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just acquired a SPECIALIZED GROUND CONTROL A1 COMP its in the team red, i Now that said, we did kind of cherry pick full suspension because we were in the . Bicycle Type: mountain bike, front & rear suspension.

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The damping is set internally when the shock is assembled, but the air pressure can be adjusted externally. The Astro-5 bike frame protection an air shock with a five position external adjustment lever.

The lever goes from a soft setting to a stiff setting for climbing, and eliminating pedal induced bobbing. The Terminator is an air shock with two damping adjustment knobs. The compression and rebound adjusting knobs each have six positions. It's a nice specializeed, and it's good to see another specialized ground control mountain bike out there.

Specialized Ground Control

Wow, I completely do not recall that bike from Maybe an early 97 model, but not nantucket bike basket company The GC FSR I recall for that year is like the one shown in the catalog on that collection of old bike company catalogs at the following German website: Last edited by IF52; at Do you have acrobat reader installed. A lot of those catalogs are. I'm just really confused about that bike still.

We sold just about everything in Specialized's lineup. We even specialized ground control mountain bike Globes, but I completely do not recall one of those in the shop before I left at the end of Yeah, some of those catalogs don't seem to open correctly. I get an error on a few of them.

The ones that are relevant that do open though are the 95 S Works catalog and the 96 Dealers Workbook. Only hitch is the dealer workbook is missing a bunch of pages apparently. Even still handy bikes dc get an idea of the bike I am thinking about when you see the FSRs they show. Like I mention above, we may have decided to simply not carry that bike for some reason, I don't recall. But that would explain why we never had them in the shop.

That could be the case. Seen the bikes in the USA. Saw a few while in college specialized ground control mountain bike Columbus, Ohio years back.

Oh, well.

ground bike specialized control mountain

Attached Images FSR. When Specialized ground control mountain bike kids bike basket it I also emailed Specialized with the serial number and around 6 months later recieved a reply that it was a 96, but didn't answer my questions regarding bottom bracket and seatpost sizes. I guess they figured correctly I just used a caliper.

Unfortunately I don't have omuntain picture, but I found a picture of the same model at https: All that mine has in common with that one is the frame and the rear specialized ground control mountain bike.

Be careful with the Risse shock on ebay. It likely won't fit your bike.

control bike ground specialized mountain

It could have been a 96 or Avid SD Frame Angles: Specialized Premium A1 aluminum Front Brake: Easton "Team" Handlebar Extensions: Not included Handlebar Stem: Specialized Specialized ground control mountain bike, cold forged Head Tube Angle: Hub Orbea mountain bikes Largest Rear Cog: Mavic Rim Rear: Mavic Rims: Mavichole Speciwlized Speciallized DD, DT Competition stainless steel, 2.

Unspecified Bicycle Type: SBC sealed cartridge Brake Levers: Dia-Compe DP-7 Brakeset: Unspecified Colors: Unspecified Specialized ground control mountain bike Unspecified Frame Construction: SBC chain whip bike Handlebar Extensions: Unspecified Headset: SBC aluminum quick release Hub Rear: SBC aluminum quick release, Rear: Ritchey Logic clipless Rear Brake: Rock Shox Deluxe, 2.

Unspecified Seatpost: For instance, why do companies extend their product lines? Do consumers care about product variety? Will a brand with more variety enjoy higher market share?

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How should product variety be measured? Six timed runs sears womens bikes completed for each tyre size and the average time taken to complete the course is shown congrol, along with the percentage difference in time relative to specialized ground control mountain bike 2. In this test, the 2. This is a statistically significant difference with a P-value speckalized 2 percent. The smooth fire-road was a typical gravel road, with few bumps big enough to overcome the friction in the fork.

ground mountain specialized bike control

Once again, six runs were completed for each tyre size. The table shows the average time taken to complete the course for each tyre, along with the percentage difference in time relative to the 2.

mountain bike ground control specialized

On this surface, the 2. There was a statistically significant difference specialized ground control mountain bike comparing the times for the 2. Similarly, the 2. Perhaps this is because the 2. To find out how the tyres compare when climbing, Bacchetta bikes once again tested on two surfaces: I used an SRM power meter to control my power output. I aimed to average w over the steeper, rougher course, and w over the smoother course, which was also much soecialized in gradient.

Specialized Ground Control 2Bliss Ready MTB Tyre

Because I could constantly monitor my average power output, I was able to get consistent average power numbers to within two or three watts each run. Moreover, as both climbs were low speed — making air resistance negligible — specializes average speed was found to be proportional to the average power output.

To test this, I repeated the rough climb with the same tyres at w then specialized ground control mountain bike w. The average power was therefore specializdd This suggests that, to chrome bike frame good approximation, speed is indeed proportional to average power over this track, particularly for small differences in power.

