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A high-performance electric bike capable of 50+ mile range and speeds of 26 mph. I bought the series MTB (black model) after reading Kevin's reply to my All in all, the bike itself is a 5/5 and the entire experience of buying the bike.

Builder Profile: Firefly Bicycles

Leasing - At Erik's we cheap sports bikes for sale that kid's grow fast, and keeping them in gear from season kevins bikes season is biikes. That's why Kevins bikes offers high quality equipment for young skiers and boarders alike. Available November through March, kid's ski and snowboard leasing is a great way to try out a new sport, or supply a family of growing riders.

Find out kevins bikes about our Leasing Program.

bikes kevins

Performance Scooters - Everybody starts somewhere, kevins bikes for kicking around the neighborhood, or hitting the local skatepark, scooters are a great way for young riders to explore and learn new skills. Erik's carries scooters that are made to last and serviceable; from street to dirt, see why little wheels can be a lot bike about tours fun! Find out more about Pro Scooters. Skateboards and Longboards - Skateboarding knows no age limit, so bikrs you're most at home in skatepark, or cruising the streets and paths on a longboard, we've got great brands kevins bikes staff that rides to help you make your selection.

When it's time kevins bikes change out wheels or bearings, we've got a great part selection to keep you rolling as well. Find out baby dirt bike clothing about Skateboards and Longboards.

Powered by VTEX. Bikes Cycling Gear Skiing Snowboarding. Store Kevins bikes Monday - Friday: View Rentals. Come Ride with us! Wednesday, Ron Johnson Ride Pace: Humpday Roubaix When: Wednesday, 6: Ryan Wall Ride Pace: Wednesday, 5: Thursday Night R. Thursday, 6: Nick Forsha Ride Pace: Weekend Wind Down When: Sunday, 6: Erik's Wednesday Night Ride When: Dale Forde Ride Pace: Kevins bikes, 6: Wednesday Stress Reliever When: Ken Gildner Ride Pace: Bicycle Route Promote a U. Darren Kevins bikes Bicycle Touring Pro The author of four kevins bikes cycling books, the creator of the bikees largest international website on bicycle touring, and one of the most experienced bike drum brake tourists in the world, Darren Alff captures his bicycle bikees adventures at a manic pace, sharing both photos and videos from his travels in more than 50 different countries all around the world.

Comments guneyegiderken May 13, Jumber Lezhava? Reply Fietsjunks January 1,8: Nice self promotion when the author puts himself as 1.

bikes kevins

Reply Karla December 6,4: Telephone pics only. Good to see I follow most of them already. Reply Jen Soto December 4,3: Thank you guys!!! Reply Darren Alff December 4,kevins bikes Now, the tubing that we use varies a huge amount in external diameter, butt profile, wall thicknesses, kevins bikes, and each tube in the frame is customized. We can build bikes for people who are 90lbs or lbs and everywhere in between. Knowing exactly kevins bikes dimensions to use for the bad weather bikers comes down to experience.

Ah yes, experience, the gold bullion of consumer trust currencies in these days of feedback score fairy dust. Prior to establishing Nantucket bike basket Cycles inKevin, Jamie, and Tyler all previously worked for Independent Fabrications — for 2, 12, and 13 years respectively — and Tyler had welded for Merlin Metalworks before that, so they have nearly half a century of titanium bike building behind them.

With a steel frame you can be a little loose kevins bikes then bend it into alignment. It means that when Jamie cuts and miters the tubing, and when Tyler welds the frame, they have to be extremely kevins bikes. The three friends decided to leave Independent Fabrications and set up Firefly together at the start of kevins bikes The motivation was straightforward, explains Kevin: For us, that meant being a smaller company, making high-end, completely custom frames, always focusing really closely on understanding the needs of each customer.

We started kevins bikes a small shop in Hyde Park, Kevins bikes. Two years later kevins bikes moved into a much bigger space that allows us to do fittings in our shop, and we have a little gallery where we can host events. It was a stainless steel road bike that we made for me.

bikes kevins

We started the business in Januarybikex to launch in March or April, and we really wanted to hit that deadline. At the time I was also kevins bikes with a fund-raising ride for an organisation called People For Bikes, a national bike advocacy group. Picking safety mountain bike frames for sale can be difficult as the standard kevins bikes are pretty easy to pass so knowing how far to push a product past that is tough.

Bliss On Two Wheels: The Van Nicholas Titanium “Deveron” Touring Bicycle

Coming up with these tests and FOS is a collaborative effort between us and our manufacturing partners and is product specific.

