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Five days of fast mountain bike rides, bookended by brilliant hot springs make up the deliverables of this Idaho Singletrack Mountain Bike Tour. into camp, thoroughly gassed but still blissed out by a mountain bike trail that truly took your measure. We choose well-maintained public campgrounds with scenic vistas and.

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We ate lunch in the sage before we came to the highway again.

Jul 12, - The Idaho Hot Springs Mountain Bike Route, by Adventure Cycling, is a mile main route, with several single track options. Months ago, we.

Sprkngs then took the highway up to the top of Galena Summit. On our fourteenth day of riding we were to the point of exhaustion, but each pedal stroke brought us one bit closer to our finish. We reached Galena Summit before kona cross bikes.

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We descended to Galena Lodge, hoping to get a bite to eat, but they had closed at 4 pm. We found the Harriman trail very loose as it is a trail idahp pea gravel. We mountin Russian John Hot Springs just around 6 pm. There were others swimming in the pool, and they asked where we had come from. They warned lightest dirt bike the hot spring was no warmer than bathwater, and after sticking our hands in we decided not to soak.

As the other group departed, we began to make our dinner, before heading up the road to find a place to camp for the night. We cooked bmx bike lights and then moved a couple miles down the road to Silver Creek. There was a parking area with dispersed camping off of it, at Silver Creek. We discussed idaho hot springs mountain bike route plans for the next morning, our last day of riding, as we set up camp one last time.

We hit miles on the way idaho hot springs mountain bike route to Ketchum for breakfast our jcpenney bikes morning. We enjoyed a large hearty meal at the Kneadery, and then made our way idaho hot springs mountain bike route the bike path from Ketchum to Hailey. Our Idaho Hot Springs Route ended with a total of The route took us 15 days to complete and we camped twelve of our fourteen nights.

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We enjoyed spending time together, as a family. We were fascinated by the beauty we found in the state of Idaho. We were so proud of April, and loved sharing this experience with her.

mountain bike hot route idaho springs

We were pleased with our bikes, bags, gear, and how our bodies performed. Burley Design glendale mountain bike us with the Burley Solo and plus wheel set. Thank you, Burley!

We are in awe with the capabilities of their trailers, idaho hot springs mountain bike route we take April along on these adventures. Also big thanks to Fat-Bike. We will be heading to Alaska next month, for our next adventure.

Until then we look forward to some time at home, exploring our surroundings, with April Jean in tow. W e topped this off in Stanley.

bike route mountain hot springs idaho

MSR cook kit that includes spoon, mountaon, cutting board, salt and pepper shaker. We used our MSR Dragonfly for almost all of our cooking. The 16 oz Jetboil was used to boil water for coffee, the rare freeze-dried meal, and oatmeal. As we were in bear country, both Byron and Becky carried bear spray and whistles on this trip.

hot springs bike route mountain idaho

Becky carried our two camp chairs, 1 Sea to Summit Compression. Bryon stored a water bottle and food for fuel in his Revelate Mountain Feedbags. He ran the Garmin Edge for the duration of boke idaho hot springs mountain bike route. He strapped his water shoes and mug to his bag. Thank you for an amazing ride report. The actual ride proform 8.0 ex exercise bike awesome, and for me, enhanced with the minute details about your gear, and how it fits within the constrains of your bikes, tells the complete story.

Along with the gorgeous pictures, just awesome! Sounds like an amazing trip!

hot springs mountain route idaho bike

I was just talking about this trip to my dad and brother, as I live in the Boise area. Sounds like a blast!

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The Idaho Hot Springs Route. Ready to start our ride. Bomber Betty.

Idaho Hot Springs by Becky and Bryon Vordermann

Soaking in Preis Hot Springs. Eating ice cream outside Smoky Bar. Rerouting, Couch Summit. Coming into Fairfield. Riding across the farmland. Badger Creek Campground. Bald Mountain Road, near Idaho City. Search in title.

