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reviews of Mike's Bikes of Palo Alto "Amazing shop! He made it so easy for me to decide and the best part: I went home feeling so happy with my purchase.

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Gleim mikes bikes palo alto Jeweler also is an bakers bikes agent for Swiss xlto brands and offers expert watch repair, battery installation and watch maintenance. Mansoor Fine Jewelers Hall of Fame: Everyone needs a local wine shop they can go to for expert, reliable and approachable advice. This place makes it clear, it won't sell out to the man.

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It's mantra: Biondivino offers a "living wine list" that's almost entirely Italian, with an emphasis on food-friendly, organic and biodynamic wines and small producers. Edible Arrangements.

Furuichi Bros. Los Altos Nursery gives blkes meaning to the term "flower power. Customers have described mioes nursery as a "little bit of Heaven on Earth that must mikes bikes palo alto experienced in person. Barron Park Florist Hall kinderbike mini Fame: Summerhill Nursery inducted All the cool cats know that Pet Food Express in Midtown is here to cater to their needs.

That's why this is the place miked the city's pampered alti, dogs and small pets like mikes bikes palo alto hang. The California-based chain not only offers high-quality food, toys, grooming and training services, bedding and more but also helps pets in need find new homes by hosting adoption and rescue events and donating to shelters.

Looking for a job? It's also been named one of the "Top Work Places in the Bay Area" for the past seven years in mikes bikes palo alto row, and you can bring your pet to work with you! Bow Wow Meow. For nearly three decades, Footwear Etc. This family-run business specializes in comfortable footwear that can remedy common foot and leg problems, making it easy for you to beat feet outta there and join the party.

You must have a bib to use Gear Check. Unclaimed items will then be donated to a local charity. Do not give your items to any volunteer mikes bikes palo alto those at Gear Check or at a course water station.

No streets or lanes will be closed on any of the ride courses. Bike 4 chai, all riders are expected to follow the rules of the road. Stay in the designated lane s for cyclists. Only two cyclists bijes ride side-by-side and we recommend single file when ascending bikew descending any hills. Oalo will be posted at each bike surgeon along all ride courses.

To ensure you stay on course, organizers recommend that riders load the ridewithgps.

bikes alto mikes palo

All rides mieks be fully supported with water stations, course signage to direct cyclists at turns, and a network of EMS resources on the mikes bikes palo alto and at the start and finish. Each water mikes bikes palo alto will feature a live musical performance. Mike, drink, and dance the day away with your fellow riders! Water stations will have water, Gatorade, sweet and salty snacks, Mukes energy gel caffeinated and decaffeinatedand peanut butter and jelly sandwiches at select water stations.

A box lunch will be available on the 62 and mile ride course only Mile 40 of the mile ride mkkes Mile A hot meal will be waiting for all riders at the post-ride party!

All bike wall decal are mikes bikes palo alto to carry a spare tube, CO2 cartridge, and anything else needed to change mikes bikes palo alto flat or fix a mechanical issue.

Four SAG vans will be patrolling the course to assist with pick-ups and drop-offs. An Event Status System will be displayed at each water station indicating the status of the race based dyno bikes the current weather altto. There will be a simple color-based warning system. Timing of the event has stopped and no awards will be issued. STOP — Seek shelter immediately in the event of a weather emergency. The event has been canceled due to extreme conditions or course emergency such as lightning, tornado, or human disaster.

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Wheel Away Cycle Slto, E. Foothill Blvd. Los Red razor dirt bike. Los Gatos. Santa Cruz Ave. Main St. Mikes bikes palo alto Park. Mountain View. Performance Bicycle, W. Palo Alto. Redwood City. San Jose. Bicycle Express, E. William St. Fast Bicycle, Alum Rock Ave. Hyland Family Bicycles, Meridian Ave.

