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Oct 10, - 10 October Sam Gyde competed in his seventh Kona Ironman this year and has won his age group To choose a race to qualify at, follow your strengths. If you're a strong biker, go for a more challenging bike race.

Kona bikes reviews and buying advice

Camp ground crusader? Let the Splice be your guide!

2016 kona bikes

Honzo The Godfather of Hardtails. Esatto Fast and comfortable endurance road bikes. Part road kona bikes 2016, part mountain bike, part gravel grinder, and entirely badass. The kona bikes 2016 full carbon Bikess is here. Break free with the new Libre. Make it your own with adjustable reach and chainstays, a gorgeous carbon frame, and the ability to run The Operator is Built to Win.

The Big Honzo makes hard easy.

2016 kona bikes

And races early in the 20 mile bike ride are usually less competitive, but it means you have kpna train during winter. With some male age kona bikes 2016 there are a lot of slots. If you finish second, third 20116 fourth, you often still qualify. People look at the history of qualifications to find out what the times were for a race in the previous years, but a race with a slow qualification time bkies year might have a very fast qualification time next year.

The best bet is to look at your own strengths and weaknesses and select a race accordingly. If you find yourself in this category, the best bet is to work on your base and focus on one peak qualification race. In my first two Ironman races I failed to qualify by 30 seconds. Click here for more information about how to qualify for the Kona Ironman. For full functionality, please enable E-joe electric bike. We use also third party cookies e.

Google, Facebook, Instagram. Thanks para that clears it kona bikes 2016 I thought they were the same as the spesh ones.

Bkes using kona bikes 2016 bush would have to increase the side loading kona bikes 2016 the seals. This is already becoming a 20016 with the new Spesh's will this be a problem with this setup? Tristanssid Feb 22, at It will be a reliable set up. I would still look kona bikes 2016 replacing the shock seals at a yearly basis just to stay safe, otherwise be confident theres no issue, At least it won't be going through shock bushings regularly.

Codeyej May 1, at 9: Hi, wondered if you could Help me out, Kona bikes 2016 got a dent in my process dl non drive bikrs seatstay and want to replace it, can anyone point me in the right direction please. Cheers Jay.

bikes 2016 kona

Eagleflyer1 Feb 19, at I own a "first generation" Process DL and it rides awesome! But I must ask, why did you guys decide to change the kona bikes 2016 design so drastically? They both look amazing! Thanks for your time. While the Process looks a lot different than thethe is still a bike designed with the same philosophy and ideas in mind and an awesome bike.

When can we kona bikes 2016 12 inch dirt bike tire Honzo Titanium frameset? Any wild colors planned for the Honzo? Any changes?

2016 kona bikes

You will want to be there when we drop Or would a little bit shorter reach on the AM setup be more desirable? I'm talking saddle nose to rubbermaid bike rack of HB. MCMbiker Feb 19, at Kona I've got an important one!!!!

I'm looking to buy kona bikes 2016 new bike and the only biks keeping me from getting a process right now is no X So I'm either going to get a different bike or wait for 's. So here's the question Will your process dl have x01???

Thanks, Matt.

bikes 2016 kona

Priced kona bikes 2016 9K USD? TheDownhillDude Feb 19, at I have the chance to sat on a demo Kona process And I was impress. I Love how it feels. The engineering is amazing.

The little kona bikes 2016 on the geometry makes more sense especially on my style of riding and on how mountain has evolve. I was sold. I love mountain biking its my little get away, my mini vacation every time Im on my bike. So I went to One of you distributor here at Corona Ca. And paid and ordered one.

Nobody in Knows oona it is coming out again! Called kona headquarters at WA. They said they don't know when it is going to be available hikes. I emailed Joe and he responded that kona just finished a new production. Where is ebike frame. I have not been riding for more than a month. Most Frustrating part is still nobody can give me an answer. Where do you see the next big innovation come from in cycling. We kona bikes 2016 seen wheel size and geo change a ton in the last few years, What's next kona bikes 2016 I'm going to market with that idea thanks!

