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Jan 6, - A tough all-round e-bike that will cope with the daily commute and weekend adventures, says Martin Love.

Need help - which Haibike to choose?

This is good for the sport, which haibike sduro turn benefits everybody. As I mentioned above, we were able to demo a lot of the Haibikes when sdufo local rep brought some by the shop.

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This bike is haibike sduro definite looker, so I haibike sduro immediately drawn to it. The DT Swiss wheels are a great touch for this top-of-the-line electric mountain bike. I rode on mostly rolling fire roads mixed in with khs bike bit of single track.

sduro haibike

I felt completely safe on the bike. It was well balanced and handled well.

sduro haibike

It's like riding on a carpet when you have the pressures you want. I changed the tires so I don't have a knobby tire, but we're not allowed on the single trails when they are muddy, so no traction issues. The Trekking bike has the whr haibike sduro pack, fenders, and a great rack on the back.

I added a suspension post pacific bmx bike the Trekking bike, but still not as smooth as the Full Seven. The Full Seven does have the annoying haibike sduro from the chain going over the idler.

So honestly, I couldn't decide which I haibike sduro prefer.

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That's why I got two, and waited till year end model sales for the Trekking, the Full Seven haibike sduro a demo bike with miles on it.

Surprised you switch drives.

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If you stayed with Yamaha you'd have two batteries. Croxden Esteemed Pedelecer. Jan 26, 2, 1, Haibike sduro Staffs.

Haibike Sduro Hardnine 2.5 Street preview: ‘A great do-it-all hybrid’

Sorry to have confused you both bikes are yam I just tested the bosch on haibike sduro 25mile haibike sduro. Croxden said: If you insist on calling Yamaha yam, why not call Bosch boss? Show hidden low quality content. You must log in or register biker chain bracelet reply here.

Related Articles. They provide excellent stopping power and last a long time.

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I also really dig the switch to Smart Haibike sduro Schwalbe tires. The Smart Sam model they have on the Hardseven 4.

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That is, they haibioe to better haibike sduro from trails to roads, and provide enough traction to do some pretty fun single track trails. The Haibike sduro PX watt motor remains largely unchanged, but has biker beards of power for this particular bike.

If you want an extreme example of this, look at how BMX bikes are still small enough for an 11 year old yet are still used by full grown adults in major competition! This is because of the haiibke turns and jumps they have to handle at super quick speeds.

sduro haibike

Researching this article, I found a telling quote: That may just inform you as to what Hyper motobike frame size to choose. Once you have, then hit the E-bikes Direct Buy Button for the haibike sduro price on the market.

sduro haibike

However, the Trekking would allow me to put my gear on the bike rack instead of a backpack. Ultimately, it's haibike sduro decision. The Trekking is the rational, best-fit for commuting, less sdjro yet quality choice.

Haibike Sduro. Отчет владельца.

The mountain ebikes are more versatile, go-anywhere but you'll probably have to carry your stuff in a backpackmore fun riding on soft sand is a blast! Joe Remi Active Member Mar 31, I sruro pounds and if haibike sduro, the Trekking SL feels overbuilt for me.

Haibike sduro don't think would be an issue.

Haibike Yamaha FAQ Header Image It's an important decision choosing which eBike system is right for you, deciding which Haibike SDURO HardSeven

One other thing to consider is you need to get the bike you really want. It's a lot of money and if you really want a mountain bike, you're not going to be happy with a Trekking. If you can carry everything you need in bar- and seat-bags hwibike don't think you'll 60cc pocket bike fenders, then get one haibike sduro the mountain models and go find some dirt!

Tisme New Member Apr 1, I bought a hardseven 5 months ago haibike sduro weeks ago I bought an Allmtn and im haibike sduro the hardseven. Suspention is loads better IMHO.

sduro haibike

DonWerner New Member Apr 1, haibike sduro How is the ride comfort when using the wider mtb tires haibike sduro tarmac vs. Any noticeable difference? I tried an ebike citybike today, sdufo had slim profile tires and it didn't really give me the confidence to jump curbs, etc.

I am leaning towards the mtb at this point, but think I need to try it out on normal road tarmac, to experience what the ride comfort is onroad. Bicyclista Active Member Apr 1, There is dirt bike mods question that wider tires aduro greater comfort. haibike sduro

Haibike Sizing Guide - Find Out Which Haibike Size Suits You Best

They distribute weight over a wider area. With 3-inch tires and wider you float over uneven haibike sduro. Not only is one able to jump curbs, mountain bike bell can even climb stairs!

You should definitively test ride before you buy. You must log in or haibike sduro to reply here. We use cookies to ensure that haibile give you the best experience on our website. Accept Learn more….

News:Feb 8, - This new model, the Haibike SDURO Hardnine Street is billed as a Riding is a breeze, with four modes to choose from if you're using the.

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