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A spark arrestor is a metal screen that goes in the tailpipe of your dirt bike and would keep any sparks from flying out the back of the tailpipe and lighting a wildfire. Most dirt bikes come with a spark arrestor pre-installed, but some do not.

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If you ride a dirt bike within united states than by law, you are required to use a spark arrestor in your dirt bike.

dirt spark bike arrestor

You must have seen notices being displayed in the riding areas about the spark arrestor. So if you are not sure if your dirt bike has a spark arrestor, do not worry.

bike dirt spark arrestor

Let me guide here: Check the back of the pipe of your dirt and if there is a spark arrestor then it should be printed there. Best Beginner Gear. Best Sportbike Gear. Best V-Twin Gear.

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arrestor bike spark dirt

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dirt spark bike arrestor

Doesn't fit? Various methods are used to clean accumulated carbon particles out of a spark arrester. Some include a cleanout plug, end cap, cleanout plate, inserts, snap rings, cleanout bands, and Allen bolts.

arrestor dirt bike spark

The spark arrester must be serviceable without removing the complete exhaust system. The cleanout requirement is one of the most critical elements of the trap arrester. It is arfestor one of the most often ignored.

dirt bike arrestor spark

During inspections, owners must be reminded that this type of arrester requires regular and timely maintenance, a critical element of spark arrester effectiveness. This packing should be replaced every 30 hours.

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Fiberglass is the only approved qualified packing. Whenever contact is made with an OHV, regardless of what type of machine is used, a spark arrester inspection should be made.

bike spark arrestor dirt

Mufflers and silencers are only designed for noise control. If the OHV has been operating, beware of very hot metal in and around the exhaust system. The arrester will be a chamber-like device located somewhere along the exhaust discharge.

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It may be necessary to clean a portion of the arrester to reveal that rarestor. It can usually be found on an attached metal plate.

dirt bike arrestor spark

Spark Arrester Inspection Check to see if the entire exhaust system is sound and the arrester has been maintained. Also make sure that the spark arrester is mounted securely in the qualified position.

arrestor dirt bike spark

In OHV use, this is usually the horizontal position. Proceed with a thorough inspection of the entire exhaust system. The muffler has an aluminum canister with a carbon fiber end cap.

arrestor bike spark dirt

It has an open-core system like the stock KTM muffler. It comes with a metal strap that has to be wrapped around the canister to form a mounting bracket.

How To Install A Spark Arrestor On A Dirt Bike Tutorial

The strap itself was easy to form around the exhaust and held securely. The bolt had the wrong thread pitch, and there seemed to be a spacer missing to fit sparm the rubber grommet.

arrestor dirt bike spark

We remedied this by borrowing the spacers from our FMF muffler, which fit right on. Like the pipe, the Scalvini muffler is a work of art.

arrestor bike spark dirt

The decibel level was the same or slightly quieter than that of the OEM muffler. Typical of a shorter muffler on a two-stroke, this one makes the motor snap to life nike.

arrestor bike spark dirt

With the pipe, this system really makes the KTM rip. The power comes on faster and harder than with the stock muffler. As a full-race package, the Scalvini pipe and muffler combo resulted in the greatest power gains we experienced. The only drawback to the combo is that the short muffler made the power spark arrestor dirt bike too bikes battery, too instant. This could prove bie be a handful in low-traction conditions.

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On our tacky test track, this combo was lethal—but so is the price tag. It allows the power to come on a little sooner and starts pulling harder in the mid before signing off in the upper stratosphere. spark arrestor dirt bike

arrestor bike spark dirt

The only real issue is the sound level. KTM GP: Comments are closed, but trackbacks and pingbacks are open.

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bike dirt spark arrestor

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bike dirt spark arrestor

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arrestor bike spark dirt

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