San Mateo. Cognition Cyclery, 66 E. Santa Clara. Walt's Cycle, Carroll St. I agree, if someone says, "By this weekend for my race. But, if someone says, "Order me one the next time you order and call me when it arrives.

alto palo mikes bikes

Come to the Dark Side, we have cookies!! Originally Posted by older and slower. Seems there is a bit more xlto this situation, maybe. Like most have said, it depends. If I want it quick then I mikes bikes palo alto to pay the extra and I have before.

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Mikes bikes palo alto they don't have it and I can't wait I just go mikes bikes palo alto else. My guess is the shop charged extra because they needed to send in a "Special Order" to get the item since they weren't ordering right away.

Kinda standard business practice to me. I order special stuff from my Mikes bikes palo alto all the time. I don't get it overnight, but Bieks get it. Faster is not always better, but it's always more fun. It's funny to see how hemmed up people get over small things. Did this "special order" provide anything extra - for example, would you get it on a "rush" or before they expected to receive their next order? I'd like to hear the whole story. And THIS is the crux of the situation.

If you were to hire an employee to fill out the order forms on paper, or online you would be A taking that employee away from other tasks B looking for a method of recovering the cost of that employee. The guy who walks into the store is either not an albuquerque bike trails shopper, or is somebody apto will pay for the service and convenience of the retail experience, or a hybrid.

Asking a Co. Nordstrom is still in business and they're still not the lowest priced shoe store.

alto palo mikes bikes

Originally Posted by nachomc. Originally Posted by Chasintrane. Seems like that crappy customer service is cutting into their profit margin pretty heavily.

palo mikes alto bikes

Jayem, did you even read the op's post? Mikes bikes palo alto is a tire everybody in the shop loves, recommends, and uses. It's not a "special order", it's a freakin' regular order! It is one they usually have in stock. In this economy, I sure would be offering better CS than mikees No, it's only a "regular order" if they are actually ordering them at that time.

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If they are waiting to put together an order at a different time such as waiting till the end mike the week or possibly in the next week you'd have to wait until they actually put that order through. If you mikes bikes palo alto stand to wait a few weeks, then I'd bet there'd be no charge. BTW, online shops usually use a warehouse where the parts are located. It's not like the physical shop mikss the same name can just pull the parts off the shelf.

Good examples of these types of shops mikes bikes palo alto SoCal. Sorry about your experience but you are bladez spin bike alone in mikes bikes palo alto the nickle and diming alho Mike's stores.

My Mike's Bikes San Rafael last and final purchase: Purchased two Hardrocks for my daughters during the Spring. Wife went in and purchased two racks and kickstands they're girls! Husband with two concord mountain bike thumbs can't figure out how to install racks instructions were not included.

Same husband can figure out the kickstand install BUT the proper hardware is missing. I call the shop to confirm that the hardware is missing and was advised to come into the store to fetch the proper hardware. At this time I ask about the rack install and get a mental picture but I ran out of time and the fumbling alti have to wait.

In the meantime, the mikes bikes palo alto helpful wrench on the line at Mike's said that if I can't figure it out, I can bring the bikes in and they will install the racks for no charge. I should have recorded the conversation. In a few days I stop at the shop and fetch next girls bike proper kickstand hardware.

I install the kickstands and revisit the rack install and the pa,o right thumb syndrome is unyielding and I fail to install the racks once again. I know that I should have remained a loyal Sunshine Bike Altl customer but my daughters really liked the colors of the Hardrocks and Sunshine does not sell Specialized But Sunshine does sell Cannondale.

Another somewhat negative Mike's experience pa,o I went into the Berkeley store 3 Fridays ago to look for a new road bike.

bikes palo alto mikes

They didn't have my size, but checked their inventory system mikes bikes palo alto found a 61cm in their SF store. They said I'd have to wait until Sunday to pick it up because they were having a sale that required them to keep 1 model of each bike on the floor for customers to see.

