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Located just 90 minutes North of Boston in Northfield, NH, Highland Mountain Bike Park boasts an extensive downhill and cross-country trail network.

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Carleton is in Northfield, just 40 miles south of the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and stores, a clinic and hospital, and plenty of other amenities a short walk, bike trip, Depending on the weather, we can choose to bike, hike, skate, ski, swim.

If you need a box or case, check out our store. Toggle navigation. The Almanzo The Almanzo is a collection of free-to-enter gravel road cycling events that take place every Spring in Northfield bike shop Minnesota.

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No entry fee. No barrier to entry. We are inclusive, engaging and all about community. I go with how they treat me.

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Are they friendly? Do they try and push whatever they have in stock or seem to be more focused on what I actually need. On the technical side, do they sell your northfield bike shop

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northfield bike shop Are they a roadie or mtb shop or a nice mix? Does their repair area seem to have work that is being done or is it empty? One final option is to find a local bike no bikes sign, they will have a good amount of info on where the best places are. One option that sidesteps the question slightly is to learn how northfield bike shop do some of bije more common maintenance items yourself.

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mountain bike handlebars Most bike maintenance is actually quite simple when you have the northfiield tools.

What I've found is that whenever I've needed service done, the cost of having a mechanic doing it is almost the same as purchasing everything I need to do it myself. Thereafter, it's much cheaper since I already have the necessary equipment. To segue back to your question, knowing how to do most of the basic maintenance on your northfield bike shop makes it much easier to accurately evaluate the advice you northfield bike shop from the mechanic at your LBS.

bike shop northfield

Equally as important, if you can talk to the mechanic intelligently about components and repair, they're far less likely to even attempt to bullshit you in the first place. You'd be surprised at the difference in service between the complaints "My gears won't shift" and "My rear derailleur won't index properly any more. I've adjusted the barrel shifters and the B-screw, but shifting still isn't reliable.

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Any ideas? As one quick example, I once took northfield bike shop bike in to my closest LBS to swap out some parts I didn't have the tools for. While the mechanic was performing the service, his assistant made a big deal out of checking my chain wear, then told me it was about time to replace it.

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Of course, the chain had less than miles on it so I knew the claim was bunk on the face of it. And that was, not coincidentally, the last time I've been to that particular shop. Northfield bike shop Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

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How do you evaluate a new LBS? Name your city and maybe someone on here can recommend one.

bike shop northfield

Bike shops who consider a low-cost fix before selling new product are high up on my list. Apr 19 '11 at This unfortunately doesn't answer the question; northfield bike shop point is how to evaluate a bike shop, making the question applicable to more people. Can't make it to campus?

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Explore the next best thing. Exploring Northfield and the Twin Cities.

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Northfield The town of Northfield was established in by John W. No shortage of festivals Visiting in September?

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The festival includes a parade and street fair that draws thousands of visitors. In December, check out Winter Walk.

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A round of applause The Twin Cities have an incredibly rich theater culture. Milltowns Trail. Luckily the community here has plenty to offer.

Exploring Northfield and the Twin Cities

Take a look at more info by visiting their tourism site. Northfield Historical Society Division St.

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Northfield, MN Jesse James Lanes Bollenbacher Dr.

News:Feb 12, - Next Bike Adventure – Northfield, MN_Riding My Bicycle Where to Bike when Exploring Northfield, MN Area Bike Shops and Clubs You choose to spend a night with nature, enjoy some Northfield hospitality at a local.

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