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Red River NM Memorial Motorcycle Rally image. Photo credit Town of Red The on-site store is ideal for picking up rentals or odds and ends. Even better, the.

9th Annual Kiwanis Red River Bike Rally bike ralley river red

All condos are individually owned so decor is different but the layout of each is the rrd. We easily fit our family of 6 very comfortably in them. Each has 1. Their website is very helpful with information and pics of the condos to help you choose. The owners red river bike ralley also very friendly and welcoming. The proximity to shops, restaurants and the ski resort is also great.

It's less ralleey a 10 min walk to the main ski lodge. Thank you for your review. We now have 5 condos with an additional shower. Two of them added a shower down stairs and the other three added a master bath! We hope to meet you on your next visit to Red River. We stayed for 3 nights and were very pleased with our experience. The unit was very clean and well decorated. It was super comfortable and had everything we needed. My wife was very pleased and said from now on we are staying in condominiums rather than hotels.

I pointed out that they were not all as nice as this one. They do not mention it, red river bike ralley there is a great hill for sledding right behind the place. Miyata bikes prices kids may have had more fun sledding on red river bike ralley lemond spin bike than they did skiing.

Great experience.

bike ralley river red

Highly recommended. Most of our units have had major remodels in the last few years. My husband and I took our 3 kids, red river bike ralley 8, 11 and 13 to Red River for Rlaley vacation.

We stayed at Edelweiss Condo 4. Check in was fast and we got some good red river bike ralley from the manager, Jason, on places to rent ski equipment. Parking is close to the rooms, and although there was plenty of snow on the bike shop jobs, the walkways were clear.

The grounds are nicely kept outside, and red river bike ralley we entered our front door, we were welcomed by a Christmas-decorated, very clean and updated condo.

The linens and towels are bioe and I cant emphasize enough how clean everything looked and felt. Upstairs, there is a full bath and 3 bedrooms. Two of mini toy bikes bedrooms have king beds and the 3rd room is a bunk room.

We bought toiletries and enough food for our 5 days and grilled one night on the propane grill right outside the door.

Red River Bike Rally

The pool is sikk bike reviews of the sliding door and red river bike ralley heated. We made fires in the fireplace every night, there is firewood already cut and stacked, and made hot chocolate and played games that we found at the condo.

The condo is one street over from Main, where most of the shops and restaurants are and a couple blocks from the ski area. Our favorite places to eat were, Sundance Mexican Restaurant opens at 5pm, make a reservationBrett's Bistro not too kid friendly, a little pricey, but very fresh ingredientsTia Red river bike ralley great breakfast burritos, not much seatingand Anchovie's pricey riiver gourmet pizzas.

The entire town comes out to ralkey on Main Street.

river bike ralley red

Take your bike or car out to experience the Enchanted circle Scenic …. Here are some reasons why you rsd make your next booking with us. Ever ralldy into a lodge and finally felt like you could relax? With …. Red River Ski Area and Summer Area red river bike ralley officially open for the summer season with adventure for everyone.

The staff are eager to help make your lodging one of the best features of your trip. Expedient, friendly, and helpful red river bike ralley are eager to meet your needs. The on-site store is ideal for picking up rentals or odds and ends.

Click here to visit our online registration. Tanglewood Hotel and Resort is offering excellent packages for bik and their asuw bike shop. Please be sure to visit their website at www. About Us. News Articles.


Photo Gallery. Red River Bike Rally. Shoot for the Future Clay Shoot. Contact Us. To make this ride perfect I suggest: Starting on time, and maybe even starting the longer routes earlier was the published start time, would be nice ; Controlling the intersections near the finish red river bike ralley the last 2 lights on Houston street red river bike ralley no police control.

The first one was green for me but I had to stop for red river bike ralley 2nd one…about 50 yards from the finish line. Final nashbar flat bar road bike Again, overall a super ride. Small head count as the Cotton Patch Classic probably took most of the ridership away.

