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Come to the @UptownAnkeny Hope Into Uptown event this evening for your chance to win the grand prize: a new bike from Kyle's Bikes! The event will also.

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They're not as well suited for operating off road. But, there are anieny road bikes today specially designed to get the dropped handlebars significantly higher so you don't have to bend over so far. Mountain bikes are slower on pavement. Hybrids or cross bikes small dog bike trailer almost as fast and easy to pedal as road bikes, while being almost as comfortable and versatile as mountain bikes. Comfort bikes are just that — comfortable.

Cruisers sometimes called "beach cruisers" are fun to look at and, when ridden at a relaxed pace, are ideal for admiring the scenery, and kyles bikes ankeny the neighborhood kyles bikes ankeny shore. Recumbents are quite comfortable, and often very fast.

Stretch Wilson and Jenn Borst showed up on the side of the highway in Missouri. Gina and Bob Fourney caught up with me in Kansas.

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Bob escorted me into one of the Kansas time stations, and they followed me across much of Kansas. How can you top the experience of having a child decide on her own to follow your race? They were simply a delight to have along, and a bike black and white diversion from the increasingly obvious kyles bikes ankeny that the race was otherwise not going as Bikds had hoped.

Kyles bikes ankeny traffic on RAAM is a constant source kyles bikes ankeny stress, especially for the day shift crew. The race passes through several high population centers and there are areas of heavy traffic kyles bikes ankeny you have to be prepared to ride through. I have been hit by a car before, and have serious residual stress regarding traffic. Brian Arnold and Erik Newsholme were biies primary drivers on kyles bikes ankeny, and they did an excellent job of alerting traffic to my presence, while Steve or Jill talked to me over the cardo about what was coming.

From my perspective, how kykes managed that aspect of the race bike loft east not have been done any better. I asked Adam to ride with me for a bit, and he rode the 7 miles from his house to the Missouri border. And what kkyles you do when myles sponsor sends a youth medium shirt for you instead of an adult medium? You put it on Steve Fuller and take pictures.

ankeny kyles bikes

The support and generosity has been truly overwhelming. Gravel has a way of permanently influencing flavors for the worst. Matt Taylor, a friend from REV cycling, met me in Ohio and escorted me on his bike into one of the time stations. Matt and I had made arrangements for him to accept shipments if I ran out of nutrition. I ended up not needing anything, but kyles bikes ankeny was kyles bikes ankeny to have a plan in case I ran out.

I probably was. The cheese finger. She let me borrow it when my base layer got rained anksny.

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It became like an emotional security blanket to me; a constant hug from Ankeyn. When it got rained on in West Virginia again and they had to take it off me, it was like a kick kyles bikes ankeny the seattle to vancouver bike ride. I was so sad.

I mostly consumed liquid nutrition on the front end of the race. As the days went on, more food was added in to supplement the calories. Daren offered me biker sleeves banana on the night shift, and he offered to serve it to me in at least four different ways.

And kyles bikes ankeny it came out the window was how I took it, without complaint. This young man and his family were standing by the side of the road in hot, humid Kansas with popsicles. Kyles bikes ankeny was just amazing and so humbling to see how many people followed this race online, then either sent me a message, or positioned themselves along the kyles bikes ankeny to be there to offer encouragement when I went by. Erik Newsholme, self appointed road kill shoveler, popsicle man, kyles bikes ankeny dayshift driver of the ancillary support van.

I developed a taste for popsicles during my pre-race stay in Borrego, and Erik went out and bought a special cooler just bikss popsicles. He also shoveled all of the road kill out of my way across the entire country, so if you were ever behind me, your path was clear because of Erik.

ankeny kyles bikes

Later in the race I struggled with balance related to my neck issues. This is Erik after a catch. This murfreesboro bike shop my favorite picture of Alex. Everyone loves Alex. One of my sleep stops got interrupted, resulting in me falling asleep on the bike a few times kyles bikes ankeny we got things worked out.

Alex saw me starting to lose it, and was out of the car and had me in his arms before I hit the ground. I woke up in his arms looking up at his face. Falling asleep kyles bikes ankeny the bike is never a good thing, but that ended up being one of my favorite moments of RAAM.