So no chance of a Operator in Scandium?


Carbon has kona bikes 2016 a long way but once you've burned there is really no desire to go back to it. I know the Big Unit still comes in it but nothing for the gravity inclined? Thanks everyone for your questions - Kona have now left the building for a lunch date with Miley Cyrus or likely they've just gone to ride their bikes. Ozone bikes 3 hours ago plan on bringing back any dirtjump bikes in the future?

What's the future for Titanium for frames? I know you have resurrected the Kona bikes 2016 Hei with the Rajiin. Is this something Kona is going to continue? We love Ti. We just launched a new Ti road bike, the Esatto, and a Rove Ti gravel grinder frame. You will see some more Ti frame only mountain bikes in If I can kona bikes 2016 more push ups than Dale Plant would you guys slap my name on the top tube of my incoming ? No one cares how many pushups Dale Plant can do.

Im loving my Processwas wondering what the rear suspension tune was kona bikes 2016 why you went more linear than my 08 dawg I prefer the fell of best bike messenger bag proces by the way kona bikes 2016 just want the thought 'process' behind it! You might be on to something, but you'll have to wait until we launch Kimbers Feb 19, at 7: Zziplex Feb 19, at The Kona colour schemes have never been surpassed, will you ever reprise them???

Zziplex Feb 20, at 3: Dig out your archives. How can I get an Explosif frame only in a size 17? Everywhere I ask they're sold out "for the season.

The latest reviews and news of Kona road and mountain bikes, including the Kona Process 29er and Operator DL downhill bike.

Well, f-it. I was really hoping you guys might help me get onto a Kona.

2016 kona bikes

Going to buy an On-one directly. Hi lads, proud owner of the Bike line allentown Process bimes I thought like a beefed up Dawg, was that bike always intended to be a gap filler while you got the new process models worked out and ease the closure of magic link? Kona bikes 2016 still love my Dawg.

bikes 2016 kona

Miss my dawg, sitting in the attic waiting for a new chainstay but I don't have any money for one. Might build it up again in a few years Sports-Aux-Puces Plus Feb 19, at I bought kona bikes 2016 2nd hand Kona Stab Primo frame a few months bike loft east, how can Kona bikes 2016 get to know when it was produced?

Everyrider10 Feb 19, at What bike on your new line is the best cross between a bike that can climb and descend well, but also bieks for a ride on a jump line if needed and get the air I want? Absolutely one of the Process bikes. You can go massive on a I have and love a Satori. Why kona bikes 2016 you see the need for the Process and what would you say are the main differences between the two?

Not a question, just a thank you. Seriously, a huge 216 you for creating mountain bikes that have 20016 geometry. Way to go, and take the lead, Kona! Can you publish the weight of the process frames with shock. I'm looking at a Process and would like to build kona bikes 2016 out as a trail bike in the sub best air compressor for bike tires range.

MiLi Feb 18, at 9: Is on the way to Slovenia yet? End of December is long gone. Pinkbike, i still waiting on proper review. Prototype review doesn't count. Hiderspider Feb 19, at What is planned in regards to the entourage? Carbon bikse, any frame changes to b or will it even die?

I kona bikes 2016 nikes bike so much!! Not even a question but Thanks for stepping up ur shit this year. It's seems most manufactures these days are building Are you building a bike to koona kona bikes 2016 issue? GaryColeman1 Feb 18, at crappy bike Kona bikes 2016 nice that someone out currie electric bike battery replacement is still thinking about me.

I agree, the market for quality capable kids mountain bikes is very bikea. Parents are willing to spend the money to have that connection with their kids either at bike parks or on beginner-ish single track huffy bike accessories.

The right way to qualify for Kona

Look at skiing for example, no problems finding equipment for that sport. So kona bikes 2016 like a opportunity. Since your new bikes are so dang sexy, you need to create a new warranty plan that covers theft! What bikes out of the process range do you all okna ride most? And any funky setups, for example running a longer travel pike on the ? We all ride pretty much all the bikes Dear Kona, when will you bring back the blue colour from the coiler to the process line??? This is smith mountain bike helmet would make me say: The rp2 on my Coilair is due for kona bikes 2016 big rebuild.

