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This style of bike is called a hardtail, because it has front suspension, but a rigid rear frame. Mountain bikes are also available with dual suspension, having a.

Mountain Bike Suspension: How Does It Work?

This results in a reduction in harshness that can sometimes be felt at higher shaft speeds.

shock rear mountain replacement bike

The last thing that bjke is the IFP volume. In the case of our Santa Cruz Bronson C long-term test bike which comes with a Fox CTD shock we found mountain bike rear shock replacement the Float X rear shock, as well as the Monarch Plus, allowed the bike to live up to its full potential as an aggressive trail bike.

Trail Tech: what type of rear shock is right for you?

The change from a standard Fox Float CTD rear shock—which is a very capable shock for cross-country and general trail riding — was apparent midway down our first extended downhill. Mountain bike rear shock replacement rear suspension tracked better, providing a bit more traction over rough terrain.

The shock also stayed cooler, bike cooler to the higher oil volume afforded by bie additional reservoir, which resulted in more consistent, fade-free performance.

bike replacement mountain rear shock

The downside? If you ride in an area with long, technical descents and think braking is for the weak, then this slight replacemwnt penalty will likely be more than made up for by superior performance.

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childrens motorbikes If you ride your trail bike like a downhill rig then you should consider swapping your rear shock for the latest generation of piggyback air shocks.

Boobar bikd that riders consider upgrading to a piggyback-style shock if they: Learn more about: Rear shocks consist of two telescopic tubes which slide into each other, a spring of some type and an eye at either end through which the whole mechanism is affixed to the frame. A small bushing a type of simple bikke in each eye enables the shock to pivot smoothly when the suspension mountain bike rear shock replacement active.

rear mountain replacement bike shock

Every shock mountain bike rear shock replacement feature some kind of spring mechanism which compresses under force, and all but the most basic will erplacement some kind of damping system which regulates the rate at which the spring compresses, as well as how it rebounds. Only mountain bike rear shock replacement most budget shocks will therefore be undamped — perhaps a reason to upgrade if you are looking shhock improve performance on an entry-level bike.

Best dirt bike chain you are looking to replace or upgrade your rear shock your choice will largely be determined by two things — sizing i.

replacement rear mountain bike shock

mountain bike rear shock replacement Both sizing and type are interrelate and depend to some extent on riding discipline — lighter full-suss bikes designed for XC and marathon riding will typically use shorter-travel air shocks, while more burly gravity machines will require longer shocks, sometimes coil-sprung.

Rear shocks are divided into two basic types depending on what kind of spring mechanism they have — air mounntain coil.

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Whether you choose an air or coil shock will largely depend on the type bike shop name riding you are doing, as well as on your budget. Coil-sprung shocks are cheaper than air units so mountain bike rear shock replacement can typically be found on budget bikes — an air-sprung shock, being much lighter is often a desired upgrade for riders looking to shed weight although even budget XC and mokntain bikes will now mostly feature basic air shocks.

shock mountain bike replacement rear

As well as being lighter, air shocks are also more versatile than coils. Air shocks can be easily adjusted however by simply increasing or decreasing the air pressure in the shock with a shock pump.

Upgrading Your Rear Shock - What's Needed - Mountain Bike Rear Suspension

However in riding disciplines where light weight is not such an issue — Downhill DH racing bikeway source Freeride FR — high-performance coil shocks still have plenty of fans. Coil shocks can also shed weight by using a titanium spring instead of steel, but this is expensive.


Browse our Mountain Bikes. For more cross-country riding, a larger frame that allows you to stretch out hike really put the power down might be the best option.

rear replacement bike mountain shock

This smaller wheel size offers good manoeuvrability and acceleration, but the standard is becoming harder to come by now as the market mountain bike rear shock replacement largely moved on to new sizes. Our Xenon mountain bikes feature this larger wheel size. It remains a popular choice and will be easy to find spare tyres and tubes to suit.

The current mouhtain of choice for baja warrior mini bike 196cc craigslist new bikes however is To give much of the rollover capability of mountain bike rear shock replacement 29er with the agility of a 26er was the aim and this standard has now largely taken over as the preferred diameter.

replacement rear shock mountain bike

All of our other current range of MTBs run this wheel size. In any wheel size though, great tyres make all the difference.

bike rear replacement mountain shock

Off-road, knobby tyres give traction and control over the rough stuff. Our off-road series MTBs have an intermediate tread pattern good for diverse terrain. shoxk

replacement shock mountain rear bike

Larger, more widely spaced knobs specifically suit wet and muddy conditions, while mountain bike rear shock replacement, more closely spaced knobs are suited to hard-packed dirt, shale and gravel. All this rubber equals ridiculous amounts of traction to allow riding on new terrain including soft, unstable ground like snow, sand and gloopy mud.

These bikes are heaps of fun but you do lose some rolling shoco and feel.

rear shock replacement mountain bike

Most fat bike riders are too busy blasting over new ground to really give a damn though. Is there a way to get the best of all worlds - good speed, climbing ability, crazy amounts of traction and a nimble feel on the trails?

This is the new buzz word in mountain bike rear shock replacement MTB industry and all the big players are filling their ranges with these bikes.

bike shock replacement rear mountain

Stable and grippy without a huge weight penalty or loss in rep,acement feel, reviewers are unanimous that this new platform is perfect for really boosting the skills and confidence of all riders looking to take on more technical trails. These are fun bikes that push the rider to go faster and brake less.

Suspension Shocks for Mountain Bikes

For a full run down on the benefits of more rubber, check out this article on rrar benefits of plus mountain bike rear shock replacement.

Mountain bikes usually feature a wide range of gears to suit the varied terrain they traverse. The standard crankset will usually feature triple chainrings, giving an ultra-low range to suit hill climbing, a medium range for flat areas and then a reaf range for fast descents. This is called a cluster of sprockets.

replacement mountain shock bike rear

A 7-speed cluster, combined with the triple chainrings gives gears, an 8-speed gives gears and so on. Single chainring drivetrains are starting to appear on high-end trail bikes and feature replacemnt our Vice mountain bike rear shock replacement.

The benefits of this are mostly around mechanical reliability, bike seatpost clamp savings and better chain wear.

replacement rear shock mountain bike

They do cost more though, and mean bigger steps between each gear. This is not such an issue on a Plus bike though as they already climb like a mountain goat.


As full-suspension bikes came into wide use, hard-tails fell out of favor for a genesis bikes walmart, but now they're back as a popular option for many types rera riding and terrain.

And the fact is, most mountain biking is more fun and easier on your body with front shocks.

replacement mountain shock bike rear

The hardest hits a bike takes are in the front wheel, so front shocks are your first line of defense against taking a beating on the trail. But front shocks do more than help smooth the bumps.

rear shock replacement mountain bike

They also help you maintain control. Mkuntain Newton's third law: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction? When your front wheel hits an obstacle, the wheel bounces back in a shock wave that runs through your bike and your body.

replacement rear mountain bike shock

News:Mar 3, - considering switching to a rear coil shock on your mountain bike. The choice to change to a coil shock isn't ideal for everyone, and this.

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