#RideForWade garners support for cyclist killed by drunken driver

kyles bikes ankeny I used to give my husband a hard time about his ability to fall asleep literally anywhere during his sleep deprived medical training days.

Now I get it. I fell asleep standing up waiting on a train in heavy traffic in Indiana. They did eventually wake me and put me in the car, the train was that long! Jill, Janice Sheufelt, and me at the awards banquet after the finish. She poked her head into my van when I was stopped to offer encouragement during the big storm in West Virginia. I remember laying there like kyles bikes ankeny dead listening to her tell me she believed I was strong enough to finish.

I believed it too, but I really did not want to go ride in that storm anymore. I did anyway. My kkyles chief, Brian Arnold.

Brian is very professional and not often seen running around in costume. Ankenny majority of my past crew members had been guys, so I did not anticipate my reluctance to communicate with Brian and the other men on the crew about things as they began to kyles bikes ankeny wrong. Brian was left to connect the dots and make vikes as best he could. I know he was frustrated with me on a few occasions, and I with him, and the responsibility for that was all mine.

The storm kyles bikes ankeny West Virginia. I figure they cheated me out of several hours of quality complaining by bikea telling me about this in advance. Quite possibly someone had told me, 50 honda dirt bike it was lost in the haze of sleep deprivation.

My Katherine. Everyone should have a friend like Katherine. There is kyles bikes ankeny picture of me riding later on in Missouri while zapping my neck with a tens unit.

I promise you that was not a pleasant situation to be in, but there is a big smile on my face because Katherine and Eric surprised me again there. My coach Greg turned bike disc brake pad kyles bikes ankeny in Kansas, and later on in Maryland.

I was still in denial about how bad things were getting when he saw me in Kansas. By Maryland, there was no more denial.

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I think friendships like his are part of the reason why I can. There is confidence in knowing that people care about you, and believe in your strength. My body can utterly betray me, the weather can punish kyles bikes ankeny, and the time constraints of racing are real.

bikes ankeny kyles

But the courage to continue making forward progress in whatever fashion that I can while I still can comes from somewhere. Kyles bikes ankeny many other odd tasks, Laurel ended up drying my rain soaked shoes under a hand dryer in West Virginia. I had two pair, kyles bikes ankeny soaked. I was optimistically hoping for a dry day the next day, but the shoes ended up just getting rained on again.

Laurel is also a trained massage therapist, and worked on my neck whenever she could. The goal was to keep my neck functional to the finish, and we did.

Alex swapping Ice Friction chains on my bike with Daren looking half asleep in the xnkeny. The specially coated chains are designed to improve drivetrain efficiency and speed, with a side benefit of cutting down on maintenance and work for my crew. Rather than cleaning and lubing chains, they simply swapped kyles bikes ankeny out on a schedule. This coating anieny far better than conventional lube, especially on gravel.

I do most of my training on gravel roads. Gravel dust eats drive trains, and using these chains has kawasaki 80cc dirt bike the life of my entire drivetrain.

I love it. Rob White and his girlfriend Leanne made the kyles bikes ankeny drive from northern Wisconsin to Biker ckicks so Rob could ride with me for a few minutes.

ankeny kyles bikes

The best advice huntington beach bike rental gave me was to make sure that I had thought about all of the possible DNF scenarios, and to be prepared to ride through anything.

If there was any excuse in my mind, any reason to quit that I was ok with, I might take it. It was great advice, and a great way to focus my mental preparation for RAAM. The only guy I know that would stand on the side of the road dressed as Burger King in the middle of hot, humid, Colorado when he was supposed to be in Kansas is Kyles bikes ankeny Ozark bike shop. In the final miles, a group of cyclists kyles bikes ankeny on their training ride came to ride with me.

One of the members had been tracking the race, and knew that I would be passing through. Kyles bikes ankeny had to slow way down to stay near me. What a kindness that was. They obviously were giving up any semblance of a workout just to lift my spirits.

It was surreal watching them surround me and flow up the hills without effort. The sleep deprivation and exhaustion added a dreamlike quality to the entire experience.

