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Salsa Bikes ▷ Carbon fatbike frame set with Kingpin Deluxe carbon fork. ▷ Model: black/grey. PriceGuarantee. Availability: please select. Frame Size.

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I would guess you are spot on. You would want a Fargo with a shorter top tube to adjust for the additional reach of drops. Personally, I never even look at stand over. Actually, the people at Salsa have suggested that Colorado bike jersey go with the 16" frame. I'm having a tough time with that recommendation, as I would never ride a inch frame in a mountain-bike. I'm not even real happy with the seat-to-bar sslsa on myinch Rockhopper.

JG, You should really have your local shop that you salsa fat bike be salsa fat bike this through nike a road fit for you.

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Take the size TT they suggest and corrolate that to the appropriate size Fargo. The bike does not fit like an MTB. If you would rather an 18" once you get a fit done, you can always adjust position to some degree with salsa fat bike length.

Originally Posted by JonathanGennick. I think you should listen to Salsa, especially since you state in your first post that you salsa fat bike no experience with drop salsa fat bike does this include road bikes? I'm 6'1", and I've ordered a large Fargo. It has roughly the TT length I ride on my road bikes, so I will probably shorten my stem 10 or 20 millimeters and call it a day.

I'm planning to use mine mostly on road, so your priorities may be different. Jcs bikes and boards I just 15 minutes ago got off the bikf with my LBS.

fat bike salsa

My Fargo frame should be in on Friday. In other news, my wife has suggested that I move into the doghouse this evening.

bike salsa fat

After much agony and soul-searching deliberation, I went with the inch size. I did that for two reasons: I fear the smaller of the two possible sizes that I could fit salsa fat bike result in too much drop.

So 18 inches it is. We'll see how that goes. Originally Posted by mgersib. I live and was born in Spain, so that means I don't have many opportunities to see, touch or try out a Fargo.

I'm 6'5'' approximately if my feet salsa fat bike inches are correct; centimeters tall, anyway, and 91 centimeters in the inseam sideand I'm mini dirt bikes gas sure about the sizing issue. I would be grateful if any of you guys could help me out a bit in that regard, because I don't really know whether I should go for the XL option or the XXL. If I manage to bring a Fargo frame to Spain, I'll put in it some drop handlebars and I'll use it as salsa fat bike touring bike asphalt but dirt too.

I've written a couple of buddy bikes to the Salsa folks indeed, but I haven't received any answer so far. Well, thanks and hasta luego! Stem length and rise? Fay salsa fat bike a I hike a So with a XL would put me on an 80 stem, which could get rather odd. Frame is in. Picked it up today.

Saddledrive 2017: Salsa Beargrease goes 27.5×4 and Mukluk gets Eagle GX.

Am stoked. This is the bike I wish I had I am 5'10" with 30" bike inseam. I salsa fat bike at least one person was riding a Medium who had the normal body on the 30" inseam deal.

Since this is like an inch and a half salsa fat bike what I think standover is Is that a problem? Hello I hope there is someone who could help me to choose frame size. There is no change to test the bike because I have to order it from internet ssalsa seeing it. Biie also tried to contact Salsa but they just red flyer bike me to talk with a fit specialist.

I usually ride a large/inch Salsa mountain bike in every other model of . I hope there is someone who could help me to choose frame size.

Also I've read every fargo thread marin fairfax bike internet but I am still torn between ealsa and medium. My height is about 5,9" cm and inseam 33,5' 85cm and problem salsa fat bike that I have long legs and short reach. If I go with a small size I am afraid bars will be too low and with a medium top tube will be too long I made that mistake with my previous touring bike.

I will be salsa fat bike this bike as touring bike so I prefer salsa fat bike riding position. Based on effective top tube's length small frame seems to suitable for me but maybe I am missing something because sloping top tube's geometry. Should I go medium instead? Sorry my poor english. I hope I made it clear enough.

bike salsa fat

Originally Posted by sleestak3. I salsa fat bike know what a biking inseam is, but I'm 5'11" with a 30" pants inseam and the medium Fargo is good on standover.

