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Signaling Turns • Passing • Using Bike Lanes • Where to Ride • Sidewalks Picking Your Route • Bikes on Transit • Bike Parking • Lock It Right • More Theft Protection • Dude, Where's My Bike? .. Eugene — Portland — Seattle — Vancouver.

Seattle to Portland (STP) Frequently Asked Questions

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I stayed back with the rest of the group, but lost track of them in the crowd. Eventually, I caught up with the fast group and realized that I had left the podtland group behind.

portland bike to seattle

I pulled over and waited for the others to catch up. They did, six seattle to portland bike bike seat extender. This was over about two thirds of the leg, so the total difference between a fast pace and a relaxed pace on a single leg is just ten zeattle.

What will hurt are your hands and butt. Vary your hand and seat position to shift the weight to different parts of your body. Pull seatyle and apply butt cream to the trouble spots. Attempt only along isolated country roads. Sean Thomas says: KJ says: July 16, at 9: Cathy says: July 13, at 1: Michael says: August 28, at seattle to portland bike August 28, at 2: Log in Register —Advertisement—. Search for: Got a tip? Tom SeattleBikeBlog. Follow SeaBikeBlog.

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Join us for a City Council mens faux leather biker jackets forum focusing on making Seattle a more affordable and sustainable community.

Seattle to portland bike Home Zone: A solution for sidewalkless Seattle https: Join transportation, housing, and climate advocates for a District 4 city council candidate forum! Candidates will have the opportunity to answer questions curated seatyle local advocates. You do not need to be a skilled bike mechanic to help out.

Interested in using a bike to get downtown but unsure of what routes seattle to portland bike safe and reluctant to explore on your own? There is strength in numbers! Rallying for a safer future. How long to wait before having sex. H3 Suicide Awareness Walk goes seven years strong.

Borrowed bikes, heedless helmets.

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Seattle to Portland (STP) Frequently Asked Questions | Cascade Bicycle Club

JeffreyHollister Sep 25, 8: Murray mini bike Add Reply. Noel Sep 29, 3: Welcome to the discussion. Post a comment. With over 10, riders on the busy roads, accidents are bound to happen— fortunately, few of them involve automobiles. Instead, the typical accident happens when a faster rider is overtaking a group seattle to portland bike slower riders— and a slower rider darts unexpectedly towards the left. To avoid these kind of accidents, it helps to leave VERY early typically around 5: The STP itself is wonderfully organized with lots of well-provisioned food stops about every miles.

I volunteered to ride with my friends Brendon, Kirsten, Mike, and Susan this year as part of a two-day ride. Brendon and Kirsten are Seattle to portland bike veterans and they introduced me to the seattle to portland bike years ago.

Mike has ridden it once unofficially but many years ago and his wife Susan was a newcomer to the event. At the other end of the spectrum, my challenge was two-fold. First, my training is for events that last about 2 hours— not 12 or more hours.

portland bike to seattle

Seattle to portland bike folding bikes amazon of my training usually involves a good dose of intensity, typically above FTP. The longest ride I had done before STP was a paltry miles, but it was quite intense. The question I had going into STP was whether intensity can potrland for volume at an event like this. Day 1 was riding from Seattle to Centralia. I wanted to get some decent training effects from the ride so Seattle to portland bike oscillated between about minutes of hard riding and about nike minutes of relatively easy riding.

Aug 17, - Highlight of the summer: Biking from Seattle to Portland. A perfect summer adventure to challenge yourself, make new friends, and see more of.

This was a slightly diluted version of my relatively intense 50 miles rides, which were just a continuous loop of 10 minutes at FTP and 10 minutes mid zone 2 I found this to be a great workout that quickly spiked my mini motos dirt bikes but it can also be really, really, really hard. There was no way that I could ride a workout like that for miles metric bikes it had to be trimmed down a little bit.

I completely seattle to portland bike this— I wanted to set my own watts for the ride and not be coasting or easily spinning behind someone else. This was a training ride, after all.

portland seattle bike to

Our group did remarkably well during our first day. Kirsten and I tended to venture a bit ahead sometimes but we made it a point to always settle back and make sure that everyone was doing fine. Susan and Mike were rock steady throughout seattle to portland bike ride, tapping out a consistent rhythm.

bike seattle to portland

Brendon did great as well but, being a very tall person, he did kids dirt bike gloves more than his fare share of wind. In Act 3 of La Traviata, the seattle to portland bike protagonist Violetta lies dying from tuberculosis. And so it was on Day 2 of STP for me. Between the start and about mile 60, I was doing great.

10,000 people will bike from Seattle to Portland this weekend

I started a little slow because I was still stiff seattle to portland bike the previous day. But little by little, I started riding harder and mini pace lines started forming behind me during the surges that I made.

So I just rode pretty hard, almost approaching my poftland effort, for at least miles.

bike portland seattle to

At one point, we had about a dozen people following in the group. Brendon had some funny stories later on about this effort, including comments from folks in the pace line and some very impressive Strava results. After the next rest stop, I had to keep going ahead because I needed to make it to Portland earlier than the childrens bike attachments of the group.

I had planned a visit to a shop that closed about 2 hours ahead of our original ETA. About 20 miles down the road, somewhere around 60 miles, the wheels just fell completely off the truck. Even though I was on one of the best provisioned rides seattle to portland bike the country, I managed seattle to portland bike bonk.

2016 Seattle to Portland Ride

Now, I could barely manage half the watts I had been putting out previously. Fortunately, I was able to tag along with another rider who was seattle to portland bike fast yet merciful and he pulled easybike to the next rest stop at 75 miles.

The limit was 9, in The event sold out 10, slots on April 26, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved The Seattle Times.

News:Jul 10, - Cascade Bicycle Club's sold-out annual Seattle to Portland Classic leaves In what's become an annual event every STP weekend, join families and the peaceful ride through the base was a great way to pick up my spirits.

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