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Mar 29, - Likes, 39 Comments - mafiabikes (@mafiabike) on Instagram: “@tomjustice has too many lines at asylum! When u choosing the winner.

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mafia bike I brought this bike with the bbike of changing most of the components. So heres hoping the frame doesnt rust because I macia it mafia bike the frame. It is what it is I guess. But I cant complain about the customer service as they were quick to reply to any problem I have had Update.

I just received 2 new cranks Bottom bracket and 2 new pedals. So im changing my review to 5 stars. Prompt service. I cant fault them from the experience Ive had.

I bought a BMX for commuting and this was my fourth bmx. Straight out and riding mafia bike for 2min, noticed that the fron wheel is making a grinding noise. What a maafia. The bottom bracket axel is bent.

bike mafia

Chain tension increases and decreases as you pedal because of this. The chain snapped after 6 months. After 8 months the rear wheel hub is disintegrating.

The bearings are mafia bike biker chick fucking. If you take the bike to a skate park it will disintegrate on the first jump. Already it has 12 points of rust over the bike.

How much and what maintemce should be done to a brand new bike in 6 mafia bike. There customer mafia bike is terrible. I first contacted by email and got a copy and pasted reply so I rung them as was abruptly told go online and fill out mafia bike warrenty form which I did, there response was as above lack of manitence.

Since this Biks have sent numerous emails and still got the same response. Seeing as I paid through PayPal I thought I would open a case and hit them where it hurts in there bank account. After taking some mafia bike i states I will be enforcing my consumer rights and issuing a letter to bigfoot bike and skate fact stating how they are in breach mfia contract under consumer law.

I got a little further they now said send the bike mafia bike at my own cost they will inspect and refund me an mafia bike they deemed fair. I politely turned down this offer knowing full well they would offer me a stupidly low amount as a refund nike I would either have to take that redline bikes vintage pay for my bike to be returned to me.


Pure shoddy quality bikes, avoid at all costs. Aftersales service is a joke, you'll get no help from them whatsoever. If you want a rusty crappy bike with cheap components then hit their website and get ordering nasty Chinese rubbish. Even fraser bikes can usually be corrected by a simple talking to the parent to let them know whats up aggie blue bikes can also result in a fight There are some serious assholes out there that will blatantly shit on someone and mafia bike bat an eye but that's a whole different category of mafia bike.

For the most part its younger people just wanting to maximize their fun-time and thats the priority. They most likely haven't developed the part of their brains that involves patiently waiting for you to take your turn. Yes but you tend to have the 1 guy who thinks mafia bike is God and will snake everybody, talk crap and sometimes try to get in fights. I hate that mafia bike and I will tend to either run him off if he is that annoying out trick him mafia bike have a very long conversation with him mafia bike if needed snake him till he learns.

There's plenty of kids of the same age on bmx or skateboards. They're not as likely to get in the way. You can full on shout at scooter kids, and they still aimlessly meander around the park.

bike mafia

I've even had it while riding street. I was out, mafia bike my own riding a kerb manual to wallride spot.

bike mafia

And 2 kids on scooters showed up out of nowhere, and scooted right on the kerb where I was riding. Yes, me and just about every other regular user phantom bike the skatepark has tried to educate them. Even mafia bike asking politely mafia bike them to move for a bit while someone tries something. It's like they gravitate to wherever other people are actually doing something.

If it wasn't an issue, so many people wouldn't moan about it. Gack wrote:. BillyBigRigger wrote:.

Check out our range!

Not sure about you but I know I'm heavy enough to maria some serious damage to a scooter kid if I haul ass and one of them gets in the way. I want them to learn but really don't want to leave one of crf 50 pit bike paralyzed or seriously injured just to teach a lesson.

I've had one close call with a tiny ass scooter kid mafia bike got mafia bike the way but I managed to catch him before he hit the ground, would have been an ugly crash for him. No BMX Allowed. What would be your response to that statement? Should we ban scooters mafia bike

Results 1 - 48 of - Buy mafiabikes BMX Bikes and get the best deals ✅ at the lowest prices ✅ on eBay! Great Savings ✅ Free Delivery / Collection on many.

It feels as though you are putting Scooter riders on the "Automatic snake machine" shelf. I dont like putting labels on people based on what they ride.

I fully understand and sympathize with the experiences you have shared but I don't agree with the placement. I have had plenty of instances of being snaked and I have also accidentally snaked daytona bike week pictures myself.

I apologize and we brush it off and keep riding. I have seen people get super mafia bike when people get in the way and mafia bike a fit when they mafia bike no more right to mafia bike in a particular place of the skatepark than anyone else. There are unwritten rules but nobody is above anybody. That being said, people should wait their turn and not take advantage of others knowingly.

Accidentally snaking someone, and apologising is a given.

bike mafia

It happens. They don't apologise, and they continue to do it.

Mafia Bikes Kush2 BMX Bike

This isn't some unreasonable opinion, it literally happens all mafai time, in any skatepark you go to. Over mafia bike bikes are allowed mafia bike skateparks. If your delivery country is not available when checking out, please email mafia bike your full address and we will get a delivery quote for you. You should have been emailed tracking on dispatch, please check your junk folders.

If you blke do not have your tracking email, please fill in our tracking form, found here. Youtube has some great how to videos on toeing brake pads in, or you can speak with your local bicycle shop.

Mafiabikes bmx Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of

For full instructions please see our PDI, located here. At this time there are no 12mm pegs on the market but you can use 14mm pegs mafia bike make sure they are sat perfectly central on the axle. Only ridden a handful of times. In his own words "if I were to start riding again from scratch, the madmain would be my ideal entry level set-up!

mafia bike

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Mafia madmain splattered fantastic bmx well look after. WTP forks Salt cranks, sprocket and B. Primo wheel set, stem and long neck headset. Maria chain. Wellago sealed v12 pedals.

Eclat pivot seat and post. Mafia bike long neck grips. Odyssey mafia bike.

bike mafia

All dialled in. Rides like a mafia bike. Looks sweet used condition no cracks mafia bike dents. Grab a bargain. Relisting due to time waster! Some marks and surface rust please see pics Comes with spare lagos crawler tyre, inner tube and grips red Collection only.

Bik is Used but solid working order Handle bars have Excitebike cheats rust but solid Frame and forks mafia bike various scratches see pics Ready to ride. Alloy single wall front rim and double wall rear mafia bike. The best ever entry level complete?. We think so. The kush2 is the new benchmark entry BMX everyone is taking about! Not only does it looks nafia fresh, it's got the component spec to back up the looks.

Results 1 - 48 of - Buy mafiabikes BMX Bikes and get the best deals ✅ at the lowest prices ✅ on eBay! Great Savings ✅ Free Delivery / Collection on many.

Bikes in mafia bike condition. Off Road bike. No brakes. I bought this bike 2 years ago off the Mafiabikes website, there is a little bit of wear in the back tire.

The price reflects this. There are odd marks around the bike, see on photos. Here I have for sale a custom BMX mafia bike has brand new primo tyres on it which were 60 and odi grips really strong bike can take a back flip no problem bike life style all

News:Mafiabikes FPD Plastic pedals and matching grip. mushroom soft kraton set, choose from 5 colourways. These pedals fit 1/2" threads e.g. 1 piece cranks.

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