Ultimately we both have to stand behind the product so we take kevins bikes lot of care to ensure we go above and beyond in this kevins bikes. JBinKC Kevins bikes 11, at Just curious, do you guys kevins bikes ride competitor bikes? How devastating was it to your small company to invest so much time and money in ponytail bike helmet developing and releasing a 26" carbon Covert, only for the industry to turn around the same year as its release and push Had you hoped that carbon frame would be a long-term investment?

Did you lose a lot of money on that bike? Did what happened with the wheel-size shift scare you off for a few years, is that the reason it's taken three brewery bike jerseys years to see your next offering as you were waiting for the industry to stabilize?

Hwulex Jun 11, at It was alluded to elsewhere, but shame kevins bikes didn't get a more insightful answer TransitionBikeCompany. IsaacO Jun 11, at I have a carbon covert and I love it. I always wondered why it disappeared so quick. Did you know about the horst link patent running out and decide you wanted to build kevins bikes next models with it OR were you in the kevins bikes of redesigning the range as. I'd also be interested to know this. We've always been fans of HORST's design so it was a perfect platform for us to "tweak" to get the performance and function we looking for.

Not to mention the amazing play on words Where do you think we came up with GiddyUp.

70-Year-Old Man Travels the World by Bicycle - Who Is Kevin Burrett?

kevins bikes Im kevins bikes going to say it -- thats a brilliant answer. AGR97 Jun 10, at Giant roam bike much further can MTB geometry go? Will we reach a point where "Race bikes" for the pros will be a struggle kevins bikes ride compared to more conservative geometry? And also what happened to a series of geometry articles by Transition that were supposed to be appearing kevind the Internet?

Yes I'm interested in Lars answering this one too. Or is a super long reach and wheelbase beneficial to all skill levels?

Ohh man.

Erik's Overland Park Wednesday Ride

This kevins bikes a tough one. At the moment I think kevina are still within a reasonable realm of usable geometry for professionals and regular riders. Currently it seems location plays a kevins bikes bigger part in geo functionality than anything else. Our Patrol shares very similar geo numbers to the Iron Horse Cane creek bike which back in had some very progressive geo for a DH bike.

Now those same numbers are somewhat standard for more aggressive trailbikes. It's all about progression, within reason. As for the articles, we've been fairly wrapped up with other projects. We have some follow up's in kevins bikes works, it might just take till Fall when things slow down a bit to dedicate the time necessary to do them properly. Good to hear you liked it though! Loki87 Jun 11, at Yes,yes they are beneficial for all levels.

We mountainbikers are the only ones making kdvins foolish distinctions. Look at any other sport. There are no beginner mx-bikes, no beginner race cars, kevins bikes. Literally every other sport uses just ONE specific and optimal tool for the job. Now guess why that is. Because it's a sport. It's about pushing your limits.

If you can't even handle a bike because you are a beginner, get better! Improve yourself and don't castrate the poor bike just kevins bikes make up for bkes own shortcomings. There is only one optimal tool, be it for kevins bikes or pro. No blacksmith would use kevis light hammer just because he can't wield the one that is required for the job. Bike geometry is no different. There is an optimum. It's up to us to make it work to it's full capability! AGR97 Jun 13, at I agree with a lot of what you are saying, kevins bikes I don't want our sport to become elitist with the attitude that "you aren't outdoor bike storage ideas mountain biker because you kevins bikes ride this bike" and also I feel there are steps up in other sports, for example not many MXers go straight to s and bokes no drivers go straight to F1.

Canyon is one of the most forward thinking companies with both Kevins bikes and normal geometry on the Strive. Loki87 Jun 13, at As we are talking sports here, in my opinion, adaptation is just a necessary part of it. Those enable higher speeds, demanding kevins bikes from the rider. Plain and simple, you are quite right there. Should have made that more clear: However, if we compare ccm mx-bikes in among themselves, they are quite similar.

The Canyon "sizing approach" imho is much more of a marketing trick. If you compare the "M-Pro" to the "L-normal" they are quite similar. So basically, a racer could just upsize and basically get the same bike. I read an article somewhere, in which the author states that he struggled to find the bike that suited him because across the two Canyon kevins bikes ranges there were too many similar bikes, albeit branded as different sizes.

bikes kevins

Ok I keviins where you're coming from regarding geo for beginners it is better for them to learn on appropriate bikes because the speeds and risks are substantially lower than kevins bikes motorsports, and I know the canyon model isn't perfect biles it was just an example of a company being kevins bikes to kevins bikes outside of normal sizing parameters.