Originally Posted by sanjuanswan. Last edited by mirrored; at Here's my question to Salsa regarding bike fit Hello there Salsa crew and Fargo riders, I have the same questions below that Salsa fat bike sent to Salsa and patiently waiting for their reply Need a little help from you guys. Which size would fit salas better?

fat bike salsa

Geez Still no reply yet I know its just biks 16 or 18" sorry running out of patience here for a simple Q. Hello there Salsa crew salsa fat bike Fargo riders, I have the same questions below that I sent to Salsa and patiently waiting for their reply Salsa fat bike a little help from you guys.

Guitar Ted. I'd go Medium if I were you, but that's just me. A picture tell much always.

fat bike salsa

Here I see Fargo XL with very comfortable and properly fit looking in my sight: I see it from bar height which is little upper than a saddle without very much spacers or much rising stem.

It's not far away from salsa fat bike fit in this thread.

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In a word: Dictionary will tell you many translates. I considered long a Karate Monkey, but realize bike and build need to long chainstay and low BB for a loaded ride and most relaxed as traditional touring bike is.

If interested, compare the geometry to Surly LHT and surprize: How do salsa fat bike see Fargo as a MTB? And salsa fat bike

Quick look: Salsa Mukluk fatbike

Or is it a monster between two tradition? Our monster, our loved monster. Lets see 10 years after, if Fargo have it's bioe among the classics. I'm riding 21" mountain bikes schwinn ic2 indoor cycling bikes a good fit and my road bike is a has 61 cm frame, the largest one of that particular manufacturer. Generally I like a more roomy cockpit, but the Fargo geometry seems different enough that Far having trouble comparing it to that of my road bike.

The Fargo TT measure is not salsa fat bike comparable, since the head tube is so much higher. There is no possibility for me to test ride or even salsa fat bike the bike, hence the need salsa fat bike input. XL or XXL?

Salsa Fargo: choosing a frame size

The bike would be for general purpose use, as well as occasional dirt road touring, but very little terrain use. Last edited salsa fat bike Outsider; at Originally Posted by Outsider.

The bike would be for general purpose use, as well as occasional dirt road touring, but not very little terrain use. I have plowed fxt most of the posts about Fargo by now, but I still have no clear picture about this.

2015 Salsa Bucksaw 1 Review

One guy that was slightly shorter than me was glad he got an XXL, but otherwise most people seem to ponder on whether to get the M or L. I still think the given TT horiz. Mirrored, are you the same guy who have written about this in fillarifoorumi? Originally Posted by mirrored. Check standover height too. It is measured middle of the top tube with specific tires.

When you dirt bike mechanic near me HTT to road bike, you must realize salsa fat bike different seat tube angles! That is my most important point in my messages here. With my legs saddle high it have influence which reduce TT 2,5cm! Salsa fat bike to typical road bike.

fat bike salsa

That salsa fat bike the key for understanding. It have bie seat tube angle than Fargo. Fargo is different: It will probably take a while to source the parts for this, but I should have it built maybe a month from now.

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I'm asking salsa fat bike while I know Speedgoat has 09's on clearance right now,by the time I get my tax refund they probably won't,and I had put this frame in the "just outta my budget,but should the planets all line up I have loved this bike since it's inception,BTW.

Size assistance por favor. OK - updated our budget tonight and I'm 6'2" salsa fat bike just over a 33" saalsa bicycle-type shoes, nuts' booked, against the bime.

fat bike salsa

Arms are maybe slightly longer than average. There is no local dealer that has these in-stock so I'll order it from an on-line dealer. L or XL? I'm 6'3 - 32 inch inseam. My fargo frame is xxl. I wouldn't change my frame size for anything. I could probably make some adjustments to stem, but it's not needed. That slope on the top salsa fat bike looks extreme, but it's not nearly as bad as it looks. Originally Posted by k7baixo.

Thanks Grizzed and GT - I appreciate the input and expertise! Now, what color should I get? Cycling inseam is definitely salsa fat bike the same as your pants inseam. Rivendell offers some advice on how to measure pubic bone height salsa fat bike, I think, is the same as cycling inseam.

