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Spokes usually have a 90 degree bend at the head-end but some hubs are designed for straight spokes. If Missing: Choose.

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Remove the damaged spoke. You may need to remove another spoke to clear the head. Depending on your lacing pattern, another spoke's shaft may overlie the head replaving replacing bike spokes broken spoke.

spokes replacing bike

You'll need to do some truing after replacing the spoke. Lube the spoke nipples with light-weight replacing bike spokes or WD and let it soak in while you work. If the spoke is on the rear tire, you'll need to remove the cogs.

If the spoke is bumblebee bike the freewheel side, you won't be able to get it into the hole.

If it's on the other side, you'll have to bend -- and damage -- the spoke to get it past the large cog as you thread it through the hole. The freewheel is removed by placing a section of chain across the top of the large cog, then standing on it. I've built thousands of wheels since then. If I recommend the rim, spokes and hub for replacing bike spokes, it replacing bike spokes with my lifetime guarantee.

I build wheels for road racing bikes, touring bikes, mountain bikes, recumbents and folding bikes. I stock hubs with and without disc mounts.

I stock rims for rim brakes and disc brakes.

Choose the right spokes. DO NOT use the straight gauge 2mm or thicker in diameter spoke when building the wheel. Doing so will void the warranty. Straight.

I stock 20 axle front hubs for certain suspension forks. I replacing bike spokes tandem hubs threaded for the Arai drum brake, and I stock the Arai dum brake. I also stock tandem hubs for disc brakes. And I stock hubs that generate electricity to power lights. And I build with Wheelsmith spokes. Let's be replacing bike spokes clear about something. Rims for racing bikes, such as the Mavic Open Pro and Velocity Aerohead, are 26x1 50 bike tire for people who use bicycles in races.

spokes replacing bike

Replacinng why they're called racing bikes; because people actually race with them! To be a competitive road racer, you will not want to weigh much more than about lbs. Even at that weight, replacibg find yourself at a significant disadvantage in many road races, at least those with any hills. Since the manufacturers of racing rims are aware of this fact, they don't bother making these rims strong enough for lb cyclists, replacing bike spokes of whether those lb replacing bike spokes have the curious notion that it would be a good idea to ride a bike with "racing rims" and 23mm tires.

Remember, reality is what it is, regardless of what you read in the cycling magazines. So, when you call and tell me you weigh as much as the typical NFL relacing back and you're just tickled pink with your Campy Record 10 speed equipped bike but you want replacing bike spokes set of wheels that are light weight and "bomb proof" I love that one!

I'm not writing this because I don't want your business, it's because I hate feeding on misconceptions spread by the marketing departments of dog bike carrier 30 lbs cycling companies and the moronic magazine scribes.

I can build a very strong wheel that will hold 23mm or 25mm tires so that the wheel with tire mounted will fit in your "racing" frame. And even if you weigh pounds, the wheel will be strong enough. But that doesn't mean that the bike is suitable for you. Since most "racing" bikes can't cape may bike trails tires larger than 25mm, you'll need to inflate those tires to very high pressure in order not to pinch flat.

The ridiculous pressure ratings you see on tire sidewalls are best ignored replacing bike spokes they result in a harsh ride and no actual performance improvement.

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Most of the telephone calls and emails I get from people looking for wheels are replacing bike spokes people well over pounds, riding bikes made for pound racers. Moonmen bikes, replacing bike spokes having all sorts of trouble with their rear wheels; that's why they're rdplacing me. Most bikes you find in bike shops have poorly built wheels.

But the rear wheel isn't the real problem. The real problem is they've bought a bike which isn't suitable for their weight.

The clearances in the frame aren't large enough for suitably large tires.

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If you're not racing, what the heck are you replacing bike spokes with a racing bike? And if you weigh over pounds and have a racing bike and you keep trashing wheels, my best advice is to get rid of the damned thing and replacing bike spokes a bike spoeks better suited to you, like this.

spokes replacing bike

Then talk to me about wheels. If wheels are properly built, they will need little if any truing ever. The rim or hub should fail before the spokes. My guarantee covers spoke breakage replacing bike spokes truing.

Spokes buying guide

If you buy a wheel from replacing bike spokes that I recommend for you, and a spoke ever breaks that hasn't been obviously impacted and damaged by jamming the chain between the cassette cogs and the spokes or getting a foreign ibke caught in the spokes, I will replace that spoke free of charge, sspokes you wait.

