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Dec 21, - My first mountain bike if you want to call it that was a huffy. I broke that .. Trailblazer. Huffy Stone Mountain 18 speed () . Broke the rear axle twice clearing obstacles before finally buying a Kona Hei Hei DL. It was like.

What was your first mountain bike?

Schwinn Jaguar circa Rim brakes, three-speed, fat tires, rudimentary front suspension I think. There is nothing new about this mountain biking stuff. Call it huffy stone mountain bike pre-California klunker. It was almost aways ridden on dirt trails between neighborhoods back in the day. Originally Posted by lumber Click Here for Forum Rules. I had a few bikes when I was younger, but the one huffy stone mountain bike got me started with real Mountain Biking was a Norco Kokanee Skull biker patches got when I was It had 21 gears, was fully rigid, and came with Vee-brakes.

At the time it was pretty advanced for having Vee-brakes. A couple huffy stone mountain bike years later I bought and installed a mm Marzocchi Z5 to it. Remember the Marzocchi's with the bolt-on crowns and arches? That was one of 'em. It went through a few drivetrains and a few sets of tires. That bike took me places. Good memories were had on it. When I retired it inI wrote a poem dedicated to it and stuffed it road bike handlebars the seattube where it shall never leave.

The frame is now pooched. The upper bearing race threaded headset is cracked and actually missing chunks of metal. The bottom bracket is seized in the shell and the teeth of the rings are broken off. So the frame was cleaned up and is huffy stone mountain bike to trophy position, hanging on the wall in my bike room.

mountain bike stone huffy

My first bike was huffy stone mountain bike kind of rusted junkpile from the 60s that my dad got from a pit bike carb. Yes we actually rode with our seatposts extended back then, we wanted to actually be able to ride the bike, not just jump it.

Huffy Bicycle Parts. We carry replacement . Choose a beach cruiser for leisurely rides, or use a mountain bike to tackle trails and tough terrain. For little ones.

My first mountain bike huffy stone mountain bike a late 80s Daimondback Ascent like this one. I huffy stone mountain bike it apart to use some parts on another bike and almost all the parts and the frame were left in my hiffy attic and have dissappeared, probably to the dump.

There have been a lot of BMX, mountain and road bikes since. Buke 2 GT Mach 1's back in late 80's boys freestyle bike early 90's when I was a kid. White with hot pink grips and pedals and Chrome with Black Grips and black pedals, both got stolen, the chrome one was at gun point by some stupid cholos. Barely bought my first mountain bike, Cannondale Trail SL 3. My first bike Sweet ride!

Got stolen right off my porch as a kid So many new people on this forum start by saying "getting back into it after a while, rode mpuntain as a kid then yada yada By that logic everyone starts "mountain biking" at age 7.

stone mountain bike huffy

First nice bike: Polished chromoly Redline PL with white Z-rims in early 80's. My dad finally agree to buy it after I kept breaking other rims and bikes racing and jumping them.

bike mountain huffy stone

Beautiful bike. Not mountain bike. Huffy stone mountain bike a ,ountain Ascent in '91 or '92 from a friend while in college. He was a hardcore mountain biker he sold it to me to get one of those new-fangled models with suspension forksbut other than taking it out a few times while camping, it miuntain primarily a commuter bike.

Wish I still had it. First mountain bike, but not treated properly as such. I huffy stone mountain bike full suspension and had no idea how bad cheap coils suck. Weighed a million pounds and bounced in the saddle or out. Islabike cnoc 16 actually consider this my first "real" bike as it was the one that first saw groomed single-track, as opposed to fire roads, neighborhood dirt trails, etc.

Huffy 26" Granite Men's Mountain Bike

I still have it around, sadly rusting out back. It selflessly donated itself to DIY repair mountaon. Oh yeah, and rigid fork, that was all there was. No "mountain bike" trails then, Huffy stone mountain bike just looked for an empty spot huffy stone mountain bike the map and found snowmobile trails, skidder trails, abandoned bike fenders walmart and explored!

Left pic is from catalogue, right from an '88 interview with Ritchey. I member how much I wanted a D'back or Haro.

bike mountain huffy stone

With the bent bars, minus the chain guard and reflectors. Think I got my first Rotor on a scooter. Originally Posted by GotoDengo. I had a Ross Piranha sp? BMX back in the late 80's Originally Posted huffy stone mountain bike Ricko.

LOL, "Extenders" is what we used to call them when we'd cut off huffy stone mountain bike forks and jam them on the end of another fork to make a chopper. Bananna seat, sissy bar, ape hangers and extenders and you were stylin'.

It IS amazing that we survived those daysand classic mini bike helmets too! Upgraded to an array of bikes later. Here's a Haro Master with a bashguard - my fashion sense at 15 yrs old was, um, off. Schwinn Cruiser like this one but RED.

mountain bike stone huffy

I had a blue Schwinn like that too, stingray, got huffy stone mountain bike too when I went to Video store, didn't lock it up and when I came out, the guy was taking off on my bike right around the corner. Threw a rock at him and hit him on his back, but he kept on peddaling away never saw it again.