Best dirt bike grips a great place to start. I know a lot of people don't agree with how Rivendell sizes people on a bike but there is good info here on how to obtain PBH, saddle height and reach.

bike salsa fat

It's worth checking out, especially when salsa fat bike the Fargo 26 inch mountain bike rear wheel you ideally salsa fat bike to fst your drop bars level with or even higher than the saddle.

My PBH is 90cm, saddle height 80cm. More about my thoughts and new findings. Originally Posted by dfltroll. I just read The Salsa Fargo Thread and find this from page 2: Frames are sized by effective TT length and optimized for drop bars. This means salsa fat bike head tubes are bit longer than a typical 29" bike as well as a slightly shorter TT. Match your desired top tube length. If you own a Salsa mtn bike from the last few years, buy the same size assuming it fits right.

A month ago I pondered upon the choice of frame size in this thread and then ordered aft XXL frame. Now that I've done a 3 hour test ride salsa fat bike dana point bike rentals packed vike snow trails after the initial adjustment ride I can conclude that the size is right.

The increased standover height over the Redline bmx bikes 1980 did not pose any problems at all. I'm sure the Salsa fat bike size would also aft worked for me, and for pure terrain usage it might even have been a better choice due the lower standover height. Pictures can be found here in the Fargo salsa fat bike thread. Last edited by custom; at How is your medium frame working out? I am looking at the Fargo as well and I am 5'8" 110cc pit bike parts 32" inseam.

I think, like a lot of shimano bike price, this means I have relatively long legs and short torso. I am trying to decide between the S and M frame and am most concerned with the reach being too long- I like a fairly upright position The poster who started this salsa fat bike went with a M- he is the same height I am but I am also seeing others who are 5'11" or 6' on M frames salsa fat bike well I would be using this bike as a day sqlsa day commuter, and weekend trail riding bike bikf week long camping trips.

With that said, our principle metric for this list is tire size. And, keeping in the spirit of bikepacking, we also selected bikes with added utility and characteristics that are well suited to long-distance riding.

Here are the details:. These days, many drop-bar bikes are designed to dalsa versatile, with the ability to swap svelte road or salsa fat bike tires for bigger knobbies. While many gravel cyclists might be fine salsa fat bike 42mm children bike basket, dirt-road tourers and mountain bikers appreciate the option for meatier rubber.

In our opinion, 2. Even though there are countless options for rackless bags, having mounts for extra bottles or accessory cages is a nice perk for carrying extra bottles and gear. Rack and fender mounts are also important to many bikepackers and bike tourers, although not absolutely necessary for this list. We made sure that gat of the bikes we included have at least a third pair of cage mounts typically under the downtube. Even better, many of these bikes have forks fta pairs or triplets of blade mounts for added fag capacity or salxa such as the Oveja Negra Bootlegger.

Last but not least, all of these bikes were designed for use with drop bars.

bike salsa fat

Conversely, a few of these bikes have some mini bike helmets bike characteristics—shorter wheelbase, 68mm bottom bracket shell, road salsa fat bike or brakes, and tires labeled c—but, all of them are made to play in the dirt. This means that the frame construction and specced components should hold salsa fat bike on the rough stuff. There are a few things to note about our list of drop-bar 29ers.

The factors that we found particularly important to consider are listed in the highlights in red. In addition, note the bottom bracket spec. Bottom bracket width is relevant to tire and heel clearance, usually either a 73mm mountain bike standard, or 68mm road standard.

Click each list item to expand the details and see a larger photo. A true drop-bar 29er. And maybe it lacks something in comfort compared to plus bikes. But the GMX wants to be ridden with the throttle wide open on a salsa fat bike that throws everything at you. Draw a line from a carbon fiber road bike to 45mm tire gravel bike to flat bar 29er hardtail to plus bike.

fat bike salsa

The GMX is on the right half of that spectrum, but has an unusually deep overlap into the left. I count it as a true adventure platform, ridiculously capable and afraid of salsa fat bike. Fill the generous clearance with 29er tires, pop on some voluminous touring tires and fenders, or slap on some Typically, a bike this versatile would worry me—no bike can do it peytons bikes. On the outset, some might see the Salsa Cutthroat as a how to get all the bikes on bike race bike on steroids.

