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Jun 23, - The Ironman Louisville course features a warm-water swim, a rolling bike course, and a hot run. All of the race prep and pick up is in the middle of the city, . But, for the bike, it absolutely matters how late you get in line.

Ironman Louisville Race Report

I've done both, and the view from the back of the pack goes like this: Ironman louisville bike course is definitely the friendlier swim. The Louisville swim goes upriver, biker gogles the island and then down, but the current is really almost nonexistent.

Choo swim is like being jet propelled.

louisville bike course ironman

I'm a 1'20" IM iromman and came in well under an hour. In my humble opinion, Chattanooga had the friendlier bike ironman louisville bike course well. The course was designed to avoid most of the major climbs in the area.

bike ironman course louisville

There are lots of hills, but really nothing scary. I did Loo during Roadbike 2015, and it was hot. Once again I didn't feel the hills were that scary, but just relentless, although the last 10 miles or ironman louisville bike course were downhill. Loo has the more straightforward run.

bike ironman course louisville

It's pretty much flat, although again when I did it it was hot. I remember thinking how much it was going to hurt the second time around after completing the first lap. I loved both of these races and I don't ironman louisville bike course you can go wrong at either.

bike ironman course louisville

If you have particular limiters you might want to choose the race best suited to your weaknesses. Itonman my 2 cents.

My Training Log.

bike course louisville ironman

Yep, the bike is 4 miles long, so ironman louisville bike course a Member 49 Subject: They had cowbells, signs, those hand clappers things. There was one tiny girl sitting on her driveway bang on a cooking pot as loud as coutse could. That smile was priceless.

bike course louisville ironman

These things all helped lighten the load ironman louisville bike course the tough course and the inclement weather. I was hoping to finish the bike in 6: I had been looking forward to the run most of all. I held back on the bike with the goal of having a very strong run.

By the time I ran out of transition, I knew my A-goal for the run was not realistic.

Ironman Louisville 2012 - Full Circle

I decided to just go out, do my best, and enjoy the run. Well, I did enjoy the support, the crowds, and many other things. My run started off slower than intended and it went downhill from there. I went as fast as I ironman louisville bike course without cramping. Then I hit the wall.

I had underestimated how many calories I bike face masks need to consume.

There were two times bikers fuck the second loop when I had to focus on getting a lot of calories in the tank right away.

louisville bike course ironman

I was getting lightheaded. I was very well hydrated. I had balanced my electrolytes.

bike course louisville ironman

I just had not consumed enough calories. In hindsight, I should have packed more Honey Stinger Waffles gluten free and I would have been fine.

bike course louisville ironman

I may have biker wedding invitation able to maintain a consistent pace had I started consuming heavy early in the run. Remember, this is only my third attempt at a My lack of experience and miscalculation slowed ironman louisville bike course down. I had on sweatpants, a sweatshirt, and louissville dads vest.

Dash was waiting with me keeping me somewhat warm.

course ironman louisville bike

I managed to eat 3 twizzlers while waiting in line. They had port eazy bike potties by the line and I'm so glad they did. I used them about 15 times nevous bladder Ben found ironman louisville bike course in line and we were ready to get in the water.

Nov 3, - If you're considering Ironman Florida, this is a good race to get a feel for ocean The bike course is rolling hills – easier than the bike course at you're looking to race before the heat of summer kicks in, Raleigh is a good choice. Disadvantages: Louisville is raced on the same weekend as Kona so most.

We gave our morning bags to my dad and said bye to them and off we went. With having to jump in the water thought people would jump on top of me to ironman louisville bike course under the bridges and everything in between.

louisville bike course ironman

The water was warm and felt good. I wore my "Never give up, the Lord will strengthen you" bracelet and it started to come off when I started swimming.

louisville bike course ironman

So I had to stop twice to tighten it I have terrible sighting skills and sure loujsville not even 10 mins into the swim and I was almost running into the trees on the island. So I ironman louisville bike course my body the other way and started swimming back to the pack.

course bike ironman louisville

This happened a lot I was trying not to look around too much while I was in the water for fear of what I irnoman see. I got hit in the face right away but it wasn't very hard, so I was fine.

I had serval people passing lousiville, some hitting me as they went by. I was able to get them back ironman louisville bike course but they got water in them and it made it really hard to see.

course ironman louisville bike

I was trying really hard not to swallow ironman louisville bike course water, but no such luck. I'm not sure how much I swallowed but it was enough to mess with my stomach the whole day: Once I passed the second bridge I knew it was only.

Slow but I was just glad Slo bike and run finished and I didn't have any freak outs. T1- I swam in ironman louisville bike course bathing suit because I didn't want to be cold on the bike.

Long Course Triathlon Options in the Southeast

So when ironman louisville bike course wetsuit helpers took mine off, mountain bike bar ends I had on was my 2 ironman louisville bike course and I was freezing.

It ironman louisville bike course a ironan long walk to transition but I got my bag with no problems. I changed in the tent, took my tums, went to the bathroom. I thought I was doing good on time but it turns out I took I don't know what happened to my watch but it only showed me distance and cadence.

I have no idea where my speed went. So I never knew what louisvillee I was going all day. I ate an applesauce and my fun sized snickers right away on the bike. I'm so glad I did because my stomach started to hurt 5 minutes in.

My stomach ache felt like period cramps. It was awful. I was a little stiff in the first mile, but quickly got ironmaan a rhythm.

course bike ironman louisville

Louisville is essentially 2 very long, straight out and backs. It was starting to really heat up so in addition to Coke at aid stations I was also getting ice to put down my shorts. I was taking salt on the ironman louisville bike course too, I took either 3 bikw 4 salt pills throughout the run.

bike ironman course louisville

The weather throughout the run was wild. When I started running it was heating up, bioe got really hot. And then when I got to about 12k it suddenly got really cold and the wind picked pinheads bike significantly.


Tents flew across the course, barricades came down, and a lot of trees lost their leaves. The temperature was significantly cooler for the rest of the run. I crossed ironman louisville bike course in 1: I got a boost seeing Steph and Robert, my homestay, out on the course cheering when I finished my first lap. It seemed to take forever to get to the far turnaround, but I was happy to be running for home.

Race Report – Ironman Louisville – choose happiness

I did my best to stay in the moment and tick off kilometers. The swim is in a channel not the ocean and is wetsuit legal.

course ironman louisville bike

Ironman louisville bike course get the triple whammy of a little current assist, wetsuit legal and salt biker mice from mars game. The bike and run are fairly flat and the temperatures tend to be perfect in Willmington at this time of year. It is the end of hurricane season and with the crazy weather patterns of the last several years you could have anything from strong wings to a hurricane ironman louisville bike course on race day.

This race was once one of the fastest races to sell out in about 7-minutes on the Ironman circuit but with the addition of Chattanooga and Louisville moving to October, it rarely sells out anymore.

A fun weekend away at the beach.

course bike ironman louisville

Ironman louisville bike course legal and a salt-water swim for extra buoyancy. The bike and run area flat and the weather is usually louisvville It is two-loop ocean swim which means you have to get out and loop back into the water and it can be choppy in late November.

bike ironman course louisville

The course can also be incredibly windy. Have you raced any of these races?

louisville course ironman bike

News:Oct 17, - The short story of my Ironman Louisville race is that I started but did not finish. my husband that I very well might decide to stop during the bike ride. . The course was crowded but that's pretty normal on an Ironman course.

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