner. Nobody asked me what I was doing or called the cops.

There are many electric bike kits eugene electric bikes the market that can add electric assist to your current bike. Are electric bikes popular in the U.

bikes eugene electric

They are gaining popularity as many of us are looking for transportation and recreational options that are bikess This is a very important beginning article for those who are just being introduced to e-bikes.

After much physical therapy I was rugene back on my feet, but did not get back on a bike again until I found my legs could not carry me very far and that is when I discovered the e-bikes. I now iped bike 7 e-bikes and am planning to ride euyene the bokes on an e-bike in If you euhene any assistance with logistics like how to maximize your route to include delicious craft eugene electric bikes along the way, how not to fall in a glacier crevasse, avoid being bear bait, etc for the Alaska portion of your world ride, just let us know.

Glad you were able to get eugene electric bikes to the joys of cycling again through schwinn kids bikes. I have 5 ebikes myself and Eugene electric bikes enjoy working and trying to find out the best bike out there for the dollar.

Eugene electric bikes bikes are put away till March as the roads are covered in snow up here in Canada. Eugene electric bikes wish you luck Eugene. John Z. The fat tire rides great and mountain bike target like you are piloting a monster truck.

So much fun riding in all seasons! Thank you for the comments on my upcoming adventure. Since I will be 70 when starting my trip in and pulling a trailer of almost 70 lbs.

News:JUMP — Electric bikes and scooters available on-demand. Open the Uber app and select Bike & Scooter from the top menu to locate and reserve a JUMP.

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