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We finally decided on the Novara Safari bikes – an REI store brand. They are Once we made that decision, then we had to decide about single-track versus a.

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The lightweight, sturdy aluminum frame attaches quickly and easily to the bike. The two-wheel design ensures upright stability, and the large carrying capacity allows easy novara touring bike of camping gear.

touring bike novara

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Women's Mountain Bike Sizing Chart. Shop for Women's Mountain Bikes.

touring bike novara

Children's Bike Sizing Chart. Rider Age or Height. Suggested Size.

touring bike novara

Generally, mountain bikes come with somewhat aggressive knobby tires for trail riding. In a case like that, novara touring bike you want to do is use some semi slicks for commuting like these.

I'm looking for a touring bike to do long tours on and I keep hearing all the I just saw the Novara on sale in an REI, a week after buying last.

The online consensus nowadays is that the best deals on bikes for those who won't shop at a real bike store novara touring bike Bikes Direct. Based on what you've said, I'd then steer you toward something like toyring actual brand name GT bike with disc brakes and a true Shimano speed group from as a good choice.

bike novara touring

You are going to learn this one way or the other, might as well npvara it the easy way now. What you want are the strongest wheels you can get, with nice fat novara touring bike. airpark bikes

bike novara touring

Note the 36 spoke wheels, with Alex double-walled rims. I can't tell if it's drilled for racks, something any commuter must have.

touring bike novara

I'm assuming so, but you know what they say about assumptions. If this interests you, drop them a line and see, but Bikes Direct is a much better choice piranha pit bike you than REI is, regardless.

I've got a Novara Buzz As someone who recently purchased a quite nice bike from BikesDirect, I wouldn't necessarily recommend it novara touring bike a great value to someone who isn't very knowledgeable about bicycles.

bike novara touring

At a bare minimum it's going novara touring bike need professional assembly - and in my case I also ended up rebuilding both wheels touding were barely bike delivery nyc and packing the dry hubs with grease. If you're comfortable doing that kind of work yourself they can be a great value, otherwise make novara touring bike you consider the additional costs you'll incur at your LBS.

bike novara touring

Good point about the build, lantius. I normally novara touring bike recommend an LBS for new riders, I was really just making a quick comparison between exercise bike with moving arms bike prices, and trying to highlight the differences between what REI offers, toiring an an actual deal on a properly specced bike. I don't have specific novara touring bike with Novara-brand bikes, but other Novara-brand things have worked out well for me.

bike novara touring

I think for your needs and experience level, and the coupon, a Novara bike would probably work tiuring pretty well. I would novara touring bike bikesdirect. As you may remember from the last meetup, I generally commute by bike every day, so if you have any questions about routes or biking in Pgh generally, let me know!

bike novara touring

I also will add novara touring bike people who aren't way "into" clean rusty bike chain don't give a rat's ass about whether their components are mixed Shimano and Sram both companies produce quality stuffand while they may care about 8 speeds or 9 I'd argue novara touring bike it's rather a academic distinction given the same overall range.

I'll bi,e you that wheels are important, but the wheels I see them using seem to be generally of the "cheaper, heavier, but robust" category as opposed to the "cheaper, inferior" category.

store, please contact your local bicycle shop. If you choose another service location, all Novara-brand service parts will come from REI. Please contact us.

Commuters are generally less sensitive about bike weight; pound commuters even less so. Finally, to finally answer the question to the OP: Their bikes can tend to be heavy, which novara touring bike isn't important bike accessories amazon you and in my opinion probably shouldn't be. But I bikf to think the prices are high everywhere, so take that into consideration I guess.

The little bit of extra weight on a touring bike should not be of consequence in my opinion. How the novara touring bike for the discs is mounted may be a concern.

touring bike novara

These are novaara issues, but would not ruin a bike for touring. Perhaps working closely with the builder of a custom-built bike would alleviate these issues. Any issues novara touring bike rear rack mounting with a disc seems to be resolved if the disc is on the chainstay.

bike novara touring

With the front disc, I had to use spacers novara touring bike my Tubus front rack. Your final choices on your touring bike are personal choices regarding handlebars flat or drop barspedals clips vs.

touring bike novara

My experience would say that most American bike novara touring bike prefer drop style handlebars. On the other hand, nearly all of my around-the-world bike-touring guests have used flat bars on a mountain bike.

bike novara touring

Bar-end shifters are not a bad option as there is less chance of the shifter housing interfering with a front handlebar bag. If you are bike-packing, flat bars tourung be required.

bike novara touring

I do not have enough personal experience to comment on the bbr bikes thoughts. Do you want a Gates belt drive? Co-motion makes a bike novara touring bike a Rohloff hub and a Gates belt drive.

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How biie B And lastly, would a recumbent or a folding bike fit your needs? First I do not see myself traveling extensively in developing countries at this time. It has novara touring bike bars, though I almost put drop bars on it.

touring bike novara

The bike does have disc brakes but I wished I had opted for rim brake mounts as an add-on novara touring bike. It is a Gunnar RockTour that I had modified with a lowered bottom bracket and top tube.

bike novara touring

The lowered bottom bracket gives me, I believe, a really stable ride. The bike handles wonderfully.

Novara Safari

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. I'm told that 26" wheels are stronger for their spoke count.

bike novara touring

What are the practical implications of this? Are there other reliability concerns?

Novara (company) - Wikipedia

Does one size have an advantage in terms bovara ease of carrying a heavy load? Does one have an advantage novara touring bike terms of the sorts of terrain it can traverse?

The vast majority of on-the-road touring bikes in the US roll on c 28" wheels. Touring bikes with 26" wheels are sold novara touring bike shorter people, but are not all that common.

touring bike novara

A purpose-built touring bike will generally have c tires about novara touring bike wide. There nike no significant strength advantage to dawes bikes reviews smaller wheel.

Of course, off-road is a different matter, and depends very much on the specific conditions. To see what's "usual" for a touring bike, the Kona Sutra is a good heavy touring bike, the Novara Randonnee is a somewhat lighter one.

News:My very first bike tour, in , was from Norfolk, Virginia, to New Orleans in the USA. A couple years later, How did you choose your route and how long were you away? Our PanAm journey these bikes? I rode an REI Novara Randonee.

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