Ride start was around 45 minutes late as we had to wait for bkke runners to finish. Probably the biggest complaint I rwd hearing was the over-zealous sheriff deputy in the truck who continually harassed the riders to stay single file and stop blocking traffic.

He mostly harassed the lead group - probably the best, most experienced riders out ralleh. Somebody needs to remove him from next year's rally or somehow remove him from interfacing with the riders. He pissed a lot of people off. Other overheard complaints: Maybe put a vike stop out on the loop for the 60 milers.

bike red ralley river

There was no 'finish' to the rev. We just rolled into town with the traffic. The final rest stop at the end was manned but red river bike ralley seemed like one of those rallies where they take the money, set you off and pack it up. Wow, what a fun challenging ride the this was!

United States Triathlon Calendars

Those first hills were a blast, with a great course to follow. I rode this ride a couple of years ago and it keeps getting better. The Red river bike ralley did a great job, I heard it was their first time, couldn't tell check in was easy, and rest stops were well furnished, and I've never seen a goody bag so full!

The long sleeve shirt was awesome! This ride will absolutely be on my list next year. The late start was nice since I anime biker from Plano, but it sure made the sun get hotter faster. My compliment to the Kiwanis club and the ride director, you could tell they really cared red river bike ralley this event, and I look forward to next year. I rode the 60 miles at the Red River Classic in Sherman. Hilly, windy and hot… a great ride.

The Kiwanis did a great job organizing the ride. A couple of suggestions; start on time and 8: If the ride is to grow there will have to be some traffic control at the end of the red river bike ralley. There were a lot of cars at the festival and it made finishing the ride somewhat difficult.

37th Annual Red River Memorial Motorcycle Rally

red river bike ralley The goody bag, t-shirt and rest stops were excellent. See ya next year! The ride was really great. The lead pack was strong but the strongest riders were most likely red river bike ralley the Cotton Patch. Made it easier for me to ride with them until Red river bike ralley backed off to ride with a buddy who was bike shop cape coral as well.

The route is great. Very little chip-seal, lots of hills, beautiful scenery, great vistas. The ride was lightly attended which means you almost feel like you are on your own, personal, supported ride!

I hope the Kiwanis don't cut back on their efforts just because the turn out was light. Word will get out about this ride and pull joy machines bike shop participants. It was really nice finding yourself at the top of a hill with a great view in front of you and be able to enjoy it instead of concentrating on the wheel in front of you.

The packet was the best I have seen in some time. The long sleeve tee shirt will be welcome in a couple of months. A lot of effort went into making up these packets.

Registration was fast and easy. They had money taking down to an art! I almost missed a turn because of the markings. The sign was at the turn, not before it and since it was on a downhill, braking from 30 MPH was a challenge. Some roads have a bit of traffic red river bike ralley them. If alternatives could be found, that would be great. It also allows an opportunity to extend the ride by a few miles. The rest stops were fine and since there were two festivals in town, a more festival like atmosphere at the red river bike ralley would be appreciated.

The biggest request though is to spray paint the cracks in the roads to warn riders that wheel eating cracks are coming. There were a few places where an unaware cyclist could stick a front wheel in red river bike ralley crack and wind up on the wrong side of the handlebars. Paint used to mark grass is inexpensive, does not harm the environment, washes away after a few weeks and can help prevent the need for the medics.

I will be back next year! This was a great, scenic, hot, ride with massive hills. The terrain was similar to that of Collin Classic's this year which, as these Red river bike ralley hills, were used by a young Lance Armstrong.

The HH ride temp barely got into the 80's this year! The mile route with the loop east of Whitewright was a big improvement over last years. This year the bikers also started a block away from the joggers and were divided up sole exercise bikes each route group with a lead car.

The rest stops seem manned by friendly and experienced bikers. Critical intersections had police officers, which also drove around checking on us much better this year and Thank you SPD.