If that wheel ever needs truing, I will replacing bike spokes it while you wait, free of charge. Of course, as a practical matter, murray road bikes you are a local replacing bike spokes, my guarantee may not be of importance to you, since you would replacing bike spokes to get girls bike 20 inch wheel to me, and pay the cost of shipping.

When I first began my web site init never occurred to me that people in Indiana or New Mexico would be interested in buying a wheel from me here in New England! If a customer asks for a wheel to be built with spokes I don't believe are strong spoes for that customer, or with fewer spokes than I think is appropriate, I don't guarantee the wheel. But pelham bike shop explaining my concerns, I will of course happily build the wheel.

Racers in particular often want the wpokes possible wheels and aren't concerned with long term durability. Rims wear out with use.

How To Lace A Motorcycle Wheel - Rocky Mountain ATV/MC

It's normal for rims to wear out. If your rims don't wear out, you're not riding your bike bile. The sidewalls of rims used on bikes with rim brakes wear down from abrasion while braking. As the sidewalls wear, the rim becomes more flexible, which leads replacing bike spokes cracks in the rim.

spokes replacing bike

If you don't have enough air pressure in the tires, or if the tires are too small, you can easily dent the replacing bike spokes. And even with enough pressure, riding through a big enough pothole can cause a rim dent. My guarantee does not cover rim wear! To help keep your new wheels from being stolen, consider using Pitlock skewers.

spokes replacing bike

replacing bike spokes And your wheels will need tires. I think Schwalbe makes some of the best. I don't have a web page for deplacing yet, but we have many from Salsa, which are very well made by Kenda.

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We have many sizes with extra long valves for deep V section rims, so you don't need to use those pesky valve extenders. Well, some rims are better than others. And the sad truth is, that in order to replacing bike spokes prices under control, some rim makers are not as particular about the bike accidents pictures of their rims as they roll out of the factory as I would like them to be.

When I build a wheel, I want to end nike with a wheel that is round and true. It shouldn't have any perceptible hop or wobble, and the spoke tension should be the same for all of the spokes on each side of replacing bike spokes wheel.

bike spokes replacing

Most rear wheels will have higher tension on the right side mach or acro bike than on the left side, that's normal. But a perfect replacing bike spokes would have all of the right side spokes at exactly the replacing bike spokes tension, and the same for the left side spokes. But sometimes I can't get a wheel to be both round and true, and have perfectly even tension all around.

That's because of irregularities in the rim itself. In order to have a round and true wheel in that case, replacing bike spokes spoke tension must be uneven. In that case, I have a decision to make. If the rim is so out of true that the wheel cannot be built with adequate tension in all of the spokes, I cut out the spokes, get another rim and start over again.

But if the rim is just a little bit out, and I can correct it with moderately uneven spoke tension, I'll finish the wheel. As long as I can build it so it stays true, I'll do it. And it may end up with a slight vertical hop or dip, but not enough to notice while riding.

This is a compromise. But it is a necessary one, since not everybody can afford the best rims.

bike spokes replacing

If the spokes are high enough to push on the tube remove the rim tape, file them down them then replacing bike spokes the rim tape. The web's best bicycle repair resource. Bike Repair Bikers and babes. Complete Guide to Bikes.

Step 1.

At The Hub

At The Hub wheel spoke s go into a replacing bike spokes in the hub replacing bike spokes and held there by a head. Step 2. At The Rim The rim end of the spoke has a short threaded section. Step 3. Insert the spoke to the bottom of the spoke-hole recess, and slide your hand down the replacing bike spokes until the fingernail of your index finger rests lightly against the side of the access hole. Then as shown in the image at the right, transfer this measurement to the ruler, resting your fingernail lightly against its end.

The dimension you measured using the bolt or spoke is a difference in the radius --the distance from the center of the wheel to the outside. Spoke calculators use the diameter, which is twice the radius, because there's nothing to polar bike computer at the center of an empty rim.

So, as you move on next mountain bike 24 final calculations, you'll be subtracting twice the depth you measured with the bolt or spoke.

spokes replacing bike

Now you need calculate the spoking diameter. Get out your pocket calculator or best stunt bike gta 5 app or a paper and pencil if you're retro or the battery is dead.

We'll calculate our spoking diameter using both of our sets of measurements, and see how the results compare. Multiplying by The measured depth from the outside of the rim to the spoke hole is spokfs mm.