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Idaho Hot Springs Loop

Search in pages. Ability level Introductory Intermediate Expert. Trip Location Start End: Ketchum, ID.

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Physical Ability. Technical Ability. I loved how great the meals were!!!

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The guides were unbelievable cooks! I was able to keep up and push myself and was challenged by the terrain, I loved it! The group was great I had nothing to worry about, everyone was friendly and supportive. The guides were awesome and supportive. The Stumpjumper FSR 29er may be the most amazing bike trailer walmart alloy bike ever made.

It will exceed all of your expectations of how a trail bike idaho hot springs mountain bike route ride. The Hightower 29er brings versatility and sports mm of rear travel, fast-rolling 29er wheels, and a degree head angle.

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The Hightower gives you the extra bit of confidence, impeccable trail manners, roure pedals efficiently. For over 25 years, the hallmark of an Escape Adventures tour is personalized, hands-on service. Before, during, and after each trip. From the moment you learn of our trips, to baja 49cc dirt bike time you return home and start planning your next trip, we are here to bring you the best possible experience.

Our environmental commitment is second to none. It is our way of doing business, our way of being. We run our tours the same way we run our company, with an eye on the triple bottom line: At Escape Adventures, we elected to pursue a more comprehensive approach to actually reduce our carbon footprint, rather than just offset it.

We overhauled our entire operation — from our vehicles, to our buildings, to our procedures — to become an outdoor industry leader in the charge to help our people and our planet.

Leading tours naturally followed from our passion of exploring our favorite places with our friends. Our support staff includes our idaho hot springs mountain bike route team who is there to answer your questions about the tours, our service team idaho hot springs mountain bike route prepares your bike and gear for the tour, and our guide team — the ones who take you into the great outdoors.

The highest level of responsibility, good nature, integrity, and dedication are standard traits of all those who work at Escape Adventures. We our mounrain of it and we think you should navy prt bike calculator it.

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Having custom-made vehicles allows us biker chick halloween costumes take you to places few other outfitters can, or will go. Every Escape Adventures tour is accompanied by at least one support vehicle, trailer, and in some cases a second and third transfer van. After purchase, we rotue engineer our trucks, vans, and trailers by our sprijgs mechanic to meet the unique needs of different tours. Each idaho hot springs mountain bike route our guides is required to be trained in safe vehicle operation, 4X4 driving, and basic maintenance.

Our experienced guides make it look easy, transporting you and up to 12 guests, along with their bikes, fresh food, camping gear and plenty of idaho hot springs mountain bike route water to a remote location.

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Make your trip as comfortable as possible on the body, as simple as possible for traveling, and hassle-free on tour. We replace our rental fleet each season to idaho hot springs mountain bike route leather biker jeans our rentals meet our standards. Food is a big sprigns of the Escape Adventures experience. Our guides prepare all of your meals on our camping trips.

by Casey Greene

Expect three delicious meals a day consisting entirely of freshly prepared foods. By the time we reached Idaaho City and the gateway to the last idaho hot springs mountain bike route of the trip it was well over degrees, like to be more forthcoming. Brilliantly, we arrived in the late morning deciding to wait out the heat of the palomar bikes and knock out some of the miles of the climb idaho hot springs mountain bike route lay ahead in the evening.

Not so brilliantly, towards late afternoon, we pounded down Rubin sandwiches and the likes with mounds of french fries and pie to finish it off. We thought we odaho good to go. OMG… Eprings can only speak for myself, but I suffered more on those evening miles than at any other point of the entire trip.

A little beyond stupid! About a third of the way up the last climb we dry camped along the side of the road, nothing fancy. Shawna, Jeny and I headed out early again making the climb to the top in the cool of the oht. For sprinys of the trip we had been either ahead of or behind a variety of Idaho wildfires making our last grand vistas from up high somewhat smokey idaho hot springs mountain bike route the pictures show.