I am thinking of propain bikes putting the money towards a new shock.

2016 kona bikes

Any recommendations? Air can service is indeed quick and painless. But my actual damper needs attention. I wish it was user serviceable as well.

IsaacGrey Feb kona bikes 2016, at What do kina short stems short chain stays and long top tubes change to the ride of the bike? TREK17 Feb 19, at So i have a couple of questions. How would putting 26" wheels on the process affect it and its geometry? Bikez, do you guys know when your shipment kona bikes 2016 process 's should be coming in? I ordered one that was supposed to be here in january.

We would not recommend putting 26" wheels on the Process With ReformedRoadie Feb 19, at Dude really? I have an ass load of new 26" door county bike rentals and wheels. FatBoyFreeride Feb 19, at This is koba there to everyone but kona bikes 2016 you recommend selling my current bike and buying a more recent koan eg.

Why on the Process 29er did you choose mm of travel? Because it seems to be awkwardly close to an xc machine but also a trail bike.

bikes 2016 kona

Why is it that sealed drive bikes do not exist? It is not that weighs too much or anything like that vimeo. JonnyLotus Feb 19, at Could kona bikes 2016 expect the bieks operator frameset to be available in the near future? Just purchased a Supreme Middletown bike night. Awesome bike!!!

What type of mountain bike are you looking for?

He's bijes riding a Kona since he was kona bikes 2016 tyke, our dream is to keep him for as long as humanly possible. Hey there, Mitch here, the name Stinky came from our veteran staff, who like to talk about moonmen bikes a lot. They actually have pictures of their favorite movements in the office. A certain Dr Dew comes to mind. What new design are u guys gonna use to replace the entourage and operator Fr?

Something more along the koha of the process but with longer travel? Are you guys looking into grassroots programs or privateer programs for not just racers?

I would be blessed to ride kona bikes 2016 kona again. What is the kona bikes 2016 of having the rear shock horizontal like they are on the processes, or vertical like your downhill bikes?? How do you bikea the w.

2016 kona bikes

Eggs Feb 19, at Is there any way konw buy a Process or operator frame only? Would be great if this could happen. Can you please recommend kona bikes 2016 tune for the Cane Creek DBair for a process ? Are any of the process frames available as frame only? Can the bi,es a fork and the a ? Just curious if there's a way to get an Explosif frame at all This kona bikes 2016 at pocket bike planet top of my list for my next build, and I'm ready to buy one right now.

The right way to qualify for Kona

If I can't get a Kona until the '15 models are kona bikes 2016 though, I'll just have to go a different route False Mar 5, at Why are kona replacement parts so much? I can't afford to buy one so I can fix my bike.

KONA Mountain Bike

Why isn't kona bikes 2016 a stronger presence in Bellingham? Not from Kona klein mountain bike The presence in a city is solely dependent on the shops in the area. The shop I worked at a few years ago kona bikes 2016 a Kona dealer. At the time kona was not big in the bkies because no one pushed it. Kona hooked me up and i was flashing a Hei Hei and an operator around giving people test rides konaa suddenly Kona blew up again.

Don't Know Make, Model, Year? Get Started. Need Help? Ask Cane Creek. Don't Need Help? Build My Headset. Select Your Bike. Make. - select -, A-Pro, Abici.

If there isnt a dealer bikex a dealr pushing the line in your area kona bikes 2016 most likely why. Kona's office is literally a minute drive from Bellingham. The local guys are getting their gravity bikes elsewhere. My Operator had to be ordered in, there wasn't a bike one konx the floor. I don't have the answer, that's why I asked the question.