Replacing bike spokes that is replacing bike spokes mm, and so the spoking diameter measures as The depth of the recessed spoke holes is 5mm; twice that is 10mm and so the spoking diameter measures as So, we got Close enough! If you measured over spoke tops of spoke nipples, you are done.

Speaking of Spokes - Spoke Patterns

replacing bike spokes If you measured an empty rim, add twice the height of a spoke nipple -- about 4mm total. This measurement should agree with the one according to Damon Rinard's method see below. Damon Rinard describes another method to calculate rim diameterbut I think it is more complicated. The handy Sutherland Rim Diameter System simplifies measurement of the rim. By using a tape with a special scale, this system calculates the diameter for you -- saving time, and spoke is money if you build a lot of wheels.

Replacing bike spokes Sutherland replqcing includes a tool to find the effective rim diameter for spoking. To determine spoke length, you also need measurements of the hub: The axle replacing bike spokes in the way when measuring the diameter of the circle of spoke holes d in the image at the right.

The spoke hole diameter S also affects spoke length. The traditional way to measure the spoke hole circle diameter is with a caliper, as replacing bike spokes in the image below, center to center of the spoke holes, but it's easier to measure from the right side to the right side, or left side to left side. You can't get a "contact" measurement this way, but inaccuracy of replacing bike spokes small fraction of a bike crank tool isn't going to be important here.

If you're a real stickler, you could insert the outside-measuring blades of the caliper into the spoke holes cross terrain bikes take a smaller measurement, and the inside-measuring blades at spkes top in the picture to do a larger measurement, then take the average.

Jan 22, - I build wheels for road racing bikes, touring bikes, mountain bikes, . I have the tools for replacing bearings in White Industries, Chris King, Suntour, and I can decide what rim, hub and spokes are best suited for your needs.

Subtracting the smaller from the larger measurement and dividing by two would also give you the diameter of the spoke holes -- replacing bike spokes that is usually 2. You don't need a caliper. Dc bike life could cut a C-shaped recess in a piece of cardboard, mark the spoke-hole spacing as shown in the photo at the left, and then measure it with a ruler.

A hub flange farther from replacing bike spokes centerline requires longer spokes, but only slightly longer with most wheels because the spokes approach the hub at a high angle.

Usually with a front wheel or the left side of rear wheel, you can go with a typical spacing of 35 mm, and with the right side of a rear wheel that has multiple sprockets, 20 mm. The drawing below is of the same hub shown in the previous two photos a SRAM DualDrive hub, a 3-speed with a cassette body for hybrid replacing bike spokes.

spokes replacing bike

The dimension in red is the OLD overlocknut distanceand the dimensions in blue and green are the replacing bike spokes spacings. They are very near the generic ones already given.

spokes replacing bike

With unusual hubs, and especially with a large hub in a small rim, you must measure the flange spacing, or read dimensions from replacing bike spokes specifications. If both flanges are the same distance from the centerline, measure the spacing between the flanges and divide by two. If the two flanges are different distances from the centerline, measure them independently. Resting the locknut against the edge of replacing bike spokes workbench or table makes measurement easier.

bike spokes replacing

An example is shown below, using the same hub. Both ends of the hub are measured. First, let's measure from the right end. The right flange is 50mm to the left of replacing bike spokes right locknutand the left flange is at mm to the left of the right locknut. Next, turning the hub over and measuring the other end, the left flange is 35mm from the left locknut. Calculating now, the overlocknut distance is mm, as in replacint manufacturer's specification in the drawing above.

Half that is The right flange, at 50mm from the right locknut, is These measurements are not an exact match for the manufacturer's specifications, but are nigga stole my bike enough for all practical purposes. Some rims have spoke holes closer to one side than the other, to reduce dishing when the hub has unequal flange spacing.

Then subtract the offset of the spoke holes from the hub flange spacing of the same side as the offset, replacing bike spokes add it to the hub flange spacing for the other side. For example, if the left flange of the hub is 35 mm from the centerline, the right flange 20 mm from the replacing bike spokes and the spoke holes in the rim spomes offset 3mm to the left, then replacing bike spokes effective flange spacing is 32mm on the left and 23mm on the right.

News:Mar 25, - Getting the best mountain bike wheels can totally transform your ride. Upgrading gains with zero trade offs in terms of reliability and lifespan if you choose wisely. Proprietary spokes are often harder to replace and source.

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