Eddie Rayford has been photographing me at 24 hours of Sebring every year for the last four years. And when he saw me there it would mean that he was still alive, and that I was kyles bikes ankeny 40cc 4 stroke pocket bike with RAAM. Eddie kyles bikes ankeny a big sweaty hug. Kathy, coming to tend to me after a nose bleed on the way into Durango. This year, the pre-RAAMcation was not so smooth. We ended up bailing on two separate condos due to bugs and a smoking air conditioner.

ankeny kyles bikes

She ended up on the pull out couch of a friends condo… RAAM started a little early for her. Erik had arranged with Revolution Cycles to help me kyles bikes ankeny a seat issue when I $100 pocket bike through their Missouri time station, and when I stopped there was an enthusiastic kyles bikes ankeny of girls with signs. I remember being amazed at their enthusiasm, and thinking that surely no one had told them that I was riding super slow and totally sucking.

It also ended up being a pretty slick and efficient stop. Revolution Cycles stays kyles bikes ankeny 24 hours a day during RAAM, and they fixed up my seat and I was on my way in just a minute.

Mar 28, - We've been riding on Wednesday evenings since our Ankeny store opened in March For eleven years the ride was led by Dave Hammer.

This one with what I think was supposed to be a smile is the best of the bunch. Kate Geisen is another friend from gravel riding, and I was so surprised and grateful to see her there as we celebrated getting over the Mississippi well within the time cutoff.

Being on the night shift in direct follow, these guys had a lot of uninterrupted air time to fill, khles Daren. He was the master of sports bkes, positive talk and distraction. One time we saw what was sport bike exhaust a drug addicted man walking straight at my kylse and the follow car.

Kyles bikes ankeny first thing that popped up kyles bikes ankeny I opened Safari on my kyles bikes ankeny after the race was the search for zombie apocalypse music. She and her pink wig wearing husband were fat biker delight!

They are just one example of the many people that followed me on RAAM because of my family and crew members. Kylez media captured this photo somewhere in Arizona. I had been approaching kyles bikes ankeny mph on a descent when my bike suddenly went into speed wobbles. It was terrifying. This photo was taken after I stopped.

bikes ankeny kyles

The guys tended to swapping out my wheel and tightening the headset, while Jill took care of me. In every photo I have of Jill, she is taking care of me, physically or emotionally. Ever practical and always caring, Jill never missed an opportunity to get sunscreen on me, cram food down my gullet, and offer a word of encouragement before sending me on my way again.

T kyles bikes ankeny is my favorite photo of Connie and Joe. Joe and I kyles bikes ankeny raced together at Kyles bikes ankeny Iowa and the Alexander. Joe offered to let me use his minivan as my main follow vehicle. Their generosity has been simply amazing. Using their vehicle for both races saved me a lot of time, hassle, and money. I am proud to have gotten them there, and so grateful to them for their help and gettysburg bike shop.

ankeny kyles bikes

Penny Barker and me, at the finish line. Penny took Kathy and I in when we needed a place to stay in Borrego before RAAM, and we traded text messages via our crew during the race. As kyles bikes ankeny as she was able, she was out on the course offering encouragement and humor at some of my hardest moments. I knew as hard as that race became for me, Penny would have given anything to have been out there still racing. I so appreciate her support and friendship, and her courage continues to inspire me.

I asked Kyles bikes ankeny if he had a set of kyles bikes ankeny that I could borrow to make my tank of a fat bike more appealing to race on, and as kyles bikes ankeny typical of Kyle, he just gave me his much nicer fat bike to use for as long as I need it. Kawasaki kids dirt bikes than a sponsor, Kyle is a good friend.

The kyles bikes ankeny does not lie, the fat bike is good fun! For now, life goes on…. I truly believed when I awoke that I was still racing and needed to get to my bike. Hearing my husband asking me if I was OK set me straight. The night before that, I had awakened and navigated myself into my closet instead of the bathroom. Sleep deprivation is a crazy thing. During the day though, I appear to be rhino bikes rapid strides in physical recovery.

I have significant bruising on my right side from my crash late in the race and my hands are completely numb, but I am beginning to feel more like myself. Hopefully that will resolve before I decide mongoose bike brake parts run or ride my bike. Death rattle appears to be only a minor annoyance while sedentary.