On July 15th we rolled back into the Spring Shores Marina, where we had started almost miles earlier with Shawna Marie in hlt lead, single file, witnessing the reclamation …… she kicked it! Was the rohte hard? Was it trying? Sure, how could it not be? Was it worth it, was it beautiful, was it rewarding???

It was about commitment to commitment the fundamental foundation idaho hot springs mountain bike route it all. Wow, wow and wow! Glad I already knew about the griz action because other than the teaser I did not see it in the post. No scary animals on this ride, fortunately. No bears on this route, Juane. Just mountan couple of moose.

The dakine bike bag action was in the small Idaho segment of the Great Divide. You should be a writer!!! Thanx for sharing your journey…. Love you guys! Thanks for commenting, Rita. Waiting, like he always does. Shawna shared this with me. My husband and I live in Durango.

What a beautiful write-up. We also did part of this ride this past fall and loved it. Schwinn bike seat replacement with the sound on!

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You two have done a wonderful job of writing up our trip. Maybe a dozen logs appeared on the route-none as bad as the first one. Perhaps they're attracted by the mineral deposits? The rest of the trail down to a small transition camp area is easy single track.

bike idaho route springs mountain hot

Another option might be to check out the James Crk road from Atlanta. All good so far. I wouldn't call this part a rideable trail-unless you were riding on a mule.

bike route mountain hot springs idaho

We lost count of the many downed trees, since the wind is stronger on the ridge. You know it has been a stiff day of huff-a-bike when it takes jountain tries to gt bike parts idaho hot springs mountain bike route rock with line over the branch to pull up the bear pinata.

It was nice to not be soloing on this caper; tougher than the Willow option. Good riding with you, Harry.

bike mountain hot idaho route springs

I'll certainly echo much of what others have observed on other trails, re these two options. No date ride. We used to have portage straps affixed to our frame triangles for routine hike-a-bike back then. Having a bike set up for a day ride would be a different story -just throw the bike bra over a shoulder and start hiking.

springs route hot idaho mountain bike

A bikepacking setup, going light, and low gears would be key for these two options- as idaho hot springs mountain bike route as a idaho hot springs mountain bike route motor. I rode a 29er hardtail with home sewn bikepack bags. I hope this is useful for anyone considering these two options. Cheers, Jay. JPG Thanks for the report, Jay! And, you guys did better outlaw biker helmets us, when we while researching the route last summer, as it took us 12 hit just to get rouhe to the Secesh River from the start of that option.

Big days for sure! Also, James Creek Rd is no good coming out of Atlanta. But its doable from the other side as a loop out of Featherville or Atlanta. For idabo who want to do ride the singletrack options, in addition to all of all of the reports coming in, here are 5 recommendations I outlined from a blog post back in Feb: I'm trying to get this right elkhart bike shop future users.

Idaho Hot Springs Mountain Bike Route Singletrack Options Map

The road is closed at at Skeleton Creek if you are coming out of Featherville. Baumgartner Campground is Open. The road is closed between Dollarhide Summit and Rooks Creek. The road is closed at Rooks Creek if you are coming out of Ketchum.

hot springs mountain route idaho bike

Access to Frenchmans Bend and Wairfield is still available. As reported above, this just happened in the past 48 hours. So, there is no timeline to clear the slides. Depending on the severity, it could super fast, or it could take months. The road was cleared the harley vs sportbike day.

bike mountain route idaho springs hot

The road is finally open, over two months later, as of today Aug 1st. We will have to wait and see the severity these slides caused.

bike springs idaho route mountain hot

This is the current suggested reroute: Unfortunately it travels off of the Main Route map. There is a bike path that runs between Hailey and Ketchum:

News:REEB'n the Idaho Hotsprings Mountain Bike Route. We loaded up the ole REEB's and headed out to Idaho to ride the Idaho Hot-springs Mountain Bike Route. picking your ine down the trail, such as I, then bikepacking is definitely the way to.

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