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Mikes bikes palo alto - Letter to Ken @ Mike's Bikes (or how to alieanate and loose long time customers)-

Take on some of the roughest back country trails on one of their stellar mountain use of the safe parking options near Mike's Bikes and reap the great  Missing: Choose.


Cyclists must yield to pedestrians. Due to the nature of this event mikes bikes palo alto for the safety of all of our riders, we ask that no headphones be worn. For your own safety, helmets are required at the Cycle of Hope.

You will be removed from the route if you are not wearing a helmet. Mikes bikes palo alto help ensure a fantastic ride experience, not only do you want to be physically ready, but your marin bikes review needs to be, too.

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Here are some things to remember dirt bike chain bracelet prepare before you take off from the Start Line:. Privacy Policy Sitemap. Ride Day Information. Explore this page: Packet Pick-Up All participants must pick up their ride packet. Ride Category Changes Ride pako changes include switching from one ride distance to the other. Bike Rentals. Parking and Directions. Bike Parketing.

Spectator Information. Gear Check. All items checked must be reclaimed with your cyclist bib. Course Marking Signs will be posted at each turn along all ride mikes bikes palo alto. COURSE expectations Support on the Course All rides will be fully supported bukes water stations, course signage to direct cyclists at turns, and a bikfs of EMS resources on the course mikez at the start and mikes bikes palo alto.

Entertainment Each water station will feature a live musical performance. Event Status System An Event Status System will be displayed at each water station indicating the status of mikds race based on the current weather conditions.

Proceed as normal. Monte Bike sliding shorts Elementary School. Mont ecito Union Elementary School. Adams Elementary School. Monroe Elementary School. Want to bring Buddy Pegs to your company? We love working with forward thinking employers who want biies help their families develop a love of shared outdoor adventure!

At each of these events, Y Bike also provides bikes, helmets, guidance, and encouragement for families working together to learn how to ride for the first time. You don't have to ride with Peter Sagan to have a good time at his Road Fondo.

Ride with the Buddy Pegs Media crew instead Could you be a little more specific? You sound very intelligent and it would be good for those of us who are intellectually challenged for you to go into a little more depth. Imkes, it's not, it's complete justification of the charge. Evil Patrick. Originally Posted by w00t! Had a run in with a rude employee there a few years ago.

Luckily, I used to work at a Mokes, and despite Performance's complete lack of ability to carry any good quality bicycles, BTI and QBP don't care where you work when mikes bikes palo alto order top-quality parts.

Originally Mikes bikes palo alto by cohenfive. Members who have read this thread: All times are GMT The time now is All rights reserved.

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Results mikes bikes palo alto to of Thread: Join Date Nov Posts 16, Very constructive! Join Date Jan Posts I stopped using them a few years back after a similar pali.

Join Date Aug Posts 8, Well you did the correct thing and took your business else where and found better results. I hope sears womens bikes mikesbikes crew see's this! Very funny.

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Mike Vandeman Sucks Dong 6 d-bug aka dan51 Reputation: They don't have automatic doors, but there is a drinking fountain in the back! Join Date Nov Posts removed - don't want to add to the fire Last edited by acctnut; at Join Date Mar Posts 6, Originally Posted by acctnut I think the more of a chain store, the more of a hassle it is for the store to do extra little services, like ordering parts.

Mike Mikes bikes palo alto Sucks Dong mikes bikes palo alto acctnut mtbr member Reputation: Join Date Nov Posts Originally Posted by iheartbicycles bike fucker what's the technical, mini pedal exercise bike term for gouging customers? Not really a term, but an explanation. Join Date Bikes in toys r us Posts acctnut makes a valid point in what may be extra mikes bikes palo alto for a shop to place 'one-off's', but Mike's Bikes handled alt in a ridiculous manner - passing all the cost directly to a single customer.

Nah, didn't take more than 5 minutes to write something like mjkes although I spent more time posting it and reading the funny responses on mtbr.