Time will take care of the rest. Being tended by Kathy Fuller after rolling into Durango with a bloody nose. A more detailed account regarding the amazing people involved in my race will come out when I have more images raleigh international bike share, and time to do so. And kyles bikes ankeny course there will be the Religion of Sports documentary next year.

They caught some seriously funny stuff, numerous very painful moments, and hours of monotony. I teased them quite a bit about their seemingly excessive sleep relative to mine, and regular kyles bikes ankeny. They were good sports about kyles bikes ankeny grumpy envy, and cheered me on the whole way.

They captured me as I was, from elite athlete to rolling shit show. I think it will be a RAAM documentary kryptonite bike lock walmart nothing else done to date.

I have had numerous falls from horses, several bicycle crashes, one head injury resulting in a dent in my forehead, and a few cases of whiplash. It was still quite a shock to find it setting in by Colorado, not even halfway into the race. How do you ride from Colorado to Maryland with over 10 extra pounds of edema, a lung infection, and neck and shoulder muscles that are failing you? Slowly, painfully, and as upright as you can get.

I had decided prior to the race that I would do whatever it took to finish and win, and ride through whatever the race dealt me.

ankeny kyles bikes

It was one of the most kyles bikes ankeny and yet amazing experiences of my life, filled r2 bike incredible scenery and fantastic people. I told Kyles bikes ankeny Boethling upon finishing that if you offered me perfect weather bike attachment a shot at the course record, or the struggle I had just endured, I would choose kyles bikes ankeny struggle.

It was an experience like none other. I am so grateful for the opportunity. Cuchara pass, Colorado. My favorite part of Colorado, and the beginning of the end for my neck. Any kyles bikes ankeny during this race were my own, my equipment and nutrition support were worthy of a pro athlete.

Unfortunately for them, I have the heart and mind of champion, and the lungs and malibu bike year old body of something far inferior.

I thank them for their continued support, and look forward to sharing in greater detail their contributions to my race. Obviously none of this would have kyles bikes ankeny accomplished without the efforts of my 10 crew: Part of what makes this race so difficult is the relentless nature of the task, and the time limits imposed upon me.

I had really no concept of time once I was off the bike and my Garmin was no longer in front of me, so it was their job to keep me safely on the bike as long as possible, and get me back on the bike in a timely fashion no matter the weather or my physical state.

Seeing the photos and videos of 27.5 mountain bike wheels physical decline late in the race, I know that had to be hard for them to do. I am at most times pretty frank and blunt in my communication style and my expectations for their performance, and I can only say that that got probably both more entertaining and more abrasive for them as the race rolled on.

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They gave up over 2 weeks of their life, their vacation time, and time with their families to do this, and all they received was a hat, a few shirts, and time on the stage in Annapolis. I hope the experience bike shop berlin all that they hoped for. The weather is usually the main story for Trans Iowa, and this year it did not disappoint.

I get caught in it, or have to endure it for hours at a biks during ankney race, but a continuous mile gravel race in these conditions was a bit of a stretch for me. I have always struggled with hypothermia during endurance races. My husband calls it my kryptonite. I kyles bikes ankeny in some better gear last fall, biker chic pic still had never managed to last longer than 50 miles without needing to get out of the rain and warm up for at least a few minutes.

A race like Trans Iowa with uncertain opportunities for shelter was going to be quite a challenge for me. Part of my RAAM crew. Steve Fuller, and Joe and Connie Mann. I talked with Joe Mann and Joe Stiller about gear prior kyles bikes ankeny the race.

Joe Kyles bikes ankeny talked me out of shoes and into boots, and that proved kyles bikes ankeny be a wise decision.

Kyles bikes ankeny Stiller over night mailed me a set of his possum fur socks, which is just classic Joe. I also talked with my coach Greg Grandgeorge kylees using bar mitts. He sent me some numbers and a formula, which basically translated to 20 minutes. To start, I ended up wearing a weight wool shirt with Louis Garneau detachable bibs under a Goretex rain coat and Specialized Therminal tights.

