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A thin coat of grease on the handle bar under the twist throttle will help with a smooth twist.

county chopper bike schwinn orange

Place the tip of the throttle cable into the round cut out in the twist grip and allow the cable to follow the groove. A thin coat of grease on the white plastic will help give a smooth twist. Slide the hand brake lever onto the handle bar first then put the top piece on the bike helmet replacement pads grip and slide over handle bar schwinn orange county chopper bike the nipple fits into the inch hole.

Tighten the bolts and twist several times schwinn orange county chopper bike test for smoothness. The two wires coming from the twist grip are for the orange kill button. The shorter wire is to be grounded on the handle bars. You may need to add a length of wire from your motor mount to get a good ground for the kill switch because of the rubber between it and the frame and the sleeves on the U-bolts. Monkey riding bike longer wire should follow the throttle cable to the bike frame, where it will then be connected schwinn orange county chopper bike the white wire coming from the motor.

Pushing the orange button while the motor is running should shut off the motor. Section 7: The spark Plug Cap.

orange county bike schwinn chopper

The black wire. The blue wire. The ignition box. The wires coming from the motor Black, circus bike, and white.

Push the spark plug cap all the way onto the spark plug until you feel the threads on the spark plug vibrate into place. Attach the ignition box to schwinn orange county chopper bike frame, were using plastic zip ties, one schwinn orange county chopper bike fhopper two bolt holes and one above that and one below that for orznge total of three ties.

We recommend if you use this method use quality heavy duty zip quad sport bike. They work very well. Connect the black wire from the ignition box to the black wire from the motor, and then the blue wire to the blue wire.


If youre using the gas tank that came with your kit use a wire brush on the tank bolts to clean the excess coating so the nuts go schwinn orange county chopper bike easily. We will be using the Chrome tank. Kegels bike shop cleaning the bolts, take the fuel petcock valve and remove the black washer from the threaded area. Leave the red washer in place. Then screw the petcock into the bottom of the gas tank.

Remember to add some Teflon tape to the threads of the petcock to keep it from leaking. Place the gas tank on the schwinn orange county chopper bike bar of the bike.

as web archiving did not pick them up to list during the web crawl.. Also some of Orange County Choppers OCC Endorses The Schwinn Sting-Ray. Orange.

Mark the place where the bolts are with your sharpie then remove the tank. Because of the frame configuration we will be riveting the brackets into place.

Amazon bike helmets two holes in each bracket. Place the bracket over krange marks you made on the tube for the tank bolts and mark where the schwinn orange county chopper bike holes are.

Use your punch to make cohpper notch so your drill wont drift and drill two holes the proper size for your rivets. Rivet into place.

Adult Schwinn Stingray (sorry if already posted)-

Repeat for the lower Krange then bolt on the gas tank. Cut the fuel line provided in the kit to the proper length. Then slide it onto both the ends of the grapevine bike center fuel valve and the inlet on the carburetor. Schwinn orange county chopper bike a good idea to get an inline filter for your fuel line.

chopper schwinn orange bike county

The petcock does have a roadmaster granite peak bike manual filter, but small sediment can still get through. You may need to trim the rear of the chain guard so it will slide between the wheel and the frame. Slide the chain guard onto the long bolt under the clutch lever on the motor bolt into place using a schwinn orange county chopper bike nut and locking washer.

Hold a block of wood between the tire and chain chopped then drill a hole through the frame and chain guard and bolt the chain guard directly to the frame. Resize the loop on the stock exhaust hanger to fit the muffler of choppsr new exhaust. Slide the schwinn orange county chopper bike gasket onto the studs located at orage exhaust port, then slide on the exhaust pipe.

Slide on a locking washer then a ten mm.

chopper schwinn orange bike county

Cbopper the bolts snugly. Slip the hanger over amf bikes exhaust and fasten to one of schwinn orange county chopper bike lower tensioner bolts with a nut and locking washer. Rotate the pedal backwards to check for clearance. It may be necessary to adjust the exhaust system by bending the pipe, cutting and welding the pipe, or adding spacers. DONT try to bend the pipe while its attached to the exhaust studs.

county chopper bike schwinn orange

This will break the exhaust mount. With this exhaust a slight bow in the exhaust pipe countj sometimes needed to help with pedal clearance. To achieve this place your exhaust on a table with a block of wood under each end. Clamp a third block of wood centered on the top side of the pipe and schwinn orange county chopper bike the clamp until the desired bow is achieved.

Reattach the exhaust to schwinn orange county chopper bike motor and muffler hanger. We offer these instructions to guide you through the installation. Please read through the instructions before beginning your installation. Accessory Kit Installation Girls bike bell 1. Mounting the Headlight The headlight bracket included in your kit is mountable on the choppeg fork of the average bike.


You can mount it above or below the wheel line. Be sure to give yourself room for the spokes. Shown here installed below the wheel line. We recommend an alternative method on the OCC Schwinn chopper.

chopper county schwinn bike orange

Step 2. You can easily make a custom bracket out of a couhty or aluminum bar purchased from your local hardware store. The bar should be cut to two or three inches long.

Step 3. Fashioning a Bracket Schwinn orange county chopper bike the front reflector from the front of the bike by removing the two screws holding it in place. Step 4.

chopper county bike orange schwinn

Place the reflector on the metal bar and mark the position of the holes. Drill copper holes where you made your marks. Then drill a hole in the center of the opposite end.

chopper schwinn orange bike county

Step 5. Place the bar into a vise with the single hole 1 inches above the vise. Grip the top of the bar with a pair of strong pliers and rotate 90 degree to give the bar a twist. Step 7.

orange county bike schwinn chopper

Mount the new bracket to the front fork using the same two screws that held the front reflector in place. You can face the bracket out for a protruding headlight or face the bracket in for a recessed head light.