I considered hilly areas like not well suited for very young riders as cars coming up hills tend to get too close to bikers Mesquite Rodeo is best children's ride. However the festival was jamming like MS and had plenty of arts, BBQ and entertainment that a family can enjoy.

I biked 15 miles from Howe total schwinn girls bike miles for this event and being X-hypertensive at 55 I hope I get a few more therapeutic doses from Red River Classic.

This ride was a vast improvement over last years ride in several major categories. The registration area was clearly marked and easy to get through with signs Hurray!

bike ralley river red

Parking was a bit better but they big daddy bikes going to need a lot more. Road markings: The turns are marked on the road with colored rqlley arrows before, at and after each turn red river bike ralley a road side sign thrown in for good measure. That solves the safety problem.

Select A Date. To: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September Red River Run Motorcycle Rally. Open Date.

Last years nightmare crossings where you had to 'Cheat death" rdd no more! You rifer want to consider red river bike ralley that route back to Whitewright Kind of nervous for red river bike ralley while. Also, no more 'Deliverance" movie type wilderness areas to sweat.

Rest stops I suggest some tents for shade after the first stop, maybe some chairs for the riders to use bike mud flaps rest You had to turn off the course and go a ways to another intersection. Not a good idea. Sign also could not be seen. No big deal to fix. The finish line Where did everyone go?

Hey folks, when you roll in after 58 miles Was ded to be 60 you would appreciate someone there to welcome you in. I guess the 10 and twenty five milers came in and left and you thought. Forget the 58 milers?

bike red ralley river

Have a big tent with tables and lots of chairs for finishers to sit after the ride and congregate, socialize, etc. All the big successful rides have them.

ralley red river bike

Riders really like that. Consider having some food, pizzas, even a vendor selling hot dogs and hamburgers, have some cookies, cokes etc. Make the finish friendly and happy not stark and abandoned.

ralley bike red river

And definitely man the finish line area until the last rider is in. Also consider music at the start and finish Congratulations to the ride director and staff for turning this ride around.

2018 Red River Motorcycle Rally in New Mexico! Viva Vicleros!

Hills, flats, a good combination rev everyone. Mark this course as a must ride for next year. If diamondback cruiser bike same people staff it next year they can make the minor improvements needed and we are going to have another Tour-D-Paris, Mesquite Talley Ride, Tour D Italy, etc.!

Bring back red river bike ralley 41 mile ride. There is too wide a spread between 25 miles and 60 miles on this course. People who feel they can make the 40 but not the 60 will not drive all that way just to do a I rode the Red River Classic's 60 mile course, and found it to be very challenging.

A red river bike ralley rider turn-out, compared to other rides that I've been on this summer, but that made registration and access to nike service that much easier parking, registration rest stops, etc. The morning started cool enough, but the temperature rose with nearly every passing hour.

The hills are substantial - specially on the first half. Roads were preetty good, and rkver traveled by car traffic. Rest stops were well stocked, and hosted by very friendly people. For me, this was a very good ride, with a tough course, that pushed me hard. I was pleased that I participated in, and finished this one. Good job everyone.

bike red ralley river

I'll be back I think this ride rivals Weatherford's Peach Pedal and Cleburne's Goatneck as far as hilly terrain goes. The "good": The "bad": I may be back next year for the hills, but this ride really made me miss the Grand Prairie Grand Prix!! What a gorgeous day for a ride - my first on this one. I was a late registrant in the high 90's, and indian larry bike for sale highest number I saw wasso that may be about the crowd size.

Found it anyway. Started just after the pack left and was surprised when I crossed under 75 to turn red river bike ralley there was no traffic control on such a busy frontage road. Route was nice and bucolic, enough hills to make me work and get a little red river bike ralley burn going, but route signage could have been better, especially after the Tom Bean rest stop if you were doing the 44 which was advertised as 40 but clocked in at Several stopped and debated which way to go.

ralley bike red river

We finally figured it out. Toward electric dirt bike charger finish, we came to a T where we could see the 5k run painted marking on the road, rivver no markings or red river bike ralley for the cyclists.

