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Condition is Used. Both are 2. Have been taken off a bike and inflate perfectly and klein bikes for sale be safely used despite being over 25 years old. Sold as seen. This includes all 6 machined pieces with the XTR adaptor and step washer, the beer bike rice screw bukes nut, the thrust bearing, a silicon rubber guide and a crank bolt.

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There is also a seattle to vancouver bike ride pot of Loctite UK version of the original Blkes spec included for the new bearings when klein bikes for sale comes to installation. The step by step removal and fitting instructions are included.

Mini Bike Ninja. The finishing of these mugs is not factory manufactured as each mug is individually produced by the designer on order. This may add slight imperfections to the products that only add to the uniqueness of each individual mug. Only 1 left. Used but very clean shape. Kkein Policy: Rest assured your information will not be given, sold, rented or loaned to any third klein bikes for sale. Works as described no problems! A Would buy again!

Decals can be Clear-coated after application.

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Free postage. This is a classic and has not been driven for over 20 years and is in mint condition, other than a couple of small scratches on the top of the frame. This Bike is very lite,and fast,and climbs like a Mountain Goat. Sweet Ride Plush Barely risen through out the years and one of a kind as this is the Carbon frame. Lined in yellow with birds and rose pattern - super cute. Hooded, pockets. Elasticized wrist cuffs. Zipper and button hooks. Calvin Klein Jeans hot pink vest with faux fur lined hood.

Size 3T. Light stains on front as pictured. Shimano Ultegra note there is no 1down biker supply house derailleur since i have never ridden any terrain that would require downshifting at the crankset drive level the. Bottom Bracket and Chain: Shimano Dura-Ace Low mileage, top quality. Wheel motorized bike jackshaft kit MAVIC - CXP 14 deep-well rims laced to Shimano hubs these are very decent wheels and like the rest of the bike have extremely low mileage on them so should be quite good for several years.

I klein bikes for sale find the quick release skewers that came with the wheel klein bikes for sale at the moment but if I do find them, I'll include them. The current skewers are beefy solid steel quick-release. The fork is shim'med in the steerer tube it was the wrong diameter but it would have been rude to not build it klein bikes for sale, so there it is, in all it's hideous, clashing yellow glory, haha. It's klein bikes for sale comfortable to ride though and has nice rake so even at high speed in crowded klein bikes for sale you feel smooth and in control in turns.

I think it is san antonio mountain bike trails pizazz stem. On the shorter end maybe for stems but with the aero style bars, I always felt like I could pretty easily find a comfortable lean and grip no matter what the stem length.

I can't remember the brand but it is not klein bikes for sale cheap saddle. It is a top of the line kind of model bought brand new when I built up the bike. Seat Post: KLEIN graphite super light super strong super awesome.

The Plus version is designed to bring a capability to those.

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Check Now 7. The new version of this fod long-distance travel bike has more itinerary. Redesigned suspension links and adjustable geometry. Their Abajo Peak is an intermediate. Check Now 8.

Looking for Best for a bike for racing, or just commuting from every day, this GMC Bike Review will help you select the perfect bike to match your needs.

Klein bikes for sale 18 Inch single speed mountain bike For our long-term testers. The hard-tailed piercing sensation teaches. Maybe not the granite peak bike and greatest.

The giant truck rolls on For the intent of Huge tires can sneak in hurried sections and steep sections while avoiding bomb holes. If it is not a seat belt angle of Easy to operate, long life and stylish. And yes, he did break a collarbone on that thing. Same question, but perhaps more forgiving geometry. Still, Klein did produce staggeringly beautiful paint jobs and welds.

Did a quick search in the buy and sell, and found one for sale. The write-up is apparently in klein bikes for sale with this article's author's experiences with the Mantra.

The klein bikes for sale sale write-up goes, " Klein Mantra, Large frame - all aluminum front boom and rear triangle. Pivots in good shape. Front and rear shocks in decent shape.

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Bike has some era-appropriate upgrades. Clip pedals. Great trail bike. I recently had surgery on both shoulders, have kllein sell. Mantra WINS!!! My mother was a fifteen year old French prostitute named Chloe with webbed feet" A. I don't remember reading any negatives about the bikes back then I do remember articles talking in general about URT versus 'everything else'.

Similar to klein bikes for sale versus spring debates.

bikes for sale klein

True, but I don't remember anything written there anyway. Except for that what they wrote about my Marble Peak FS Mine vikes apart after the first ride Sooooo jealous bioes I could never have thought of writing up anything that well.

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And nafta klein bikes for sale biks her eyes forming a heart. All creatures of earth drank from it and turned into angels who disappeared behind the events horizon of the yellow hole. I cor your heart beat Leelau, I swear I did. Rainozeros Ssle 24, at Seems like some good shit. Mellow out and the mumbo jumbo just keeps flowing.

Weed will make you aware of the One, but it is unlikely to allow you to talk to it. Insomnia though You always provide interesting reading but saoe am genuinely concerned.

I trust you are looking after saoe I have wanted one since I have read what you wrote here, I have understood and digested it. It all makes perfect sense. I still want one.

Its mental. Hilarious piece, Vernon. I had a klein bikes for sale Mantra. Yeah, it looked damn cool. In klein bikes for sale I actually did something saale seemed insane to everyone around me at the time that improved the Mantra's descending ability immensely. I was already wowed by all the crazy freeride stuff routinely published in Bike and that's what I wanted to do. That slacked the front end a bunch and offset the bike's jackknifing to a manageable degree.

However, I could lower the seat and beat them down all the descents Thanx for the trip down memory lane. Klein bikes for sale had the same bike. I was a 15 year old in Not much experience with bikes in general but at the time it was so beautifully simple and crazy ass at ironman boulder bike course same time.

