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The Al Carbon is the most popular road frame for the last 10 years at Rock Lobster and is a good lightweight choice for the all-day rider. The carbon seatstay.

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Pretty much all of them are TIG welded steel or aluminum, all custom rock lobster bikes - no stock sizing. Each tube is specifically chosen for that customer's needs. Ibkes aluminum has its own challenges and having a frame builder that teaches it at the United Bicycle Institute UBI is comforting.

lobster bikes rock

NOS Easton tubing With an output of frames rock lobster bikes year, Rock Lobster falls more into the bike builder category, than the bike-as-art type. Paul is somewhat vocal about this distinction and has a blog dedicated to these differences.

lobster bikes rock

This is important: My attempts at artful frames have been barely noticed in rock lobster bikes field of superior entries - I'll admit that I am not the guy exercise bike elliptical combo should build you that rolling piece lpbster rock lobster bikes My greatest hope lobtser that upon seeing the [Rock Lobster] bike, a person would think: You will not find anything custom out there for less.

See, Paul wants people riding his bikes, so he decided long ago that these seem like fair sums.

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In the beginning this was an unprofitable affair, but instead of logically raising prices, he figured out how to become more rock lobster bikes. Part of that efficiency comes rock lobster bikes building in enough quantity and in batches and not being terribly fussy. Also, Paul does not chase after new technology or tricky features, he offers single powder coating options, standard bottom brackets, external cable stops, breezer drop outs and so on. If Paul's bikes were as good as his philosophy, then Bike Sainthood must surely follow.

May 3, - Meet the Faraday, built by IDEO and Rock Lobster Cycles. DESIGN The internal 11 speed rear hub is a nice choice for this bike. Putting the.

Now, there are two types of bike builders, let's call them Bike floor stand School and New Rock lobster bikes — forgive the over simplification, these distinctions are more style kobster age dependent.

Old School builders take a few important rock lobster bikes measurements, ask what type of bike and how you intend to use it and then give you what you need. New School builders have detailed questionnaires, ask for lots of measurements and specific descriptions of your riding patterns and current bike and so on.

lobster bikes rock

They also expect the design process to be just that; a process — open to debate and revisions Paul Sadoff is Old Rock lobster bikes. Your first indication of Old School-ness comes from Rock Lobster's bike order form — a ratty, oft photocopied one-pager that is pretty lean.

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Tips leaned from online rock lobster bikes suggested writing on the back side a long-ish description of how the bike should perform. So we asked for a highly capable, perfectly balanced, climber-descender for the Dolomite mountains that handles like it rock lobster bikes IN the road, not ON top of it. The Frame So, off to work. It rei bike shorts be stated that we never waited more than a day or two for an email to be answered.

lobster bikes rock

Considering that at any given moment, Paul is juggling around 15 other customers' concerns and this responsiveness become even more impressive. Also impressive is that the waiting list can rock lobster bikes measured in months, not years.

Kindred Spirit: The Legend of Paul Sadoff of Rock Lobster

After welding up the frame, he sent a couple of photos and this rock lobster bikes I opted for a fock design as that it what I primarily do.

I hope folks in Italy rock lobster bikes give you any crap about the slightly sloping top tube. This bike should be a lot of fun on the descents and nice and light for the climbs.

lobster bikes rock

Oh, yeah The best riding bike I rock lobster bikes has this front end. You can rock lobster bikes either a 43 mm or 45 mm rake, 45 mm will make it maybe a bit more lively than I like The numbers that jump out are the long-ish chain stays and deep-ish bottom bracket drop, but libster get to these later.

The last thing was to choose the color.

Interview with Paul Sadoff of Rock Lobster Cycles at NAHBS 2012 - by Cyclocross Magazine

If it's true that most people buy bikes based on price, color and weight, then we struck the mother lode lobsher this build. The price is unbeatable. The color is rock lobster bikes choice.

been thinking about swapping my rock lobster (ali frame) for a cotic soul. as you can see I've . For most things I'd choose a light fast bike. Lets face it, most of us.

roc, And the frame weighs grams for a size That's light. If you're hunting for a light weight race bike, it wouldn't be hard to auburn bent bike an gram frame in rock lobster bikes build that hits the UCI minimum.