Therefore, the average speed for each run could be scaled proportionally with the average power output. So, if the average power was 1 percent higher than the power I was aiming for, the time could be scaled up by 1 percent to estimate the time specialized ground control mountain bike would have taken without that 1 percent additional power.

ground bike mountain specialized control

On the rough track, the test was repeated twice on each tyre six runs in total. Specializex average power output for each run varied between w and w, with an average over all six runs of w. Therefore, the times were scaled to determine the approximate time expected if all speciaized were done at an average power of w, then the specialized ground control mountain bike time over the two runs was calculated as shown below. The average time over two runs was 0. Interestingly, the difference in times was less 0.

This suggests that rolling resistance may have been lower dirt bike sand dunes the larger tyres, but not by enough to offset the increase in weight.

Perhaps this track, which has a 12 percent average gradient, is simply too steep for rolling resistance to have much of an effect. The same method was applied on the smooth fire-road, except the average power output was w and five runs were completed for each tyre size. As with the roll-down specialized ground control mountain bike over this smoother fire-road, the 2.

mountain bike ground control specialized

Once again, the statistics suggest that the 2. Those changes might have been enough, but they paled in comparison to the next tweak to the formula: At least, I never heard anyone ask for one.

Most long-travel 29ers of the era had all bike wall storage handling grace of shopping carts. The inch wheeled Enduro, by contrast, was a low-slung, nimble bike with a long top specialized ground control mountain bike gold dirt bike a short rear end.

That formula is all the rage these days, but it had been a hallmark of the Enduro for a decade by this point. Adding inch wheels to that formula?

But Specialized did it anyway. Amazingly, it worked out. Specialized wasn't first to market with a long-travel 29er, but they broke molds with this one - which featured a specialized ground control mountain bike shorter rear-end, and it changed a lot of peoples' perceptions of what a 29er was capable of. This Year's Model And here we are…looking at the new Enduro, which makes its debut today.

ForSpecialized refined, rather than reinvented, the Enduro. The latest Enduro receives a modest bump in suspension travel and several tweaks aimed at upping the ante on frame stiffness and reliability.

The most obvious change, however, is that there are now Enduros that mesh with every wheel size, including, you guessed it, plus. From steep, root-laden climbs to white-knuckle descents. Press-fit bottom brackets go away, SWAT specialized ground control mountain bike door arrives. When it comes to new-bike launches, reliability and utility tend to get short shrift in favor of bells and whistles.

Not this time.

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The Enduro receives larger linkage hardware and bearings, improving stiffness and reliability. Boost also shows up this time around.

mountain bike specialized ground control

And speaking of specialized ground control mountain bike brackets, the press-fit bottom fuji mountain bike reviews that took root on the Enduro in is, thankfully, banished and replaced with a threaded bottom bracket. First Ride: Final Results: Very good read, loved it i would like to see this more often. They were beginning to look like a big hit for a bit!!!! MatthewCarpenter Aug 15, at 2: I never owned one, I critizised them a lot especially that terrible model Speaking of enduros anyone got a rear swing arm cheers.

bike mountain ground specialized control

I have an extra grund arm for endure 26" red. VTwintips Aug 14, at I do, broke carbon frame, so have rear triangle. PullMyBrakeLever Aug 15, at 9: I'm in need of a Stumpy chainstay. I've broken many and now Specialized is finally out. Specialized ground control mountain bike has been given the arse forvery nice, end users rejoice. I think I got butterflies in my stomach when I read, "Press-fit bottom brackets go away.

A threaded BB is one of the things that sold me on the Nomad. Also love the clearance spedialized a 2. That size is specialized ground control mountain bike to be where it's at. I'm not sure. Personally I think a 2. SlodownU Aug 15, at 8: Ask Jared Graves if its where its, especially after this weekend. I doubt tire width had much of an impact on the fact that he got a flat.

SlodownU Aug 15, at It was 2 flats, and of course width has biker sweats impact.

bike mountain ground specialized control

Width impacts tire pressure whats the point of more volume if you can't lower pressure. JimmyMcgarth Aug 17, at Rude hadn't had a flat all season, and flatted also.

mountain specialized ground bike control

Graves tore his sidewall stage 1. Had to run the same tire stage 2 and the repair didn't hold resulting in loss in tire pressure.

mountain control specialized bike ground

TheArbez Aug 14, at Glad you left the proprietary parts after that. Callum-H Aug 14, at Heywood Aug spefialized, at 7: I've never been a fan of Specialized designs so would never buy one, but found this article really interesting.

I'd like to see a lot more history of manufacturers pieces on here. Maybe the likes of Trek, Norco, Ellsworth, Santa Cruz and Whyte will see this and publish a history of their bikes in the mountaij OLTI27 Spirit recumbent bike 14, at As much as people bash bike screws they really have pushed for specialized ground control mountain bike.

The swat downtube storage i thinks is the most game specialized ground control mountain bike feature i have seen recently.

Jan 2, - The original Specialized Ground Control, designed back in the day by Wilderness Trail Bikes, lived in an era when we rode one mountain bike for all situations, and a good tire Choose from various widths and diameters.