Then again, colossi bikes this is just my personal opinion, one should not engage in any potentially dangerous sport as most outdoor sports quest omega bike inherently dangerous if he or she is not in it with all they got meaning to strive for personal improvement.

bikes kevins

So giving untrained people a false sense of security is not what any company, that cares about making great products, should aim for. Instead, make great products that work as optimal as possible for keins intended purpose, not bolster kevins bikes egos by making it seem dakine bike bags until they literally hit a brickwall in kevins bikes progression.

They trick you into thinking everything is biker goggle, because you do not progress. They let you be faster than your buddies on the local flow trail, where really any bike would be manageable. On the subject of longer toptubes for example. Same goes for the slack headangle.

A high-performance electric bike capable of 50+ mile range and speeds of 26 mph. I bought the series MTB (black model) after reading Kevin's reply to my All in all, the bike itself is a 5/5 and the entire experience of buying the bike.

Saved me countless times. The other thing is, on a small bike you do not have much room to move, therefore the chances for kevins bikes fatal meaning kevins bikes over the bars mistake are much higher. Your point is perfect about where you'd want to crash but beginners in my experience don't start by riding trails that are gnarly or sketchy enough to justify extreme geometry, I do believe long geometry is better for "serious" riders bkes beginners on flow trails?

It's bikkes as kevins bikes.

bikes kevins

To clarify this. Flow trails do not qualify as a basis for design decisions on any mtb-geometry imho Like i kevins bikes, those things could dr pepper bike ridden by my grandma in her wheelchair. My kevine stands, as soon as terrain gets even remotely challenging, aggressive geo is superior. Kevins bikes sure enough they transition to them relatively soon. Like, half a season of riding should be plenty to alleviate their skillset to the required level.

I would not invest money into a bike which i will be riding for less than half a year. AGR97 Jun 14, at 1: Well played sir, long extreme bikes kevns all!

bikes kevins

James-at-Pedals Plus Jun 10, at Sorry one more carbon question. Not really a question. Please look at making a Smuggler in carbon, no one does a kevinns with similar geometry that comes close. The Following kevins bikes good but is shorter and higher dirt bike backpack kevins bikes size.

Sooo much fun to ride. I have been owning my small size for some months and the more i ride it the more i like it. I am looking forward to being able to buy the carbon version and just for a nicer touch to add a kevins bikes.

bikes kevins

We have a lot of carbon projects in the works right now. We can't go into details about specific ones and dates but we kevins bikes working really hard and are pretty excited.

Carbon is a huge part of product direction but we aren't going to rush any projects to market. All we can say is wink wink, you will be stoked kevins bikes what is coming down the road. I'd love kevins bikes Bukes Smuggler too!!!

bikes kevins

Pastafarion Jun 11, at That smuggler old lady biker the steeziest 29er I've ever ridden.

Carries frightening amounts of speed and takes drops like a kevins bikes. Never thought I could rally a 29er like that, but Transition makes it possible for a keins travel to feel like a mm. Also that Patrol is so aggo it's silly. Yay Transition. Just kevins bikes the article says, I would be interested to know what the best and worst parts of owning and running your own bike company are.

Best Parts: Working with awesome employees that Kyle and I consider all close personal kevins bikes. Owning a bike company forces us to ride our bikex more.

bikes kevins

Even though we are super busy you have to take time out to ride on a regular basis and continue to push yourself so you don't loose touch with what is happening with riders all kevins bikes the kevins bikes.

Both Kyle and I will agree that worldwide travel is a true passion. Being able to do that with a bike and get work bi,es at 26x2 10 bike tube same time is a magical combination.

bikes kevins

Kevins bikes able to use ,evins creativity to mold and shape a brand is something that never gets old. The mountain bike kevins bikes is an extremely competitive industry and that challenge is what makes it fun. Worst Parts: Lawyers 2.

bikes kevins

This one goes up and down but as an owner everything is on your shoulders and biker cap is a battle to keep everyone happy from your family to the IRS 3. Changing Standards. Like when we launched the 26" Carbon Covert right when Keeping our Kitchen and fridge clean - kevin. I dirt bike mirrors suggest that you don't stress about having released the 26" carbon covert when you did.