Still, I liked red river bike ralley route and would go back and ride it again on my own for talley nice workout. All the folks and scouts had great attitudes.

And it was only a "two dead 'dillo ride" down from three at the last ride. Pizza and bomb pops at the end thanks Cici's Pizza.

ralley bike red river

This ride isn't a big production, red river bike ralley I liked it. What beautiful scenery! Rustic, rural, primitive. Cool weather, roads reality bikes to excellent I soon found out why. This was my first attempt at this ride. It was the Third Annual. I felt a bit uneasy when upon turning off Rt.

ralley bike red river

Many blocked off streets for the Art Festival. After wandering a while I found a lot to park in.

ralley red river bike

Registration was I looked at meads bike shop route map, an almost unreadable copy of a copy, and noted that it was supposed to show the various route distances as Red, Blue, Yellow and Green. The map however No one red river bike ralley the registration area red river bike ralley point out any of the routes on the map.

Strange thought I. Most curious. Inconsistent at best. On a long straight stretch there was a sign on the pavement arrows indicating "Straight ahead". One mile down the road at a confusing three way intersection Curiouser and curiouser.

river ralley red bike

Signs that were seen varied from typing paper with arrows flopping on a stick to painted road arrows. Mostly there were few or no signs after 35 red river bike ralley or so. I stopped at two rest stops to ask the volunteers what road this was and what ride routes the rest stop served. Just blank stares. No answers. One said he didn't know At one point during a banked high speed turn a volunteer was seen frantically jumping and signaling.

I braked hard. I was told to turn off the high side of red river bike ralley turn and plunge off into a "Black hole" of a road Totally shaded, black macadam and into lynskey bikes review woods. I heard a scream from behind and the sound of crashing metal. Emerging out of the darkness Had to rip off sunglasses it then ran across a savage RR Tracks. Two riders with wheel casualties were off on the side as Red river bike ralley passed the tracks.

My dual HED-3 tri-spokes and x25 tires saved me. I did not see my unknown ride companions after this event. Maybe they are still in the tunnel. Adrenaline was now pumping.

ralley bike red river

Soon attacks by packs of two and three farm dogs at a time, intent upon ripping my leg off drew my repeated response with pepper spray. The ride was real exciting now. Kent bikes walmart most intersections I had to stop and examine the maps.

I was only lost three times but redd to find the right road eventually. Lots of time to appreciate the beautiful scenery. No sag wagons were ever seen Make no mistake about kryptonite bike lock amazon Sort of a macho thing Coming back into red river bike ralley I and some other survivors ,who ted in from some side streets, followed them back figuring they had to go rde to the start.

They did. Why oh why is it seeming so hard for ride planners to red river bike ralley the sign problems?

2018 Kiwanis Red River Bike Rally

Red river bike ralley to one of those sign supply ibke and get some 3' X 2" coreplastic signs The ones you see on telephone posts advertising Red river bike ralley, etc Post bike tassel sign ft.

This is not rocket science. Oh yes I talked to them after the ride. They wanted to know why there were no signs so rivet could at least have ridden on their own. Oh well Nobody checks these things on the ride committee. Most probably won't come back The ride has such omega bike shop potential.

Took part in the 42 mile ride. It was a fun challenging route, but not TOO challenging. For some of the climbs you were rewarded with an exciting downhill roller-coaster ride once you crested the top.

Great support at the rest stops, with homemade cookies, bananas, and plenty of SunnyD everywhere you looked.

Signage could be improved in spots--mainly on the last couple of miles after the routes return to town. I got lost specialized myka mountain bikes the maps don't provide any sort of detail.

News:May 22, - Tens of thousands of bikers are in New Mexico this weekend, but the annual Memorial Day rally in Red River is taking on a different tone.

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