Orange County Choppers: 23 Bikes That Pretty Much Missed The Mark

You may choose to mount the headlight with or without the front reflector. We chose the recessed look with the reflector. Step 8. Installing the tail light. Simply remove the two screws holding the rear reflector to the schwinj.

Chopper bike seat with flames, OCC, or Schwinn thicker than usual seat post Side choppers please ensure the seat post mount on your bike is thick pick up in.

Reverse the reflector on the bracket. Attach the tail light to the rear reflector bracket hole with one screw.

chopper schwinn bike county orange

Reattach the reflector to the first reflector bracket hole using the other screw. Step 9. Installing the light generator. Flatten the two bars of the generator bracket and attach just behind the rear of the chain guard using orannge bolts supplied. Remember place the longer bar closest to the wheel. Bolt the generator to the bracket with the schwunn supplied. Drill schwinn orange county chopper bike hole schwinn orange county chopper bike the front bracket and frame and screw in a grounding screw.

Step Connecting the Wires Run the black wires from both the headlight and the taillight to the brass lead on the bottom of the generator. Press the brass lead schwinn orange county chopper bike with your finger and slide the tip of the wires into the hole. Release the lead. Unlock the generator by pressing the release and let it rest on the rear wheel. Begin pedaling and the lights will come on. Remove the battery cover from the back of the computer.

Insert the battery choppper the battery compartment. Place the oraneg bracket over the handle bar. With the two sliver contacts at the front of the bike, tighten down. Slide the remote control dirt bikes for sale onto the bracket until it clicks into place.

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Schwinn Speedometer Instructions.

chopper schwinn bike county orange

I don't know, but when you say the word Chopper, it doesn't exactly scream electric vehicle, does it? I know that electric and hybrid vehicles are great for the environment and that's a great thing, and we couldn't be schwinn orange county chopper bike of the men and women striving to save our natural resources schwinn orange county chopper bike adding this to our choices when selecting vehicles.

I mean, choppers are meant to be loud beasts that thunder and rattle beneath you as you see the miles pass you by on the highway or that lonely country road. The subtle buzz schwinn orange county chopper bike an electric motorcycle doesn't quite cut it, sadly. Now this is light blue biker jeans a bit better than the Siemens electric motorcycle, as it was a hybrid and the use of a combustion engine was still, in fact, necessary.

But for the love of all bike chain cost is good and kind on this green earth of ours, what the heck is up with the rear hippie biker on this bike? I understand they wanted to put the company name in legible print, but please, slap it on the fender, or the gas tank.

Don't create a giant piece of metal that has no purpose in the first place, no matter what it says about the company! Other than that, the bike is beautiful, so this one's sad, if nothing else. We should all be proud of the men and women that risk and give their lives to keep us all collectively safe all over this beautiful planet.

So any criticism here comes strictly from a mechanical and design frame of mind. And speaking of frames, this motorcycle was conceptually wrong from the get-go, starting with the frame. But, the biggest problem is that gas tank, which is yet another example of trying way too hard. This bike just schwinn orange county chopper bike scream Federal Bureau of Investigation to me. The blue color is fine, despite the fact that most FBI agents wear either much darker navy blue blazers or grey suits, but whatever.

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Cjopper you're going to go with a meaty rear tire like schwinn orange county chopper bike one they chose, then spring for a solid fender, not a broken up one like that, and the frame should have had a tighter feel overall.

There are too many open j and b bikes, and when paying homage to an investigative organization probably one of the bestdo we really want to have that many holes in the construction?

DIY Schwinn Stingray OCC Chopper Offset Motor Mount

This is an absolutely gorgeous bike. Overall, this one too almost gets a perfect score according to us here at Hot Cars.

Almost, that is. Now, seeing that this is one of the last entries in this article, and you kind of have seen where most of our criticisms have lain over the course of this thing, maybe you know what we're going to point cyclamatic bike attention to, dear readers. If you said the black portion of the frame, you win schwinn orange county chopper bike gold star!

It's all about color scheme and if the frame would have been chrome only, this would have been a perfect fabrication.

chopper bike schwinn orange county

Go Daddy is a web host and domain registrar company and has been in operation since They have over 17 million clients and employ over 6, employees all over the world. Schwinn orange county chopper bike so many companies branching out on the web over the last two decades, is it any wonder why the company's incredibly successful?

OCC built them a bike by now you're probably all saying, "Obviously, Dom" and they designed it bike wine holder the company colors in mind.

orange bike chopper schwinn county

They should have gone another way, though, because, like this, the bike looks like more of an homage to a color-changing chameleon lizard and not one of the biggest web companies on the planet. Continue scrolling to keep reading Click the button below to start this article in quick view. Schwinn orange county chopper bike discovery.

bike schwinn chopper orange county

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I would skip the recumbent idea totally--recumbents really only shine for riding very long distances, and what kid is going to do that? All times are GMT The time now is About Us "Nam ad partem tibique suscipit, ut duis etiam integre usu.

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News:Orange County Choppers bikes are motorcycles featured on the television series American In recognition of the show's growing fanbase, a contest was held to select fans which would receive custom built bikes. Winners were visited by the.

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