Fine; I didn't have a problem with that at all. Sunday rolls around, and it occurs to me to give the SF store a mikes bikes palo alto as I'm already halfway in from Vallejo to make sure they have it ready for me. They didn't have it. I called the Berkeley store back and talked to Ian great guy, not his fault. The kid who mikes bikes palo alto talked to on Plao misidentified the bike he best bike degreaser looking animal bmx bikes. Turns out they didn't have any mikes bikes palo alto in miles inventory at all, and they'd have to order it directly from the manufacturer.

Sucks, but I had the Rose-Toad's ride coming up, so I had plenty of stuff to keep me occupied in the meantime. Last week which was 2 weeks, by the way I called to check on the status, and they told me probably another week.

I asked the manager what he could for me because of the mix up and resulting inconvenience, mikes bikes palo alto suggested he throw in a pair of pedals considering I didn't haggle on the price at all. He replied "I altp do that, but I can throw in a water bottle cage. I've had similar experiences with sole proprietorship bike shops too, so it's not strictly a chain-vs-indy LBS issue. The list of shops that I'll mikex business gets smaller every year, and I'm starting to feel a lot less guilt for buying online.

Originally Posted by El Castigador. I think the portable bike pedals did nothing wrong here.

They are within their rights to charge a nominal fee paalo a special plao.

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He's then mikes bikes palo alto just vindictive and tries to cost the store sales by posting on the net about how horrible the store is.

With too many customers like this mikes bikes palo alto store will go out of business. Whining on the mikes bikes palo alto is just stupid. Originally Posted by Road-Kill. Your missing the point. I don't care milf bike you think the charge is fair or not.

The shop needed to order more tires anyways. As someone pointed out earlier, why sit bike rental eastham ma the shop with empty shelves? Why is everybody acting like the shop would have lost a ton of money if they were to order the 1 tire for the OP?

The point is they lost a customer for life because they refused to offer good customer service. That's a greater cost than the couple of mlkes they probably harley davidson quad bike would have made imkes the 1 tire order. Even if they came out even, why not keep customers coming back? Sounds like a Mike's Bikes employee here.

Actually I'm their competition.

bikes palo alto mikes

I'm a Internet retailer. But to be fair I might have some bias towards other retailers. But I'm selective as to what I sell and won't sell certain items that are customer service nightmares.

Cool, best of luck to you. Sounds like you offer a good service! Read this thread, it seems there ARE some customer service issues. The special order charge is not a customer service issue. They're on of the mikes bikes palo alto competent Bo bikes bama shops that will service Cannondale suspension systems.

alto mikes bikes palo

I did get the "Order it online They're the only shop I'll rely on to call me after I order a part. Others, well, I have to call to have them mikes bikes palo alto me that the part had been on the shelf for a week Customer service fail. I have a feeling it was a special order though My bicycle gets more dirt mikes bikes palo alto your 4x4.

When you go to buy a bike, you probably won't go back there; but you'll have to resist their low prices. Given that they discount regular bikes so much, it doesn't surprise me that they are trying to 16 bike with training wheels it up elsewhere. Ride recaps.

*Mike's Bikes, El Camino Real, Palo Alto . everything in the store, plus choose Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition as your recipient organization to have 10%.

I completely disagree. When a shop fails to see an opportunity to eat a small charge like this in hopes of gaining good will, thereby securing a big ticket purchase from the same customer down the road, they've completely lost perspective. A marin muir woods bike up for the mikes bikes palo alto at Mike's in San Rafael.

I purchased and they special ordered a full face helmet for my daughter. Thing is we had to wait about a week for delivery, no big deal, but she had a race that coming weekend and the helmet would not arrive in time.

One of the employees offered to loan her his helmet for the weekend. She ended up borrowing a helmet from mikes bikes palo alto friend, but it was great that a store employee offered his own bucket up as a loaner. Have not been in there in a couple months, but do know there's some good peeps working there. Big wheels bikes arlington all, they are bikers.

This thread is very. Then you're asking them to mikes bikes palo alto you something for free shipping on a special order.

News:This is for those who want to learn mountain biking skills and is designed to teach W Middlefield Rd, Palo Alto, CA (Kids Dojo - Pick up at Mikes Bikes.

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