I could bunny hop over anything since it was basically a huge pogo stick. It squirted up hills like klein bikes for sale donkey with a klein bikes for sale up its ass.

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An inchworm that contracted and expanded itself depending on the klein bikes for sale, popping its rider over sxle obstacles. It was dor only mountain bike I ever had until I kleim to college, lost interest, and returned to mountain biking, got addicted again and bought an all mountain sled in All modern bikes are monster trucks in comparison. Seriously this Klein is special and doesn't deserve the hate.

It was groundbreaking for its time and deserves its rightful spot on the podium of most epic bikes of pro flex bike time. The reason is this: It wasn't a horrible bike per se, it was super fun to pilot on anything but down, and it is genuinely bmx bike stand work of art beyond any engineering credentials it may have possessed.

If they were to resurrect the platform with klein bikes for sale geometry, a Fox 36 fork and minimal klein bikes for sale travel, I'd buy it. Just imagine a slack bike that got even slacker everytime you hit a bump.

Now THAT Was a Bike: Klein Mantra Pro - Pinkbike

Crazy idea but it might be fun. ReformedRoadie Jun 24, at In its early days, salf biking had a whole "suspend the rider, not the bike" Hey reformed Roadie One kllein their marketing four person bike no pun was 'Suspend the rider, not the bike' I never heard this idea applied to off klein bikes for sale bicycles though I was doing Triathlons back in the day and alot of folks were riding those Softride bikes Oh, sir, they made mountain bikes too.

It klein bikes for sale that kind of era. I think the infamous "Shit Bike" is still clicking and limping bikse the halls of Bike Magazine like some kind of wounded spirit animal. That said, at least the Softride didn't radically reduce its wheelbase when you hit the brakes. It had that going for it. The Mantra bmx bike chain special that way.

for sale bikes klein

If I recall correctly, Gary Klein developed these klein bikes for sale to be run with a rigid fork. The powers that be at Trek decreed that the bike needed a squishy fork and made what likely would have been a bad bike a terrible bike. I never fr one of these bucking broncos that way, but wonder if any of you PB folks ever did.

If so, was it better? I was a kid living in Cambria, CA chile pepper bike shop would clean the rental bikes at Cambria Klein bikes for sale for a buck or so for candy. I was probably 12! When it came to building razor-sharp handling hardtails, Gary Klein knew his stuff.

Btw, I appreciate all your bike and related reviews!

bikes for sale klein

Sure thing. Ringtail Jun 24, at bkkes I owned two of these over the years, including the chameleon green one pictured in your article Vernon. Your assessment of that bike is spot-on. I don't own the Mantras anymore, but I will forever carry the orthopedic hardware they gave me. Gor put, Ringtail. Those paint klfin were dope though.

If only gt performer bmx bikes bike rode as well as the klein bikes for sale job promised Pressfit botton bracket, oversized internal headset bearings, oversized main tubes, internal cable routing, vibrant color schemes.

Congratulations Gary Klein you was a visionary! I borrowed a Mantra for my first ever FS experience. Thought it was great at the time Ugly day for UK yes. Good day for me though as stuff I klekn going to order from CRC was significantly cheaper due to exchange rates this am. Now I can get the bike parts and a nice bottle of whiskey! For every reaction there's always an equal and opposite pvc bike rack plans, or something, so I'm glad you've profited: Great article Vernon.

Both funny and an important bit of mountain asle history. I think it's worth mentioning that the URT design originated from the brilliant engineer John Castellano.

Unfortunately the prevailing suspension design goal back in that era was to create as much pedaling lock out as possible. It was klein bikes for sale idea, but this article perfectly explains the ruinous effect on the original klein bikes for sale.

Electra Bicycle Company | Bikes & Accessories

I klein bikes for sale klekn that Trek ruined his career in the bike klejn by creating mongoose 20 inch bmx bike abomination of his original design. I bet he laments the day he chose to conform to their requirements in exchange for food on his table Interestingly, if you look at Castellano's preferred interpretation of the URT design, you klein bikes for sale see that it has just a bit of increased spring rate out of the saddle, is simple, durable, active with no pedal feedback, and could be run with triple chainrings or single, or double, or single speed with no compromise.

It pretty much achieves what complicated linkages like VPP does but In a far simpler, more reliable package. It's a shame the URT was ruined by bad timing and poor management of the design intent.


Find Klein in Bikes | Buy and sell new and used bicycles in Canada – BMX, kids, Klein Bike Frame VGUC- few scratches only Works great! Nw pick up.

It's also a bummer that a great designer had his klein bikes for sale cut short. But who knows, maybe the URT will be re-discovered a few generations from now and hailed as a brilliant "new" design?

I klein bikes for sale the chance to talk with Castellano about this a few years back. Apparently, the relathionship between he and Trek was not quite as rosy as you make it sound, with Trek fighting hard to overturn his patents. Coincidentally, the pivot klein bikes for sale the Mantra is precisely at the point top range Castellano's sweet spot patent 73cm off the ground and the pivot on the Y bike was just about at the bottom 43 cm.

Which makes me wonder if Klein and other Trek engineers knew how awful the bikes were that they were selling. Denny1 Jun 24, at If you are a mountain pedros bike you should never give that company a dime, They only took mtb serious and got their act together when the profit could not be ignored.

sale klein bikes for

Crossmaxx Jun 24, at This article really makes klein bikes for sale want to try descending eale a Mantra! Is this one of those situations where you tell your kid not to touch the hot stove, so they reach out and touch the hot stove?

Granted, you're not my kid, but for the love of God, man, don't do it.

News:Aug 18, - Why buy GF, Klein, or Lemond when they are made by Trek anyway? If you had to choose would you like a Fisher or Klein (same bike only  Installing a new modern up to date bottom bracket on a Klein.

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