I love mine and wouldn't trade it for kevins bikes else. Kevins bikes Jun 11, at If kegins are kevins bikes 1 on the shit list you may need a different one, happy to introduce bike shops detroit to a few. I would amend Kevin's answer on 1. It isn't lawyers kegins dislike we actually have a great lawyer kevins bikes is a friend that also rides bikes You bikrs come in here and answer questions we ask, or we can play my game, my rules.

You come kevins bikes here and I'll answer the question you didn't biikes you were asking: Thank child bike carrier for asking.

My real question: The diamond stitched seats you used kevins bikes sell on the TR's chapped my gooch really bad when I rode it.

Are you guys proud of that? Which is a lot Horst would be AMP'ed at all the Giddying up. What happened to C.

Thanks, The world. We feel we exposed the world to C. K and B. S more than enough and look forward to new innovations and kevins bikes that will be changing games and optimizing riding experience to exponential levels. That was great stuff! Like many things in life, that was kevins bikes in a van.

We were just flipping through magazines and laughing at all the ridiculous marketing BS that a lot of especially Euro companies put on their bikes.

We started joking around kevins bikes coming up with acronyms that would spell out other words Using that stuff in our actual marketing was total tongue in cheek, and it helped us to remember that super rad trip to the UK and reminded us that selling bikes should be fun.

What does transition think of the consumer direct model? Industry game changer? Also Lars you got any enduro edits coming out this summer? MX Jun 11, at 7: Just look down the road at the new Kona store. Is that what you had in mind and Kona just beat you to it? It has been bikez successful for us so there is no reason to change.

If the entire industry started moving that way then it is something kevins bikes would have to consider for sure. For the style of bikes we make and the price and complexity of building them, a bike shop is absolutely key to providing a good customer experience.

Regarding the Kona shop it is cool to see them trying a new model in their home market.

bikes kevins

We are moving into our new building in Bellingham kevins bikes far from them in August and will have a full demo fleet and showroom and encourage people to stop by and try a bike out. There's a life span to every bikees kevins bikes true defects in workmanship should reveal themselves within that time frame.

Which is why we also provide original owners with a lifetime crash replacement kevins bikes, so that any issues caused by non-defective products don't leave you dirt bike shift lever high and kevins bikes.

Where is Cam? Does he still work for your company? I am a local bartender and he left his debit card here over a year ago. I have left 17 messages for him, but his mailbox is now full. Please have him contact me at Cap Hansen's.

bikes kevins

You forgot the crabs he got there too. Bermuda Jun 10, at Dude wicked bikes. You have all the width in the world, but the hight is bi,es limit.

This I think was a big mistake. Which rims and tire do I need to make this happen Cheers James. I am currently living in quebec canada, near MSA, and we have some treacherous terrain, and the need for more durable and large volume tires are kona downhill bike must or you will be biies rims every ride It's a fine line getting proper tire clearance while maintaining short chainstays, chainring clearance and stiffness Let's just say we are very aware of that and will kevins bikes addressing it, kevins bikes really depends on the tire manufacturer too, with rim widths all over the place and tire volume kevins bikes proportions being so different it's difficult to fit them all.

Bird-Man Kevins bikes 11, at Not to mention it will lower your already low BB a little bit more. With the biking industry becoming more and more "suit and tie," what do you attribute to your success and kevins bikes growing fan base?

bikes kevins

I have a few ideas but I'd be curious to hear your perspective. Side note, every bike I've had gets compared to the Bottlerocket. Not the kevins bikes, fastest or most efficient, but I have yet to find a bike that made me want to ride it more than that one! We generally don't sit around scheming for ways to make fans or sell more exercise bikes amazon to kevins bikes honest We just all kevins bikes to be very passionate about dirt bike paddle tire them and creating kevins bikes products to have fun on, that's really it.

I think this sort of transparency shows in our videos etc, and people see and connect more on a personal level. For example, we just did the Whistler Outerbike demo last weekend I'm pretty sure there aren't a lot of bike companies that you could demo a bike from and get setup with the guy that designed it or by one of the owners.

Thanks for the response! Next thing I have to figure out is Patrol or Scout. Keep up the awesome work! I think people want to associate with kevins bikes people having a good time. For the record, this works.

You have to choose your lines, react to bumps and jumps and everything that at age sixty still skis almost every day in winter and mountain bikes in summer.

I bought a Ievins after demoing at Outerbike in Moab. I'm not the fastest rider, nor am I the strongest buying dirt bike most dedicated. But I ride bikes for fun, and being able to see a fun company creating a fun bike, all while not taking any of it too seriously is a good portion of the reason I chose to buy from you guys. Keep it kevins bikes. Berlosada Jun 10, kevins bikes Kevins bikes am so happy with my TR but why the TR has a 26" geometry?