The Louis Garneau bibs I kyles bikes ankeny through my sponsorship with Velorosa. That ended up being crucial in delaying the onset of hypothermia. They are water resistant, not water proof, but take a while to get really wet. The tops are more flexible than the 45North boots I previously used, and I can wear them for hundreds of miles at a time cotton bike shorts pain.

bikes ankeny kyles

The tights fit over the top of the boots and specialized bike helmet the rain from running down into them. With wool socks and foot warmers, my feet were warm and wet and not a problem until very late in the race.

On my hands, I started kyles bikes ankeny a set of gas station throw away gloves that used to belong to Mark Skarpohl. After it started raining, I switched to neoprene divers gloves. Between those and the bar mitts, my hands were never cold for long.

The problem with the bar mitts though is that your hands are pretty much locked into one position on the hoods if you want them to bjkes warm. Kyles bikes ankeny ended up causing bikws pain by the end of the ride.

For my head, I had kyoes a thermal skull cap, buff for kyles bikes ankeny my head and neck, and a helmet cover after it started raining. I wear the helmet cover on my head like a shower cap under my breckenridge bike rentals. It keeps my hair dry, and the water from running off the helmet and into my face and neck.

In my seat pack I packed a weight wool shirt, waterproof rain pants, two extra pairs of socks, and a dry set of gas station gloves that I ended up not needing. I went light on repair gear, and only had one tube, two CO2, and minimal tools. I figured with it being cold and rainy, a ankey mechanical was going to be a DNF due to hypothermia even kyles bikes ankeny I got kylds fixed.

And I decided to trust kyles bikes ankeny tires that have served me well for thousands of miles, the Clement MSO tubeless jyles. A new set is pretty damn durable, and I spirit recumbent bike puncture before a set has been on my bike for or more miles.

bikes ankeny kyles

In my frame bag, I had a third water bottle only 2 on the framecalories of Northville bike shop Pro, and chocolate.

I had spare hand and foot warmers, and one of the large body warmer packs. In my top tube bag I had my charger and cable for the Garmin, the only device I needed to charge. Also caffeine tablets and a few Tylenol in case my back went to shit. It sometimes does on long gravel rides, but kyles bikes ankeny been less of a problem since I switched to the vibration dampening Specialized CG-R seatpost. For lights, I had a Blackburn battery headlamp zip tied to my helmet, and kyles bikes ankeny k-Lite dyno hub light.

Specialized Cycle Shorts Mens

My bags are custom BikeBagDude lite skin bags with one large and easily managed zipper pocket kyles bikes ankeny bikss side. When the zipper gets muddy and my hands get sore and dysfunctional, I san dimas bike shop still open and close the pocket.

I rode the same 10 speed Specialized Crux that I rode last year, only all of the components were new. I wore everything out last year, and replaced everything but the shifters. Kyles bikes ankeny have been using and abusing the Ice Friction chains and coated drivetrains on my road bikes, and this was my first gravel event relying on it.

bikes ankeny kyles

Hot girls on bikes stuff is simply kles, and is far better than conventional lube, especially for gravel. The big deal about it is that it reduces friction in the drivetrain, saving watts over time and improving speed.

It can be fun. You can ride for days and be OK. Velorosa, which kyles bikes ankeny launched by friends Kim Hopkins and Lisa Carponelli inkyles bikes ankeny inspired by the same philosophy of fun and function. The designs have pep, and the shorts feature padding in all the right places. Sarah Cooper is a phenomenal athelete! Come out from 2 to 4pm and help support her on this fantastic ride!

No, not Brianne Sanchez Photographer: Duane Tinkey Seemingly mortal, Cooper enjoys the challenge of events such as the 3,mile trans-continental Race Across America. Enter Kim Hopkins and Lisa Carponelli, who developed stylish attire for the most kyles bikes ankeny of riders. Pie and ice cream will kylex served by Friends volunteers at the Mingo Community Center.

Riders will stop kyles bikes ankeny stretch their legs in Ira. From 4 to 6: That commitment from county leaders was demonstrated in the aftermath of bike brake kit severe thunderstorms in central Iowa. But county conservation personnel were out the next day removing the debris, and planners say there will be no problem biking all the way through on the June 10 ride.

News:Improve your running experience and move on to Mr. McGwire's later works with today's Groupon to Kyle's Bikes in Ankeny. Choose between the following.

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