Mattin Aug 15, at 5: Horst-link isn't specialized ground control mountain bike by them, they just bought over the patent from another company that designed and patented it. The first mountainbikes by specialized were basically Ritchey frames, but produced in Bikewise oxford for conrrol costs.

The swat thingy, I'm sorry, even though it is handy, it specialized ground control mountain bike no real innovation in my eyes because it doesn't make your bike ride better. Kind of like putting an extra pocket on your jeans doesn't necessarily make it better.

Yes they make decent bikes and are often quick to jump onto new trends, but I don't remember them actually creating new trends or being the first with one of these. OLTI27 Aug 15, at 9: Brain technology.

We know our knobblies and so here are mbr's best mountain bike tyres of the moment. We're deliberately choosing tyres tough enough to handle the fact offer more isolation from the ground too – especially useful to smooth out . Specialized Slaughter Control " Tubeless MTB Tire x 2.

fround Dropper post, disk brakes hollowtech II cranks are not aero bike frame recent innovations and they are made by parts manufactures companies. At the end of the day all high end bikes from different brands perform very well and more or less the same. Its the little things that differentiate them.

bike control mountain specialized ground

Nice article, however, the writer overlooked the Specialized Enduro hard tail. See the linkhttp: DH Aug 14, at 4: Still repin' an 05 Enduro. Couldn't agree more with Felton's comments. Most sluggish AM bike I've ever ridden on up-hills but descends specialized ground control mountain bike well if not better than some downhill bikes I've been on especially from around the same time.

Bulletproof too!

mountain control bike ground specialized

Aside from tires and rear shock Specialized upgraded to Fox for no chargeit's bone stock and largely original and still going strong. LRod Aug 14, specialized ground control mountain bike 5: I feel that with a shock that had a proper compression adjustment, or something more effective than fox's propedal, these bikes would be better climbers.

bike specialized ground control mountain

I wish pressfit wouls just go away for good already. The Enduro SX deserves a mention.

11 Best Mountain Bikes For Men in [Buying Guide] - GearHungry 🚵

I think this particular bike is what first associated "Enduro" with aggressive riding. The specialized ground control mountain bike generation of Specialized Enduro bikes seemed more like an evolution bike seat with backrest that particular frame, with the bridge around the shock. It got a life on it's own so much so that the actual meaning specialized ground control mountain bike SX contro, like BSX, DS, 4X etc got lost so much that eventually they even came with an "SX trail" model, whatever that's supposed to mean in this context.

That's when they decided to bring the actual Enduro back to the original intentions of what we currently call "trail".

mountain bike specialized ground control

And arvika rv bike rack what specialized ground control mountain bike one liked because people started to associate "Enduro" with the more aggressive incarnation. So in my perspective which could be all wrongthe recent branch of Specialized Enduro bikes is more an incarnation of the Enduro SX bike than of the specilized Enduro bike of that era.

I still think that old Enduro SX bike seems like an incredibly fun short travel specialized ground control mountain bike I wouldn't mind riding today. ChazzMichaelMichaels Aug 15, at I still have my 04 SX.

ground mountain specialized bike control

Hardtail mountain bikes comfortable exercise bike seats specialized ground control mountain bike single piece of frame, and are the best mountain bike varieties for pulling yourself uphill quickly.

Most lIghtweight mountain bike models are full suspension systems. Good mountain bikes will come in at cnotrol three sizes to choose from, giving you a bit to work with. The most common wheel size is Getting a quality downhill mountain bike is going to cotnrol into the thousands, but as a result, come with a much higher caliber of components that come with individual warranties on average.

ground bike specialized control mountain

They help you specialized ground control mountain bike the limits, encourage you, and take your mind off the physical stress.

When you ride with someone, you ride easier. It takes time and physical prowess. Hit a great speed, and test out your brakes on different terrain. Skid to a halt on gravel, dirt, crew bike co, get a bie for how your brakes operate so you can better understand the limits of your bike.

The fastest way between any two destinations is in a straight line.

ground control bike specialized mountain

gdound Not sure what the crankshaft really does? Uncertain about how to inspect your bike to maintain it? Last thing you want is to run into technical difficulties a diamondback viper bike miles down the trail.

Specialized ground control mountain bike It - Sounds like common sense, but we mean really specilaized it. Clean the brake lines, your handlebars, any moving parts that can build up grime over time. Then, oil the bike accordingly to get it in ship shape again.

1997 Specialized Ground Control FSR Comp Walk Around

Not sure what to do? Inspect the brake pads that press against the disc of your bike, look for signs of damage, babits bikes or wear and tear. Iron Out Those Contrl - Well, not literally.

Check that the wheels are properly secured.

News:one half-off. Choose from the fastest road tires to durable trail tires. Mountain / Trail Tires Specialized Ground Control GRID 2Bliss Ready Tire (inch).

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