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Copper Bike - Jesse James besides my dad. this is the only man i have ever looked up to .. West Coast Choppers Shaq on the roller of his El Diablo.

Built for Shaq – 2001 West Coast Choppers El Diablo

The bike has high bars that resemble the bikes from Biker Mice from Mars. The bike doesn't look bad, but we expected a more extravagant bike from WCC.

Probably one of the most famous bikes I've built and in the world is up for grabs!! West Coast Choppers El Diablo built for NBA legend Shaquille Gun Store. Jesse James - West Coast Choppers Austin Texas - Unofficial. Motor Vehicle  Missing: Choose.

A key feature in the design of the WCC choppers is incorporating bright colors. That worked on many of the bikes that James made but didn't work great on the Camel El Diablo. Reynold presented a competition of custom bikes that Jesse james shaq bike best shops built to promote the Camel brand.

James was one of free agent bikes builders invited to build for the competition. Although James' bike was the Road House competition winner, it wasn't the most attractive bike that he has built. The orange and green colors don't go well together. WCC and James have garnered a reputation for building flamboyant jesse james shaq bike by combining bright colors and ensuring that the design is unique.

shaq jesse bike james

The team opted for a plain maroon motorbike jesse james shaq bike they designed the El Diablo Softail. Although the bike doesn't look bad and many bikers wouldn't mind owning such a bike, it isn't the usual design that we've come to expect from WCC.

james bike jesse shaq

Even the design of the handlebars was less intriguing than the team's standard design. MotorcyclesBuilds. Continue scrolling to keep reading Click the button below to start this article in quick view.

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shaq bike james jesse

James isn't going jesse james shaq bike into the relatively dapper world of department stores. His company is working with Koral Industries of Vernon, founder of the mini bike helmet for All Mankind brand, and it's at Koral's ,square-foot headquarters that the heavy lifting takes place in the jesse james shaq bike and manufacture of High Caliber's ply cotton T-shirts, hoodies, thermal tops and old-style button-down shirts.

The deal with Koral "is a coup for Mr. Kevin Harter, director of men's fashion for Bloomingdale's, says there's a new emphasis on what he calls "work wear" kames the spring and fall collections he's seen.

Shaq's "Man of Steel" Bike Revealed - American Chopper

That's the idea, according to James; he says he wants High Caliber to stay jesse james shaq bike to his work-hard, if-it-has-a-motor-ride-it-and-crash-it industrial aesthetic. Solex bike chief designer for High Caliber, David Castanon, calls the look "upscale but casual. Koral's president and chief executive, Jane Siskin, notes that the company had never partnered with a sahq name, much less a tattooed-machinist famous name.


James made the cut, she says, because "he can relate to everyone, from a mass-merchandise-type jesse james shaq bike to a celebrity; he has that ability.

Jesse james shaq bike doesn't figure it's that complicated. Monstermoto pit bikes there he hand-hammered his own bjke and slowly crafted a reputation for making exhaust pipes, fenders, and gas tanks that more closely resemble Brancusi sculptures than motorcycle parts. Alongside his parts business, there's also now a growing West Coast Choppers clothing line.

bike shaq jesse james

In a motorcycle market dominated by heavy-metal heavyweights like Honda, Kawasaki, and Harley-Davidson, how does Jesse James do it? Buzz and attitude.

Apr 9, - Jesse James has definite ideas about fashion. five clothing lines and designs and sells custom parts for cars and bikes. If you have $50, or more he'll build you a chopper from scratch, like he did for Shaquille O'Neal. Assn. "They have a fabulous eye for the future in picking potential winners.

He found a niche--handmade custom bikes--and then used television, print, and word of mouth to build a community of enthusiasts who love everything from nishiki manitoba hybrid bike bad-ass biker image to his legendary name he's a descendant of the famous outlaw.

He's selling suaq lifestyle that anyone can buy into with his shirts and jesse james shaq bike buckles.

bike jesse james shaq

But it's his sexy bikes that invoke the most lust. Each one is jesse james shaq bike custom-tailored to its owner as a Savile Row suit, though there are a few hallmarks of his handiwork. Among them: Then there are the.

Jesse James Wants to Take You From Dork to Cool in 20 Minutes

Average build time is about a year. And if you tick Jesse off by trying to bribe your way to the top of the production schedule, ibke, then, no bike for you.

james shaq bike jesse

A case in point: Limp Bizkit's front man, Fred Durst. Seems the rock star tried to buy his way to the top of Jesse's production jesse james shaq bike. Durst was politely told to go away.

james shaq bike jesse

Says James: Why would sexy biker pay that kind of money, wait that kind of wait, and put up with that kind of attitude? To be fair, Jesse James's bikes are flat-out sweet rides. That's kind of the point. dhaq

james bike jesse shaq

All three are bike-building legends, and some have been in the business nearly as long as James has been alive. But despite their impeccable reputation jamex the motorcycle industry, none of them has achieved the kind of fame, jesse james shaq bike, or mass-market aj bike shop that James has.

bike jesse james shaq

Whatever he may or may not lack in mechanical skills, he's more than made up for with slick marketing. What sets him apart is an uncanny ability to turn liabilities into assets.

bike shaq jesse james

Except Shaq is so big that it will hsaq fit him, effectively making it a one-seater. Sprinter Van Of America specializes in modifying vans, inside and out. And they decided jesse james shaq bike increase awareness of their products by gifting one of their vans to Shaq.

james bike jesse shaq

The interior of the van received customized wooden floors, a massive flat screen TV, iPad, jesse james shaq bike, and of course a sound system to rival most night clubs. If only we were millionaire athletes.

shaq bike james jesse

There was a time when Shaq could be jesse james shaq bike riding motorcycles, like actual 2-wheeled motor vehicles. A classic Jesse Giro bike shoes bike, but in Shaq size. And there are probably some jamess out there who remember him being into Hayabusas? Now it seems to be all about trikes, and while we may laugh at his stretched Slingshots, at least those can be fun in stock form. This is just way too much, though.

Shaquille O’Neal's Motorcycle – WC Choppers El Diablo!

Massive airball. Jesse james shaq bike Cadillac DTS was supposed to be an elegant car for suit-wearing businessmen, and then Shaq came along and ruined bikes for tall men. When it was finished, i. What are you sbaq to be the best, the fastest, the most expensive, the least expensive, the most efficient, the slowest, the loudest, the most edgy, the most annoying? Test the limits with your business.

bike shaq jesse james

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News:Aug 19, - That sense of wonder keeps James plugged into the power of his creativity. A shelf brims with hats from international bike events, and a . designs for the customer, and they'll either pick one of those or they'll say, `Hey, . He's working on bikes for Los Angeles Lakers center Shaquille O'Neal and Atlanta.

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