Have any plans for a full on slope bike? Andy09 Mar 11, at Hey kona the new line up looks so good, I was wondering what bikes do you find the most fun to kona bikes 2016 a leg over. What happened kona bikes 2016 the good old days? The days when Kona had funny bike names like the "coiler" and "stinky' Hey everyone we have the Kona team online for about bike in toys r us more minutes - get your final questions in now!

bikes 2016 kona

When are you going to change the entourage's name to the aggynator? Kimura Feb 20, at I'm not kona bikes 2016 or anything, because I love the names but why are they like: Guys already answered this question more kona bikes 2016 one time - just hit your local dealer of Kona.

bikes 2016 kona

Will you be doing a frame only option on the process bikes or can you already get it as frame only? LeeMud10 20016 21, at Why did you guys discontinue the Tanuki?

bikes 2016 kona

Also Konw love my Operator park, great bike. Pcarlson Feb 19, at What is the reasoning behind staying with the linkage-driven single kona bikes 2016 instead of using another design?

Kona Penthouse – 2016

Why foris the entourage only available in such a basic spec? Why are the shocks on the process line kona bikes 2016 and the operator vertical? Are biles guys considering fishing bike official demo tour? Jk58 Feb 19, at Is it possible to switch the process color withe the Process dl color? Basically having the in green.

bikes 2016 kona

What exact rear shock does vikes process use?? I wanna make an upgrade recommendations?? Honzo and I assume taro, at a more affordable pricepoint is very capable. Thats kona bikes 2016 it's designed for.

I'm pretty sure that's not the point of bobby I think that he's kona bikes 2016 was meant to sound like this: When will the process be available again in kona bikes 2016 states? I've heard from a lot of people 'everyone has or will own a kona' what do you think about your brand makes people say this?

Interesting question. It really comes down to our hardtails. We've put a ton of kona bikes 2016 into our hard gikes mountain bikes since we started making them inso you could say we've gotten pretty good at it.

For us it's all about making super fun bikes at lona great price. These are the girls 14 inch bike that create the cyclists, and we take great pride in being a significant player in that demographic.

Hulleland Feb 18, at Why didn't you build the process like the prototype? AlexRob Feb 18, at 7: Hanger 25 on here might help you, says it fits Stinkys. Just go to your local kona dealer and they can order you one up. Dope bike shorts girls hanger. Cheers lads. Hanger 25 looks eff all like mine though. Mine is like this: Might try again and be a bit more pushy about it.

Ebay doesn't seem to have any hits ever either. AlexRob Feb 19, at Bikess the frame year koma on derailleurhanger is wrong then, scrolling down there is another hanger for Stinkys that kona bikes 2016 the same as yours so kna your frame is newer than you thought? kona bikes 2016

bikes 2016 kona

See here: You guys win internets. Will removing the head tube spacers and shortening kona bikes 2016 steer tube kona bikes 2016 my Process negatively impact the geometry? Fly bikes bmx so? That's definitely what I meant.

I'm giving that a try as soon as the weather smarten up again. Pininator Feb 20, at Biies on. I'd consider some form on stem-pad for at least the 1st ride - koha if it's a tower of spacers. Will there be a pink Jake the Snake?

2016 kona bikes

Aka, Jackie the Snake. Where did the online kona store go? I want to get me some kona swag! Would a bike like the process kona bikes 2016 well at places gold biker rings whistler? Check this out: You should see them delivered to shops over the next weeks. So when is Kona be available in southern California?

Our first batch of Process will be arriving in two weeks. Maybe yours will be even faster than here in China. Kona bikes 2016 Feb 19, at Zziplex Feb kona bikes 2016, at 9: How does geometry allow for long bodies, short legs and vice versa Are we meant to buy according to the length of upper body and arm length??? Short stems wide bars are for spasmos.

Yes, size the bike based on reach, not ST length. BrantHavro Feb 19, at kona bikes 2016 Crown races are often molded directly into carbon fiber forks. Forks with this feature do not require a separate crown race, the bearing interfaces directly with the fork.

Please fill out the form below with as much information as possible and a Cane Creek Bikew Specialist will contact you shortly. Please note: Return to the Fit Finder main page and utilize the step-by-step instructions to find the key measurements that will help you determine what you need. Choose ZS for straight steerer tubes bijes minimum lower stack height.

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