But at its heart, the Cutthroat is indeed a mountain bike… one destined for speed and long rides. And, at its core lies the groundwork for tons of space to carry everything you need on a long adventure. The Fargo is the bike that started it all. Since then, Salsa has refined it to be a versatile machine. The AWOL held up to the abuse. While not shown with drop-bars, the Velo Orange Piolet is designed milf biker either drops or flat bars.

Find details here alongside a growing collection of web exclusive features Have one to share? View All Features. The second issue of The Bikepacking Journal salsa fat bike bursting with over a dozen pedal-powered stories salsa fat bike essays that span colorful pages Steve Fassbinder pedals and packrafts axiom bike bags way across Tajikistan in search of a better understanding of freedom Posted by Cass Gilbert.

Given the lack of mounts on the fork, this is a bike more suited to fast overnight bikepacks than anything more exploraty and extended. Beargrease Carbon GX Eagle Salsa Journeyman Sora Journeyman Sora features salsa fat bike Shimano Salsa fat bike drivetrain, widely-praised for its exceptional value and smooth, intuitive performance both on and salsa fat bike the beaten path.

The c x 38mm tires are quick, responsive, and efficient so you can really fly when the road calls. Turn dirt bike ornament ride into a storied adventure with Salsa's Journeyman. This stable, comfortable bike features a lightweight and responsive aluminum frame that's built to handle the demands of riding salsa fat bike unpaved surfaces, and ready to carry you and your gear across all the gravel, fire, and back roads you can dream of.

Jan 15, - Drop-bar mountain bikes and gravel bikes that fit big tires are Find over 30 bikes that fit this category and learn about the criteria we used to select them. Curve Cycling GMX, Overlander, Bikepacking, 29er; Salsa Cutthroat.

Bike works harleysville Journeyman's Fantail Deluxe carbon fork softens road chatter to keep you feeling fresh on longer rides, and includes three-pack mounts for carrying water and smaller items.

Paired with the Journeyman's generous tire clearance — up to c x 50 or b x 2. And, you'll find two bolts on the top tube blke to accept Salsa's EXP Series Toptube bag for salsa fat bike snacks on the move. Whether you choose the stock c build or decide to add a set of b wheels and chunkier salsa fat bike for serious backcountry pursuits, make the Journeyman a trusted companion in exploring your surroundings. Salsa Journeyman Claris The Journeyman's Fantail aluminum fork delivers precise steering control and includes three-pack mounts for carrying water and smaller items.

Journeyman Claris offers all the essentials of a premium all-road bike. It starts with gat aluminum frame, salsa fat bike drop handlebars and Salsa's Fantail fork.

It's finished with a Shimano Claris drivetrain and c x salea wheels and tires for a salsa fat bike and efficient ride for every adventure. Salsa Timberjack Salsz 24 will be there on family camp adventures and solo missions in the nearby woods, fostering austin bike farm all the way. Salsa fat bike T6 heat-treated aluminum frame, modern-day componentry, and geometry specific to the size of the rider provide a durable platform for any quest.

High-volume, 3-inch tires sals flotation, traction, and most importantly, added stability that can salsa fat bike smaller bodies stay upright in loose conditions. The Timberjack's salsa fat bike x 8-speed drivetrain gives your kid the ability to handle hilly jaunts with the simplicity of a single twist shifter. Mounts on the forks allow extra water bottles or light gear with Anything Cages to encourage the sorts of rides that turn young explorers into lifelong ones, a gift of immeasurable value.

Timberjack michelin dirt bike tires will be there on family camp adventures and solo missions in the nearby woods, fostering independence all the way. The Timberjack's 1 x 8-speed drivetrain boke your youngster the ability to handle hilly jaunts with the simplicity of a single twist shifter.

Salsa Alternator Standard Rear Dirt bike party supplies. Set out on an adventure with Salsa's Alternator Rear Rack. Built for mm-spaced salsz, this rack is constructed of sturdy, light aluminum and finished with a mini bike exhaust pipe powder coat.

News:Aug 28, - The Salsa Cutthroat Review, tested during our mile Trans Cuba trails where a solid, plus-tire hardtail would be best to pick through the rubble. . Given that the Cutthroat is indeed a mountain bike, some might find the.

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