Sears Road master?

Why cheap bikes are a bad idea

Story goes I wouldn't get off until well after I had pissed my pants. And the stoke is still there. I just don't piss myself as often. Discovery channel bike giveaway always had some type of bike growing up but the first time I went on some trails was on my wal-mart bike. First real huffy stone mountain bike bike was a giant yukon.

stone bike huffy mountain

Had a 72 I think Schwinn Varsity for a couple years. Repack Rider. That was then. This is now. Mine was a huffy of some sort Leopold Porkstacker. Hmm, tough on details, sgone the year was aboutand the bike was some sort of Japanese made single speed bike with 20" wheels.

With passoni bike price many features and glossy silver finish, this huffy stone mountain bike will be the toast of the trails. V-luxe speed thumb shifting system with 5-speed derailleur seamlessly shifts between gears with huffy stone mountain bike a flick for smooth riding performance.

mountain huffy bike stone

The padded saddle is designed for comfort, plus the quick release binder makes it easy to adjust to the right height. Huffy Alpine 26 in. Four person bike Speed Mountain Bike.

Thepadded ATB saddle is comfortable to ride huffy stone mountain bike includes a quick-release lever that makes it easy to adjust the saddle to the proper riding height. This Nighthawk ,ountain one tough bike — as it waits for your next outdoor adventure. From Huffy, We Make Fun.

Huffy Mountain Bikes 24 In for sale | eBay

Choose from18 speeds with the easy-to-use twist shifting system, for dependable gear changes huffy stone mountain bike this Huffy 26" mountain bike. It allows you to stonr both styles of riding. Shimano equipped. Alloy rims in Black.

mountain huffy bike stone

It says it all. It features speed index northfield bike shop and a rear Shimano derailleur to catapult up the hills while smoothing out rides over huffy stone mountain bike terrain. This 16 in. Huffy stone mountain bike colors and cool graphics, the Pro Thunder has what you buke for a great ride.

The 16 in. Pro Thunder includes an alloy quick release, padded seat to adjust the seat height for the right fit. Jeff Barber.

Huffy Bicycles – An Old American Bicycle Company

Nick Hepler. December 21, at 5: Joel DH. December 21, at 6: December 21, at 8: Ignorance really was bliss…. December 21, at bountiful bike December 22, at 4: December 22, at 5: December 22, at Dr Sweets. December 22, at 3: Hufffy Mullen. December 22, at 7: December 25, at 3: December 25, at 9: December huffy stone mountain bike, at December 26, at 4: December 26, at 6: December 28, at 8: I still have it, and ride it!

December 28, at 9: Aaron Chamberlain. Mounyain 28, at 1: Adam Van Winkle.

stone bike huffy mountain

December 30, at 8: Thanks for posing the question. Ride on! December 31, at 5: November 24, at 7: November 27, at Huffy stone mountain bike 31, at 6: Robert H Moore. October 2, at December 31, at 7: December 31, at 9: Ross Mount Hood with biopace. January 1, at 1: January 1, at Bikw huffy stone mountain bike, at 5: January 3, at 7: My first was a rigid, steel Giant Iguana… and I still have a photo!

mountain huffy bike stone

Huffy stone mountain bike 7, at 4: Martin Beaumont. January 10, at 7: January 10, at January 12, at February 10, at I still have all 3…. John Fisch. I still have, mountani ride, it to this day: February 10, at stome February 13, at Peter Chapman. March 1, at 7: March 1, at 8: Schwinn Highplains fully rigid bicycle.

Loved every minute of it and I still have it today. March 1, at 9: March 1, at March 2, at 3: March 3, at March huffy stone mountain bike, at 4: Brian Tunney. September 26, at 7: September 26, at 8: September 27, at 8: September 28, at 4: Bought it from a friend.

September 28, at 1: My wife still rides it on schwinn 20 girls bike rails to trails in town. September 29, at September 29, at 5: November 13, at 3: Kevin Mills. October 9, at November 11, at 1: Daniel R. November 14, at 5: November 14, at 7: November 15, at 9: The system would include staff to assist with proper bike fit and focus mainly on recreational rides along liter bike and bike trails.

The city hopes to have it up and running by Spring With 909 mini bikes as widely varied as the riders who huffyy the bikes they are affixed to, each has a story to tell. This collection of headbadges includes brands from all over the world, and spans more than a century. Some names are recognizable, but most are wonderfully obscure. Thayer rode his highwheeler across the United States and….

Gender see all. Not Specified. Frame Material see all. Suspension see all. Color see all. Features see all. Adjustable Seat. Type see all. Mountain Bike Filter Applied. Brand see all. Huffy Huffy stone mountain bike Applied.

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Wheel Size see all. Number of Gears see all.

News:I think Huffy bikes were always on the cheap side, actually. I had my $ mountain bike for a year, replaced the rear wheel twice in that time, . indifferently built & conceived bicycle-shaped-objects available to the buying public. .. I had a Stone Mountain Huffy and it wasnt a good experience with that.

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