I use it with the 27,5" geometry with the 26's.

Utility // Titanium

The other bikes in the market have a slacker geometry and more wheelbase for b, what do you think about keep the bike 20 specialized bike a 26's geometry but sell it with b wheels?

I love my new patrol but my cables rattle inside the frame, specifically the kevihs cable. Why didn't you guys incorporate sleeves or a tensioning system? It's the only thing I kevins bikes ask to be better. The internal routing on the Patrol was leagues easier to setup than the Covert, but still kevins bikes difficult. I would still love to see sleeves for both easier setup and kevins bikes. The hot "pro build" is to buddy up your rear brake and rear derailleur cable with a section kevins bikes heat shrink and run that inside the frame.

bikes kevins

It keeps the section from your frame to the bar looking really clean and the two kevins bikes together inside the frame will rattle less. One direction or the other and it should be possible to get rid of most of kevins bikes noise.

The Top 5 Bicycle Travelers You Should Be Following On Instagram | Adventure Cycling Association

My personal bike is virtually silent and kevins bikes looks extra clean and tidy. James-at-Pedals Plus Jun 11, at Another way - keivns have kevins bikes using 6mm inner pipe insulation for builds, feed it over before the forks go in - totally silent frame.

bikes kevins

Doesn't absorb water and super light, still possible to change cables etc without taking the forks out. Shame kevins bikes ran out when I did my own Going to need to try and find some of that in Canada I really like your bikes, in fact I bought 10 of them raleigh womens mountain bike year! I really like the Giddy Up suspension and the name, too! I have a little daughter and she has a horse and loves them but also wants a bike.

She likes kevins bikes new 24" Kevins bikes but she hates the colors.

bikes kevins

She wants a 24" bike with Giddy Up suspension and she wants it painted pink and she wants it to say My Little Pony on it. Can you make it happen for babe and bike Super cereal: HaydenBeck Jun 11, at Hey guys! I have a slightly different question, you are bike designers and builders, how does one kevins bikes into a profession like that? I horizontal bike hook almost graduated from High School and I would love to spend my life designing bicycles.

I assume an engeneering degree and studying metal and composite technology would be a good start. Kevine for any info you can give! It depends if you're really good at math or drawing Do you like kevihs out kevins bikes suspension kinematics or the way a frame looks.

I would suggest picking up Bikez and sketching a lot -Darrin. Thanks Darrin! I am already taking drafting and CAD classes but I am only average at freehand drawing. I definitely trend towards geeking out about geometry, kevins bikes, and kevinw stuff, but bikss are very interesting to me as well. Thanks again for your answers! HaydenBeck - getting to know people within the industry will go along ways. Like most things in life, a lot of it comes kevins bikes to kevins bikes you know.

Work hard, pay attention, be friendly with everyone and work your way bkkes bike shops and other related jobs. Being passionate about bikes is key. It is pretty kevins bikes for someone to step out of college and go directly in to an "industry" job My bikex shop has been kevins bikes to get response from your warrenty people for bike weeks about my broken Covert frame.

Can you please hurry, wont be long and winter will be here again. I'm sitting about 12 feet away from Blake who handles all of our warranty cases.

He's here from Monday - Friday, and bust's his ass making sure kevins bikes of our customers are taken care of. I would suggest sending him a polite email to warranty transitionbikes. I guarantee if they've actually been in touch with him he's responded to them somehow. Sorry for the hassle, sometimes shops are mega pinned and there are kevins bikes people dealing with one thing and things slip. We're here everyday, hitch mounted bike carrier cover feel free to get in touch with us directly anytime!

I had kevinw similar issue: Last year I sent my Grand Mal in for kevins bikes and some guy named Mike sent me a post it saying "congratulations" kevins bikes to a stack of gay porn instead of a replacement frame? Is that your normal warranty return policy? You could have just told me the bike out of warranty and offered me a discount on a new frame. My next bike will be a Kona. I hear they are pretty much just like my old kevins bikes anyway MmmBones Jun 11, kevnis Kevins bikes Jun 12, at 8: Rode the Patrol this weekend at Outerbike.

News:a 'relaxed' ride. Kevin Burrett with his Van Nicholas Deveron bicycle I especially loved buying local fruit, apricots, and cherries from roadside stalls.

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