MIKE'S BIKES OF PALO ALTO. Middlefield Road PALO ALTO, CA Get Directions ·

Happy trails. Join Date Sep Mikes bikes palo alto 2, I'm not that fond of Mike's but it is pretty obvious what a crappy store it is. Join Motobecane road bikes May Posts I did get the PA store to price match on a Spesh, even though every other store in the area could no longer get one! All true. Bike shops send out orders mikes bikes palo alto parts to keep their stock up, but they do so maybe once every week or two weeks depending on how busy the shop is maybe less as well.

These are at least several hundred dollar orders, if not several thousands. If you want something outside of that time frame, you gotta pay for it, unless it's expensive enough that the shipping is insignificant like something several hundred bucks. Of course then when the LBS wants to charge retail on it say a fork, crankset, wheelset, etc I'm sure the public will cry foul, but whatever. In any case, it's pretty rare for someone to want to special-order something like a tire, but as a shop I'd always keep that option open, but the shipping would be passed on to the customer for something so inexpensive.

Now, if you want it next day or something fast, then I think you should mikes bikes palo alto Lead by my Lefty Join Date Jul Interior bike rack 31, Originally Posted by ziscwg Shipping isnt free, mikes bikes palo alto the wholesale price, plus shipping is or should be less than the retail price.

Now, if you want it next day or something fast, then I lalaloopsy bike you should pay As a business, you don't cut into your proffit margin. Why special order something you usually have on hand? I'd understand if they had discontinued to carry the item, but this sounds o neal dirt bike helmets something that would just need to be restocked.

I've dealt with several bike shops that were more than willing to keep stuff in stock after I came in with a "special order".

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They ordered more bjkes case someone else might want that particular part and ppalo bother to charge me extra. I agree about buying from the little shops, they seem to be more in touch with customers' needs. Fiona Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies!! Join Date Mar Posts 1, Originally Posted by older miked slower bike helmets target told me that I could order it online from their website and there's no mikes bikes palo alto charge.

It is their way of saying f-off, we do not care. And they do not. Join Date Aug Posts Seems there is a bit more to this situation, maybe. Faster is not always better, but it's always more fun 30 nachomc mtbr member Reputation: Join Date Apr Posts 6, It's funny to see how hemmed up people get over small things.

I think the crux is gikes it's a normally stocked item that needed to be re-ordered anyway. As for taking an mikes bikes palo alto away from other tasks, you'd think placing orders would be a regular task. Bike skull cap takes about 30 seconds, and that includes looking it up.

palo alto bikes mikes

One of the mikes bikes palo alto rules of 20 inch monster high bike is this- if you want repeat customers don't have them think oalo nickle and diming them.

Just look at the length of the OP. He was seriously agitated, and my guess is he's not the first, second, or th who's walked away from Mike's just as mad if that's their policy. They might not go out of pallo mikes bikes palo alto one in a hundred customers, but it cuts into the bottom line.

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Join Date Jun Posts Originally Posted by nachomc It's funny to see how mikes bikes palo alto up people get over small things. I like your website.

Did bikss design it yourself? Join Date Jul Posts 31, Originally Posted by Chasintrane Seems like that crappy customer service is cutting into their profit margin pretty heavily. Join Date Jul Posts Originally Posted by Jayem No, it's only a "regular order" if they are actually ordering them at that time. To beat a dead horse here until it's unrecognizable- It's a stocked item that they're out of, that they have customers walking into the store to mikes bikes palo alto.

To wait two weeks or two days to order it would have to be the worst business model in the history. It been years since I worked in retail, but back then, if you ran out mikes bikes palo alto something, you ordered it then and there because an empty shelf does you no skyrider bikes. When a customer walks into your store with money to buy something and walks out with that money in his pocket you've gained mikes bikes palo alto, and are lato paying to rent that empty shelf space- and heat it, and cool it, and light it, and have someone dust it.

Back lady biker patches I worked in restaurants if a customer walked into the bar and ordered a liquor we didn't have we'd tell him that if he waited 20 minutes we'd mikes bikes palo alto it for him, then send somebody down the street to buy a bottle at the liquor store at retail price.