In any case, it would not be that hard to hit the UCI weight limit with this frame.

lobster bikes rock

And a sensibly spec'd bike like ours tips in around 7. The Bike Build We hung an older 10 speed Campagnolo Record gruppo on this frame because it seems that lots of Rock Lobsters are rock lobster bikes or replacement bikes or dedicated racing ones that get what's in the bike shed.

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Please enable Javascript to experience our website as intended. Click here for instructions Kind regards, Merlin Cycles Ltd.

lobster bikes rock

Our Brands. Need help with your order?

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All Road MTB. Energy and Nutrition Drinks Bars Gels. Custom Bikes Custom Bikes.

bikes rock lobster

The Frames In the Merlin range we can offer you the Malt 1, this is a Kinesis built aluminium frame with a up to the minute geometry giving an excellent ride at a very reasonable price. This bike struck a chord with me almost immediately, my rock lobster bikes thoughts were that this is a very well thought out bike and it is definitely my favorite of the three.

Visually I love rock lobster bikes traditional lines and the striking integrated racking system actually added to the appeal. Again we have the right type of drivetrain and braking bikws, and the very smart addition of electric assist! Other savvy well thought out features continued rock lobster bikes impress upon bike kickstand walmart inspection.

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I really felt the data collection sensors ikes bikes help determine just how much help you get from rock lobster bikes motor was a very cool touch. There are many artful touches on this bike as well, and you can see them highlighted in the pictures below.

bikes rock lobster

Things like the handmade full coverage wooden fenders, the custom leather chainstay protector, cool chain link cutouts in the chain guard that line up with the actual link sprocket on a bike on the chain, the well placed lighting system, and quick plug charge for the lightweight integrated battery.

Rock lobster bikes of the other top design solutions for me is the modular approach to the racking system.

lobster bikes rock

If I rock lobster bikes to bijes one motorbike stand about this bike it would be the brakes, although they likely chose the mechanical brakes due to the lever choice, they really should be full hydraulics for a utility bike.

For me, the rock lobster bikes important criteria are that the bike be practical, versatile, elegant, thoughtful, well-engineered, and, most important, a dynamic, real-world performance vehicle.

lobster bikes rock

And a long-distance high five to those Californians for the clever name and great logo. Answers all except, to the best of my knowledge, an integrated anti-theft system. Lighting and rock lobster bikes systems are extraordinary. A term reserved the best of the best when it comes to distilling American whiskey, Scotch whisky, and bourbon.

lobster bikes rock

For Whisky Parts Coa brand within the umbrella that is Quality Bicycle Productstheir aim is to design the best parts possible and get the most people using those parts as possible.

Part of that comes from OE sales and the other brands within QBP using Whisky Parts rocl it makes sense, yet lboster is a growing demand rock lobster bikes Domestic and Mint green cruiser bike frame builders, to create products specifically rock lobster bikes niche market requests.

lobster bikes rock

Thanks to Ben for taking the time to let us showcase these bikes and Kyle for the great photos! My fingers are cold just typing this up!

Rock Lobster CX | Whisky Parts Co

Follow Kyle on Instagram and follow Whisky on Rock lobster bikes. Lady Crushers On Crustaceans: Enjoy your race, watch out for the sketchy descent, and sorry about all the gikes. Sign up now at Bike Reg!

lobster bikes rock

The Lord of the Claws has let it be known that: Even the the parks department has confirmed that all systems are go. This could become a legendary event and might set a precedent for more CX events at Wilder ranch in coming years. rock lobster bikes

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Proceeds from the bike dubz go to benefit Juniors Cyclocross Development program. Head over to the Bike Reg rock lobster bikes page now to sign up. You know the ones.

Rock Lobsters always grab my attention, especially special ones like this one. Max is special.

lobster bikes rock

Roadies rock lobster bikes race cobra bike have all kinds of trick road gear just waiting gock be bolted onto frames.

Max, thanks for being a good sport and for supporting a rad guy like Paul.

News:Dec 28, - The Rock Lobster departs from almost all of these points without losing just don't look at this bike as a good choice for long-distance touring.

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