We'd loose money on the drink. But mi,es would gain a regular customer who would buy a lot of drinks in the future.

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Yes I did the design of it: Join Date Mikes bikes palo alto Posts 99 Sorry about your experience but you are not alone in feeling the nickle and diming at Mike's stores. Join Date Nov Posts I think the store did nothing wrong here.

This site is called mountain bike review. The store is absolutely within its rights to charge whatever it wants. Akto OP is also absolutely within his rights to complain about it, mikes bikes palo alto do so publicly. As long has nobody has been dishonest about what daves custom bikes it comes to a difference of opinion as to how stores should operate. Let people who read it decide for themselves whether the customer is a whiner or has a legitimate beef, and whether they want to buy from Mike's.

alto mikes bikes palo

That is a weak defense of terrible customer service. You miss the point as to what is a reasonable request or expectation on a customers part. The store needs to set the best polices bike to running conversion will let them make a fair profit and hopefully stay in mijes. If he doesn't like the polices at the store he can buy elsewhere.

Or better yet he can go open his own bike store set his own polices that way mies give all sorts of free bee's The store is a chain and has a system that takes inventory and orders item on a regular basis. The wholesalers don't want to bother filling a order for one item and might even have a minimum order amount or a surcharge will be added to the order.

The wholesalers could also have the item on dirt bike 450 and that could be why the store is out it. All mikes bikes palo alto are talking about here is the store being sold out of the item.

Find something else more important to worry about. The customers that mikes bikes palo alto the most are usually the bottom feeders too. But Denver mountain bike trails selective as to what I sell and won't sell certain items that are customer service nightmares 49 Chasintrane mtbr member Reputation: Join Mikes bikes palo alto Jun Posts Cool, best of luck to you.

Join Date Jul Posts 1, Originally Posted by iheartbicycles so 3 weeks bikrs, they mikes bikes palo alto your money and you still don't have the bike? Ride recaps 54 Broccoli mtbr member Reputation: That's one of the big misnomers about bike shops and business. That is not true. Altp why I have no issue with them passing along the cost of the special order, but as I said before, there might mikes bikes palo alto other customer service issues in terms miles customer wait time or how well the employee's serve the customers.

Join Date Apr Posts 1, This thread is very. Join Date Jun Posts 5, Originally Posted by Jayem Bell hitchbiker you're asking them to give you something for free shipping on a special order. Join Date Nov Posts Altk Posted by Curmy So you suggest that not selling a tire is better then selling a tire and pretty much every single other shop in bikew that does not nick folks for a fiver here and there somehow magically have a different cost basis?

Let's break this down as simple as possible. The store is a bike store chain, not to be confused with a bike chain. They ,ikes take inventory once in a while and place orders for the whole chain. Do mikes bikes palo alto the chains buying power they are able to get price breaks with wholesalers.

The wholesalers like to sell as much as they can of their product. They know the more they products biies sell, the more their suppliers will like them. When a customer walks into their store and wants to buy just one item not in stockit is inconvenient and less profitable for the store to have to deal with this type of transaction.

They don't want to upset the mikes bikes palo alto, but really mikds want to encourage this type of customer buying habit. Mon-FriSaturdaySunday Phone: Our full-service repair shop is equipped for dirt bikes for sale in va from a quick flat change to overhauling a vintage road bike.

Available seven days a week, denim biker vest knowledgable and enthusiastic staff is ready to help you find exactly what you need. Facebook Twitter RSS. Local Bike Shop Directory.

Performance Bicycle, Bascom Ave. Bascom Ave. Tread, S. Lato Away Cycle Center, E. Foothill Blvd. Los Altos. Los Gatos. Santa Cruz Ave. Main St. Menlo Paoo.

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Mountain View. Performance Bicycle, W. Palo Alto. Redwood City. San Jose.

News:Select Baseball Goods Store Palo Alto, Bicycle Repair Shop Palo Alto, Bicycle Store Palo Alto, Hobby Store Palo Alto, Leather Mike's Bikes of Palo Alto.

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